Shapiro’s Anti-Gun Task Force Monitoring Gun Shows for “Ghost Gun” Sales

Polymer80 Builders Jig, remember where we started?

PHILADELPHIA, P.A.-( Four Philadelphia men face charges for buying Polymer80 kits to assemble and sell completed guns in the city allegedly.

On Tuesday, Police arrested Malachi Matthews, 46, Kenneth Manni, 41, and Montague Coker, 40, on charges of selling completed unserialized guns. Police then arrested Najaye Davis, 19, in a separate case on Friday. Prosecutors allege that Davis was selling the completed firearms for $500 to other residents of the city.

The four-arrest materialized from a surveillance operation last month at the Morgantown Gun Show in Berks County. What tip off investigators at the gun show was the number of kits that Davis purchased using cash on Feb 27. The prosecutors did not give out hard numbers on the amount of money and the number of kits that the men purchased.

When police raided Davis’s house, they seized three completed firearms made from kits, one uncompleted kit, and various gun parts used to complete the kits. Law enforcement also took 1,000 rounds of ammunition and multiple magazines. They also recovered $8600 in cash.

When police executed the search warrant on Matthews, Manni, and Coker, two of the three men attempted to escape by climbing on the building’s roof. Manni did not attempt to flee from the police. Police officers apprehended Matthews and Coker as they tried to evade police. Coker and Matthews are prohibited from owning firearms due to previous felony convictions. Prosecutors charged the men with violating the Uniform Firearms Act.

In addition to the firearms charges, police also busted Manni for possession of fentanyl. Fentanyl is a highly addictive control substance that has led to the deaths of thousands of Americans. Most experts agree that fentanyl is a more significant threat to society than unfinished frames.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro has made unfinished receivers and frames one of his primary targets during his term in the Keystone State. Shapiro is known to be an anti-gun crusader and uses buzz words created by anti-gun groups.

“Ghost guns are fueling the gun violence epidemic that takes the lives of Pennsylvanians every single day,” Shapiro said in a statement. “Once these DIY homemade gun kits are in the wrong hands, in mere hours, they become untraceable, fully operational firearms causing so much senseless violence.

It isn’t clear how many people the AG anti-gun task force tracked and investigated for buying unfinished frames from gun shows. One dealer speaking off the record said that the AG office takes pictures and videos of anyone buying an unfinished frame and follows the buyers out into the parking lot to take photos of their license plates.

The vast majority of people buying kits at gun shows are law-abiding citizens, yet the state is acting as big brother and monitoring their purchases. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) does not consider unfinished frames to be firearms. It isn’t clear what authority that the AG’s office has to monitor the everyday purchases of Pennsylvanian citizens.

Also, it isn’t clear as to what the AG’s office does with this information. Some gun rights advocates worry that the AG’s office is making a database of citizens buying from these dealers and making a de facto gun registry.

Law enforcement surveillance operations at gun shows seem to be mostly centered around the eastern part of the state, although the AG’s officer could expand the operation to Western Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro’s office did not return AmmoLand New’s call about how many law-abiding citizens were subject to investigations.

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at

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@John Dunlap – Another fine article, but I must quibble. In third (?) paragraph you said that police “recovered $8600 in cash”. If this was a sack of stolen cash “recovered” could be correct – but “seized” is a far more accurate description. Just as with firearms seizures from honest people, we cannot allow anti’s to shape the language. Words matter.
Thanks for continuing to provide informative, thought provoking articles.


Sounds like the voters of that state should put Republican crooks into office rather than Commiecrat crooks. Sorry, I meant to write politicians instead of “crooks”, my bad.

Green Mtn. Boy

You were truthful none the less.


Were they selling at a lose? Cause the kit is like $170, then throw on slide, barrel, sights and all the intervals and I can’t believe they can sell it for $500 and be in the black!


AR lower 80% $50-80, $50 parts. Add an upper at $300 and still no profit,


I haven’t seen a lower for 80 bucks for about 8 months now. Where are you finding them? wants over 100.


Clear violation of the 2nd Amendment through the 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution. Stand up for your rights.


The AG says that these ghost guns cause violence, that’s BS, it’s the people who are causing the violence. If it were a car they used, would he claim that the cars were causing violence ? If I use a baseball bat and beat someone is it the bat or me who is committing the violence ?


“”One dealer speaking off the record said that the AG office takes pictures and videos of anyone buying an unfinished frame and follows the buyers out into the parking lot to take photos of their license plates.”” Surely, something illegal, and in violation of the rights of these buyers by the PA AG’s office is occurring by the very act of photographing, and videoing, not only of the buyers, but by following them to their vehicles, and photographing/videoing their vehicles. Especially in light of absolutely NO clear/obvious commissions of crimes by the buyers! This, in the least, is STALKING, and… Read more »


“You’re hiding 80% receivers under the floorboards, aren’t you?”


Hokay Shaopiro, let’s have the ACTUAL STATISTICS on how many times these “ghost guns” have been used within the State of Pennsylvania in criminally violent ways. Seems you’re blowing a lot of “hey look at me I’m DOING something” hooey. Yes, it would appear (IF your accustions are correct) that you did manage to locate a bunch of dirtbags. But your unconstituitonal actions against those normal people buying for their own use are despicable. You are NOT keeping the public safe, and you ARE breaching the pubilc trust by wasting tax dollars on such surveillance. If I had bought one… Read more »


When the government makes something hard to obtain, people will find a way. 80% lowers aren’t cheap after it’s assembled and the only benefit is you didn’t have to fill out any forms. The media would be jumping all over this if scarey ghost guns were the menace bureaucrats say they are. Of course if an un-serialized gun is recovered, could it be stolen as well? Then what?


Ghost guns are fueling…Gun violence…as if they do dastardly deeds on their own. What is interesting is I don’t read anywhere that these terrible people actually committed a CRIME where a VICTIM was involved. How about people who buy P80’s with credit cards? That makes it OK. How about someone who builds them differently just because it is “fun”? Are we all “criminals” just because? NO VICTIM? NO CRIME! PERIOD.