White House Doc Shows Plan To Use Threat of “Domestic Terrorism” For Gun Control

Anonymous Snitch Group to Dox ‘Domestic Terrorist’ Trump Voters
White House Doc Shows Plan To Use Threat of “Domestic Terrorism” For Gun Control, iStock-1267413669

WASHINGTON, D.C.-(Ammoland.com)- Is the White House using the threat of “domestic terrorism” to institute gun control? According to a White House document titled the “National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism,” gun control is a crucial component of Joe Biden’s plan.

The document says there is a rise in domestic violet extremists (DVE). It highlights the biases against minority populations as one factor of the growth of DVEs. It also states that those that believe that the Federal government is overreaching its power are at risk for becoming extremist, and the “perceived government overreach will almost certainly continue to drive DVE radicalization and mobilization to violence.”

While left-wing groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter are not mentioned in the document, patriot groups are referred to as militia violent extremist (MVEs). Last summer, left-wing riots caused havoc across the country, causing millions of dollars of damage to properties and cost several people their lives.

According to the document, the idea of fraud in the recent general election led to the January 6th breach at the Capitol. It also claims that COVID-19 conspiracy theories also have led people down the path of extremism. It lays down the idea that not trusting the government leads to violent domestic extremism. It claims that this plan is something all Americans can get behind. Many gun owners would disagree with President Biden’s statement.

The document breaks up the plan into four strategic pillars, and one pillar should be very concerning for gun owners. The Biden administration is using the threat of domestic terrorism to infringe on the right to bear arms.

The document reads:

Strategic Goal 2.1: Strengthen domestic terrorism prevention resources and services.

While those who break the law in furtherance of domestic terrorism must face investigation and prosecution for their crimes, it is equally important that the Federal Government engage in efforts to prevent individuals from being drawn into the grip of domestic terrorism in the first instance. That means reducing both supply and demand of recruitment materials by limiting widespread availability online and bolstering resilience to it by those who nonetheless encounter it, among other measures. It also means reducing access to assault weapons and high–capacity magazines and enforcing legal prohibitions that keep firearms out of dangerous hands. Such prevention efforts must be pursued while safeguarding civil rights and civil liberties, including privacy protections, and while avoiding discrimination, bias, and stereotyping.

The document wants to restrict access to modern sporting rifles. The AR15 is included in this category. The AR 15 is the most popular rifle in the country. Americans of all walks of life own these rifles, and people like Stephen Willeford have used an AR15 to defend their community from a crazed murderer. One pregnant woman even used an AR15 to protect her family against home invaders. According to the document, the Biden administration wants to make it harder for Americans to defend themselves with the rifle that has been called the modern musket.

The document also states the White House wants to use the threat of domestic extremism to reduce access to standard compacity magazines. It does not say how it will accomplish that goal, but people like Biden’s ATF director nominee, David Chipman, want to add standard capacity magazines to the NFA. Chipman went as far as comparing detachable magazines to machine guns.

It also talks about using “legal prohibitions” to prevent firearms from falling into “dangerous hands.” The document never mentions what prohibitions it will use. Gun rights advocates are worried that this move could be an excuse to push for new gun control restrictions. The Biden administration, in the past months, has launched attacks on the right to bears arms. These attacks include going after homemade firearms and pistol braces.

The White House did not return AmmoLand’s request for comment.

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at www.crumpy.com.

John Crump

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If you believe in the Constitution, and its limitations on the federal government, you are now an extremist. If you agree the government is overreaching and exceeding its authority, you are a domestic extremist. As the government continues to abuse its powers, your recognition of this fact makes you a terrorist. They preclude the reality that they are overreaching, and call the recognition of their corruption “extremism”.

APG member

That sounds about right. In the version of ‘merica I live in, politicians have been ignoring your constitution my whole life.


I want to see an America that respects the constitution, follows it and doesn’t write laws to get around it and force their tyrannist will against us.

APG member

And I would like a million dollars!


Remember this…THEY don’t enforce crap. The blue line does! They are the real issue. NO ENFORCERS the polytickshuns become nothing but gelded bullshitters.

