Gun-Grabber Hogg to Stuff Pillows with Astroturf

These are the fellow Americans of all backgrounds and affinities, gun-grabbers like David Hogg, and rope-selling capitalists like Kohl’s and Bed, Bath & Beyond who are willing to see losing their jobs as collateral damage in their campaign to destroy MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell for his political beliefs. (MyPillow/Facebook)

U.S.A. – -( “Parkland survivor David Hogg [is] taking on MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell,” the New York Post reports. “[H]e’ll team up with the progressive tech entrepreneur William LeGate in an effort to create a rival pillow firm.”

This development coincides with the announcement that Hogg is taking a leave of absence from March for Our Lives.

“[LeGate] and I can and will run a better business and make a better product all with more happy staff than Mike the pillow guy while creating US based Union jobs and helping people,” the story quotes a Hogg tweet. “We also hope to hire formerly incarcerated people, vets and the workers from my pillow in the case we put them out of business.”

Hogg’s qualifications to run a business are left unstated because his experience at doing a startup and then managing one is about the same as his experience co-authoring a book without financing and “guidance” from behind-the-scenes pros. His main claim to “fame,” although some might argue it’s to notoriety, is being a “Parkland survivor,” a status wholly due to chance, and “achieved” with neither acumen nor competence.

Anyone with factory experience, aware of the myriad interrelated disciplines required, will quickly peg this arrogant poseur as a pure Astroturf figurehead. That is quickly becoming apparent, from Hogg’s initial suggestion to “Call it our pillow because we’re all socialists.”

“Looking to hire a consultant with experience in the United States manufacturing industry who can refer me to – and help coordinate – the manufacturing of a high-volume of union & sustainably-made, rectangular neck rests for bedtime sleep,” LeGate announced on Twitter.

“I NEED A UNIONIZED PILLOW MANUFACTURER IN THE US We’re having a hard time finding one If you know one PLEASE dm,” Hogg tweeted. He followed that up with the bright idea to hire “unemployed Theatrical Stage Employees that lost their job due to covid.”

“David & I are in the process of building a governing Board of Directors which will be largely composed of biz leaders in under-represented groups – women, people of color, sexual orientation, etc.,” LeGate tweeted. Hogg went on to announce three “advisory board” picks, an LGBT “community organizer,”  a “Pulse Nightclub survivor,” and a leftwing “pollster.”

That’s a lot of figureheads for a startup.

And with that “deep bench,” they’ve announced GoodPillow, ready to make all kinds of promises except how they intend to keep them all and make profit enough to stay in business without subsidies from well-heeled “progressives.” So much for the socialist dream.

They want to destroy not just Mike Lindell for having the temerity to believe the presidential election was stolen, but his entire company, and the 1,500 employees who rely on the jobs he provides for their livelihoods, their housing, their food, their children. Democrats make a big deal about being the “party of the workin’ man,” but when “progressive” priorities take precedent, the pawns become expendable.  Case in point, Hogg’s total BS about hiring “workers from my pillow in the case we put them out of business” is just that—he doesn’t even know what state “his” company is going to be in.

Nor do we have details on how things are going to be structured. Is it going to be publicly traded or privately held? If the former, they’re going to need some SEC expertise to make sure any forward-looking statements are compliant with the law (note they’ve already started a “1st come 1st serve” waitlist for pre-orders and claim to have 16,000 signups so far), and if the latter, who will the owners be, and what kind of visibility on their compensation will be provided to those 16,000 would-be customers in it solely for the “social justice”?

Another question might be how come leftists always seem to call their declarations “manifestos”?

The compensation concern is not without foundation. No less an “influencer” than Hogg’s March for Our Lives co-founder Cameron Kasky has called this venture “pillow grift,” said it was “embarrassing,” and apologized “to those of you who marched, donated, lobbied, and called for change…”

In a related development, leftist is hosting a petition urging Costco membership warehouse stores to stop carrying MyPillow, as has already been decided by the corporate cowards running Kohl’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, and more. It will probably be successful, as we’re talking about a company where they remove conservative books and where, due to banning guns on their premises, the only thing lower than their prices is your safety (which I nominate for their slogan). And again, these rope-selling capitalists don’t care that they’ll not only be putting customers who are MyPillow employees out of work but also hurting the bottom line of places these employees will no longer be able to patronize when they find themselves unemployed in an already devastated-by-Covid job market.

