Yahoo News Presses Anti-Rights Propaganda About Armed Citizens

Anti Gun propaganda DNC MSM Media Lies iStock-1146909598
Anti Gun propaganda DNC MSM Media Lies iStock-1146909598

U.S.A.– -( Yahoo News published an article that reads like a press release from the gun-control organizations. They comment on a case that will come before the US Supreme Court. They claim that crime will go up if honest people are armed. Yahoo quotes opinion as fact while leaving out essential truths that give us perspective on gun ownership in the US.

They site the Brady Campaign and call it a “gun violence” organization. Brady changed their name and their marketing slogans several times over the years. Now, they brand themselves with “gun violence” after they found that gun control didn’t sell well. They are still selling the same old gun control laws. The article leaves out the fact that we have over 23 thousand firearms regulations already on the books. Armed criminals ignore those laws as easily as they ignore the laws against robbery, murder, and peddling illegal drugs.

Here are a few facts that the article conspicuously ignored-

  • Gun ownership has been growing for decades while at the same time rates of crime have been dropping. We saw rates of addiction and crime increase last year after we threw tens of millions of us out of a job during the Covid lockdown.
  • We saw an increase in crime in cities that defunded their police force.
  • Criminals don’t buy their guns legally at gun stores and gun shows. Only you and I do that. Criminals break the law so gun-control laws are ineffective at disarming them.
  • Guns are common. Hundreds of millions of us own a firearm, and twenty million of us have a permit to carry concealed in public.
  • Gun owners who have their concealed carry license look like the most law abiding and non-violent group we can find in society; not only when compared to people in the US, but when compared to groups around the world. In addition, people with their concealed carry permits break fewer laws and shoot fewer bystanders than the police. Disarming these good guys doesn’t disarm the bad guys.
  • Deterrence is real. Honest gun owners are like the police in that they may touch their gun or draw their gun, but seldom have to press the trigger to deter violence. Criminals usually run once they discover their victim is armed.
  • Here is something else the article forgot to mention. Law abiding gun owners are hundreds of times more likely to use a firearm in legally justified self-defense than a criminal is to use a gun in a crime. Guns save lives every day.

Why would a so called news organization leave out those important facts? Yahoo said-

“The current law “makes it virtually impossible for the ordinary law-abiding citizen” to get the necessary license, said Paul Clement, a lawyer representing the challenger.”

I’ll add that Paul Clement is the former US Solicitor General and represented the federal government before the US Supreme court.


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Half the country now recognizes Constitutional Carry, as the law of the land demands. The other states are using unconstitutional laws to deprive the citizenry of their rights. The residents must fight those laws and remove their politicians, judges and police, or move. If they do neither, they consent to victim status and indentured labor.


We fight but we are outnumbered by the big cities that vote demonkkkrat and dink the cool aide. We need to elect our governor with the same way that presidents are elected at times with an electoral college rather than the popular vote. People wise three counties control the entire state because they have the majority of the population. If elections were held by electoral vote for governor based on counties we would not be in the fix we are in. Proof that it works is that the demonrats want to end it for president. Proof that fixing elections work… Read more »

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Sadly, at this point and with current rigged elections, voting is inconsequential. The fight must accelerate and expand to Massive and Public civil disobedience, court cases for every infraction of our civil rights, protests by tens of thousands at homes of legislators and judges, disrupting the enforcement of any unconstitutional policy, etc, etc.


You mean fight fire with fire. I think we can do it without the violence that the left does. I think maybe we should use Maxine Waters for a poster child and say do unto democrats as they say do unto you because we believe in equity for all.


Speaking as a former Oregonian (pre-Kaliforniacation) when you find yourself outnumbered and outgunned at the polls you have two choices. You either submit to unreasonable governance or you violate the law and live as your informed conscience directs. When stationed in Kalifornia I did exactly that. And upon first opportunity I retired and fled to Arizona. By remaining in a Progressive New Left utopia state you are putting a price tag on your liberty. It is that simple. The cost of moving, the cost of changing jobs, selling houses, travel expenses to see relations etc all add up in to… Read more »


Unfortunately I made the wrong choice moving from kommiefornia to OreGONE. I loved Oregone and when I was stationed here people were very nice and open to others. I made friends very fast. That was in the mid 70’s. Since kommiefornians have moved up here things have changed. I am looking for a new state and I keep coming up with South Dakota. Wyoming just passed some laws that are good regarding guns and it really looks like Arizona is the best but I can’t stand the heat. I would rather be cold. Montana was my first choice but at… Read more »


Make the choice for East Oregon and Washington to form new states.New York could divorce itself from the City and L.I..Several other states could consider taking action against their ultra-liberal capitol cities. I have floated this idea several times and people would rather complain than take action.


Funny thing I received a anonymous letter in my mailbox explaining this very topic with many other things. It was while Trump was President. Such as each state would have their own currency backed by gold & silver. Not everything has come to past, but some has. Such as DC being locked down with military. I thought the whole damned thing as a crazy conspiratorial letter. I threw it away but now wish I had kept it & shared. I also wish I had read the whole thing. It was at least 5 pages. I think I read about 3.… Read more »


“If they do neither, they consent to victim status and indentured labor.”
Not quite. Indentured labor is a contract with an ending date. A certain time where the victim of the unfortunate state of affairs that placed them in servitude will end.
For those who chose to stay in the blue cities, they will be choosing to be slaves, since there will be no agreed upon date for their servitude to end. The authorities will simply own them as property. Chattle. Slaves.


Corporations like Yahoo see the benefit in bonding corporate power to political power. That bond equals fascism. Corporations and political elites thrive under fascism. That is where we are headed.

APG member

Yahoo has/does receive massive coperate subsidies, of course they are going to promote the government’s agenda…

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Just like fakebook and tweaker.


Exactly ! Which within my eyes the people own (tax $ ). So at this point they are not a private corporation. They have no right to ban anyone. We the people need tax reform. NO more subsidies, returns, etc. A person should pay a percentage from wages earned to provide for military & basic functions to keep the US safe. A simple one time tax for federal, state, etc. Say 10% for anyone under 100 thous. 15% for 101 to couple million, 20% for anyone over that couple million standard. Every other day there’s a new tax. Good luck… Read more »

Big George

I wrote to Yahoo Snooze, twice, to ask them why they don’t have the ‘huevos’ to allow reader’s to comment on their BS articles. Of course I never received a response! Typical of all fake snooze, they can mouth off but won’t allow anyone to challenge their liberaturd ideals!

The other Jim

Yes, Yahoo took away the capability to respond to their articles approximately a year ago. They were being continuously called out and made to look foolish by their lies in their fake new articles so I guess they decided they would “cancel” the respondents.


I think the spelling of Yahoo should be Yayhoo.


but you cant tell someone with a gun what to do or think


Great article listing the obvious facts others don’t know/bother with/try to hide!