Rogue ATF Leadership Targets the Honey Badger & Gun Voters Before the Election

Q Honey Badger Pistol with SB Tactical Brace IM Q Instagram
Q Honey Badger Pistol with SB Tactical Brace IMG, Q Instagram

U.S.A.-( The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATF) has sent a cease and desist letter to Q, LLC, over their Honey Badger pistol.

The Honey Badger is an AR15 pistol with a pistol brace licensed and produced by SB Tactical. In the letter, the ATF considers the Honey Badger as a short-barreled rifle (SBR). SBRs are controlled under the National Firearms Act and require a $200 tax stamp and added paperwork. Owning an unregistered SBR is considered a felony with a lengthy prison term.

The notion of the ATF reclassifying the Honey Badger an SBR has sent shockwaves through the gun community. The questioning of the legality of pistol braces has rocked firearms news sites. People begin to worry if a Bump Stock Ban 2.0 was going to happen all over again.

The ATF reclassified bump stocks as machine guns after a shooting in Las Vegas. After years of being on the market and approval by the ATF, the agency told people that they had to turn in their bump stocks or destroy them. The ATF put several companies out of business with their arbitrary ruling.

This case is different. Nine months ago, The Depart of Justice (DOJ) instructed the ATF’s industry side not to move on braces until all parties could agree on standards. Unlike bump stocks, multiple companies have sold millions of braces to Americans, and the industry was working with the ATF to develop the new regulations.

Since the ATF could not use their industry side to go after Q because of DOJ limitations, the agency decided to use its criminal arm to send a Cease & Desist Letter and accuse the company of selling unregistered SBRs. Sources inside the ATF tell AmmoLand that the investigation and subsequent letter was a result of how Q marketed the Honey Badger. After trying to resolve the issue with ATF, Q went public with a letter to their customers advising them of the ongoing situation and the legal jeopardy.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation, a national trade association for the firearms industry, has reached out to the Federal government to get clarification on the letter.

“NSSF has reached out to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), Members of Congress and The White House to seek clarity on this most recent cease and desist notification,” an NSSF spokesperson told AmmoLand.

“When a similar letter was issued to another manufacturer in June, NSSF took similar action, and the ATF reassured the firearm industry that pistol braces were not being reviewed for reclassification and are legal for use on AR pistols.”

Is that so? Deep State Hate

ATF Leadership 2020 Acting Director Regina Lombardo & Associate Deputy Director Marvin Richardson
ATF Leadership 2020 Acting Director Regina Lombardo & Associate Deputy Director Marvin Richardson, IMG Public Domain

ATF Acting Director Regina Lombardo, who is not President Trump’s pick to lead the ATF, is a career bureaucrat. AmmoLand New’s sources inside the agency say she is not loyal to the president. Several independent sources have stated that Lombardo has a narrower definition of the Second Amendment than President Trump & the rest of America.

Sources also tell AmmoLand News that Associate Deputy Director Marvin Richardson, another career bureaucrat, has an ax-to-grind against pistol braces and belives they violate the NFA but doesn’t think that they have the political capital to make a move against the millions of accessories under a Trump presidency. Those inside ATF with knowledge of the situation told AmmoLand News that higher-ups at the ATF believe that they will have the political capital and cover to go after braces under an anti-gun Biden administration.

BATF Headquarters advised all their agents not to answer questions on braces. This ban on answering questions does not just apply to the media. Agents cannot answer questions about braces’ legality, even if asked by firearms manufactures and gun dealers who sell the braces.

The same unnamed sources feel that the ATF agency heads are preparing for a Biden victory. They have inferred from conversations with ATF leaders that they are actively working to defeat Trump, and this move was to designed to disenfranchise gun owners just ahead of the election. Although the heads did not say this directly, three independent sources who work closely with the agency heads have verified this interference to be the unspoken truth within the highest halls of the ATF.

SB Tactical tells AmmoLand News that they are not worried about these cease and desist letters leading to a ban on braces.

