Is The Second Amendment Racist? Some “Thinkers” Tell Us It Is

Another Crazy Marxist Notion About The Origin Of The Second Amendment.

Crosscut 7-29-2021 Jay Inslee’s racial equity agenda must include gun controlscreengrab
Crosscut 7-29-2021 “Jay Inslee’s racial equity agenda must include gun control” screengrab Note the dangerous carry by a Seattle Riots supporter. No educated, trained, safety-conscious, gun-owner would ever risk carrying a gun in this way.

New York – -(

“Gun violence is a public health crisis in communities of color, and the Second Amendment has roots in slavery.” —opening remark in an article titled, “Racial equity agenda must include gun control,” as published in the Leftist website, “Crosscut,” on March 8, 2021 by Clyde W. Ford .

In tandem with the incendiary myth of “critical race theory,” thrust on the public and on our children by a Marxist-controlled Federal Government, a Marxist-controlled public educational system, a seditious, legacy Press, a Marxist-inspired Press, and arrogant Marxist academia, there is the erroneous and dangerous myth by the Nation’s Obstructors and Destructors that the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights has its roots in racism:

“The Second Amendment is deeply rooted in America’s racist past, and fundamentally connected to the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and others. But to make this connection, one must be a “strict constructionist,” someone who looks beyond the Constitution’s written word to the underlying motives of the founders.

At the Second Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, in 1787, Southern delegates were fearful the U.S. Constitution they were drafting would restrict their right to own, sell and transport slaves. In response, Northern delegates crafted a document in which nearly one-quarter of the clauses appeased the slaveholding South, and the words “slave” or “slavery” never appeared. The Second Amendment was key among these appeasements.

Patrick Henry, a Virginia slaveholder, opposed ratifying the Constitution, fearing it would cede state control of slave patrols (politely called “militias” by the founders) to the federal government. James Madison, favoring ratification, said in a debate with Henry, “If the country be invaded, a state may go to war, but cannot suppress insurrection. If there should happen an insurrection of slaves, the country cannot be said to be invaded. They cannot, therefore, suppress it without the interposition of Congress.”

Take either side, Henry’s or Madison’s, local or federal, and the same fundamental issue remained: preserve slavery at all costs.” Id., supra

This, in essence, as set forth in Ford’s article, is the rationale behind the myth perpetrated and perpetuated by America’s Neo-Marxist zealots, i.e.: “Since the Second Amendment is to be perceived as inherently racist, it must be abolished.”

On its face, this is a bizarre, absurd notion, hard to take seriously, but a dangerous one nonetheless because there are many people who do take it seriously. It is bubbling up and through the Nation, permeating the Nation’s universities, seeping into the grade schools and high schools, embracing, as well, the equally ludicrous idea that the United States is a Nation of white Race Oppressors and of black slave Oppressed. And, although the Neo-Marxists are loath, these days, to use the phrase, “Critical Race Theory,” in the Press and on broadcast and cable news, given the groundswell against this propaganda, now that the public is well-aware of the intent of the Marxists to indoctrinate the Nation’s youth, it cannot be denied that “Critical Race Theory” lies at the core of the “1619 Project,” which IS the new comprehensive lesson plan to replace the traditional teaching of history in our Nation’s public schools. “Critical Race Theory” is the salient idea at the core of the Neo-Marxist 1619 Project. See article in CATO.

This new attack against the Second Amendment is predicated on the inane theory that the right of the people to keep and bear arms was created by Racist white men to keep oppressed black men enslaved. This idea is of a piece with everything else that Neo-Marxists fault America for: the entirety of our Nation’s history, heritage, and culture that they seek to tear down, to pave the way for the shell of what it remains of a once-proud, powerful, and wealthy and healthy, and exuberant independent, sovereign Nation and a free, sovereign people, to be merged into a transformative, transnationalist, Neo-Marxist, Globalist political, economic, social, and cultural governmental scheme, reducing the citizenry as a whole to a sad existence of poverty, misery, and, curiously enough, slavery, too.

