Media Myth: ‘People Killed by Gun Violence,’ But Poll Supports Gun Rights

Joe Biden Plan To End Our Gun Violence Epidemic election website screen grab 9-28-2020
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris ran on a “gun violence” prevention platform.

U.S.A.-( In its coverage of holiday weekend homicides and violence around the country, CNN once again perpetuated a media myth by reporting “At least 150 people were killed by gun violence in more than 400 shootings.”

“Gun violence” is a term invented by the gun prohibition lobby and quickly adopted by the establishment media to demonize firearms while shifting attention away from the actual perpetrators: individuals often with criminal backgrounds that preclude them from legally possessing firearms, plus gang affiliations or underage thugs who also cannot possess firearms.

By repeatedly using the term, it has become part of the media lexicon and is routinely used by local and national broadcast and print journalists. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris touted a plan to end “gun violence” by pushing more gun control during his administration.

According to CNN, which acknowledged its data “is still evolving and will be updated,” the “Gun Violence Archive” was its source of data.

To its credit, NPR’s report—using the same Gun Violence Archive data—didn’t attempt to blame “gun violence” for the weekend bloodshed.

On the other hand, News Nation’s headline about the deadly holiday weekend blared, “Gun violence continues to escalate across the country.”

And NDTV headlined its coverage, “14 Dead in Gun Violence Over Fourth of July Weekend In Chicago.”

The Chicago Sun-Times reported more than 100 people were shot over the long July Fourth holiday weekend, with 19 fatalities. Among the wounded were 13 children, the newspaper reported, and two Chicago police supervisors.

One Chicago resident, Toni Watkins, told the Sun-Times, “I wish that whatever this madness is going on, I wish that it would stop. Usually, I feel safe around here. But now this has me questioning it because it’s close to home right now.”

Still, while Joe Biden has been pressing a gun control agenda that included his now-infamous canard about the Second Amendment and how it allowed limits on gun ownership from the beginning, WRAL in Raleigh, N.C. conducted an admittedly unscientific online survey that has produced some unsurprising results.

According to the most recent figures, 66 percent of more than 47,000 survey respondents believe it is more important to protect the right to own firearms than it is to control gun ownership, which garnered only 31 percent support.

Eighty-one percent support the notion of background checks on every gun buyer, while only 16 percent oppose that idea.

Sixty-six percent oppose a nationwide ban on semi-automatic weapons while 30 percent of survey participants support that idea, and 65 percent opposed a limit on the amount of ammunition someone could purchase at one time while 32 percent support such a limit.

Instead of passing new laws, 63 percent think it would be more productive to enforce existing laws, while 29 percent want new restrictions adopted.

Another revelation is that 62 percent of the WRAL survey respondents oppose a limit on the number of cartridges a firearm can hold, while 32 percent support such a limit.

The WRAL survey isn’t the only source of information regarding public sentiment about gun control. Gallup has done several polls on the subject. When it asked recently how people felt about the nation’s gun policies, 20 percent of the respondents said they were “very satisfied” and 22 percent said they were “somewhat satisfied.” However, 23 percent were “somewhat dissatisfied” and 33 percent were “very dissatisfied.”

Forty-two percent say they are satisfied with current laws, while 41 percent aren’t happy and want stricter gun control laws. Eight percent think gun laws should be rolled back.

What do such survey results mean to Biden’s gun control agenda?

Perhaps nothing, considering the president’s history of gun control extremism, but it might make the difference on Capitol Hill where the Senate is evenly divided and some campaigns for office in 2022 have already begun.

One significant development here is that WRAL ran the online survey in connection with its Fact Checker story about Biden’s prevarication regarding gun control when the Bill of Rights—including the Second Amendment—was adopted by the Founders. Biden’s falsehood is not getting a free pass from PolitiFact checkers, meaning the establishment media simply cannot repeat the lie until it becomes an accepted truth. It isn’t clear where Biden first became convinced about his woeful misreading of the amendment, or if he simply conjured it up on his own. He has been quoted widely.

“The Second Amendment, from the day it was passed, limited the type of people who could own a gun and what type of weapon you could own,” Biden said during remarks about violent crime several days ago, adding that people could not own cannons.