Whether GoodPillow actually gets off the ground or is just another way for Hogg to get his name in the “news” remains to be seen, as many hurdles between drawing board and sustainable actualization must be overcome. One of the first might be with the chosen name. That is unless they just choose to use their powerful friends to squeeze out a smaller operation that’s apparently laid claim to it first.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

David Codrea

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David Hogg is not a survivor of the shooting,he was magically not at school that day


Maybe he was complicict in the atrocity.

grim reaper

David Hogg survived Parkland just like almost every person in the country just by not being there.


I just flushed a Hogg ! A exact sculpture of David Hogg as a matter of fact !

Green Mtn. Boy

For me one day it’s a Hogg and the next it’s a Pelosi as they are interchangeable and both stink.


Stop calling him a survivor , while he was at school that day, he was not in building 12 or anywhere near the shootings. All he survived was his bike ride home and back.


IraG, In his own words, Hogg was at home when he heard a news bulletin.
He then stated that he raced to school to do interviews. And that is when
CNN “adopted” him, and the story mutated, placing Hogg on the scene
during the event (a lie).


Just like Hillary landed at a middle east airbase under fire and had to run for cover. Problem is, it never happened. Lying liberal wannabe tyrants. They can all go to hell.


I wonder why it is so many “progressive” collectivist and national-international socialist social/political narratives are built on factual lies? Have they not heard/learned about sinking sand?

Tom Claycomb

I think I’ve started up more new beef plants than anyone in America. Every start-up is super tough, I don’t care how good you are. But, I’ve got too agree w/ you. Never heard of a start-up plan like he is proposing before! I’ve always hired to best people in the field, and even then it is tough. He is hiring the biggest village idiots w/ no experience. I don’t see good thinks happening w/ this start-up. My advice-don’t buy stock in this Flat Pillow company.


It’s the Communist way. Two political officers for every actual worker.


Yeah I would agree in normal times BUT who knows with all the craziness in the stock markets these days he may be able to issue shares and get a bid from the Robinhood or Reddit crews.


OH I see some VERY good things coming. The University of LIfe is one of the best courses anywhere. So far, HoggBoyy has been playing hookie from that institution of highest learning. Now he’ll be butts on benches in the lecture hall of LIfe, his real educatioin may be beginning. It will be a hoot to watch, too. If there is any serious money involved, he will be squeezed off into a harmless corner, made to think he’s important for long enough to keep him handy for the press, then off to the knackerman before he can much up the… Read more »

Idaho Bob

Being a self-employed person, I have always loved to see American entrepreneurs succeed. In this case, though, it will be more gratifying to watch them crash and burn.
The reason is simple, these are NOT Americans, they are communists attempting to harm real Americans. That I can never cheer.


No serious person can consider this name stealing commie loving child dave hogg to be anything but a buffoon. these left loons behave exactly like spoiled children which they are and the doctor should have slapped both of hoggs parents the moment dave hogg was born.
…..Thanks for reminding me I need to go order two “MyPillows” from Mr. Lindell.



This cancel culture crap is pissing me off. I am going to buy some Gaza sheets. Maybe I’ll sleep better.


David Hogg has head problems, but to the gun grabbers this is normal behavior.

Last edited 1 year ago by Cruiser

“goodpillow” will most likely only be a place for progressive snowflakes to donate their $ and feel good.


Their customers will be people that would not buy a My Pillow, while Lindell’s customers will be those that would not buy a “good pillow”. What a convincing win. At least the libtards will wake up with sore necks..


“unemployed Theatrical Stage Employees that lost their job due to covid.”
LOL. I’m sure they would want to get their hands dirt doing real work.


LOL, stupid is as stupid does!


Good! I love to watch a good train wreck. What a douche nozzle!


Start out with all the people you can pack in that are so importantly of color, feminine gender, sexual confusion, or incidentally out of work to run the place – great qualification standards. And grab any business at all that makes whatever sort of pillows, but is unionized. Mike Lindell, are you scared, yet?