But of all the schemes falling under the irrepressible, boisterous Neo-Marxist mantra of “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion,” it is the elimination of the Second Amendment that is absolutely essential to the Neo-Marxist game plan.

Essential if their Counterrevolution to the American Revolution of 1776 is to have a concrete effect and lasting success. This little but insistent fact about the need to get rid of the fundamental, unalienable, immutable, illimitable right codified in the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is papered over by America’s Neo-Marxists.

Claiming the Second Amendment has its roots in racism is simply one more avenue of attack America’s Neo-Marxist leverage against a Country forged on the tenets of Individualism and on a Judeo-Christian Ethic, the predicate basis of the U.S. Constitution; the blueprint of a truly free Republic in which the American citizenry itself is the sole sovereign, and those that serve in Government are the Nation’s mere caretakers.

As Long As Americans Remain Armed And True To Their History, Heritage, Culture, And Moral Precepts, And Reject, Outright, The Inanity Of The Marxist Messaging, The Marxists Will Fail.

The concepts of a free Constitutional Republic, and a free, independent, sovereign Nation, and an American citizenry as the Nation’s sole sovereign were all borne of the American Revolution of 1776 and these concepts became concrete; a reality; the essential backbone of the United States of America.

A free Constitutional Republic, and a free, independent, sovereign Nation, and an American citizenry as sole sovereign—are all seated in fact—resting in the psyche of the American citizenry, residing forever in ancestral memory; and are not so easily dislodged from ascendency, so long as the American people remain armed.

It was firearms in the hands of steadfast Americans that won the American Revolution of 1776, and it will be by dint of firearms in the hands of steadfast, resolute, American citizens now, 250 years later, that Americans will be able to preserve their free Republic, their liberty, and their sovereignty against a horrific, usurpacious, rapacious, abrasive, sanctimonious Marxist-led Government; and against this Marxist Government’s fellow travelers in the legacy Press, in social media, in academia, in sports and entertainment; and against an astonishingly gullible, insular, malignant Marxist mob. Mammoth evil forces have a firm hold over our Country, metastasizing rapidly throughout its length, and breadth, and depth.

Only through the preservation of an armed citizenry will Americans be able to successfully resist this Anti-American Marxist Counterrevolution of 21st Century. And these Marxist Anti-American Counterrevolutionaries know this all too well. They are very aware of the indomitability and invincibility of an armed citizenry, and they know they must crush Americans’ resolve if they are to succeed in their goal of annihilating every vestige of America’s past.

A Truly Monumental Struggle Is Upon Us.

Americans are beset by tidal forces intent on destroying not only the structural foundations of the Nation as a free Constitutional Republic, along with the Nation’s long-standing political, social, and educational institutions, but are intent on destroying the very ancestral memory of the people of the United States. To that end, the Marxists find it necessary to undercut the Bill of Rights and, especially, to annihilate the Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms, which is codified in the Second Amendment.

And, slowly, inexorably, the Marxists are drawing a noose around the ultimate failsafe against tyranny: the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

To date, these Marxists have been working gingerly around the edges in attacking the Second Amendment, since Biden and Harris, through chicanery, assumed the Article 2 Authority. But, as with every other aspect of American life and as with every sacred fundamental, unalienable right that Americans cherish, they, through their secretive Marxist handlers, are assiduously going after civilian citizen ownership and possession of firearms and, of late, with much more than the usual customary jealous, audacious zeal. They are trying their damnedest to now tie the most cherished of Americans’ rights—and the most important to the maintenance of a free Constitutional Republic and to the sovereignty of the American citizenry—to the ever familiar, noxious notion of “racism.” This latest charge is as repugnant as it is absurd.