They said that the company works within all ATF regulations, and they have engaged the DoJ and ATF about rules dealing with pistol braces. They feel confident that the ATF will not take action against pistol braces directly before the election. But, a November election-win for Joe Biden and Democrats, and you can expect 2021 to be a whole new fight to keep another piece of your Second Amendment rights.

The ATF did not respond to AmmoLand’s request for comment.

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at

John Crump

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Ansel Hazen

Easily fixed if Trump really wants to signal his support of the 2A.


It’s not as easy as you think. The President can’t simply fire federal employees who don’t implement his agenda. Federal employees have long been protected by the swamp creatures that they serve. That’s why so many federal employees have been fighting President Trump during the last 4 years. They are virtually untouchable, and they know it.


People get laid off all the time, DOWNSIZING to save money. Job no longer needed, etc. Many ways to do it. I seem to remember they got caught walking guns. Sounds like a good enough reason to me.


These ANTI-GUNNER, ANTI-FREEDOM “fighters” can always be DEMOTED into an office in ANTARTICA. There they can then use their “talents” to protect the critters there!!!!!!!! Oh MY! Bears there happen to be!!!


The “ATF/ATFE” BUREAUCRACY was started ILLEGALLY by the IRS. Congress did not establish this bureaucracy. Thus this BUREAUCRACY MUST be DISBANDED / REVOKED / REMOVED / TRASHED FOREVER.


The existence of a regulatory agency to control peaceable citizens in regards to a fundamental right protected by the supreme of the law against even minor infractions by the government is a horrible precedent to set for free people. Or as Americas founders might say, the existence of the ATF is repugnant to the constitution and therefore null and void. And anybody trying to enforce minor infractions of this right, let alone outright trampling of it, should be subject to arrest for at least oppression under the color of authority and other civil rights violations, maybe even treason. The least… Read more »


“should be subject to arrest for at least oppression under the color of authority and other civil rights violations, maybe even treason.” Sounds a lot to me what Michigan state and other federal “law enforcement” are calling kidnapping there. And the militia is now a gang. All under Trump.


Trump does NOT have authority to meddle in state affairs and policies. Get over it.


Remove firearms from ATF control; let them, with a new name, concentrate of alcohol and tobacco. Return firearms to the FBI, give clear guidance to them legislatively, and repeal the NFA of 1934.


ATF have no constitutional authority over the F part of ther name. Nor is there ANY authroity assigned FedGov over either the A or the T.

The whole shebang is an illegal construct. End it.


These tyrants need to go along with the entire bureau! Defund it of tax dollars for Article VI violations!


Bureaucratic tyranny? This is my shocked face.




What the Frick. All guns can be pointed and shot. From the hand, from the shoulder and even from the hip! Ya, that’s right. So many people practice drawing from their holster lifting the pistol up, looking down the sights or the side of the barrel or slide and pull the trigger. That might not be fast enough. I also practice draw from inside of waist band, point down range and fire and make sure I hit my target holding it with one hand. Cant get much faster than that. The time you spent lifting your gun up to point… Read more »

NYS Patriot

In view of my states laws on short barrel being classified as a pistol, I have avoided these types of firearms and have opted for the conventional. I can see that they would be rather handy to have. As far as 2A is concerned though, I support the view point that gun grabbers are like black mold growing in your basement. One has to be aware at all times, paying attention to smaller problems so they won’t grow into irreversible catastrophes.


In one of their letters the atf said that they ‘feel that the Honey Badger is an SBR’ but did not give any rationale for that ‘feeling’. Seems to me that they are legislating via ‘feelings’ rather than legal precedent. What will prevent them from ‘feeling’ that any or all firearms are really covered by NFA ’34 and requiring them all to be registered and tax stamped – along with any (not just high capacity) magazines. The only potential upside I can see is that with multiple millions of firearms (likely 400 million – at least) plus likely ten or… Read more »


HR 5289 would just remove them from NFA which is a simple solution. But we like to make silly convoluted laws.

