ATF Internal Leaks Shows An Even Greater Crack Down On 80% Frames ~ VIDEO

Polymer 80 Buy Build Shoot Kit
Polymer 80 Buy Build Shoot Kit

U.S.A.-( week ATF has shown up at multiple shooting-sports-related companies and retailer’s door to demanded customer information about those American citizens who legally purchased 80% pistol frames.

News broke late Thursday about the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms & Explosives (ATF) raiding Polymer80 over its “Build, Buy, Shoot” kits.

The federal agency is demanding the customer information of those that purchased the kits.

The apparent change in the regulations according to ATF internal documents obtained by AmmoLand News shows that the agency blames the rise of crimes using built from 80% frames. The documents also claim that “Federal courts have repeatedly held that GCA’s ‘firearms’ definition applies to a collection of unassembled firearms parts, including firearms’ parts kits.’”

The ATF also states that the “Build, Buy, Shoot” kits are firearms because “the kits are designed to, or may readily be converted to expel a projectile.” In just the last 90 days, ATF has said that certain pistols may be “too long” or “too heavy” to be importable. Next, they noted that pistol braces were not permissible unless the company submits every single variation for classification.

Now they are saying that 80% frames and receivers “require case-by-case analysis that is dependent on the facts.” In other words, ATF continues to go out of its way to provide the industry with vague and ambiguous standards that no one can reasonably follow. Someone once said that “The essence of tyranny is not iron law. It is capricious law.” That is Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms & Explosives in a nutshell. No law-abiding company has any idea how ATF will apply the rules until a SWAT team bangs on the door. And that’s precisely the way the agency wants it.

According to the documents, if an inspector sees a “Build, Buy, Shoot” kit on the shelf of a gun store, they are supposed to call the area supervisor so they can arrange for a special agent to respond. The FFL will be instructed not to transfer or dispose of the kit and will be asked to surrender the product to the ATF. If a special agent finds the kit, they will decide “whether it is appropriate to begin a criminal investigation regarding that kit.”

One of the companies that the ATF paid a visit to was Although Brownells does sell the Polymer 80% frame kits in question. The visit by the ATF agent/s was reported as not hostile. A simple search of the website would have told ATF that information and saved them the trip that produced them nothing.

“The ATF did visit our facility on Thursday, December 10, 2020,” said Ryan Repp, Brownells VP of Marketing. “It’s my understanding they inquired about our sales of the Polymer 80 ‘Buy, Build, Shoot’ kit. Brownells has not and does not sell that kit. Polymer 80 continues to be a great partner for Brownells. We proudly sell their 80% products and other parts.”

The ATF did raid or show up at other companies that sell other kits that include 80% part kits, barrels, and slides that are not Polymer80. AmmoLand News sources inside the ATF say that the agency is now considering 80% kits with all the parts needed to finish a pistol as a firearm. None of the companies had any warning on the change to ATF’s regulations before actual agents showed up making attempts to retrieve customer information.

The ATF is interested in the customer records, and this seems to be a nationwide crackdown. The agency’s intent on acquiring customer’s personal records and run criminal background against the list to see if any felons have purchased the 80% frame. The ATF is making a de facto 80% gun registration.

Local ATF field offices are responsible for executing the orders in any way they see if. This order can be a full-on raid or a single field agent. The order is coming from the top brass at the ATF at the LA field office’s behest.

Gun Owners of America is aware of the situation and believes the ATF’s goal is to build a list of gun owners and punish the kits’ sellers. Gun Owners of American Senior Vice President Erich Pratt views this action as just one more overstep of the ATF.

“Americans have been making their own firearms since the foundation of our country,” said Pratt. “And while technology advances, rights do not change. The ATF’s decision to raid or threaten peaceful businesses is the agency’s latest rogue action in a long line of abuses. Honest citizens should enjoy the right to assemble their own firearms for lawful purposes, and they should be able to do so without being terrorized by their government.”

This is a fast-developing situation, and AmmoLand News will be closely monitoring changing events.

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at

John Crump

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Every ATF agent, as well as every other cop and politician that enacts and/or enforces arms laws, are enemies of the people. They should be tried for treason and violation of rights and then imprisoned and/or executed.

