Doom Headlines as Election Draws Closer; 2A Activists Need to Vote

News agencies are already suggesting Joe Biden will be the victor Nov. 3. Second Amendment advocates are pushing gun owners hard to ignore the rhetoric and vote. (Screen snip from the presidential debate, YouTube, C-SPAN)

U.S.A.-( With the Nov. 3 election on the horizon, headlines are virtually declaring former Vice President “Shotgun” Joe Biden the winner, with reports from Texas, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania all saying Biden will be heading to the White House on Jan. 20, 2021.

Project FiveThirtyEight is out with its latest election scenarios declaring, “Biden is favored to win the election.”

Biden earned his nickname “Shotgun Joe” from this infamous YouTube interview in 2013:

Lest anyone believe Biden won’t push his strict gun control scheme, outlined here, that faint hope may be dashed by the final paragraphs in a Monday morning article in The Trace—the Michael Bloomberg-backed pro-gun-control online news organ—that recalled, “During the first presidential debate, Biden said: ‘I am the Democratic Party,’ a phrase that could be interpreted one of two ways. Either Biden controls the party or he is a reflection of it. If gun politics is any indication, the latter may be more accurate. Biden’s specific positions may change, but he is nearly always aligned with the average Democratic voter. And the Democratic Party of 2020 — unlike the party of the 1980’s — is more supportive of tight gun restrictions.”

Voter turnout is reportedly heavy across the map. The Dallas Morning News is reporting Biden “has regained a narrow lead over President Donald Trump in Texas, after wooing more independents and Hispanics, according to a poll released Sunday by The Dallas Morning News and University of Texas at Tyler.”

“Biden’s lead among likely voters is 48%-45%,” the newspaper says, “within the poll’s margin of error.”

The Hill is reporting on a new poll that “finds Joe Biden stretching his lead over President Trump in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania as late-breaking undecided voters say they intend to back the Democratic presidential nominee.”

According to The Hill, “Crucially, Biden is above the 50 percent mark in all three states, while Trump remains mired in the low to mid-40s.”

The article says Biden leads by 10 points in Michigan, the state where Biden earlier this year told an auto worker he was “Full of s—t” when the younger man challenged the Democrat about his gun control plans.  The Hill says Biden leads in Wisconsin 53-44 percent, and in Pennsylvania, Biden’s lead is a near-identical 52-44 percent with 3 percent “undecided.”

Lately, there has been increasing chatter on social media about President Donald Trump being “anti-gun.”  But Amy Swearer, writing at The Heritage Foundation, observed, “However, other than these few moments of poor judgment with his words, President Trump’s rhetoric on the Second Amendment has largely matched his promise to protect Americans’ right to keep and bear arms. Perhaps most importantly, in 2019, the White House issued a statement threatening to veto two gun control bills passed by the House, should those measures also make it through the Senate.”

Add to that Trump’s fulfilled promise to fill federal court vacancies, including those on the U.S. Supreme Court, with constitutional/conservative jurists.

Alan Gottlieb, chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, a grassroots gun rights organization, declared on Facebook recently, “Protecting our 2A rights comes down to us.”

He was talking about the importance of voting. It’s not enough to sound off on social media with chest-beating rhetoric, you’ve got to vote, and make sure your family and friends vote as well.

Reporting on the closing days of the campaign, The Sun reminds U.S. gun owners what is at stake.

“Joe Biden’s plan to end gun violence in the US would make sweeping changes to federal gun laws, which include universal background checks and an assault weapons ban,” the newspaper said. “It would also close several loopholes in existing legislation, repeal a law that makes it harder to sue gunmakers and retailers when they manufacture or sell guns they should have known would have been used criminally.”

Perhaps not surprisingly, neither of the presidential debates took on the “gun issue,” and neither did the vice presidential debate. Biden’s campaign doesn’t want their candidate anywhere near that subject because it is one area where he could be destroyed, especially with millions of new gun owners over the past eight months and a rising tide of citizens who are licensed to carry. Ditto, his running mate.

That much was made clear by the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action report Monday morning, which may be read here.