Mike Lindell built the My Pillow business from the ground up. How can this kid, without business acumen or experience duplicate or compete? This is all anti-gun politics. If Hogg accomplishes anything, it will only be because he’s a puppet used by others.


That reminds me, In addition to my other mypillow orders I just ordered three of them sets of Giza Cotton Sheets for my three mypillow large Dogbeds!
My three Pitbull’s will love them also!

Dave in Fairfax


I see that he has an unhealthy interest in your parts. I also see that his followers have an issue with AmmoLand. They say that you’re known both by the company you keep and the enemies you have. I may be biased, but I think we’re on the Right side of this one.


I’ve had my suspicions for a number of years now concerning these CRBs, as to why they seem to always refer to the conservative male’s appendage. After seeing these limp toast swishes, I believe I now understand.


Yes I saw that.

And as I commented at WOG, I do hope he was not referring to Peter Wang.

And besides, little “wang’ is culturally insensitive.


Gee, can we get these “hoggi-lows” in miniature size so that the dog doesn’t have to go outside in winter to shit; astro-truff in a cute little pillow will certainly make them think it’s real grass!


Just ordered two more MyPillows from patriot Mike Lindell.

uncle dudley

Cancel culture at work, this has to stop as it is ruining the country.
Hogg needs to get a job flipping hamburgers and learn more about the real world and the people in it, his 15 minutes of fame has gone on to long.
If anyone takes this kid serious and backs him financially they need to have their head examined.


Competition is not cancel culture. Having said that, it’s not going to work.

He’s going to create a company by hiring people and selecting board members on attributes other than competence. He also claims it’s going to be a union shop.

Any people he hires that actually have knowledge, experience, and a desire to add value will quickly become disenchanted with the other employees and leadership and leave.

It’s not going to work.


Your point is quite valid. No argument there.

But I think Uncle’s trying to say that competition (or any action, really) BY cancel culture – in fact, cancel culture’s very existence – is what’s ruining the country. i can’t argue with him, either.


I understand. I just don’t see political differences as an invalid reason for competition.

If the only barber within 60 miles of you was a Communist and a person who was known to be an all-American, apple-pie-lovin’, Republican (who actually believed in the Republican platform) started up a barbershop nearby, don’t you think some people would go to the new guy just because of his announced political beliefs?


Hogg is a clown, and he doesn’t even know it. Anyone who “partners” with him will just use his image, and Hogg himself will have no ownership and no business role, since he knows nothing and can contribute nothing but a face. If the “partner” works it right, Hogg will end up out on his ear without even a decent royalty for his exploited name.


This picture is pretty much accurate…


The bible says a fool and his money are easily parted. I think it was one of the Ringling Brothers accurately declared “there is one born every minute”.

Have fun, Hoggie Boy. Reality will soon enough come home to roost in your own bat-filled belfry.


The other Good Pillow is in the Philippines, so even Hogg should be able to bully them.

I’m dying to see how Mr. “we’re all socialists here” runs a factory. Depending on where he sites it, I may know some cops who could recommend suitable “formerly incercerated people” he can hire to make his venture a flaming success.


Hoggie Boye will NOT be “running” the pillow show. Nope. His handlers are far too savvy to let him anywhere near that shop floor, or even the boardroom.Theyre after his name. That’s it. His level of INcmpetence is among the highest I’ve seen anywhere.


I still don’t understand how anybody will get any sleep on Hogg’s “Woke”Pillow


I have heard that Hogg boy wasn’t actually there at the school when the shooting happened, so in retrospect I find it hard to believe that the piglet is a“Parkland survivor.” whether it’s true, or not I don’t know.


Hogg is on record, he rode his bicycle back to the school to report on the shooting, hid in a closet with other students in a different building.
He is not a real survivor, was never in line of fire or any danger whatsoever.
FAKE SURVIVOR. He did come out of the closet to announce his gender preferences.