Gregory Peter DuPont

Unregistered SBR(or any firearm really)Is Best SBR


Thats why 80% is the best percent.


Pretty obvious just from the photos of the director and associate director what the problem with BATFE currently is, even though as a Federal agency, it should never have existed in the first place.


Are these people at the presidential appointee level? If so, they would be in the position of serving at the pleasure of the President and I would assume that President Trump being a good friend of freedom, hence a good friend of the second amendment, would not derive a lot of pleasure from this decision, therefore he ought to fire these two and any others at that level with similar proclivities regarding the rights guaranteed by the second amendment. The BAFTE is no place for Gun Nazi’s as they are the type who would do all they can to disarm… Read more »


0b0z0 de zer0 leftovers, I have heard?…..IF SO, garbage from the GIT GO,….IMO


Escalation of the Cold Civil War at its finest.

Xaun Loc

Headline saying this was an ATF move targeting gun voters at the election is COMPLETE BULLSHIT.

As the article admits, this nonsense has been going on for months, the only people “targeting gun voters” at election time is Q who chose to raise this with Chicken Little warnings about the ATF going after all braces.

Oh, yes, I have no doubt that the ATF would get around to all braces under a Harris administration (forget Senile Joe, she plans to run the administration and will be sitting in the Oval Office before the end of 2021 if he is elected).


I am 68 and have been gunning since about 10 as in SD that was normal. The NRA attracted me into Gunning when I have 12, but I gave up on the New NRA about 35 years ago. I believe in our FFL System, and our ATF has a job to do like it or not. About 8 years ago I built some what I would call SBR with folding braces, and of course I shoulder em all. I have 9, 40, 45, and the good old AK cal in these and I like each and every one. I have… Read more »


This is by far the most ridiculous comment in this thread. Not surprising as your generation is the reason we’ve lost so many of the God given rights our constitution enshrined in the Bill of Rights. You claim on one hand that you love the 2A, and own many firearms, but in the next sentence you basically state the the very firearms are “illegal” and that “no one should have them”…for “officer safety”. Let me first tell you that its obvious you have no understanding of the 2A, or what it really means. I’ll be the first to tell you… Read more »


– Please don’t be ageist. We’ve got enough division already. I’m younger than , but close enough to feel the sting of your allegation of blame.

Among people I’ve met, willingness to surrender rights seems most common in younger people. Not a generational thing but that time often brings wisdom and understanding that the government is people – people attracted to and corrupted by power. When we disagree on how my life should go – it is my life and my choice, not theirs.


Yes My Generation is the problem or at least per u we r. All I know is When I turned 18 a few things happened. I graduated from High School about 10 days later. I was able to drink 3.2 beer in SD and we even had 3.2 Beer Bars. I was able to Register To Vote, and I have been an Independent ever since. And of course I got my Draft # which was 252 so Nam was not real close on my radar, but close enough. Many of my buddies signed up as they knew they would be… Read more »


You’re acknowledging you have criminally built and own and use illegally configured firearms, and that you will continue to do so, but at the same time you agree that they should be illegal. Again, You’re an embarrassment to the firearm community. By your actions you are demonstrating your belief that it is ok for you to have these firearm, but by saying they are and should be illegal, you demonstrate you think no one else should be able to have them. You’re a self-entitled fool.


You are being judgmental and you can do that. I understand what he said and what he means. I also didn’t see where he has stated that he is a direct threat to anyone, did you?


Your ATF friends are probably on the way to your home right now to give ten years apiece for your home made Title III weapons. Also comparing the two parties on gun control and considering them equal, as you seem to be doing, shows a tremendous lack of knowledge of politics. I don’t even know where to begin on that one. The fact that you seem not to realize the severity of the laws you are violating, suggests an explanation for your apparent agreement with such laws. Your ignorance of that could cause you to lose all your rights and… Read more »


You didn’t say, so I’m asking. How many years did you spend in the military? My “generation” caused nowhere near the loss of rights your young punk ass generation did. What wars did you fight in? Oh, do you only kill little pieces of steel, aluminum, and paper? WOW! I’m impressed! Your deadhead generation caused more loss of rights than all generations since 1776 combined! So, take your little cop hating antifa ass out to the range and put yourself out of your misery.