APG member

I’m sure that now that YOU have focused YOUR efforts on achieving a constitutionally limited republic it will be done! LOL! Keep beating that dead horse!


Reason for the Citizens of the United States of America not trusting our Government is about the same as when we fought a war for Independence with England. Our Government is attempting to go against our Constitution and Bill of Rights which has been the Law of our Country for more than 200 years. We the Citizens do not like this and won’t stand for it.


True dat. Study the period of the mid 1700’s and you will be slapped in the face with reality The Colonials did not rebel agaisnt England, England broke their end of the thirteen charters that had been granted by the government as soveriegn contracts with the colonials heading west to the New World. The Crown and Parliament systematicallly violated nearly every one of the terms of those charters, then got their knickers in a big knot whenever the Colonials tried to hold them to the LAW AS WRITTEN’. Three times the Governor of Massachussetts staged “power raids” to disarm his… Read more »

J Gibbons

More proof that when Democrat leaders accuse someone of something bad, it is just a diversion because they themselves are doing that very thing. For 4+ years, we listened to complaints that Trump was a tyrant and dictator for trying to undo years of government red tape, bureaucracy, and regulation. Now, we see what a real tyrant and wannabe dictator looks like. Biden (as the puppet of the Clinton/Obama progressive Marxists) is the one acting like a true dictator as he uses the Executive Branch law enforcement agencies to carry out his vendettas against anyone who ever disagreed with him,… Read more »


Great point. If Trump was such a tyrant in the eyes of all the commie sheep in this country, you would think the same people would believe Bloe Jiden is a dictator. But nope, the sheep love his tyranny. Go figure.


That’s because they are to stupid to know better. No common sense.

Ryben Flynn

I wish people would stop reporting January 6th. as a “breach” or “riot” or “insurrection”. The Capital Building is, or at least was, OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. The Police allowed the people in. Leftist infiltrators caused the problems, and caused the death of an innocent Veteran by a Capital Police Office, who still has not been named.

Last edited 1 year ago by Ryben Flynn

The Capital Hill Police officer who shot Babbitt has been identified: David Bailey. He’s an immigrant from Rio de Janeiro and an ardent BLM militant. The unique bead bracelet he always wears was evident in the video of the shooting.

Last edited 1 year ago by Tackleberry

Gee I wonder if justice will be served from about 200 yards on the POS!


Did not the Obama administration in it’s early years designate and declare that any armed services member upon returning to the United States, to be a potential domestic terrorist? Seems I remember that.

Last edited 1 year ago by Jack

Yeah, they also claimed that he was born in Hawaii! Almost as funny as saying Biden is the legitimate president!


Hatched in Hawaii was a false front diversion. They ALL know, and you should too, that to be a Natural Born CItizen BOTH one’s parents MUST be US Citizens at the time of the birth of the onein question. Does not matter WHERE the kinyun first saw the light of day his pappy was NOT a US Citizen, no he was a British Subject, his native Kenya having been a Brit protectorate or province at the time Junior dropped out of his silly mama’s belly. SO had he been born inside the White House he’d still NOT be a Natural… Read more »


I guess there is at least one retard on here that voted you down. Two of us got you out of the hole. Whoever the tard was…KMA!


I gave both of you guys a bump. I opened the original press day release of the ‘certificate’ in adobe and there were 4 layers in the acrobat document. A photocopy in this format would have been a monolayer. Tio is exactly correct that it was photoshopped. When I opened it later that afternoon it was in a monolayer. Somebody ‘fixed’ their mistake.


It was Barbara Boxer a/o Feinstein that promoted that “greatest
threat to our nation”. It was yet another false narrative, leading
toward yet another gun grab.

Last edited 1 year ago by Ram

Yep, you know your history and remember where it all got started, kommiefornia.


I know that Feinstein has a first name.
But my mind is stuck on “Franken”.


Then let the games begin.


The Left is fine with domestic terrorism, as long as it comes from their side. We’ve had over a year of it across the country and they won’t even prosecute violent rioters. But grandmothers walking into the Capitol through a door opened by a Capitol policeman have spent weeks and months in jail. The biggest threat is coming from the Biden administration, they don’t see that an abusive government is the greatest danger of all.


more reason to have guns for our own protection


Joe Stalin and his Communist regime has fired the second shot.


