Heads-Up Grandpa, Resistance to the 3D Gun Printing Future is Futile ~ VIDEO

Opinion by Cody Wilson
Editors Hote: Please see the embedded response from Rob Pincus below as he discusses the same issues with Maj Toure.

GB 22 GUN 3D Printing Version
GB 22 GUN 3D Printing Version

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Mr Pincus is a vintage gun nut from a now-dead century. He’s a shooting instructor, former law enforcement, a commissioned United States Army Reserve officer, and a military college graduate with a degree in Political Science. In short, he’s a boomer. And boomers have the terrible burden of still believing in things like: Law enforcement, the United States, the Army, college, and Political Science. Boomers like Rob believe these royal institutions are “monuments of unageing intellect” and couldn’t possibly be dead.

iTunes for Guns?


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On a recent episode of (what else but) the We Like Shooting podcast, Rob described a future gun industry where brands might sell files along with their hardware. In this future, big brand CAD data would be watermarked, but strongly supported by the market. The Napster-Esque days of 3D guns would pass, but an iTunes era would charge in to replace it. You might even see a DIY booth at SHOT Show. I’d ask 3D gun twitter to not be a bunch of queens about this.

Mr Pincus didn’t know what digital rights management (DRM) even was until this week. Met without the suspicion that he is a collaborator, his podcast observations are, of course, completely obvious. I made the exact remarks to the national press three years ago. Mr. Pincus’ only crime is that of still living in the illusion of the post-ideological consensus.

Rob’s blandly-named “Second Amendment Organization” stresses that it’s as non-partisan as it is non-profit. What? In a strange open letter on this website, Rob reminds us that Biden voters own guns. Why? Let’s not scare the left away, he writes. But Rob, we reply, the Left isn’t scared.

I believe we’re angry with Rob for not yet recognizing the reality of our cold civil war. In late American democracy, elections have become entirely a matter of self-defense (and will be for as long as they last). Saying the 2A is just another “issue” like this is 1995 makes Rob a plausible chump.

Take heart, my children. ‘Tis mere boomerposting.

Or have you already forgotten your Revolution? There is no social or technical project, no political imposture or positive value system, that can contain what we have unleashed. No boomer conspiracy can even contemplate our animating ideas: that our energy and innovation is derived from risk and anti-economic absurdity; from prodigy and the excess of regulation. That the world’s secret, catalytic impulse is antagonistic, immoral, and suicidal. We place our trust in the abjection of free enterprise.

Compare this moment to 2016. NSSF kicked Defense Distributed off its rolls and out of SHOT Show. “Does not contribute to the firearms industry.”

Now in 2021, they can’t get their nose out of Polymer80’s ass. #ad NSSF didn’t change for reasons of morality, history, or progress. Rob Pincus doesn’t need to know and recite our “values.” Must we explain to grandpa that what humanity views as the history of capitalism is actually “an invasion from the future by an artificial intelligent space that must assemble itself entirely from its enemy’s resources?”

No. Relax. The boomer has been seduced.

This is what winning looks like.

Cody Wilson is the founder of DEFCAD, the world’s largest 3D gun repository.

Defcade World's Largest 3D Gun Repository
Defcade World’s Largest 3D Gun Repository

Editors UPDATE: Rob Responds to the issues above in this call with Maj Toure.

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Scotty Gunn

I am a Boomer. I probably have forgotten more about guns than you currently know.
Just because some so called expert on guns weakens doesn’t mean we all do.
Don’t forget we grew up on stick shifts and no internet. We know how to read maps. Millennials are clueless and lost without their phones.


I often think that when the Red Chinese launch their 4 to 5 EMP nukes to destroy all the civilian semiconductors, electrical grid, financial industry, and pretty much everything else that relies upon electricity, electronics, and computers, the millennials the younger XYZ whatever generations are going to be walking around texting on phones that no longer work, looking at screens that are black, their minds totally shot because they simply cannot comprehend the loss of the technological world, which to them is like mainlining heroin! I know that these thoughts are pretty vicious, downright dystopian, and utterly dismissive of at… Read more »


Apparently you are misinformed as to how much damage Nuclear warheads used as EMP weapons can do. You can correct that if you wish.


