Sinclair Cancels Guns Out TV Because “It Isn’t A Good Time For A Gun Show”

WASHINGTON, DC-( The ugly head of corporate censorship has reared its ugly head once again. Sinclair Broadcast Group has canceled Guns Out TV because “it isn’t a good time for a gun show.”

Sinclair was planning on broadcasting Guns Out TV on networks in various markets. The first place Sinclair launched the show was in Washington, DC, on WJLA. WJLA happens to be the Capital area’s local ABC affiliate. The show featured gun ownership in a positive light, especially in the African American community. Gun Owners of America sponsored it.

Shermichael Singleton and John Keys hosted the show. Both gun enthusiasts are African Americans, and they broke the stereotype of the typical middle-aged white male gun owner. Black gun owners are the fastest-growing segment of the firearms community. Guns Out TV appealed to those new black firearms owners. The Washington, DC Metro area has a large community of affluent African Americans. The two-host thought DC was the perfect area to launch their show because the demographic has the money and resources to buy firearms and get training.

“We recognize the storied history of African-Americans and firearms in the United States, and with that history comes a great responsibility that we embraced,” Singleton told AmmoLand News. “In 2020, Black Americans accounted for the highest increases in gun sales of any demographic, which is why we wanted to produce a show that was educational, informative, and fun. We tried to reach new gun owners and those considering purchasing firearms in our community to showcase a different side of firearms. We were tired of the negative stereotype about black men with guns and set out on a mission to change that narrative.”

Representatives of Sinclair told the host that the show would not air during its time slot on Sunday even though that episode was completed and was ready to air. The broadcasting giant didn’t give the two hosts a specific reason for the cancelation. The host’s emails show the broadcaster was concerned because an episode showed the host firing an AK47. The last episode that aired was about myths surrounding AR15s.

The broadcaster noticed a segment with Gun Owners of America’s Director of Outreach Antonia Okafor. Sinclair was concerned because “Gun Owners of America is known for asking for donations.” The segments talked about gun rights and didn’t ask for donations. Both Singleton and Keys are GOA members and support the organization’s mission to protect gun rights.

Guns Out TV was an apolitical show. It portrayed responsible gun ownership.

The show never highlighted violence or any type of dangerous activity. All activities were legal and under professional supervision. It seems the pressure of the anti-gun crowd finally got to the broadcaster. Gun right are civil rights, and that is what the show was alluding to through a soft sale approach.

The network was happy with the ratings and production value. The decision seems to be made solely for political reasons. The left is controlling the mass media, and gun rights aren’t something they want to promote. The show will continue to air on YouTube and through the Guns Out TV website.

Sinclair Broadcast Group did not respond to AmmoLand News’s request for comment.

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at

John Crump

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We need to be calling attention to the fact that Sinclair Broadcasting canceled a show hosted by two black men. This seems to be racially motivated to me. Surely the left would have to agree!

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Obviously you don’t get it , black men with guns are also a threat unless wearing BLM gear. where have you been?


You are absolutely correct! Legitimate black men with legal guns are a threat and does not fit the narrative in any way! Blacks are required to stay on the reservation and graciously accept the handouts provided. The very government that states how caring it is has utterly destroyed the entire black community and, for the most part, is working overtime to destroy what’s left of any family foundation and community cohesion.


Gindy gets it. I like how the new Sec of Defense has decided to start vetting Guard troops because they are 80 % white..60 day stand down to do it. Make sure they don’t have any post about Biden in a negative way.What if the Guard was 80% black ? Wouldn’t even be on the radar to do such a thing. I see lots of lawsuits coming for the military.


With cold front coming in I’m sure the racist troops don’t mind sleeping in a nice warm bed. And getting hot meals when they like. LOL


Or rap singers killing each other over songs.


Where is the outrage from the left?


mm – they can’t be ‘outraged’ about something they don’t know about. IOW – this selective censorship accomplished the mission of the antis – it is keeping the chosen bunch in the dark (pun intended, or not) about reality.

Autsin Miller III

But I bet they will air all kinds of shows that Hollywood puts out and we know how they depict firearms.
Nothing is going to happen until gun owners speak with their pocketbooks.


