Let’s Be Honest About Gun Control In Our Firearms Community

Opinion Editorial by Paul Glasco

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Proposing feel-good solutions so I can say, “I did something,” is worse than doing nothing, especially if it infringes upon the rights of honest, law-abiding Americans. iStock-Tetiana Lazunova

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- We are at a critical moment regarding guns. Democrat and Republican politicians’ unconstitutional push to ban AR-15s, the most popular rifle in the U.S., combined with proposed Extreme Risk Protection Orders and Red Flag legislation designed to confiscate firearms without providing law-abiding Americans their Constitutionally recognized due process, should offer more than enough evidence of infringement.

However, my approach to firearm ownership issues in America varies significantly from my friends, Dan Gross and Rob Pincus.

In their quest to push Universal Background Checks on Americans and outlaw private gun sales without filing a 4473, Mr. Gross and Mr. Pincus make a disgusting claim. They suggested “significant evidence shows that there is a shockingly small percentage of dealers that are selling the overwhelming majority of guns used in crimes,” while citing no reference. It seems clear that Mr. Gross has trained Mr. Pincus in the art of making stuff up to support a point. Any shaved ape can do a quick Google search to find actual research on that very subject.

In 2016, the U.S. Department of Justice found that “fewer than one in 50 (less than two percent) of all prisoners had obtained a firearm from a retail source and possessed, carried, or used it during the offense for which they were imprisoned.”

In my opinion, using facts versus conjecture makes a stronger argument.

I am in favor of extending my hand to those who disagree with me to have an honest discussion about violence in America. But if that discussion involves any dialogue about the banning of firearms, making it impossible for law-abiding Americans to purchase that firearm, or if it involves talk of a system that encourages gun confiscation without the involvement of a crime, it is not an honest conversation.

If people who oppose my views agree with banning any type of firearm, or the confiscation of firearms without due process, they do not understand the Constitutional nature of my position. Unfortunately, those folks have not taken the time to research the U.S. Constitution, legal precedent in America, or the rights of law-abiding Americans to protect themselves and their families. As a gun rights advocate, it is not my responsibility to pretend the person conversing with me is not seeking to take my rights away when their suggestions do precisely that.

If I approach the Second Amendment issues mentioned earlier from a standpoint outside the potential for financial gain, it is easy to see where problems arise. I’m not speaking of the anti-gun movement’s approach to blame guns for criminals’ evil acts. That’s a lazy response ignoring the fundamental issue of why some humans make the psychotic (criminal) choice to end other humans’ lives.

After years of conducting and reviewing research on the root causes of gun violence in America, I’ve concluded three attributes overwhelmingly common in mass killers and people who are violent in general.

  • One, the shooters were raised in fatherless homes.
  • Two, regardless of the bad actor’s age, he or she was overmedicated with psychotropic drugs.
  • Three, the shooter was bullied by others at some point.

I’m not suggesting that everyone raised in a fatherless home who takes mood-altering drugs or suffered at the hands of a bully will automatically become a mass killer. But if you look at documented mass shooters and most people imprisoned for violent crimes, you will see these factors as a glaring and obvious common denominator. The facts are easy to confirm for anyone who isn’t blinded by the desire to blame the gun or those who feel we should apologize for defending our rights to protect ourselves.

When I hear folks blame firearms after mass murders and cite agenda-driven statistics on violence, it reminds me how lazy people can be when seeking to explain criminal acts that have no justification. Blame the guns? That tells me you have no genuine desire to reduce gun violence in America or that you’re not qualified to be part of the conversation and should respectfully remove yourself from the discussion.

While this may sound close-minded on my part, I will not entertain any discussion regarding the rising suicide rate in America in 2020 without pointing out the obvious effect of government-mandated lockdowns that put overwhelming pressure on those already struggling with mental health issues. Again, to blame the gun is lazy and irresponsible.

My opinion is likely different than some, but my experience is also different. I have a special needs child who is one-hundred percent defenseless and will NEVER be able to defend himself. As the 53-year old father of this 12-year old boy, I will reach a point later in my life where my firearm may be the only way to protect my son and my family. Combine my home life with the overreaching laws that take a misdirected approach on firearms ownership in the homes of persons with mental disabilities. Only then can you begin to understand why hundreds of thousands of other American families and I run the risk of being disarmed by knee-jerk legislation. Most of those laws rushed through carelessly by an out-of-touch group of politicians who will never understand our lives or walk a day in our shoes.

When a legitimate conversation about combatting violence in America happens, sign me up. But, if we let gun control activists hijack the actual “gun safety” agenda that we, as gun rights advocates, promote and work so hard for, I will vehemently oppose that exchange.