But will the power of the seditious, legacy Press and of the monopolists of social media and of the internet in fomenting and provoking substantial rage against the very notion of an armed citizenry, provide conditions sufficient for military and police action against tens of millions of armed Americans? And, what then? Will Americans “call or fold”?

Whether the Marxist Counterrevolution to the American Revolution of 1776 yet succeeds in this Country, it will come down to that ultimate decision of a game of poker, but with the highest stakes on the table: Preservation of, or the loss of, a free Constitutional Republic and a free sovereign people.

Arbalest Quarrel

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That’s a Bogus argument that’s been around for awhile, and I mean that literally and figuratively. A professor named Carl T. Bogus was pushing it. He says James Madison wrote the Second Amendment specifically for slave owners, which doesn’t make much sense. Slave owners, and everyone else including free Blacks, already had the right to bear arms. The Second Amendment wasn’t about giving Americans rights, it was about protecting an existing right.


Both the article AND the opposition fail to point out the freedom on US Minorities that have purchased firearms in the past year or two; a number that has grown over 500% and they wouldn’t have been allowed this freedom without the 2nd Amendment ~ Racist? I Think Not %%%


For some, the 2A was intended to keep slaves from owning guns, but the main reason for it was to put a stop to gov’t overreach and tyranny. The 2A does not mention color or race, therefore after the (un)Civil War it all become moot, legally. Free blacks, natives, and others could have firearms from the start.

Heed the Call-up

For some, the 2A was intended to keep slaves from owning gunsFree blacks, natives, and others could have firearms from the start.therefore after the (un)Civil War it all become moot, legally. Where in the 2A does it state that slaves cannot own firearms? You are confusing Democratic Party passed laws, aka Jim Crow laws, with the 2A. While Constitutionally, there was nothing to prevent that, the Dred Scott decision solidified into law, prior to the Civil War, that slaves are not “allowed” to possess firearms, wherein one of the reasons for the decision against Scott was that otherwise freed blacks… Read more »


“Gun violence is a public health crisis in communities of color” . . . so what would happen if guns were mandated to be ILLEGAL in the cities where these “communities of color” are located? . . . oh, been there, done that, doesn’t work. Is there a “community of whiteness”, anywhere in the country that is an out of control war zone to the point of being a “public health crisis”? You know what? Guns are not the problem – the Second Amendment is not the problem – BLACK CRIME AND VIOLENCE IS THE PROBLEM! Not supposed to acknowledge… Read more »


If not for statistics generated by inner city shootings, the USA would be among the safest of countries, and there would be no route to any public conversation that would undermine the second Amendment.


When, if ever, will the antigun crowd accept the fact that antigun laws will do nothing toward reducing crime involving the use of a firearm? Why can they not understand that anyone who would intentionally use a firearm in the commission of a crime, has no concern about any laws against gun possession. (I would commit a felony today and shoot someone, if it weren’t illegal to have a gun.) Does anyone actually believe that a criminal, or even a potential criminal, would use such logic? They don’t, and won’t. We need to forget about gun possession laws, and concentrate… Read more »

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Deplorable Bill

The 2A is every bit as raciest as a piece of paper, a glass of water, my horse, dogs, cat, pigs, cows, rabbits, goats, car, truck, sidearm, hunting equipment, scuba gear, motorbike, airplane, car, baseball and/or apple pie. Racism is something that weak people do to make up for their own inadequacies. Racism is not mentioned in Scripture. If the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY dosent care what color you are why do you? If you REALLY want to learn about slavery you need look no further than your nearest communist, socialist, islamist or demoncrap. They all either do, right now at… Read more »

Deplorable Bill

Wasn’t done, hit the wrong button. The 2A is the American law’s version of Luke 22:36. Since I have already established the fact the LORD is not color or race oriented, this should be enough evidence for the average human to determine the 2A is not, has not ever been or had anything to do with race or racism. The fact is the attacks on the 2A are founded in communism, tyranny and have absolutely nothing to do with your welfare/safety nor that of the state or the nation. Hitler registered guns in 1938 “for a kinder, gentler nation” and… Read more »