“Those who would not remember history, are doomed to repeat it.”
George Santayana


UNFORTUNATLEY the lot of man is to go through the cycles of tyranny and freedom. If we could ONLY ELIMINATE, ONCE AND FOR ALL, OUT OF THE GENE POOL the PSYCHOPATHIC CONTROL FREAKS THAT KEEP US DOWN!

American Cynic

While the police have been handcuffed by Democrat politics and radical Leftists, who have driven up the murder rates in our urban centers? Who have driven up the number of assaults? Ask yourself who have been harrassing Jews, Asians, and White people in general? What more proof do you need to explain why young Black and Brown men represent the majority of criminals incarcerated in our prisons? And rightfully so. However, this anti-police movement is being used now to support their gun control agenda. The Leftist don’t hate guns, but they do hate the fact we are free to bear… Read more »


Agreed, except for “stop and frisk” part. That sort of invasive power is never applied evenly, without bias, or fairly. More importantly it is invasive to everyone’s rights and is ineffective at addressing crime. WTF should I allow someone to lay hands on me, much less my wife or child – just because of which gang color (blue) that they wear. You do realize that in much of the country, if they suspect you are carrying, they will search and detain you, holding your firearm while they perform meaningless exercises to confirm your permit is valid. Never mind constitutionality of… Read more »

Roland T. Gunner

Thanks, I was gonna go there


STOP AND FRISK is a TOTAL violation of the 4th amendment! When it comes to CRIMINAL control…how about they arrest every stinking polytickshun vampire psychopathic control freak that violates his oath of office and try them for TREASON and then put them up against a WALL.

Henry Bowman

Also this.

Idaho Bob

“The idea that not trusting the government leads to violent domestic extremism”, regardless of the “threat of violence” (which seemingly comes from the governmental side of things) I DO NOT trust the government of the United States of America. Especially when the communist demoncrats are in power.


I trust the government…which is the CONSTITUTION of the UNITED STATES. I just don’t trust the PSYCHOPATHIC CONTROL FREAKS that are SUBVERTING the GOVERNMENT!!!!!

Capn Dad

The American Patriots of 1775 formed “Committee’s of Correspondence” prior to the outbreak of hostilities with Great Britain. These committees were responsible for organizing and communicating with citizens locally whenever the British committed crimes against the public. Every town and city had these committees and when alerted they would congregate at the place of disturbance. They would demonstrate against and impede British tyranny. They were in essence the beginning of The Minutemen. Organize and congregate. Resistance to tyranny is duty.

Henry Bowman

“Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God” – Thomas Jefferson


Make sure your video camera is working Henry…it will help fuel UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES.


The first and only question: What is the evidence there is a rise in domestic violet extremists? There is none. However, there is plenty of evidence that the democrat party is engaged in an insurrection to subvert the Constitution and to achieve Marxism.

There’s no chance in hell that Americans are going to concede to any real gun control or confiscation. It would ignite a counterrevolution. Short of that, the best option for America is for red state governors to declare themselves Constitutional sanctuaries and essentially de facto secede.

Last edited 1 year ago by Bob

Sure violent extremism is on the rise. As a member of a minority who is stereotyped in support of their bias, I object. My minority is upper-middle class, middle aged, overweight white male gun owners who strongly support civilians rights. We are stereotyped as violent, white supremacists. Protecting minority civil rights requires protecting my uninfringed right to keep and bear ARs and any related type items. Violent extremism on the part of those who would strip us of our rights has been growing. More recently they have become emboldened. I expect emphasis to shift from social, political and economic violence… Read more »


The fact that this Biden policy specifically focuses on Domestic Patriots and completely disregards BLM/pantifa is very telling. This has nothing to do with stopping violence and everything to do with controlling the populace. Big Brother will control our thoughts and actions while determining what information is allowed to circulate online. Make no mistake; this is tyranny and must not be allowed to come to fruition. Bonus thought: the Trump administration is also guilty of attacking our right to bear arms with the bump stock ban.