Some guy

Yep, but who’s going to fire the next shot heard round the world? That’s right, nobody.


Number one. Never consent to a search of your property under any circumstances. Make them get a warrant. Too many have been fast and loose with the 80% game and under a harris/biden regime you are going to pay a price for this. Should the worst happen and Trump be deposed by this coup you all need to look back at the dark times of the Obama regime and multiply by 10 the nefarious deeds of federales under a harris/biden regime. In my years serving in Central America I learned just how evil our own government can be. You all… Read more »

Ryben Flynn

The second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence applies to any tyrannical Government even today, not just to Merry Old England in 1776.

Some guy

True, but until we start shooting, that doesn’t mean a thing to democrats and the deep state. Understand this, your guns ARE going to be taken, and you ARE going to be enslaved by them. Unless you are going to die on your feet, you’re going to live on your knees.


hey Some Guy.. take a chill pill. As that is processing, go and READ the history of HOW our war for indepdance was started, and why, and by whom.
Your “advice” t get out there and start shooting os foolish. Makes me wonder if you’re not some sort of a rabble roser plant fed to this site by BATF to try and stir up toruble. When its tome to start shooting WE will know. It ain’t taht time yet. Hah, the last electin isn’t even over yet.


There are Democrat/Socialist/Communist provocateurs inciting Republicans to start a “civil war” or a “revolution” or to start shooting politicians. Don’t fall for it. Instead: Shun those who make it clear they will enforce the laws that are coming. They don’t like to be ostracized. Meet with members of your community to improve the laws in your state. It is not illegal to not invite a LEO (who has made it clear he will enforce new gun laws) to a BBQ. It is not illegal for your child to not attend their children’s birthday parties. It is not illegal to meet,… Read more »

Last edited 3 years ago by JSNMGC
Courageous Lion - Hear Me Roar - Jus Meum Tuebor

Is it illegal to take a base ball bat to the head of red coat enforcers of this crap?

Unfortunately yes. lol

@CL – At least that way you won’t provide ammo to the anti-gun crowd. Could even be spun as an example of how guns equalize us – as the poor weak victim never stood a chance with you. If only they’d been armed!


01-20-2021. The day our once great Republic will take its dying breath! I hope the worthless SOBs that promulgated this on us are happy about how they’ve F**ked up everything our founders built!
Saddle up. Lock and load! If we have the Balls!

Some guy

That’s the only thing that will stop it, but Americans aren’t going to lift a finger.


The Huge question now is:
NON-ELECTED Bureaucrats Cannot MAKE LAWS OR RULINGS !!!!!!


Trump will not fire Barr because of these regulations.

Barr will not fire Lombardo because of these regulations.

Obama’s lawyers advised him not to order the BATFE to implement new law by redefining terms in regulations. He followed their advice.

Trump received the same guidance, but ignored it and ordered the BATFE to implement new law by redefining terms in regulations.

Since then, the BATFE has been going full speed ahead with Trump’s tacit approval.


I would go so far as to say if Trump gave a damn about constitutional rights then he wouldn’t have appointed Barr in the first place. It’s ludicrous to think that the guy who defended the murdering tyrants at Ruby Ridge and Waco would ever reign in an unconstitutional agency for doing unconstitutional things when he explicitly defended their actions in the past.


I agree. Ruby Ridge was horrific. Randy and his family were living their life and not bothering anyone. Is he the kind of guy I would call to go fishing with? No, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t have every right to live his life and be left alone. The government went to crack down on some guys Randy knew but didn’t associate with and Randy refused to help them. He was under no obligation to do so. They tried to entrap him into a technical violation of the NFA of 1934 in order to have leverage over him to… Read more »

Some guy

Let’s be clear about what is going on. America is dying. Through deceit, a communist Chinese sock puppet is about to be installed as “president” of this nation. The true power to be wielded by people like AOC. Your children will live as slaves. All because YOU didn’t pick up the tools passed down to you from the men who fought and died to give you this country.



Ansel Hazen

Lock and Load.

comment image

Last edited 3 years ago by Ansel Hazen

Go for a walk. Have a nice dinner. Talk to someone you love. Meet with members of your community and organize a town hall with your state representative or state senator.

Don’t pick-up your rifle and go shoot someone.

You know all of the above is good advice.