Well now, if you buy something at COSTCO and it does not please you for ANY reason, you can return it for full credit. As I understand it, the merchandise is then sold off to a used good jobber, and the wholesale price of the goods charged back to the manufacturer or distributor. At least that was how it was explained to me. Anyone know more? Anyhow, if the big C decides to go the route suggested above, I’m sure there are lots of folks here who would love to buy several Hoggish pillows and then find fault with them.… Read more »


David Hogg {Soy Boy} claims to be a SURVIVOR of the Parkland Shooting, It’s Amazing that he was NOT at the School when the Shooting Occurred, could it be His FBI associated Parents KNEW there would be a Shooting that Day In A “GUN FREE ZONE” at that School, is it Now that Soy Boy needs to draw some attention? Well It’s NOT Working, Buy Your Pillows from the Mike the Pillow Guy. End of Message.


Don’t you get it? David Hogg survived (and claims that he survived) the Parkland shooting, BECAUSE he wasn’t even there!!

[Technically, since is is quite difficult to die in a shooting that you don’t attend, it’s rather hard to argue against the basic logic behind Hogg’s “survivor” statement. Of course, by that particular logic, I am a Parkland shooting survivor, too – and I’m in Oklahoma (exactly where I was the day of the shooting). See how the leftist mind (almost) works?]


Count me in, too. I survived the Parkland shooting too. I was oly about 2975 miles away. Still am.

This HoggBoyy is full of pork poop. If it were not for his FBI parents he’d still be the misfit nobody he was before the proggies needed a Pester Boy. (no typo)


Hogg is a FAKE SURVIVOR, was never in danger, in a different building in a closet with other students.


It looks like everyone’s represented but customers.


I think Hogg is 27-30 years old. Has anybody researched his life? He is probably an operative plant to further gun control.

Ryben Flynn

Survivor: noun
noun: survivor; plural noun: survivors
a person who survives, especially a person remaining alive after an event in which others have died.
Which implies one must have been AT the event.
As to whether you can call the other students at Parkland in other locked classrooms “survivors” is questionable as they were reasonably safe from harm.


Unfortunately, this 2-legged Hogg, who is as much, if not more of a pestilence than all to the 4-legged feral hogs destroying the landscape can’t be dispatched and disposed of in the same manner. He sounds just about as annoying as the wild hogs, squealing across any platform that allows him to.
And worse, He would be useless for food unlike the filthy hogs that may carry diseases. Wouldn’t even be fit to make dog food. His mother must be really proud of him.

WI Patriot

Pillow biter is tired of the grass stains on his knees…


So he is transitioning from biting to stuffing. Seems fitting to me.


The design of the wind turbines was probably mandated by the Chinese government to quit working under the current circumstances to further degrade the lives of our citizenry. Can we sue the Chinese manufacturers for a dysfunctional product?


I respect heroes not cowards. The one hero that sticks in my mind is JROTC Peter Wang. He was later admitted to West Point: “Peter Wang, an Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps cadet at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, had a lifetime goal to attend USMA and was posthumously offered admission for his heroic actions on Feb. 14, 2018. “It was an appropriate way for USMA to honor this brave young man. West Point has given posthumous offers of admissions in very rare instances for those candidates or potential candidates whose actions exemplified the tenets of Duty, Honor and… Read more »


Hogg is such a pathetic little attention seeker. He makes me ill to even hear his name. The mere thought of his self promotion should cause any clear thinking person to puke.
As a punk, Hogg takes the cake. As a business child, he will fail, miserably.
I truly hope a public figure takes on his little punk ass and shows him up for all to see as just another wannabe liberal looser.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mac

How about hiring pipeline workers, border agents HOGG?


Hogg is typical of so many of today’s youth, and it’s sad, but a fact.


y’all do know this KID is just that, right. are people that were not on the floors the plane actually hit during 9/11 “victims”. how about the ones that escaped prior to them collapsing? this is the same thing as “MY god doesn’t allow that so YOU can’t do that, meaning if you were not a party to any circumstance you lack perspective. marijuana may provide relief for some but your morals say “nope”, UNTIL YOU MIGHT BENEFIT from being afflicted by the same condition. can’t blame a kid for looking at the world with rose colored glasses, YOU WERE… Read more »