Some parents have drank the kool aid in regards to the education of their children. Teachers and their unions are now dictating to governors that they will apply their own rules when it pertains to federal & state mandates. The state should cut of funding to those public schools that will not follow the state laws. America’s children used to be most valuable resource protecting the future of our country. Not so many years ago the schools asked students to start reporting information about parents activity at home then used that information against those parents children quickly caught on some… Read more »


Second amendment The American public is generally ignorant about guns A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. The Second Amendment           Will be argued based on opinions in the courts as many interupert this document differently. Those looking to altar the second amendment using opinions based on events that gain media attention. Will continue to use the lower courts to advance their argument. Today the senate is held by democratic party which has shown in the recent election they are above the law.            Their intention… Read more »


What rights, exactly, were ceded to the government, and by whom?

Other than that single misstatement, this is an excellent post.


The Second Amendment conceded nothing to the Anti-Federalists’ desire to sharply curtail the military power of the federal government, which would have required substantial changes in the original Constitution. Yet the Amendment was easily accepted because of widespread agreement that the federal government should not have the power to infringe the right of the people to keep and bear arms, any more than it should have the power to abridge the freedom of speech or prohibit the free exercise of religion.


, What I do understand is that by design those young americans from the age of 35 on down are at a disadvantage moving forward. How many will gather during summer spread the word through the neighborhood to put together a baseball game. Leave the house in the morning on their bike play all day and learn from one another the dos and don’ts by trial and error. The second amendment will mean nothing to those kids that have been schooled in socialism obtaining information opinions on social media that has been censored. Most will have no interest in the… Read more »


anyone who surrenders their children to government schools is part of the problem. We now KNOW who runs them and on what principles.
God has commanded FATHERS teach YOUR children. the group you describe above has male parents who have abdicated that responsibility. For what reason or gain in exchange matters naught. THey HAVE shirked that God-given responisibility. Until enough FATHERS are wise enough totake this commmand seriously and DO it, we will continue our march off the cliff along with the other lemmings so tricked.


Seriously? What is this, old testament trivia? Mothers can’t teach while fathers make a living? Dads & Moms can’t put kids in private or religious schools so they can both make a living? What if the Father’s dead? Get real.

Vouchers are the only practical way to end the gvt-union monopoly on “education” (brainwashing) & empty the Commie-Dem piggy bank.

Last edited 5 months ago by Russn8r

Take out yur copy of the COnstitution (you DO have one, don’t you? Of not shame on you and GET ONE) and read the frist three articles. In those we see where THE PEOPLE cede certain few and limited authroity to the central government. Anything NOT specifically described in those three articles remains with us, even if we get stupid and decide we no longer want that authority four ourselves. Everything else remains with us. States as entities have also ceded certain rights/responisibilities to fedGov.. amongst them the date for elections, for FedGov to own certain plainly described lands, to… Read more »


There is nothing more repellent than an ignorant know-it-all.


Except a Tiger Talking Chatroom Commando racist who evades issues through ad hominem

Last edited 5 months ago by Russn8r

“security of natl borders”. The federales are responsible for it but the power was not ceded: “The US shall guarantee to every state a republican form of gvt, & protect them against invasion; and on application of the legislature, or the executive (when the legislature cannot be convened) against domestic violence.” Art IV Sec 4 “No State shall keep Troops, or Ships of War in time of Peace, Compact with another State or foreign Power, or engage in War, unless actually invaded, or in imminent Danger as will not admit of delay.” Art I Sec 10 If the federales neglect… Read more »