I do believe Trump regrets the “Bump Stock Ban” He made the biggest mistake possible. He made it emotionally. 🙁 I live in Vegas and was at that event. It was a terrible time. I lost a dear friend standing right next to me. Even though I was armed and so was he. By the time I was able to drag him to cover he had already passed. At the time, I did not know how many shooters there were or where the shots were coming from until several people were down and people dissipated. Their was no way to… Read more »


Sorry for your loss. Sounds like a horrible experience.

Have heard from several (who are better shooters than I) that bumpstock saved lives relatives to what they could do with a more normal setup. Stories of “if I were doing it” abound. So many rounds for relatively low number of deaths. Each individual death is a tragedy, but this attack pales in comparison to Nice truck attack.

Roland T. Gunner

I firmly believe the first shot fired killed Steven Paddock, and no bump stocks were used. Photos clearly showed rifles equipped with bump stocks positioned on the floor, in front of the windows, resting on bipods.


And if you believe the guy who was shooting was using a bump stock, I have a bridge to sell you. My ears heard an automatic belt fed 7.62×51 MACHINE GUN. Not a bump stock. NO WAY was that a bump stock. They sound A LOT different and are in now way able to mimick what I heard with my own ears.

Roland T. Gunner

My point, bump stocks dont work with bipods.


I’m glad you lived through it and I’m sorry you lost your friend. I know what it’s like – a little – since I survived the Alameda County Fair shooting 7/4/98. The next year, they implemented ‘gun control’ and used wands to search for concealed weapons (which was stupid, since I could have smuggled a firearm or explosives into the venue in my ice chest). After that, I never went back to the fair; even if I don’t normally carry, I don’t want to be a part of a ‘target rich environment’. At this point, I don’t think I can… Read more »


time for a frontal assault on 1934 as the illegal act it is, only applies to people who can legally own machine guns and what not ,https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haynes_v._United_States, it is the reason so many criminals commit crime and are back on street before body is buried


In a recent address, Joey B. put forth the concept that white supremacy
was the greatest threat to our nation. Greater even than Allah’s turds.
This would be the false narrative, upon which to build their communist
feudal state, wherein, individual liberty protected by God given rights,
will be superseeded by government authority.

Deplorable Bill

Anyone can see where this is going. I can see this being used historically by king George and the parliament against the colonies back in the days just before Lexington and Concord. If I were a betting man, I would bet that history is about to repeat itself. History, recent history, is full of examples of governments denying the most basic of human rights, that of self defense. The RIGHT to keep and bear arms. Hitler did this. Stalin did this. Mao did this. Pol Pot did this. Idi Amin did this. Chavez did this. The world lived haply ever… Read more »


Understand something…the Founding Fathers were considered “domestic extremists” by the King of England, though the exact words were not used. Anyone who has the AUDACITY to think that the Federal government should be restrained in it’s OVEREACH by following the Constitution is an Extremist. The Oath Keepers who swear to uphold it against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC are considered extremists. Fact is folks…if you are a flag waving, gun toting, white guy…you are an EXTREMIST RACIST according to the “new” way of thinking by these psychopathic control freaks that are dead set on seeing if they can piss us… Read more »


This ‘attitude’ is EXACTLY what resulted in a little incident called ‘The shot heard ’round the World’, at a seemingly insignificant little place called Lexington Green. How’d THAT work out for the aggressors?

Country Boy

The document says there is a rise in domestic violet extremists (DVE)

Well at least we know they’re violet and not red or pink……….LOL


Funny how demonkkkrats preach that they are the side of fairness, tolerance and equality but this document shows what bigots they actually are when it comes to their political opposition.


So-called “Gun Control” is ‘domestic terrorism’!

This is Orwellian doublespeak.


“Rape is about power”, they say, “not about sex”.

“It’s about taking someone’s power away from them without their consent.”

Gun control is the very definition of rape. ~Ivan Throne


Anyone still thinking Civil War isn’t on the horizon? It’s but a signature from being reality.

Colorado’s Arse Spelunker Governor, just signed 3 Bills that are Unconstitutional and Unenforcable. Blatantly violating the State and Federal equality under the law.

