Rogue ATF Agents are Cracking Down on Legal Guns in Anticipation of Biden Admin

Honest citizens should enjoy the right to assemble their own firearms for lawful purposes, and they should be able to do so without being terrorized by their government.” — GOA’s Erich Pratt, AmmoLand, December 11, 2020.

GOA and other pro-2A groups are suing the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives.

USA – -( On Thursday, federal agents raided the headquarters of Polymer80, one of the largest manufacturers of homemade firearm accessories.

For years, Polymer80 has been producing “80% complete” lower receivers which the ATF determined to be incomplete and non-regulatable by the ATF as firearms. These receivers require holes to be drilled and surfaces filed before they become an actual, usable receiver, hence the term 80% receiver.

You might have heard an anti-gunner refer to a completed homemade firearm as a “ghost gun” before.

According to the ATF in numerous letters to Polymer80, their 80% receivers did not require a manufacturer’s license, the unconstitutional Pittman-Robertson tax, a serial number, or a NICS check before purchase.

Anti-gunners have been advocating for a ban on homemade firearms for years, even recently appealing to the Trump Administration.

Once again, the ATF appears to be reversing its longstanding interpretive guidance and is arbitrarily redefining a crucial term to enact a gun ban.

ATF is Expanding its Crackdown

AmmoLand News broke the news yesterday that ATF is raiding more companies than just Polymer80:

The ATF did raid or show up at other companies that sell other kits that include 80% part kits, barrels, and slides that are not Polymer80. AmmoLand News sources inside the ATF say that the agency is now considering 80% kits with all the parts needed to finish a pistol as a firearm. None of the companies had any warning on the change to ATF’s regulations before actual agents showed up making attempts to retrieve customer information.

Apparently, the ATF now considers an 80% lower receiver sold with a parts kit — such as the one offered by Polymer80 as a Buy Build Shoot Kit — to be a firearm requiring a background check. .

But the statute defining a firearm hasn’t changed.

ATF Leadership 2020 Acting Director Regina Lombardo & Associate Deputy Director Marvin Richardson
ATF Leadership 2020 Acting Director Regina Lombardo & Associate Deputy Director Marvin Richardson

What did change?

ATF is arbitrarily redefining firearms using interpretive guidance. Acting Director of the ATF Regina Lombardo must feel emboldened by the apparent victory of presidential candidate Joe Biden.

In November, she even began working early with the “Biden Transition Team.”

Take Action Square

Her reported priorities? Pistol braces and 80% receivers.

But this is more than cooperating with a transition team. Lombardo has begun advancing the Biden-Harris gun control agenda during the Trump Administration!

Take action and tell President Trump to fire Acting Director of the ATF Regina Lombardo and her anti-gun subordinates responsible for this anti-Second Amendment attack on homemade firearms.

These anti-gunners have got to go!

In liberty,

Aidan Johnston
Director of Federal Affairs
Gun Owners of America

PS: If any readers have been contacted by ATF regarding 80% receivers or Polymer80 products please contact AmmoLand News.

About Gun Owners of America

GOA spokespeople are available for interviews. Gun Owners of America, and its sister organization Gun Owners Foundation, are nonprofits dedicated to protecting the right to keep and bear arms without compromise. For more information, visit GOA at

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Too many letter bureaucracies infringing on our rights. ATF is another that makes up the rules as they go. A gun without a number means nothing if it isn’t used in a crime.


They make up rules and their boss doesn’t stop them.

Sometimes their boss tells them to make up rules.

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shall not be infringed


The BATFE regulation changes are meaningless without armed government employees who are willing to engage in enforcement actions. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of such individuals.


2 words: ‘Unintended Consequences’.


Almost finished with it. It’s back in print and I just bought a copy for a friend.


BATFE has no legal right to exist under our US Constitution. BATFE has corrupted our 2nd Amendment, robbed, kidnapped, and murdered citizens. Wearing a BATFE jacket is same as wearing gang colors. Display of these gang colors in and of itself is a threat. I won’t be threatened. Nor will my dog. The rest of you ought to take the same tac.




We are not a nation of laws and we never have been. We are a nation of political will. Ambitious bureaucrats will kneel down to their new masters and do their bidding without so much as the laying of a whip. They already have. The federal bureaucracy is now in full (unionized) union with their new masters, the Harris/Biden regime and are already working hard to please their new masters. Folks, if you know people in federal law enforcement now is a good time to sever those relationships and start to run silent, run deep as far as what is… Read more »


What about state and local LEOs?


The police in Denver protected the BLM/Antifa violent rioters who disrupted a pro-police rally. A red pill moment for Michelle Malkin.

Yet, many people believe it will be the Chinese, or the UN, or the pink haired loon down the street who will be enforcing the next round of gun control laws.


Troll alert!


Police don’t respect the authority of BATFE Agent. BATFE Agent does not respect the authority of police. Hilarity ensues – tasing, handcuffing, hurt feelings, law suit:

It would be interesting to know the story on the “illegally-held firearm” and the person holding it (law-abiding dentist or incendiary-device-throwing-America-hating violent rioter).

Ansel Hazen

I have another possibly related situation to report. SGammo is now unwilling to ship ammo to Maine. They say the Maine IRS is demanding they change to some updated processing scheme that is out of reach for small companies, and they are demanding back payments on sales from before any internet sales taxes were imposed. Is the nationwide ammo shortage part of a bigger plan? Is this the next step to make sure Patriots have no ammo to resist a rogue government?


The current nationwide ammo shortage is due to several supply constraints existing at the same time as several significant stimuli to demand. It is a capital intensive industry with significant government regulations and other barriers to entry. Therefore, an increase in supply will not be coming soon, even if investors believe the increase in demand is long term. It is likely that Democrat politicians, in conjunction with numerous Republican politicians, will attempt to restrict access to ammunition through new laws. Biden’s documented campaign platform addressed the matter. The bulk of Republican politicians will act like they are trying to prevent… Read more »

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Troll alert!


Troll alert!


Oh, get real.


Troll alert!


Troll alert!


Troll alert!

AZ Lefty

Thanks I will not be sending you anymore money either!
THIS IS BEING DONE BY THE TRUMP ADMINSITRATION, like with the “Q” and Bump-stocks. Yes Biden is a anti but quit sucking up to anti Gun T-Rump and ignoring his ANTI Constitution actions!


You’re absolutely 100% correct. The ATF answers to Barr and Trump and either one could put an end to this immediately. Unfortunately, Barr is the scumbag who defended the murderers responsible for massacreing people at Ruby Ridge and Waco and Trump has enacted arms control and called for a lot more. Good luck getting through to the TDS-B sufferers.


All true, Stag. AZ Lefty, I object to Trump’s lack of support for the 2nd Amendment and his appointment of Barr. I also strongly object to Biden’s even worse gun control platform and his policies that support numerous socialist agenda items: Higher taxes; Even more forced redistribution of wealth by the government; Increased regulations; Sinking of America in debt through increased social services and embracing economy-destroying elements of climate change wokeness; Even more encouragement of illegal immigration and a plan for providing a path for the tens of millions of people currently living in the U.S. illegally to become citizens… Read more »

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AZ is right. If trump really cared about gun rights he could have stopped the atf at any point during his presidency. Did he take a SINGLE step against the atf? He’s been silent on both the polymer80s and the pistol braces.

Also patriot solutions… you are so god damned annoying. Satan this and Satan that in every single comment! Why don’t you go suck his dick already and stfu


Nilsigne, We all feel your pain with this moron. Thanks for the comment!


Troll alert!