Ansel Hazen

Talking with members of your community maybe if it’s to begin organizing a local militia. Sadly there isn’t much support for the 2A from elected officials in my area.


@JSNMGC – Oh come on. Don’t you think that several nuts going out and murdering random strangers is going to help sway public opinion? I do, but not in a way which would help our cause. Even if you were to shoot only one high profile person, and they are the worst anti-civil rights offender out there – most people would see your act as murder and media would spin it as being due to the gun. Of course DC is a dangerous place. IF you can make it look like a common crime (mugging gone bad) – then it… Read more »

Deplorable Bill

This is TYRANNY. Is the U.S.A. no better than communist Russia or communist China? Did our forefathers birth this nation in vain? What is to become of our GOD given RIGHTS and FREEDOMS? Didn’t Britain do the same thing to us, the colonies back in the day? What typically happens after weapon confiscation by one’s own government is holocaust. Don’t believe it? This is EXACTLY how people like mao, pol pot, hitler, stalin and MANY other like minded dictators destroy (present fence) entire nations and drive the rest of the world into world war. In the 1930’s hitler registered guns… Read more »

Green Mtn. Boy

It would appear the ATF is going after the manufactures and distributors because it is the Buy,Build and shoot kit where everything is included in one box.
Any of the parts included are not firearms,at least that is what the ATF. has said in the past,the egregious over reach by the ATF has to end.


This could have been prevented by a phone call from a Republican.

People keep acting like the BATFE is a foreign country. They are currently completely controlled by Republicans (right now).


@JSNMGC – This could only be paused by republican politicians.

While these raids are bad enough by themselves, what they portend for our future is far worse. We have no illusion that biden would allow any constraint on “his” ATF. Turns out that while artifa are the brownshirts, ATF will play role of the SS. Taking names, making lists, and enforcing through terror.


Good Jiminy Cricket! TRUMPS BATFE has been going on a tyrannical rampage for four years over bump stocks, braces, and 80%. And you’re pissing and moaning about Biden? For reals? Wake up already!

Some guy

Okay democrat.


I don’t believe KDude is a Democrat. I suspect he has an above average IQ, he looks at facts, and he doesn’t worship human beings.

I don’t know all of that, but I believe it to be true.

Some guy

Exactly. But nobody has the balls to start shooting. So America dies.


Hokay Mister Hot Shot. YOU go out there this afternoon and do as you recommend. report back to us and tell is how that went. Bill Barr might not know where Lon Horiuchi is hanigng out these days, but I’m pretty sure ol Billy Barr knows where a few more ike him hang out. And he’s holding bgs of carrots with which to motivate them. Random hotheaded wannaDOO sumpin types will only make news stories. They won’t fix a thing.Ot will take coordinated and careful action to accomplish anything. And one guy egging on some gullible hotheads ain’t a gonna… Read more »


You are going to get someone killed unnecessarily.

What crimes have you committed?


THEY ARE??????????
However, neither the DemoKKKrats NOR the RepubliCANTS have done NOTHING in supporting the Second Amendment REAFIRMING OUR American RIGHTS!!! The OVER 25,000 ILLEGAL gun laws across America prove this FACT !!!!!


Yes – the BATFE is controlled by Republicans.

I agree with you, there are too many gun laws and politicians from both parties are responsible.


Ok now that they already raided them. Where can I get a 80% lower & kit ?


Where can I buy one for cash, with no record. ARF can demand all they want, but seller cannot produce what they don’t have.


The state is ramping up the assault on the 2A. 80% kits are in the cross hairs yet, Chineasium mono-core baffle suppressors sell on Facebook ads that require one hole drilled to function.

Mike Crognale

I’ve always seen those ads as being”bait”. Buy one and expect a raid to seize everything you own. I block them on FB.


Mike I think you see through the fog on this one. BATF/CIa agents trolling for low hanging fruit.
Funny, FakeBook allows these things to propagate, but blocks and removes medical evidence showing the VERY effective and safe use of vitamins C and/or D in the cure of viral diseases, yes, I mean the WuFlu. Been proven cuntless times. But Fakebook takes down any posts even mentioning this within a few hours of appearing. Documented.
Yu tell me Big Brudder aint alive and well and turned looose amongst us?