Kimber Moves Operations From NY to Troy Alabama

Kimber USA 1911s
Kimber Mfg is moving from New York to Troy, Alabama, and aggressively hiring in all departments. IMG Kimber Mfg.

U.S.A. -( Kimber Mfg. is pleased to name Troy, Alabama, as its official corporate headquarters and to announce it is hiring aggressively in all departments. After a carefully planned shift of leadership, R&D and manufacturing resources, Kimber has made substantial progress in the transition to its new, state-of-the-art headquarters in Troy, Alabama.

The final step in completing this new facility is adding staff across all departments. Kimber’s new headquarters is situated on 80+ acres with more than 225,000 square feet of space and is now home to industry-leading design engineering, product management, and manufacturing capabilities.

After an exhaustive search, Troy was chosen for a multitude of reasons including its proximity to top-tier engineering schools as well as gun- and business-friendly support from the city of Troy and the great state of Alabama. Kimber’s Alabama expansion is well ahead of schedule, having filled hundreds of its planned Troy-based positions. Kimber is seeking qualified applicants across multiple positions and business areas including CNC technicians, machinists, quality control specialists, lean technicians, design engineers, compliance analysts, customer service representatives, materials planners, maintenance technicians, finishing operators, and assembly technicians.

“Kimber is a great place to work, especially if you love firearms,” said Pedi Gega, director of assembly and product finishing. “We have two indoor gun ranges, one outdoor range, a state-of-the-art design and prototype fabrication center, and a dynamic team of professionals who pride themselves in producing firearms with unmatched attention to detail, design and performance. Every Kimber firearm is created with a unique blend of advanced precision technology and authentic human craftsmanship.”

Interested applicants are encouraged to apply at

About Kimber Mfg., Inc.

Kimber Mfg., Inc. is an American company that designs and manufactures premium firearms for individual, sporting, law enforcement, and military markets. Complete information on Kimber firearms, accessories, and Less-Lethal products is available at or by phone from Kimber in-house staff at +1 (888) 243-4522. A detailed product catalog is available upon request. Kimber can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.


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Leaving New York and moving to Alabama means that these good people will not only get to live among some of the nicest people you’d ever want to meet, but you’ll also be able to have a large soda if the inclination should arise. Oh, and you’ll be able to possess the product you manufacture in public.


TStheDeplorable . . . Large soda? Yup! An Ale 8. Then they will find out what a REAL energy drink is!

John Ruger

What took so long to leave ?


Gee. Just think how much tax revenue New York just lost. How sad. Eventually the last person not working for the state to leave will have to cough up $55 billion a year to cover the bloated state budget.


Not a problem for New York – to make up for the loss, they’ll just raise the taxes on everyone who remains there. See how simple it is??

Capn Dad

Causing more to leave.


And I am guessing that in Alabama Kimber will not be forced to fill a Gender Justice Manager position.

Dogma Factor

The migration of freedom loving individuals continues. Now when is the NRA going to move their articles of corporation out of New York?


Dogma Factor . . . Just as soon as the AG of new York State dissolves the corporation! They can then re-incorporate in Tennessee and CARRY ON!!!

Capn Dad

Smart move.

NYS Patriot

Bye bye Kimber…NY in the rear view mirror. Saw it coming, not surprised.


NYS Patriot . . . And more to come . . .


F**K the SHITHOLE known as N.Y.
If we didn’t have an ASSHOLE Dem Governor, Pa. would have been a GREAT choice, maybe the New Stanton area. Have a few HUGE empty buildings (V.W., Sony glass, Williamhouse, etc). Great worker area too.


Rock . . . Not far enough south!!!

Ryben Flynn

New York drives another gun company out of the State.
I think with the sale of Remington the Ilion location will close and manufacturing moved somewhere else.

Dogma Factor

Even before the bankruptcy Remington basically already moved out of New York. The Ilion plant is just a shell of its former self.


HOORAY!!! Good move, Kimber! Get the HELL out of NY! They don’t like you and don’t want you in NY anyway! There are a whole bunch of firearms manufacturers who would be welcome in the South! Bring it on, folks!


Nothing said about leaving union wages behind. Is Alabama a “ right to work state”?
With a rookie work force I don’t think I’ll be buying that 1911 Long Slide for a few years if ever.


RichV . . . . . Jesus, man! Get a life!