Last edited 5 months ago by Russn8r

OK, I speak as a graduate of a leftist university in leftist ideologies, circa 1979. This pap has been floating around for a long time. You are just now hearing about it because the Progressive New Left and its most prominent ideologues feel comfortable sharing their deeply held belief with you. They think they have the upper hand in power but they know they do not have the upper hand in thought. Their ideolology is founded in mythology. So move on, immunize yourselves. Here is the best way to do that. Go to Find and take their Biblical Citizenship… Read more »


that is too much work for these pseudo-intellectuals’. only their twisted sense of reality matters to them, all else is propaganda to them. quoting cnn, nyt and these other pushers of crt, they feel as if they are doing something beneficial for mankind, tear down America. if America is so bad why do they want to struggle to change it, there are many other countries where their ideals would fit in, move there and enjoy your utopian dream. their mantra “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion,” is a laugh. they do not want these things. they are just word that make it… Read more »


Big +1. With freedom comes responsibility. You don’t want a government to dictate the right thing, then you had better stop being a selfish child and get about deciding what’s right and doing it on your own.


All of these ideologies are contrived and controlled by one group, and they also control all the media of all kinds, all the religions, and all the politicians.

The truth must be found and recognized by the individual. The individual must determine what is right and true for himself. All collective actions will be turned against the individual.

Last edited 5 months ago by JimmyS

The truth shall set you free. The truth shall keep you free. That is what the Progressive New Left fears the most. The Truth.


This is correct


The inclusion of the Second Amendment is a direct result of the British military tactic of disarmament during the Revolutionary War. It’s that simple. Invoking racism s just an attempt to win an argument with the contrived use of a hot-button word.


Gun control has its roots in racism. The Jim Crow era was chockerblock full of gun control directed against blacks, indians and hispanics.


While disarmament has certainly been used as a weapon against people of many walks, I don’t think that constitutes “roots”. Disarmament being used as a tactic to oppress doesn’t have any special role when it comes to race. The ancient Romans, for example, disarmed others based mostly on class.

Besides, making it a racial discussion is just playing the left’s stupid game.

Heed the Call-up

Read the Dred Scott decision, one of the reasons cited was that if they ruled for Scott, freed blacks would be “allowed” the RKBA.


Familiar. Again, just another weapon of oppression in general. It’s like saying censorship is rooted in racism because censorship has been used to silence the black man. Or propaganda is racist because it was used against the Jews. Or a baseball bat is an “assault weapon”. See what I’m saying?

Oppressive government behavior is not evil because it sometimes is racist. It’s evil because it’s oppressive.


Extra evil as a tool of racist/bigots. Nazis v Jews, Dems v freed slaves (origin of the modern term Sat Nite Special is the Jim Crow Dem term “Sat Nite N1ggertown Spcl”), “Young Turks” v Armenian Christians, Hutus v Tutsis, and US Gvt v American Indians.

But you’re right of course. Weapons control as a tyrant’s tool is as old as the hills, more often than not used to oppress dissidents of the same “race”, religion, ethnicity, nationality etc.

Last edited 5 months ago by Russn8r

“among other evils being unarmed brings, it causes you to be despised, [an] ignominy against which a prince ought to guard. [I]t is not reasonable that he who is armed should yield obedience to him who is unarmed, or that the unarmed be secure among armed servants. [T]here being in the one disdain & the other suspicion.”…
“When you disarm your subjects you offend them by showing that either from cowardliness or lack of faith, you distrust them; and either conclusion will induce them to hate you.”
-Niccolo Machiavelli, 1513

No race issue here.

Last edited 5 months ago by Russn8r

Eh… There have been numerous cities, town and state ordinances going after weapons and firearms. The old “No firearm in city limits” and “all weapons must be checked in with the sherriff” well predate Jim Crow and post Civil War tribulations. You can find numerous examples going back to, and even beyond, the county’s founding.

So you can say that “Some gun laws have their roots in racisismm.”, most were not. The racist just used an already existing standard as a means to an end.