If your feeling all bad about it I will gladly give you my home address and you can give them to a good caring home with lots of brothers and sisters


So you may have to pull out a dictionary, but the words of the second ammendment have very distinct meaning. As I said in another thread the usage of the word militia, and its place in the phrasing implies arms of military usefulness. As the people must be capable of acting as a military force; we have the right to access military arms. Both the Federalists and Anti-Federalists agreed to that point. Now as many will look at the word militia and think that “Well, I’m not in a milita so im not included.” Check your state constitution and if… Read more »


So it is okay for you to have these guns, which you made and claim to be illegal, but no one else should have them? Hypocrite. And the reason you claim is to protect police? BS. As in, if thousands of us had those same weapons, police would be somehow in more danger? Why? Unless we choose to use our firearms against police, or in an unlawful crime such as murder or robbery, that is just not so. You are using the same lame liberal argument that as long as “assault weapons” are sold, school children are at risk. It… Read more »


Trump keeps on about “protecting the 2nd Amendment”. But then keeps on with calling for and endorsing red flag laws, bump stock bans, and allows this crap. All you Trump supporters need to make it clear that he’s got to put his money where his mouth is. He has all the power in the world to abolish the ATF with a stroke of the same pen that created it out of thin air in the first place. There is no ATFE in the constitution. I can already tell him he’s lost my support and vote. The rest of you need… Read more »


so you better just vote for Unka Joey cuz HE”S got it all figgered out. Or moveto..let’s see, where CAN a guy nove to with better protection that here? HUngary? ANtarctica? Certainlynot Auz or EnnZed.. or the UK. Germany? Fuggeddabouddit. If you;re black,SOuth Africa, but only for aslong as it takes for them to murder al the white fokes who know how to grow food… which they are working on very hard. Once that happens, there will be food riots and starvation in hat “wonderful place”. Thanks, Nelson……..


Can you suggest a better choice? If you think it’s Biden/Harris you are badly mistaken.. To not vote for Trump at this period of time is a win for the other side and I’m not willing to give it to them that seems to me that under Trump WE THE PEOPLE are starting to stand up,speak out and finally fight back.. it seems like 2nd amendment issues are starting to boil and I’m hoping under PDJT they will come to a head and boil over and i will regain some of my rights back.


You’ve convinced me I love my scary rifles therefore I’m going to vote for biden who has promised YOU you will register your guns you will pay for registry and no more on line sales for any gun related products ya know triggers new rails or stocks and don’t forget ammunition
There will be an opportunity for you to sell them back to the Govt and if you don’t we will take them from you !! sounds to me that your Anti Gun OBTW they will come for your top of the line air rifles your so proud of..


I think you might be on the wrong website. We support President Trump because he does support our 2nd amendment much more so than Lieden and Kameltoe. If I had to trade bump stocks for keeping AR”s and AK’s I think every bumpstock owner would do it if there was a guarantee that they would never, ever take them away. It would piss off allot of bumpstock owners and second amendment rights supporters like me and it would piss off the left because that would mean we won but that isn’t going to happen because President Trump will win again… Read more »


You are a typical example of one of the retards that will cause us to lose our rights. Morons like you simply don’t understand that the President doesn’t have the lawful authority to hire and fire federal employees at will. Did you know that Federal Employees, like this entrenched ATF bureaucrat CAN’T be fired by anyone, even the President, without cause. This is the very same reason that thousands of entrenched swamp creatures have been “resisting” in the Federal Service and refusing to implement large portions of the Trump Doctrine. Hussein installed thousands of these cretins in the federal government,… Read more »


@ww: WITHOUT CAUSE???? The cause of their FIRING is very simple. THEY HAVE OVERSTEPPED their authority. They are trying to create “rules / laws” by DICTATE BY BUREAUCRACRATIC UNLAWFUL ORDERS.