There are a handful of people looking to profit from their new “feel good” consortium. Their plan involves making us “feel” better about giving up more of our Second Amendment rights because they think the rest of us haven’t done enough. They think we should feel their guilt. I, for one, think their premise is an abomination.

I appreciate the importance of platforms like AmmoLand News. Their ownership is open to posting controversial topics and opinion pieces such as Mr. Gross and Mr. Pincus’s penned. And while I may disagree with some of their contributors’ leanings, they offer dissenting views that require me to think outside of my comfort zone. That’s always useful, whether I agree with them or not.

Do I have all the answers? Of course not, and I don’t claim that. But proposing feel-good solutions so I can say, “I did something,” is worse than doing nothing, especially if it infringes upon the rights of honest, law-abiding Americans.

About Paul Glasco

Paul Glasco is a certified instructor in several firearms and safety disciplines and proudly films the Legally Armed America television show in Louisiana and Texas. Legally Armed America TV engages more than one million viewers every month through their television show on FOX 29 in Louisiana and Texas, their 260,000+ subscribers on YouTube, their website, and social media outlets. The only Sunday daytime show that rates higher than Legally Armed America is NFL on FOX 29. Hosted by Glasco, Legally Armed America focuses on guns, gear, techniques, and safety.

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How about this from the firearms community: No new gun laws will be tolerated or adhered to. Confiscation attempts or bans will be met with the full intent of the Second Amendment as originally written.

Autsin Miller III



I respectfully disagree with one part of Mr Glasco’s comments. He states that “Unfortunately, those folks have not taken the time to research the U.S. Constitution, legal precedent in America, or the rights of law-abiding Americans to protect themselves and their families.” I submit that those who oppose 2A rights are well aware of what the Constitution says, the legal precedents and the rights of law-abiding Americans. They DO NOT CARE. Their goal is to remove as many guns from America as they possibly can and by any means necessary. They do not care that criminals will always have guns.… Read more »


Those promoting “Gun Control” don’t want to keep guns from the criminals because they are the criminals.

Green Mtn. Boy

No discussions,No more capitulation,Not One More Inch and No Rob Pincus.


Very well written and excellent points. His mental stance is one shared by many on this site and everywhere in America. I wish more would be willing to voice this opinion rather than taking cover in the shadows trying to stay under thier radar.


Here is the crux of the problem. WE have a duopoly of two major parties. One, the Republican Party is a Progressive Party along the lines of Woodrow Wilson. The other, the Democratic Party (not so much, it seems) is a New Left Progressive party along the lines of the Socialist parties of the Third World. No one speaks the language of our founders unless they are detached from either major party. The Republicans will take money from real conservatives (Constitutional) and may tolerate a Thomas Massie or Rand Paul but they are not going along. They bend the knee… Read more »


You are focusing only on the “mass shooters” the media wants you to focus on. The majority of “mass shootings” are common street crimes that receive very little attention in the media.


@JSNMGC – @nringlee’s point still applies. As you are fond of reminding us, most of those common street crimes happen in specific cities and involve shooters already known to law enforcement. Targeted intervention and appropriate policing in places of need – have been proven effective and cost-efficient. The most effective targeted-intervention is that which diverts young men from going down the wrong path. Lives lost to gang violence includes not just the victims, but those who once had potential to do something useful with their lives. This is not to say I disagree with punishment for those who do wrong.… Read more »


His comments were regarding the very small percentage of “mass shooters” that get vast amounts of media attention. Most “mass shooters” do not “shout out their intent long before they act.” They are just common street thugs who will kill you for disrespecting their footwear. They will drive by the “celebration of life party” for someone they shot and shoot wildly hitting a four-year-old child whose mother or grandmother brought him/her to the alcohol and drug fueled 1:00 am party. “Targeted intervention” by the government would have to be applied to thousands of street thugs in just one part of… Read more »


I love that you give Ammoland a positive shout-out for presenting alternative viewpoints. That’s what real news is supposed to be…


This excellent article needs to be broadly distributed and widely shared. AmmoLand reaches those of us already committed to a Constitution respecting America, but there are facts that are being exploited by power hungry politicians and their agenda fueled media partners liars. The simple fact is that generations of irresponsible child raising and politically correct obsession fueled “participation trophy” educators have created a large cadre of irresponsible people. Bill Maher (who I don’t consider much of a philosopher) hit it on the head when he said, “Americans are a silly people”. To that, I’ll add: “Americans are an irresponsible, self… Read more »


Excellent article. But here is the point that many miss giving proper attention or proper emphasis. Our country is divided in to two camps. Teh first camp, our camp, is composed of people who subscribe to our traditional understandings of law and order. They are the Natural Law theory camp who believe that our Founding Documents are the best statement of life and liberty possible save our Divine documents. And then you have what we call the Progressive New Left. These neo-Marxists emerged from the 1960’s fueled by both Progressive and Marxist ideology. They reject God, reject Natural Law and… Read more »

