Brit Contractor Uses Gun to Save Lives During ISIS Attack in Mozambique

Brit Contractor Uses Gun to Save Lives During ISIS Attack in Mozambique, iStock-1220532981
Brit Contractor Uses Gun to Save Lives During ISIS Attack in Mozambique, iStock-1220532981

U.S.A.-( On Wednesday, 24 March, a force estimated to be between 100 and several hundred Islamic terrorists attacked the Mozambique city of Palma, which is on the coast of East Africa, in the north of Mozambique, near the Tanzanian border.  Palma has bout 75,000 residents.

The Islamic State (ISIS) in Africa has been growing, according to a U.S. official. From

 The US Department of State’s acting special envoy for the global coalition to defeat ISIS, John Godfrey, told reporters the attack was in line with what has been seen from Islamic State in Mozambique and said the US government is closely monitoring events.

He cited what he said was the brutality of the attack and the killing of civilians as well as the increased brazenness of the group, which is now seeking to hold some towns.

Two days after the initial attack,  it appears a number of foreign nationals attempted to flee the hotel they were in, with a convoy that had been organized to carry them to a nearby beach. An unknown number of ISIS terrorists attacked the convoy near the hotel, in what may have been a hasty ambush.

Seven of ten vehicles in the convoy are reported to have escaped, which implies three did not. A member of the group in the last three vehicles was proficient with firearms.  From

The former cop was at the back of a convoy of expats that came under heavy fire from militants while leaving Palma in northern Mozambique, on Friday evening, reports the Times.

Mr Alexander, a contractor building camps for gas workers in Africa, has since made contact with his daughter Jayde, 29, in Johannesburg.

“He saw the commotion with the ambush ahead and got out,” she revealed.

“There was a government vehicle with an AK47 in it, so he broke in, got it and shot dead two al-Shabaabs [militants].

“He and two others from the car then ran to hide into the bushes with the gun.

“They were literally crawling through the bush until they were rescued.”

BBC claimed hundreds of heavily armed  Islamic terrorists were involved. A mother of one of the British citizens who was murdered, was interviewed:

“No army to protect them, none of them having weapons, so it was a matter of run for your life or face these insurgents, who are so cruel and barbaric,” she added.

Hundreds of heavily armed militants raided Palma, leaving dozens of people dead. They included Nel and six others who were in a convoy of vehicles that was apparently ambushed.

The Small Arms Survey reported Mozambique was the least armed country in Africa, with only .04% of the population legally owning a firearm. Illegal ownership was more widespread. About 1.5% of the households were reported, in a survey, to have a gun not related to the military or police, in 2004.

The legal restraints on gun ownership in Mozambique are extreme. There are no dealers in legal firearms in Mozambique.

Africa as a continent has about 16% of the world’s population, and 18% of the world’s death connected to firearms. Mozambique’s murder rate is reported at 3.5 per 100,000. The number is barely more than a guess. The rates Mozambique as average in safety for Africa.

While crime statistics are not readily available, Mozambique has a high level of robbery and theft, spiking during the holiday season. One type of robbery involves several assailants who brandish weapons (e.g. knives, machetes, firearms). In most cases, victims escape unharmed after giving up their wallet or cell phone. This type of crime increases in frequency in December and January.

In many African countries, there is no rule of law as exists in Western Civilization. There are organized people with guns, and everyone else. Those without guns obey those who have the force to compel obedience.

Mr. Alexander’s skill with firearms stopped the murder of himself and his companions, by shooting those who intended to kill him and his companions.

It was classic self-preservation.

A few hundred armed Islamic terrorists are wreaking havoc on the northern parts of Mozambique. They could not terrorize an armed population, which would rise up against them.

They could not easily murder western contractors if the contractors were armed.

The government of Mozambique has hired Western mercenaries to deal with the terrorists, as government forces seem incapable of doing so.

When a government does not trust its own people with arms, (or its own army) the hiring of mercenaries is all the more attractive.

About Dean Weingarten:

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of Constitutional Carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

Dean Weingarten

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A few hundred armed Islamic terrorists are wreaking havoc on the northern parts of Mozambique. They could not terrorize an armed population, which would rise up against them.”

A few hundred politicians are wreaking havoc on America from Washington, D.C.


Things like this could easily happen here in our country if we don’t wake up. He’ll, it’s already SOP in Demon Rat controlled Ghettos!


Think about muslim strong holds in the United States of America that vote in their own people that are trying to destroy our country from the inside like Omar. They also expect that when they beat their wives or rape 13 year old girls and kill their daughters because they have dishonored them that our courts should not interfere with the religion of Islam and that we have to observe them because they are religious actions. Now, take away our guns and see how long it takes America to become muslim which is what they want. They think the whole… Read more »


Just for your information, honor killings predate Islam and are tribal holdovers.

Liston Matthews

The Magnificent Seven (mercenaries) help, and sadly, when they leave, status quo returns.

Last edited 1 year ago by Liston Matthews
Tim L

There is an old saying:

in the end, Africa wins, always…

Deplorable Bill

How bad is it in Africa? Very little info actually comes to America. A month ago isis kidnapped 350 women and young girls from a school in Lagos Nigeria. What would the average American parent do if this happened here to their kids? But that doesn’t happen here right? Three weeks ago 150 missing children were found in Tenn. Didn’t make the news though. It is just normal for Chi town Ill. to have a kill/murder rate that outstrips Afghanistan EVERY DAY. Still, that is not a major threat. The threat actually is a socialist government and their attempts to… Read more »


A British cop that’s familiar with firearms? And the British would have us believe that they only have unarmed “Peace Officers”, or whatever they call them.


That was my first thought too. Great minds think alike.


Did the thought ever cross your mind that he, like many here in the US, might have done a stint in the British military before becoming a police officer? In recent years more British Officers are carrying firearms during their regular duties. Something about an influx of Muslims.


I thought the same at first but read that an “operator” originally from South Africa was there, maybe their savior?

Ryben Flynn

And I bet it was a full auto AK.


people are mostly stupid,if you gave all these people guns and ammo they would sell them, then the buyers would take back their money at gunpoint