The Republic is In Trouble & More than Just Gun Owners Should Care

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The Republic is In Trouble & More than Just Gun Owners Should Care

USA – -( The Republic is in real trouble, what looks like the possibility of a Biden Presidency, unless the courts intervene or President Trump takes extraordinary action, is upon us. What’s worse is the thought of the Democrats getting control of all of the legislative and executive branches of the Federal Government is a very real threat. In January, the Senate will be up for grabs with the run-off election in Georgia.

If the Democrats get control of the Senate, they will have total control and everything on their wish list will get rammed through without any resistance.

As someone who lives in the state of New York, where the Democrats have been able to push through everything, they wish year after year with the promise that it will be signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo can and does go on, even though I still hear the same “That will never happen” from residents on just about every topic. New York, despite what many might think, is far from the Democrat stronghold at least when it comes to how the state is drawn out. Most of the state’s sixty-two counties are Republican and conservative, the overwhelming majority of those who vote Democrat lives in New York City or a couple of the cities like Rochester, Albany, and Buffalo.

If Joe Biden ends up as President and the Democrats get total control of the government, then the United States will quickly turn into what we here in New York have to deal with, and possibly worse.

If the Democrats take control of the Senate, it’s almost a certainty that Chuck Schumer will become Majority Leader.

If gun control isn’t one of the first things on the agenda of the Democrats if they get Congress and the White House, you can bet that they will make Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. into the next two states of the union. Why this matters is that they will each end up with two Senators and an unknown number of Congressional representatives. Given the population of both areas vote Democrat, you can guess how those elections will play out. They will also get electoral college votes assuming we ever have fair elections again, making it even harder for a Republican to already overcome the populations of New York and California to become President.

Add to that the Democrats will increase the number of judges on the United States Supreme Court. Who knows to how many, some say eleven, others thirteen, either way, it will give the Democrats a firm and solid majority for decades to come. If you don’t think they will use that to revisit the Heller cases to test the legitimacy of the Second Amendment, you haven’t been paying attention to their intentions.

As to what gun control measures will be introduced and if the Democrats have total control, likely passed will be most assuredly bans on AR platform rifles, bans on “high-capacity” magazines, mandatory buy-backs of guns they have never owned. And since the government is always in need of money, there’s a good chance of taxes, possibly on everything up to and including ammunition. Everything will be on the table, and the Democrats will run everything that’s on the table, and with no one to stop them, our rights to own firearms will quickly become very limited. Add to that the panic and lockdown restrictions over the Coronavirus and you can quickly see how the Democrat party in charge will quickly turn this country into a shadow of what it once was.

There is no more time to say “It will never happen” or “They can’t do that”. I’ve been hearing that type of talk for years.

I heard in 1994 when the Assault Weapons Ban was introduced how it was never going to pass. I heard the same thing among gun owners here in 2012 when the Safe Act was rammed through, sadly with the help of some Republicans. I heard it again when Virginia went blue and whether the election was stolen or not, it appears Georgia and Arizona, two places where I heard from its residents that they would never go blue, did exactly that. We can’t afford to sit on our hands and imagine that the Democrats won’t take over Congress. Every gun owner and citizen who can need to get out and vote in Georgia next month. You are the last line of defense. You’re holding the line, if you stay home, you’re helping the Democrats pound the nails into the coffin of our Republic.

We won’t be able to wait until 2024 to see what happens and who runs for President. The Democrats will have stacked the deck so far in their favor that winning the White House will be an insurmountable summit. We will watch our country disappear, disintegrate and come apart at the seams as we try to explain to our kids how good it once was to live here because it will all be a memory.

About David LaPell

David LaPell has been a Corrections Officer with the local Sheriff’s Department for thirteen years. A collector of antique and vintage firearms for over twenty years and an avid hunter. David has been writing articles about firearms, hunting, and western history for ten years. In addition to having a passion for vintage guns, he is also a fan of old trucks and has written articles on those as well.

David LaPell

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So, what’s left unsaid in this article is when does CWII begin & what will be the flashpoint, the Lexington Green, the Old North Bridge for initiating this new round of “The Troubles”? Who fires the 1st shot & who will be the 1st to drop? Writers of similar articles ALWAYS avoid addressing this subject, for fear of what, being labeled as being inflammatory, seditious, even treasonous? What are they scared of or do they just not want to consider the possibility of another Civil War? Sure it’s scary stuff, but why write articles that take the reader all the… Read more »

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I think it won’t be gun owners who start next civil war, but rather small business owners who are fed up with the cruel restrictions placed on them.
The ruling class had better heed the warning signs of revolution in the air.
The government only governs by the will of the people.


The first to die will be the same as the revolution that created this country. Patriots will be shot down and then all hell will break loose,


People do not want to talk about that. They do not want to protest openly or carry weapons openly. Somehow they think that if they hide their weapons and comply with government restrictions that the 95 ton Right Whale in the room will go away.


