NSSF Hails Rep. Hudson’s Concealed Carry Reciprocity Legislation

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U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- NEWTOWN, Conn. — NSSF, the firearm industry’s trade association, hailed U.S. Rep. Richard Hudson’s (R-N.C.) introduction of the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2021, H.R. 38, on the first day of the 117th Congress. The legislation was introduced with bipartisan support and 154 original co-sponsors, demonstrating the wide-ranging support for protecting law-abiding concealed carry permit holders from navigating a patchwork of varying gun control laws when crossing a state line.

The bill aims to eliminate the confusion of varying state-by-state laws and provide protection for Second Amendment rights for permit holders. The legislation would allow handgun owners who are legally permitted and authorized by their home state to carry a concealed firearm in other states while complying with the laws of each state – much in the same way a driver’s license is recognized.

“This legislation provides an answer to the confusing patchwork of laws surrounding concealed carry permits, particularly with regard to states where laws make unwitting criminals out of legal permit holders for a simple mistake of a wrong traffic turn,” said Lawrence Keane, NSSF Senior Vice President, and General Counsel. “It safeguards a state’s right to determine their own laws while protecting the Second Amendment rights of all Americans. We thank Rep. Hudson for his leadership on behalf of America’s hunters and recreational shooters.”

“Our Second Amendment rights do not disappear when we cross state lines, and H.R. 38 guarantees that,” said Rep. Hudson. “The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2021 is a common-sense solution to provide law-abiding citizens the right to conceal carry and travel freely between states without worrying about conflicting state codes or onerous civil suits. I am especially proud to have such widespread and bipartisan support for this measure and will work with my colleagues to get this legislation over the finish line.”

Unlike other rights protected by the U.S. Constitution, the right to keep and bear arms is regulated differently by individual states. While individual rights to speech, religion, and protections of Due Process or Search and Seizure are constant, gun rights vary according to the state. Reciprocity agreements exist, but not between all states and are ever-changing. That puts individuals at risk of running afoul of varying state-by-state laws when traveling and crossing borders.

The pitfalls of these varying state-by-state laws were exposed when Philadelphia resident Shaneen Allen faced up to five years in prison for bringing a firearm into New Jersey in 2013. She held a valid license to carry in Pennsylvania, but not in neighboring New Jersey. The mother-of-two voluntarily told a law enforcement officer of the firearm during a traffic stop, but was still arrested, charged, convicted, and spent 48 days in jail – all for having made a wrong turn and accidentally crossing s state line. Fortunately, after an 18-month legal ordeal, Republican Gov. Chris Christie pardoned Allen. Others are not so lucky.

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So a law “giving” us “permission to do what we already have a right to do? This BS went nowhere when Republicans had control of government so it’s laughable that he thinks it will go anywhere now that Dems are going to be in control. If you’re going to pretend you’re pro-2A then you might as well submit a bill abolishing the NFA, GCA, FOPA, import bans, NICS, bumpstock ban, and the ATF. You could also put a provision in it that bars any and all enforcement of laws that violate the 2A. This is nothing more than political theater.… Read more »


I as a LEGAL LAW ABIDING American Citizen demand that NATIONWIDE Constitutional Carry law be passed. I would also DEMAND American Citizens who are FORCED to DEFEND themselves have the same protection as Police have with their “QUALIFIED IMMUNITY”!!!!




Nobody remembers that this was the stated goal of the FOPA. Reason nobody remembers is that it did the exact opposite. Fact is, our national concealed carry permit was signed sealed and delivered Dec 15, 1791. It’s the highest law of our land. It says the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Pretending we needed a law in 1985 to protect firearms owners didn’t work. Pretending we need legislation again 36 years later, undoubtedly with some of the same legislators signing onto it is criminal. You heard me. A crime is being perpetrated… Read more »


If LEOs don’t enforce laws against good people carrying firearms, the laws passed by Democrat and Republican politicians are meaningless.

Most LEOs already don’t enforce those laws against: fellow LEOs, their bosses, family, and friends. They just need to expand the group of people who are the beneficiaries of their goodwill.


a politician waggin the dogs a$$ in our faces saying, see what i`m trying to do for you ? LOL. he knows dang well it is a dead bill.


Trust me, DOA!