Exactly. Sinclair is probably not offended by anything I need the show or concerned about profitability of the single program. They are simply concerned with risk of network becoming a target for cancelation. Imitating this behavior would eventually result in companies splitting into left and right branches with zero cross pollination. We do not need to further divide the country. It’s already been demonstrated that “separate but equal” does not work. Negative cancelation needs to be a thing. As consumers, we can help by doing as much business as possible to cancel victims. Make “cancel” lose it’s intimidation.


… pocketbooks and/or firearms.


Should have put up a BLM flag behind them on the wall, it would have been okay then, the Mayor may have even showed up for a special guest appearance.


Truth don’t have to like it

Last edited 1 year ago by SEMPAI

GREAT idea! Would certainly force the network’s hand, and it would put the DemocRat Party in an untenable position! Love it.

uncle dudley

It looks like Sinclair broadcasting doesn’t support Black History Month, if they wanted to show the advancement of Black Americans in todays society, politics shouldn’t be the driving force in removing the TV program.
Normally advertising dollars is what counts on a successful program’s staying on the air because of viewers numbers.
What a bunch of Chicken Littles at Sinclair.


Black History is what they say it is! However, someone isn’t paying attention to Black History because all the push to place Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill is taking the founder of the modern Democrat Party, Andrew Jackson, off of that note. Being an anti-slave activist, Tubman, would have been a member of the anti-slave party which was the Republican Party founded in 1854. Her heroics included recruiting volunteers in taking the Federal Arsenal at Harpers Ferry in 1859, supporting abolitionist John Brown, and in 1863 guided 3 steamboats around Conderate mines. There are photos, on display at Florida… Read more »


Tubman was known to have shot DemocRats! She was an outspoken firearms advocate, and she certainly shot AT a number of DemocRats, so the idiots who blindly push for her to appear on the $20 bill have a rude and embarrassing awakening coming!!


You are so right, Gindy ! Black history is what they say it is. During the Obama administration, our congress critters had the U.S. Mint make 2016 quarters with “John Browns’ Fort ” on the reverse. John Brown never had a fort. John Brown’s ill fated attempt to take over the Federal Arsenal at Harper’s Ferry in an effort to procure weapons made him retreat to the Fire Station. The little town in an effort to acquire more tourist dollars emblazoned ” John Browns Fort ” on the fire station for a few years afterwards and the democrats seized upon… Read more »


Call Glenn Beck. His Blaze Network is an open opportunity for liberty friendly shows like this.


“The show featured gun ownership in a positive light…”

And that’s why they cancelled it.


And the left wins again. If at anytime in our history, now is the most important time to promote that guns are safe, fun to shoot, an important part of our history and anytime is a good time for a gun show. I don’t buy things until I see how well they work. One of my pistols I bought I watched a video of them dragging it behind a car on a dirt rocky road with blanks in it, then putting it in mud and pulling it out and firing it a few times, putting it in water and rinsing… Read more »

Mike the Limey

This is one more example of how hypocritical the left are: They scream “freedom of speech” when they mean riot & loot but then do their utmost to not only stifle but erase all mention of anything they disagree with.
They call it “no platforming” because “only fascists use censorship” yet they’re both the same thing.
There will be a real push for NZ or UK style gun confiscation before Biden/Harris’ term is done & if successful, the real agenda of total social control will then be brought to the fore.


I promise, it will not be successful if We the People act as our fore fathers did.


Sinclair has gone ‘woke’ – very bad.

Eric Bolling is gone, as is his America This Week.

I can’t trust Sinclair any more. Neither should you.

Idaho Bob

“No Guns for Negroes”. It’s not just a documentary, it’s real life at Sinclair.


There is nothing liberals fear more than black men with firearms. Since the Civil War, black men with firearms have caused them nothing but trouble.


Didn’t black men fight beside white men carrying rifles during the civil war?
I believe their are liberals in both the north, south, east and west.

Last edited 1 year ago by musicman44mag

It seems you missed the point; let me clarify. Statewide gun control laws in the US were enacted for the express purpose of keeping blacks from owning and using guns following the Civil War. They were enacted by Democrats.


Hadn’t heard of the show before. I just subscribed to it on youtube – watched and liked all four episodes, and am now following their facebook page.
I encourage everyone to likewise show support.
I’m also going to send a polite but clear complaint to Sinclair Broadcast Group. { sbgi DOT net/contact }