Arizona Don

A ban or restrictive gun law(s) on any gun has “never” reduced crime if anything it has increased crime. For anyone who does not yet understand that those kinds of laws take guns out of law abiding citizens hands but “not” the criminals (outlaws) hands. People who do not obey laws will not start obeying them just because they are gun laws passed by the federal legislature and signed into law by a president. That is why they are referred to as outlaws. Gun laws are the laws they mostly do “not” adhere to. So it emboldens them and makes their job (murdering, robbing, stealing… Read more »

Happy Everafter

Perhaps, after nearly a hundred years of failing with restrictive gun laws, we should try another approach. Now that might be common sense!

My guess, either they sustain their push long enough that the next two generations grow up ‘knowing’ that the gun is the problem, or we the people cause a different approach very soon. But, for sure, if nothing changes, in two generations there will be no guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens.

Jay Dee

Col. David Grossman (ret.) has some very excellent books on the subject and I highly recommend them. They are heavy reading. Require critical thinking and may even change your mind on several subjects. Col. Grossman is not a fan of gun control. The latest gun violence campaign is ludicrous if examined closely. Two thirds of gun violence deaths are suicides. Big Gun Control’s answer is more gun control. In other words they care not a whit about suicides. They’ve hijacked their unfortunate deaths to sell their legislation. If we truly follow the data, it becomes immediately apparent that gun control… Read more »


@JD: PLEASE read my comment above.
By the way I agree.


Gun laws? Seriously? Has anyone here read the Constitution? You know where the Supreme Court is below the plain language in the Constitution and can not change it. Yet here we are talking about what is a good gun law. Here is what the Founders had to say (and this has not been amended in over 240+ years): “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.” Is this confusing to you? What government regulation of firearms is then allowed constitutionally? We… Read more »


the people who wrote this were religious,well aware of the 10 commandments.”SHALL NOT” shalt not the militia is local group,freedom starts at home protect it and chosen family (friends)


Based on anecdotal observations, I agree with the three common threads. I would bet you that another commonality is active participation in violent online games. I would also bet that there is a high level of abuse-based porn. It would be interesting to a see real, true statistical study of common activities across illegally-violent people – develop profiles.


Since the vast majority of murders are common street crimes (even a large percentage of the ones classified as “mass shootings”), the first characteristic listed (no father in home) is the most common denominator. It’s difficult to get the actual number by neighborhood, but based on extrapolations of data that is available, I would be surprised if more than 20% of the children in the most violent neighborhoods on the south and west sides of Chicago grow up with a father in the home. The other common characteristic is the children being bombarded with the message that nothing they do… Read more »


I think there should be a ban on all demoncrats having guns, knives and bear spray . In the wild they should be forced to carry a sign unarmed dont hurt me ,and in the city rob me rape me steal my stuff it is ok conservatives get a badge that says I wont help useless scum


and on their paid security too…


Right on the money, sir. Thanks, good article.


“The truth shall set you (us) free”


“… proposing feel-good solutions [in order to] say, “I did something,” is worse than doing nothing” is ALWAYS a true and accurate statement.


FYI to Mr. Paul Glasco,
Here is a topic you might or SHOULD CONSIDER!
There IS NO such thing as GUN-VIOLENCE!
Violence CANNOT be committed by an inanimate object. The following are INANIMATE OBJECTS; Cars, Trucks, Knives, Baseball Bats, Rocks, Hammers, Axes, Hatchets, Screwdrivers, Glass Shards, Sticks(whether natural or Altered by man) have all been used to HARM or KILL other people.
SOOOooo, P L E A S E STOP stating that an INANIMATE object can do VIOLENCE!

Roland T. Gunner

The auther did not ssy that; in fact, just the opposite.


“A sword by itself does not slay; it is merely the weapon used by the slayer.” – Lucius Annaeus Seneca, Roman Stoic philosopher, 4 B.C. – A.D. 65 In 1958. the late Col Jeff Cooper, handgun expert and founder of Gunsite Academy, stated, “Killing is a matter of will, not weapons. You cannot control the act itself by passing laws about the means employed.”  A politician with a law never stops a bad guy with a gun. He only controls the good guys….which is his true agenda. But, then, the safety of we Little Peeps is not the Left’s objective. Their true… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by StLPro2A

with ai cars trucks and planes might be able to ,but simple things no. if you look at fbi list most dangerous thing after hands and feet is the claw hammer has its own spot on their list clubs and bats ,rocks,trophies, sticks are blunt instrument ,hammers :blunt instrument hammer

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