Biden’s record on gun control was carefully covered by The Trace article, which noted he has been in politics since the 1970s. He’s spent the last 47 years sharpening his attitude about gun control, and his gun control scheme is getting plenty of attention. AmmoLand News has covered his proposals extensively. They have not changed since first published months ago, and with anti-gun California Sen. Kamala Harris as his running mate—many suspect she is waiting in the wings for Biden to vacate the Oval Office sometime during the next four years if he wins so she can become the first female president—it is virtually guaranteed restrictive gun control will be high on her list of priorities.

But a report in the National Review tends to throw some cold water on the Biden plan.

There was one bright spot in recent reporting. The Las Vegas Review Journal, while declaring Biden the victor in last week’s final debate., says Trump’s “odds to win re-election improved at offshore sportsbooks during the debate.”

Still, the newspaper said Biden “remains an almost 2-1 favorite to win the election.”

The question gun owners should be asking themselves is whether all of this negativism in the press is designed to discourage them from voting at all. By making it seem the election is already lost, will traditionally lethargic gun owners use this as yet another excuse to sit at home and let an election be decided without their participation?

On Nov. 3, the future of the nation and the fate of the Second Amendment as gun owners know it will be decided. And if Gottlieb is right, the future of the country and the right to keep and bear arms is entirely in the hands of the nation’s gun owners.

About Dave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

Dave Workman

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The main idea behind all of these “polls” is to discourage Trump voters thinking the election is already lost. Some may fall for it, most won’t.


Never under estimate the power of Useful Idiots en mass. Vote the Democrat way….vote early, vote often, and don’t let being dead be a hindrance….that’s why Community Organizers are there to assist you. Dems will continue to find additional votes until they have enough to win. That’s the way Johnson won his first term in the Senate, returning to a West Texas precinct three times for more “lost” votes.


The President will win this election with a greater popular and electoral vote than when Regan crushed Fritz and Tits in 1984.

Dogma Factor

Kamala Harris was a total 2A rights disaster in California as the General Attorney! Do you want our Nation to become even worse? At the national level she will remove the legal and constitutional limits that blocked her in California!

uncle dudley

For the last four years we have seen how people were treated if they openly supported Trump by wearing a MAGA hat, so can we really believe in the polls that the liberal media keeps running down our throats about Basement Biden leading and Trump will be out, No I don’t think that.
It is up to all of us to send him back for another four years as president by getting our votes cast and making sure everyone we know votes for him.
We need to do our part in avoiding another civil war.

Capn Dad

Well in that case there’s always armed resistance right? I mean is the Constitution worth fighting for or do we just accept Communism laying down for it. Every author of every article seems to have the attitude “Oh well I guess it is what it is.”


Well, if Hiding Biden wins, then this will set off a new campaign strategy for future elections; just announce that you’re a Democrat running for office, then sit on your ass at home until you’re elected! No speeches, no rallies, no press interviews ! Look at all the campaign money you could keep to stuff your pockets with ! Utopia !!!!!
You get the kind of government you deserve.


Dave, I think they… got plenty of ideas already. Facebook pulled down a video on Culp for Guv. today. It showed a bicyclist in Seattle pulling down Trump signs along a highway. Facebook pulled down the video stating that it violated community standards against dangerous individuals and organizations. So much for not being a publisher……..


Of course Trump can’t win reelection, after all Hillary won in a landslide didn’t she Dave?

Dave I doubt if the people, okay “irredeemable deplorable Trump chumps, are standing out in the freezing weather or in the hot sun in AZ and FL because they think Trump isn’t going to win the election. The Trump rallies were dismissed by pundits on both sides in 2016.


Eatly why Biden is not holding rallies. He can’t fill a phone booth. And we are to believe Biden is winning. And now with the Hunter crack video & dirty deals to China, Ukraine, etc.


Kamala had more Secret Service agents at her gig in AZ then supporters.

Last edited 1 year ago by KenW

Funny thing. They never show the attendees at the Creepy Joe and Kumswala rallies! More media manipulation!

Matt in Oklahoma

Activist? No activist will vote. It’s the lazy, the conspiracy, the excuse, etc that you need to be talking to.


If this is true we will soon be in a civil war. We obviously cannot live together as a functioning nation.


Must be referring to an inside joke ? Or I’m just too old to get it , I guess.