Dont forget, New York CIty, 191 or so, Tim Sullivan rammed his Sullivan Laws through and they became the law of the city. It established strict gun control, designed to disarm Sullivan’t rival ganga, the Italians (his “boys” were the Micks) Any Italian cought with arms faced severe consequences, any Irish cought, well if you were connectted to Timmy and his Boys, you were safe.

Racism, alright.


Yes and no. The issues associated with RKBA go back quite a bit farther. The English actually had language protecting their traditional right in their own Declaration of Rights but Parliament finessed it out of the way in 1920, “to keep guns out of the wrong hands”. In their case, the “wrong hands” were those belonging to returning war veterans and Irish “insurrectionists”. Sound familiar? Twain was right. History doesn’t repeat itself but it does occasionally rhyme. For a more complete description of how the English lost their rights, read the Afterword of Joyce Lee Malcolm’s “To Keep and Bear… Read more »


The right certainly predates our independence, yes, and may not even be English in origin. The impetus in 1791, however, came from a very recent and very vivid reminder of its importance.

Edit: misused a word

Last edited 5 months ago by TexDad

it was General Gage’s decision to attempt to take up the powder and shot owned and possesed by the people round about Boston, starting in 1773, and culminatiiong on 19th April 1775. The “powder raid” staged at Lexington and Concord on that day was his fourth such attempt, and by far his most disastrous. He very nearly had his entire army destroyed. Had Timoth Pickering, being in a VERY adnvantageous position oabove the retreating Redcoats, taken action against them as they were very narrowly constrained under the cliffs along the Charles River on their way to Breed’s Hill for the… Read more »


Jay Inslee is a completely irrelevant idiot and has shit for brains . Why does anything the moron says deserve the time of day let alone the time to print it and post it ? Jay can eat shit and bark at the moon for all I care !


for those of us who for the nonce exist within the georgraphic area known as Washington State, Inslee is far TOO relevent. Idiot? Yes, and more. Brains? If he had any they likely would be brown. But HE holds the riens of power within the dotted lines on the map. It is not fun living under HIS thumb. His tentacles reach deeply into the machinery of power in this wretched state. He is NOT “irrelevant” to we who exist under his thumb.


These articles are so funny. They describe a real problem, but then completely ignore the 800-pound gorilla sitting quietly in the room as if it wasn’t there. They ignore it historically as well as in their forecast.


who is the 800 pound gorilla in the room ??

Country Boy

Gun control is rooted in slavery. Not the 2nd A. And who invoked the Jim Crow Gun Control laws against freed blacks? It was the Democrats that wrote Jim Crow Gun Control Laws , of course.

Last edited 5 months ago by Country Boy

Why A Pandemic “The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect”  “For those of us who support free markets, the Great Reset is nothing short of terrifying”.                         “It should be called “The Great Heist.”          “The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect on what ? The Millions who died and the suffering of all those of us who have been affected. The loss of our freedom Every business will need to adapt how they work, from fundamental shifts in business model to new ways to serve customers. Our constitution and our way of life have been deliberately… Read more »

Green Mtn. Boy

Marxism run amok.


no, marxism doing precisely what it is intended to do, and has done successfully many times and places in the past. Haing studied that raving lunatic’s “thoughts” it is all too clear his methods and madness are being faithfully implemented one more time and in one more place.


Yep I’m a racist 2A Amendment Supporter….!

Last edited 5 months ago by Z
Miserable Wretch

2A Racist? That is bullshido of the purest form.


All Democrats are racist.
Anti-2A is racist.
2A is anti-racist.


every thing the demoncrats set up is based in racism fbi atf 1968 gun control act it should all be dumped


Yep. And everything is about skin color for Dems: Racist

WI Patriot



I know a guy who does a lot of those customizations, including one for Costner. Thieving a-hole.

Last edited 5 months ago by Russn8r

When is enough money enough? Money grubbin’ gringo.


According to PS, he’s dead (executed).

Regarding your question, we really do need to reduce the pension amounts for retired government employees.