I wish them good luck with that!!!


When action is needed, hiding guns and hoping that the tyranny will not be too thorough in its searches or too mean to its dissidents is not a good choice.


When one plays by the enemy rules, one loses by the enemy rules. Soap box; ballot box; cartridge box; pine box. Our Founding Fathers realized the first two boxes do not win or preserve Freedom, Liberty, or Rights……only the last two. The Second Amendment does not give us the right to keep and bear arms, it merely puts potential tyrants on notice not to attempt to tread on free men. It is up to free men to make believers of tyrants. We have not learned from history. We are doomed to live it once again.


How much more time do we give Mr Trump?

Perhaps it’s time we present *him* an ultimatum – by midnight such-n-such date, you set aside the November scam and arrest every law-breaker involved or we Patriots – to the best of our abilities – will do it ourselves.


“I call that bold talk for a one-eyed fat man!”


Best then for you to just stay out of the way.


I always try to stay out of the way of the foolhardy. Thanks for the concern.


Freedom is so over-rated, eh Roy??


Did you hear that sound, Buster? That was understanding going right over the top of your head. Get back with me when you acquire another thirty or forty IQ points. People like you are my burden in life. If only I could shake you off like the dust on my feet. But then you don’t understand that either, do you.


Perhaps you should use your “superior intelligence” to better communicate? If you have something intelligible to say, say it. If you’re not in the fight, stay the f**k out of the way and keep your mouth shut.


Oh, a tough guy. Something about sticks and stones there tough guy. What else you got? LOL!


Perhaps you are at the wrong site? This is a firearms site. Not a place for pi**ing contests


And who the fuck are you. I don’t think I have seen you post before this. How about you piss off! You feel better now “binky?”


We need to speak up now while we still have the chance. Waiting until Biden is in office and moves to ban guns is too late. We do not need boating accidents, we need to fix this mess here and now.


So true. After a despotic regime takes over, it squeezes the supplies of resistance slowly, “legally” and apparently tolerably, and with plenty of propaganda that lulls the public into approval, until one day the citizens at last realize that they can no longer resist or have any power in deciding their own destiny. The trap is sprung, the cage is closed, and the people are then slaves, subject to the will of the master, lest they suffer such penalties as poverty, gulags, or death. The old phrase, “That could never happen here,” was always very naive, people being people, and… Read more »


The DemocRATs do, and will continue to do, whatever the want, the Constitution be damned !! I suspect it will require a Bloody Revolution to bring that corrupt party back into line !!

Capn Dad

I’ve been predicting it for years now. It has now come to past. There now is only one course of action.


You can LOL at this?


In full sympathy with your comments. This war against self reliance and individual liberty has been going on for 140 years. Our greatest ally is also the greatest weakness of the Progressive Movement. Hubris. Progressives and collectivists of all stripes tend to out thing themselves. Once they stretch the limits of human knowledge they blind themselves to consequences. The American People are waking up to that simple reality. What was once advertised as popularly supported common sense solutions start to look pretty rediculous in light of heir consequences. Policy over stretches and policy based upon false premises fail. Every time.… Read more »


Can I get an Amen?

“It’s for your safety” is the rallying crying of American Totalitarians.

A retired general was on cable “news” re-iterating this BS – “and since the primary role of government is to keep you safe . . . ” No, that is not the primary role of government – the primary role of government is to keep us free.

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jack mac

Americans who want to be Americans not only must not comply and resist but defy and repel autocrats.


Time to start putting these TYRANTS under the grass !!


Soylent Green.

Big George

As a second-generation CA Native, I’m cooked! King New-scum, have corrupted and ruined my home State! After the first of the year, we’re moving to our new ranch home in AZ. From what I’ve heard from my new neighbors, it wasn’t Commiefornian ex-patriots who turned AZ blue, but like LaPell stated, it was the ‘it’ll never happen’ apathetic REP voters in the 2018 elections. Once there, I plan on working hard to regain AZ to a RED State!! When it comes to dumbocraps, never say never!! TRUMP 2024!!


Why not stay in CA and work on CA?


Because kommiefornia is a lost cause and has been for years. Slowly the state has deteriorated with it’s peace free love not war era to what it is today. A shit hole. When people live on the streets and have no home and you cater to them rather than reform them and provide a new direction for them then you are the third world country in the United States. I was always hoping that the demonrats would all move there but they don’t want what they have destroyed either, they want to go to new frontiers and see if they… Read more »


Among all the terrible policy changes that could take place in the near future, if Biden is seated, there is something even worse. The worst part of all would be to find that Americans, who historically have been willing to fight to the death for the principles on which their nation was founded, would today simply allow their country, their liberty, and their well-being to simply be stolen from them by a minority of criminals who show more courage to claim what they want than do good citizens. If this happens, then the ideal that was America would be proven… Read more »

Happy Everafter

I am still at a loss to understand what these agenda-driven socialists expect? Anyone with two brain cells has seen the terrible results experienced by ANY country that thought socialism was ‘the answer.’
The only thing I come up with is the select few leading vocal proponents of this socialism agenda are paid so much by Soros et. al. that they can ignore the best constitution created by the best country ever to push their agenda.


