Even the Left Thinks Biden’s ATF Nominee, David Chipman, is a Racist

By Aidan Johnston

David Chipman Linked 7-30-2021 ScreenGrab
David Chipman Linked 7-30-2021 ScreenGrab, Giffords.org has the “courage to fight” so-called “gun violence” but what about charges of racism against one of their star employees?

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- While President Biden’s ATF Director Nominee David Chipman has had a hard time evading his past as a gun control lobbyist, Senate Democrats have been incredibly successful at brushing aside his connections to and allegations of racism.

At first, these allegations were uncovered by the American Accountability Foundation (AAF), a non-profit government oversight and research organization. AAF uncovered testimony from a former ATF agent and colleague of Chipman, who recalled him making the racist commentary:

“Wow, there were an unusually large number of African American agents that passed the exam this time. They must have been cheating.”

While troubling, public outcry linking Chipman’s name to racism doesn’t end with the American Accountability Foundation.

The Reload ATF Agents Corroborate Existence of Racial Complaint Against Biden Director Nominee
The Reload ATF Agents Corroborate Existence of Racial Complaint Against Biden Director Nominee

Recently, The Reload, a Second Amendment news source, corroborated AAF’s report with independently verified reports from more ATF agents.

But its not just Conservatives and ATF agents calling David Chipman a racist—it’s the radical Left, too!

David Chipman was Senior Vice President at ShotSpotter Inc. where he openly brags about leading their sales team during a “2 year period of explosive growth.”

However, Left-leaning organizations like the Action Center on Race and the Economy (ACRE) routinely lobby for local police to “cancel the contract[s]” they have with ShotSpotter over effectiveness, expense, and racism concerns.

Whatever you believe about the Defund the Police movement or Critical Race Theory, it is clear that David Chipman’s ShotSpotter technology meets the radical Left’s definition of “racist.”

In fact, the Left appears to be unifying in its condemnation of ShotSpotter technology—with local branches of the ACLU, NAACP, and Democratic Socialists of America recently teaming up to prevent local police from signing a new contract with ShotSpotter in Worcester, Massachusetts.

According to ACRE, the technology doesn’t work, and “[t]he overwhelming majority of ShotSpotter alerts turn up nothing.”

However, ACRE does admit that ShotSpotter is good at “put[ting] Black and brown residents at risk.”

ACRE’s most recent data suggests that “ShotSpotter creates 60+ dangerous situations every day in police districts with the largest Black and Latinx [sic] populations.”

And according to a new VICE investigation, a ShotSpotter analyst “manually overrode the algorithms and ‘reclassified’ [a] sound as a gunshot [and] changed the alert’s coordinates” to make the ShotSpotter report fit the Chicago police’s evidence in a murder arrest.

The release of this information ultimately prompted “[p]rosecutors in Chicago […] to withdraw evidence generated by the technology,” rather than allow “an Illinois court [to] formally examin[e] the science and source code behind ShotSpotter.”

Apparently, VICE also holds ShotSpotter responsible for an alert that ultimately resulted in the police shooting and killing an unarmed child as well.

So David Chipman’s ShotSpotter technology doesn’t work, disproportionately affects majority black and brown communities, has been used by police to falsify evidence, and has resulted in the death of a child.

From what I learned in the summer of 2020, that’s more than enough evidence to incite another Black Lives Matter “peaceful” protest!

On July 29th, 2021 Senate Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Senator Chuck Grassley and ten other Committee Republicans sent a letter regarding Chipman’s “racially insensitive comments” to the committee’s Democratic Chairman, Senator Dick Durbin.

Senate Judiciary Republicans to Committee on Chipman Racially Insensitive Comments

With Americans on the Right and Left seemingly unified in their concerns over Chipman’s ties to racism, it would seem Sen. Grassley is striking a bipartisan note by demanding “a public hearing to address these allegations before any move is made to advance [David Chipman’s] failed nomination to the Floor.”

But thus far, Senate Democrats appear to have ignored the opposition to David Chipman coming from the radical Left.

So, it remains to be seen what Senate Democrats will choose to do in light of these allegations and what will ultimately become of this troubled nominee.

Aidan Johnston is the Director of Federal Affairs for Gun Owners of America, a nonprofit grassroots lobbying organization dedicated to protecting the right to keep and bear arms without compromise. GOA represents over two million members and activists and can be found at www.gunowners.org. Click here to join Gun Owners of America.

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Green Mtn. Boy

He’a a dirtbag and that is the kindest that can be said of him,next dirtbag petty tyrant.

Miserable Wretch

Keep putting moves on that mother.

uncle dudley

If they withdraw Chipman’s name to head the ATF will they then try to push Beto as the next anti gunner to be in charge?
Nothing surprises me with this administration by the people they have working there.


As usual, Master Beto will be the Beta.


GOA, Gun Owners of America, is a stand-up NO COPROMISE organization, and you may rest assured hat NO AMOUNT of flattery or false praise could EVER lead THIS outfit to join with Chucky Schumer in a phony campaign that was supposed to help veterans restore their gun owning rights lost because PTSD was supposed to make them a danger to society !
GOA is an honest and forthright organization and is not interested in “dynasty building”, or personal gratification.
They deserve your support !


True. I just donated another $100 to GOA’s Natty Bumpstock lawsuit.


So now the Republicans in the Senate crying, “Racism”? I am sick of anything and everything that people don’t agree and don’t have a valid argument against being called racist if it includes any group other than White folks. I don’t care about a comment anyone made in the past about another person or group, so what? If the Republican Senators can’t block Chipman for his past and current bad ACTIONS, which are legion, and they have to resort to “name calling”, the tactic of the wimpy, petty, sissy-boy liberals and Democrats, then the Republicans in the Senate are pathetically… Read more »

Last edited 5 months ago by JPM
Heed the Call-up

now the Republicans in the Senate crying, “Racism”?

Apparently you did not bother reading the story.


It’s not name-calling if it’s true. All Democrats are racist. If Republicans hadn’t been too lazy, stupid, cowardly and corrupt to hoist Dems on their own petard these last 50 years every time Dems crapped on Martin Luther King’s Dream of a colorblind society, real Rs would have super-majorities in the federal government and a heavy supermajority of states.


I don’t think the democratic party cares about racism so much as they do about a 2 caste system. Peon smelly deplorables, no matter the race, ethnicity, culture or tribal background who might want true freedom, but really only need the freedom to serve them, the elite caste of nanny state, self designated god-like beings, who in truth are full of hate, spite, self importance and deadly (for us) pridefulness and arrogance.

So an anti-liberty bigot and someone who looks down on the lower caste like Chipman doesn’t really bother them.


demoncrats party of the kkk