The Shooting can and will happen any day now. DemoCommiecrats will be solely responsible for the War that’s coming.


“domestic violet extremists (DVE)”
Are they changing the White House to the Rainbow House?


No the kinyun already did that. But Sleepy Slippery Joey is on it like a hungry sparrow on a junebug.

Last edited 1 year ago by Tionico
Roland T. Gunner

They still eat people in kinyuh.

Henry Bowman

One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. Commiecrats use violence against innocents to facilitate political changes, which is the epitome of actual terrorism. When they falsely accuse the people they hate (patriots, conservatives, Christians, Trump voters) of being terrorists, they are weaponizing the term to justify demonizing, marginalizing, persecuting, isolating, and eventually exterminating all of us (after they confiscate guns, of course). Woke ideology mimics the precursors to genocide, which ALWAYS follows gun confiscation!! https://www.theepochtimes.com/mkt_morningbrief/woke-ideology-mimics-precursors-to-totalitarian-slaughter-experts-say_3865035.html This is why I will NEVER disarm or obey tyrannical edicts. When you submit, you forge your own chains, and in so doing you… Read more »


The only domestic terrorists are the Biden administration.


Once again Pedo Joe opened his mouth and buckets of shit came out of it. At least he is consistent.


The Enemies Within. Anti-Constitutionalist’s=Anti-Americans=Enemies of the United States… Nothing more than regurgitated trash from the Barry Soetoro Administration Cabal, 2.0… Oath Breaking Career criminal politicians without anything useful or useable for the American public. They must be held accountable for their words and actions. Socialism>Communism>Gun Control=Disarmament=Extermination… The Impoverished Deadly Agenda… “Seemingly utopian pacifists are free to profess their love of a weapon-free world, but they must start by disarming the evil, criminal and tyrannical. Disarming the public is a vent for their twisted fear and hatred, a grotesque affront to freedom, and unacceptable. Disarming an innocent person is an act… Read more »


Yeah – yeah – yeah . . . Disagree with the democrat agenda to seize our freedoms and dismantle our Constitutional Republic and you are a “DOMESTIC TERRORIST”. Outlawing semi-automatic AR15 type rifles and standard full capacity magazines is NOT a “reasonable compromise” – IT IS THE ENDGAME! It is the difference between an effectively armed citizenry that possesses the capability to defend it’s freedoms – and a citizenry restricted by law to low capacity sporting arms that NO LONGER possesses the capability to defend it’s freedoms! Clear to see what their true agenda is. Any and all totalitarian regimes… Read more »


Democrats are sounding more and more like the New Nazi Party!
Designate political opposition to be “DOMESTIC TERRORISTS” and institute laws to take them out.

. . . imagine if the gestapo had the super high-tech alien-like technology surveillance capabilities that the democrat party has at their fingertips.
The greatest police state the world has known, is in place and ready to be weaponized . . . against TERRORISTS . . . AND NOW THE GOVERNMENT DESIGNATES (THOSE FORMERLY KNOWN AS) PATRIOTIC AMERICANS TO BE THE TERRORISTS!

Last edited 1 year ago by KK

Threats are meaningless.


Bull puckey. READ the history of the period of the War for Independence. Those eyes-wide-open patriots had been seeing things just like this for twenty years and more. They all KNEW what was coming. Learn about the various bills England’s Parliament shoved down the throats of our Yankee forebears. Read of General THomas Gage’s actioins and decisions once he was appointed governor of Massachussetts. (don’t forget to remember how the colonial charters laid out how governors, judges, etc, would be put into office. Hint: they were NOT appointed) Specifically, the locals round Boston were well aware that Gage was up… Read more »


This reads like background for a movie about a modern day STASI merged with themes from Person of Interest.


  1. Why is the Department of Education included in this? (Rhetorical question.)
  2. Since there are some legal restrictions against spying on U.S. citizens by our government, the Biden administration think it’s OK for other nations to do the dirty work and then pass on what they find.
  3. And it’s “sustainable”! Not sure if that means Green New Deal or long lasting. Also its LGTBQFMP friendly! Sheesh.

I’ll be reading the next article on body armor with keener interest.