Second Amendment Wins of the Week : 5/30/2021 -6/04/2021

Second Amendment Rights
Second Amendment Wins of the Week

USA – -( With so much happening for patriots these days. AmmoLand News wants to leave you with some highlights or wins on the battleground for 2A rights, and a few other patriot efforts,,, with our Friday round-up of Second Amendment Wins-of-the-Week.

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Court Victory: Judge Says Cal. ‘Assault Weapon Ban’ Unconstitutional:

“U.S. District Court Judge rules California’s ban on so-called ‘Assault Weapons’, the most popular guns in America is Unconstitutional.”

CA: San Clemente Council Majority Declares City A 2nd Amendment Freedom City: aka “Sanctuary”:

“After more than two hours of discussion, the City Council, in a 3-2 vote, passed a resolution supporting gun owners’ Constitutional rights to bear arms, but dropped the term sanctuary city.”

Utah: Davis County Enacts Second Amendment Policy:

“According to authorities, the Second Amendment policy “a strong defense against any governmental infringement on constitutional rights of Davis County citizens.””

Florida Mass Shooting Claim Fake News: Video Shows Crowd Just Before 3 Gunmen Opened Fire:

“The gunmen [read gang members] waited outside of the banquet hall for about 40 minutes and then opened fire on patrons as they left, Miami-Dade Police Director Freddy Ramirez told ABC News on Sunday. Some patrons returned fire, Ramirez said, and over 100 shell casings were found at the scene.”

24 States Urging Supreme Court to Uphold Second Amendment:

“The right to bear arms is vital to all Americans,” said Attorney General Chris Carr. “New Jersey’s law criminalizes the mere possession of commonly used arms, even in the home for self-defense, which unconstitutionally strikes at the core of the Second Amendment.”

CNN surprised that female, minority & LGBTQ+ communities support gun rights:

“the mainstream media are finally discovering what we have long known – the gun rights “tent” is very, very large, and the NRA is but one of many tent poles.”

California Fails to Pass Tax Hikes on Handguns and Ammunition:

“The California Assembly on Thursday failed to pass a bill that would have raised taxes on handguns and ammunition.

The bill by Assemblyman Marc Levine, a Democrat from San Rafael, would have imposed a 10% tax on the sales price of handguns and an 11% tax on the sales price of rifles, precursor parts and ammunition….”

Concealed Handgun License-Holder Acquitted By Jury Of His Peers, Found To Have Acted In Self-Defense:

“A Franklin County jury decided Friday that a 32-year-old man with a concealed-carry permit was acting in self defense when he fatally shot another man during a confrontation at a Far East Side gas station.”

California: San Clemente Becomes ‘Second Amendment Freedom City’:

“Elected officials in San Clemente, California, on June 1 voted to declare the region a “Second Amendment Freedom City” with a non-binding, symbolic resolution.”

N.H. House Asserts Independence From Feds On Gun & Election Laws:

“The New Hampshire House of Representatives has voted to block state and local law enforcement from enforcing federal limits on guns.”

These are just a few of the best wins of the week. Did we miss some? Include your Second Amendment Wins of the Week in the comments below.

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With the active support of Grass Roots North Carolina (, the North Carolina Legislature house passed S43, the Protect Religious Places act.: Passed by a 70 to 38 margin, the change would allow CCH permit holders to carry in a church which also hosts a school (currently prohibited by law). Now on to the Senate for reconciliation. This bill joins H398, a bill to repeal NC’s Jim Crow era “Pistol Purchase Permit” program – an effective “poll tax” on handgun buyers. This bill was passed by the NC Legislature house and awaits action by the Senate – held… Read more »

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Too bad the anti gun people aren’t smart enough to know that banning criminals would work far better than the current agenda they have. That would mean they would have to also ban their current favorite lefty politician and choose one who agrees with the Constitution of the United States instead of the dead soviet union.