SIX Gun Bills Introduced Day ONE of Colorado Legislative Session

Colorado Anti-Gunners Will Push Waiting Period, Safe Storage
SIX Gun Bills Introduced Day ONE of Colorado Legislative Session, iStock-884190572

U.S.A.-( As promised, the 73rd Colorado General Assembly reconvened yesterday after taking a month-long recess due to COVID. It makes us wonder how much they are even needed if they can just recess on a whim.

On their first day back in session over 200 bills were introduced, 6 of them firearms related. We do anticipate more gun control bills to be introduced in the coming days, primarily a “mandatory waiting period” bill that would require a certain number of days between completing a background check and taking possession of the firearm, even if needed for self-defense due to an immediate threat.

Here’s what happened:


  • SB21-078 Reporting of Lost and Stolen Firearms (mandatory reporting to law enforcement when you lose your gun in a boating accident)
  • HB21-1106 Safe Storage of Firearms (mandatory locked storage)


  • HB21-1070 Repeal Ammunition Magazine Prohibition (repeal hi-cap mag ban)
  • HB21-1082 Gun Transfer Background Check Permit Exemption (allow firearms purchase without background check with current conceal carry permit)
  • HB21-1098 Civil Liability For Extreme Risk Protection Orders (creates a civil liability for abuse of ERPO Red Flag Law)
  • HB21-1038 Concealed Handguns On School Grounds (allows for conceal carry on school grounds)

Links to each can be found here:

We’ll keep you informed when these bills are scheduled for hearings the public can and should attend, as well as when new firearms-related bills are introduced.

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The Rally for our Rights steering committee consists of a diverse cross-section of gun owners – including college students, young parents, business owners, and seasoned political activists.

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Ryben Flynn

HB21-1082 will do nothing since Colorado legalized Marijuana. Michigan lost their NICS exemption for permit carriers after they legalized it.


This world would be a more civilised place without Govts. The bad would be weeded out soon enough. Govts job at current is to instill more laws to protect the criminals (them). Keep releasing criminals to commit offenses on public. Then claim we got a problem with guns. What would they do if they couldn’t constantly attack 2A ? I don’t see them attacking any other right as they do 2A. Try it with the 14th amendment. After all we have the numbers to show how many are incarcerated. And where they are a problem. Over 20,000 existing gun laws… Read more »