No not really, as I actually have done research, years ago admittedly but I’ve done the research. The amount of damage an EMP can do is wholly dependent upon the factors involved with that particular warhead. The the warhead size how many megatons! The altitude at which the warhead is detonated! These two main factors determine scope of the blast, the intensity of the blast, and just how much destruction on integrated circuits occurs. 10 megaton warheadwill not do the same damage that have 100 megaton warhead will do, or a 50 megaton warhead will do. Admittedly, EMP blasts have… Read more »


So now that you have been called on your fantasy you change it from “four to five” nukes to “a lot more missiles”. You keep on playing games and let those of us who know what we are talking about state the facts the first time out. Or, just keep talking out of your ass. Your choice.

PS: You still obviously don’t understand the damage caused to various types of electrical equipment. But then that comes natural to you apparently.


Hey, you want to be nasty, be nasty, that seems to be the kind of person you are! I didn’t change anything, I simply clarified what I was saying: if the Red Chinese use 100 megaton warheads they can cover the entire United States with four to five of them, using them as emps. However, if you were actually thinking instead of just being nasty engaging in personal attacks, you would note that it is a lot easier to shoot down four or five missiles, than it is 20 or 30 missiles. Using 20 or 30 missiles, which would be… Read more »


You have again confirmed that you haven’t a clue. Thanks for being honest about your ignorance.


You should be writing for Ammoland.
Best response I’ve read in a long time.
Not this idiot fool Cody Wilson.

I’m X
I hunt
I fish
I cleaning up after myself
I am a gun toting American.
God bless what’s left of us.

Ansel Hazen

I’ll second that.


You know, there was a good piece of information in this article. The people who make the receivers make them out of a block of aluminum with a CNC machine or forged. Many things can be made with a CNC. About the only thing I can see requiring hand work would be assembly and the barrel for putting the groves in it. If that were to happen, I think it would be all over. Little CNC machines are available now for a fair price. If you could buy the ??? (I don’t know what you call it) and load the… Read more »


‘Groves’? Like groves of trees?

Rob Pincus

The kids are telling me that ECM is how you make barrels at home… I’m going to try in soon. If I live that long. 😉


Why did you write all of this: “Fortunately, the policy area with the most synergistic message is also the one that represents what we believe is the greatest potential for impact: Expanded Background Checks. The overwhelming majority of gun owners have already accepted that anyone engaged in the business of selling guns commercially, should be required to conduct a background check. At the same time the two of us believe that many private transfers, such as gifting a gun to a family member or letting a fellow member of a gun club borrow a firearm for a competition or hunting… Read more »


Two more Questions: Second: Please describe an “enhanced background check” that is “focused on strangers” that will have any impact on this: https://heyjackass.com/category/2020/ What, specifically, would such a background check look like and do you think common street criminals would follow the procedure, or would they continue doing what they have been doing (stealing guns, illegally selling stolen guns, and having people with clean records buy guns for them)? Third: Right now people in many states can sell a firearm to a complete stranger without any type of background check. This helps obfuscate who owns what – that lack of… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC

Please attempt to be brief and to the point in your answers.


Rob Pincus,

You stated the reason for writing your article that, among other things, raised the issue of “enhanced background checks” was to start a conversation.

I asked three questions above to continue that conversation. Don’t you think its time for you to re-engage in the conversation you indicated you wanted to have?

(Please ignore Will, his emotions get the best of him)

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC

Will – 4/13/21

“Why the hell would that man want to talk with you about shit? You are just never ending nonsense and bullshit! He’s not going to “engage” with you dumbass!”

Response to Will:

Why Will, what an ugly thing to say… does this mean we’re not friends anymore? You know, Will, if I thought you weren’t my friend, I just don’t think I could bear it.


Will – 4/13/21

“Send you to school to learn and you eat the covers off the books! What a clown you are. I really like the part where you say,…Please attempt to be brief and to the point in your answers! Like you are something special! LMFAO!”

Response to Will:

Well, Will, Rob is verbose and never really gets to a point. I was just asking for a favor – clarity and efficiency are virtues.