BINGO!!! We Have A Winner!!!


Exactly. The despot cares nothing about the country going to hell, as long as he sits on the throne.


I just emailed my Senator Rand Paul and asked that he join Mo Brooks in contesting the votes in the swing States. Bombard your Senators with emails! We must thwart this theft of an election!


Bombard your Republican Senators.
The Democrat Senators are committed Socialist who are now riding high in Biden’s coattails.
Both of my Senators here in Virginia are Democrats. One was Hillerys VP running mate, who is proud of his ANTIFA son, and the other quisling has become A cowardly party hack .


Thinking Republicans, Trump, or the courts will swoop in and save us from anything is incredibly naive. Those very people have perpetrated some of the most egregious violations of our rights.


Republican politicians will make a great deal of noise about how they are fighting for our rights as soon as they don’t have power.

Notice that the bill to remove SBRs from the purview of the NFA of 1934 was not submitted by Republican politicians until after 2018 (when they no longer had a majority in the House).

“The Democrats are going to take away your 2nd Amendment, bigly.”


They’re masters of political theater. Gun owners are nothing more than a voting block to be pandered to during election years.


If only there were a National Association that would represent us as one voice, they could have gone to Paul Ryan in January of 2017 and told him if he did not rally the Republican Representatives to pass the SBR removal bill, there would be hell to pay. Surely, Paul Ryan would then get it done.


Man it is much worse than I thought! When I turned 18 I graduated from High School a few weeks later, I had already registered with our Selective Service so I got my Draft # of 252 to Nam, I registered to vote, and I could drink 3.2 Beer Legally in SD! Life was good, yet I did register as an Independant as I really did not much care to join a party or a gang as I called them. Now, Forward 50 years and I have voted right and left as I vote for the person or the issue… Read more »

Gene Ralno

Voting for the person no longer works properly. We know only what click-bait media tell us and what we rummage off the internet. Thus, our best bet is to vote for the published platform.


– While a somewhat dubious source for positive information, browsing a candidate’s official website often yields enough to knock them from consideration. If they say they promote idiocy they are either idiots or lying. Frankly most of the time I’d prefer them to be lying – given the depths of depravity promoted by so many.


“It is unlawful for any official, agent or employee of the government of the United States, or employee of a corporation providing services to the government of the United States to enforce or attempt to enforce any act, law, treaty, order, rule or regulation of the government of the United States regarding a firearm, a firearm accessory, or ammunition that is manufactured commercially or privately and owned in the state of Kansas and that remains within the borders of Kansas. Violation of this section is a severity level 10 nonperson felony.” Article 7 of our Kansas Constitution!!! NO government has a… Read more »


And who exactly is going to arrest & prosecute the indiviuals who “…makes any Unconstitutional attempts on our Rights…”?

I haven’t seen too many, if any, of these prosecutions happening since 1934…

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Try county sheriffs within states that are supporters of our 2nd Amendment and this has already been proven when a county sheriff in Nevada, Colorado and one other state dealt with FBI agents who were trying to conduct their business within counties where their sheriffs denied them any such ability. One sheriff even threatened to arrest two FBI agents on charges of Kidnapping if they attempted to remove one of his citizens from his state. They left without their intended arrestee. And, We, the People, the True form of government can force this kind of activity if people will get… Read more »


Right on Dave.


only point of contention is making dc a state. they would have to amend the Constitution to do that, and that is something that won’t happen.


When Oaths of office, peaceful protests, litigation, voting, writing and calling doesn’t work. Only one way to STOP TYRANTS!!!


If Biden becomes President, we will have the best Government money can buy.


Perhaps it would be better to put it that we will have the worst government money can buy.


Yes, by all means Georgia, get out there and vote. All of the fraud found in November has now been fixed, so you can vote with confidence. By doing so you will be validating the election and ensuring a valid outcome…. Shut he damn thing down now, people, this is going nowhere except to bigger and better fraud.


Only fools, those easily fooled, and those against 2A would say anything contrary to encouraging pro-gun voters to get out and vote. Sure there is a lot of fraud; Democrats have are very adept at it and have been so for decades. The only way to counter it is with overwhelming turnout on the side of gun rights.


I think we are beyond the ballot box now; If the presidential fraud is allowed to stand. The rest is now history and the Republic is dead, You should come to grips with that. 2A is no longer capable of being politically secured in the fraudulent tyrannical system ..


Since when did they fix any fraud ? They had thousands of double voters. NOT 1 prosecuted. And more of the same projected for Jan. Same pollsters.


I caught your sarcasm – apparently a few others didn’t.