Will – 4/13/21

“Yeah,you like to get your facts and clarify from YouTube and your other links! LMFAO!”

Response to Will:

Would the testimonies of the three LEO organizatons have been more valid in your mind if they were video recorded, memorialized on a VHS tape and sent to you via the US Posal Service?


Will – 4/13/21:   “You’ve waited a day,no response from Pincus. Won’t be a response next week or next year either! Maybe you should check out one of your links to find out why Pincus is ignoring you! LMFAO!” Response to Will: Will, you may be right this time (about him not responding). Regarding links, if you form opinions after researching matters, collecting data, doing calculations, and applying some reasoning, you will reach conclusions for which you are not embarassed to discuss in a logical manner. You will not be afraid of people citing sources of information. You can actually… Read more »


Reply on hold


Democrat leadership’s efforts to control the population by infringing upon citizen’s arms rights is not only unconstitutional but asinine. We are in a Cold Civil War period: if the Democrats and Rhinos keep up with the cat and mouse games, taking PAC money and playing both sides to extort tax dollars, we need to put an end to it.


Cody Wilson is a punk! He denigrated an entire generation of people (including me) because of his dislike for one duplicitous Fudd. The narcissistic young punk thinks that until he came along no one knew much of anything, at least not anything worthwhile! Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition Cody Wilson has arrived to lead us to the shining path of wisdom! His nomenclature is such that deeply implies a neo-marxist viewpoint of economics, personal interactions, and of course ‘right thinking’! (His thoughts of course!) He has no desire to get honest and seriously discuss historical aspects of the… Read more »


Hmmmm…another Old F^&k checking in! I happen to be an Old F^&k who knows a lot about manufacturing, a lot about guns and a lot about the people who use them. I was pretty much the same as Mr Wilson when I wrote extensively about the “home computer revolution” Way Back When. I thought I had a personal crystal ball into the future (at least I thought I did until I went to the Media Lab at M.I.T., where I discovered I didn’t know crap). The future has a way of surprising one. I suspect that both Mr. Wilson and… Read more »


Wilson is an asshole.


“And boomers have the terrible burden of still believing in things like: Law enforcement, the United States, the Army, college, and Political Science.” I always find statements like this humorous. Are you saying that the younger generations (post Boomers) do not believe in these things? Law enforcement… who else are you going to call if your house is getting broken into? (Well, at some point AFTER you grab your gun.) The United States… what does it say on the top of your money? (You remember that stuff. It’s the stuff you occasionally have to use because some places don’t take… Read more »


Birthdate is a bad way to sort people. The United States has always had people who wanted Totalitarianism (including: wealth redistribution, gun control laws, interference with the free market, etc.). Woodrow Wilson, FDR, and LBJ are all proof that a lot of people born since the mid 1800s wanted a huge, overbearing government. Regarding your statement: “Law enforcement… who else are you going to call if your house is getting broken into? (Well, at some point AFTER you grab your gun.)” A lot of people will reluctantly call law enforcement after the immediate issue has been resolved. They will pray… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC

Spoken by a putz who gets on the horn IMMEDIATELY to 911 every time he hears a bump in the night.


So much anger.

Even back when you were intimidating women for not bringing their minivan to a complete stop at a stop sign, you knew that LEOs would typically get to a break-in after the event was over.

The best the victim could hope for was to not be victimized again by LEOs.

There are a few good apples, though.

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC

Oh, he big mad! Tyrants can’t stand not being worshipped.


He’s frustrated that registration/confiscation laws were not passed while he was still wore a badge. He missed the ultimate flexing opportunity. Now all he can look forward to is phoning-in tips about his neighbors and looking out the window waiting for the flashing lights.


What in idiotic, unnecessarily insulting article, and poorly written. No need to publish this young fool again.

APG member

Looks like Cody triggered some boomers LOL! Every time in your life when republicans had control of the executive and legislative branches NOTHING was repealed!!! The GCA of ’34 was a MAJOR concession of my rights! I was not around at the time to object. If the thought of your neighbor owning a hand grenade scares you you need to reflect on your society and your morals, not my rights…Wilson has done more for 2A than anyone you know.