Historians have confirmed there are no limits placed on gun ownership by the amendment. Glenn Harlan Reynolds, the University of Tennessee law professor, told PolitiFact, “The Second Amendment places no limits on individual ownership of cannon, or any other arms.”

Still, no reporter has yet challenged Biden during any press event about his repeated canard.


About Dave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms, and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

Dave Workman

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Biden and the Left are going to cause a new American Revolution. They seem to want to escalate the violence, thinking it will garner support for disarming the public, when in fact the predictable increases in crime brought on by bail reform, releasing criminals and refusing to prosecute them is actually incentivizing Americans to arm up and protect themselves, as they see the government has no intention of doing so.


The ultimate goal of the left is abolishing local law enforcement and establishing a national police force. Then they can harass, intimidate and silence the opposition a la Venezuela.


Yep! Did you see where the Capital Police are opening ‘Field Offices’ in FL and either CA or TX? WTF is the Capital Police doing outside of the capital?


I find that highly amusing. I don’t know about other States but here in Florida, that won’t go over well. Especially in rural areas.


Most rural enforcers will just change their uniforms and become part of the national police. They will then take their orders from the national command structure. You have way too much faith in rural enforcers. Most will do almost anything to avoid working in the private sector. Ask Don. He, like most of his “brothers,” would have followed orders to enforce registration of semiautomatic rifles in order to keep his job and protect that pension. The fact that he refused to answer the question about following orders to enforce confiscation of semiautomatic rifles speaks for itself. He retired, moved to… Read more »


Then why don’t YOU become a police officer and show us all how it SHOULD be done? Put up or shut up. P.S. By the way, there are no ‘private sector’ police departments.


Your fear of working in the private sector has prevented you from comprehending a simple concept. Let me spell it out for you: A significant percentage of enforcers will do almost anything to keep their job. They want to keep their job so they don’t have to work in the private sector (that is, a non-enforcer job like an engineer, a dentist, a chemist, a radiologist, etc.). They don’t want to work in the private sector because: The private sector expects results and you will not last long in most private sector jobs if you perform poorly (most of the… Read more »


Ha – yeah I though of that as well. BTW, I’m surprised the youtube link was not put on hold for review.

Just think how many bad enforcers worked for decades and spent most of their time just driving around, standing around, attempting to intimidate people, flirting with attractive women who only feigned interest to get out of a ticket, and generally followed orders – even if they were clearly bad orders.


Then there’s the enforcers who murder civilians, then circle the wagons & give each other medals for it. Like the treasonous F-heads who set up & murdered Donald Scott to steal (aka “forfeit”) his Malibu ranch, Vicky & Sammy Weaver, Branch Davidians, Tony Timpa, Lavoy Finicum, thousands of others.


Daniel Shaver, Botham Jean, etc., etc.


Or the one that wrote his phone number on the back of my wife’s license and didn’t give her a ticket and said he looked forward to meeting her again. KOmmiefornia of course.

From the druggie capital of the USA Oregone


He was one of the many in the 92 to 98 range.


So only police should have input on policing? Sounds like a police state.


The mindless “conservative” authority-worshiper POV is why “law enforcement”, prosecutors, spies, rubber stamp “justices” etc are virtually never held accountable for anything, even murder.


The Capitol police have been in Pa (site R). So what govt installation are they protecting ?


natioinal agencies move VERY slowly and are often not well adapted to the local situations. Let them do this… local tightly knit gruops will be far more effective against such a force. Resupply will also be far more difficult for them. The long chain of commend, the need to “get approval” for every new toy purchased, or mission launched, will slow them down. The lack of local knowledge, and the top heavy “admin” side of things will further reduce their effectiveness.

Last edited 1 year ago by Tionico

Nothing new here , Joe lies through his teeth and so does the main stream media daily to the American people . They have no intention of ever telling the truth . They can’t forward thier Marxist agendas telling the truth !


Call them what they are; CRBs (Commie Rat Bastards)


Living here in New York I have come to realize that any violence, other than violence involving a gun, is perfectly acceptable. Here in NYC, a woman was sexually attacked in broad daylight on a sidewalk. Cameras caught the entire incident. The lowlife didn’t even try to conceal his identity. No gun was involved. As such, the story quickly disappeared as it does not fit the narrative.

Beat someone with a bat. Kill someone with a knife and you are A-Ok here. In fact, the progressives will probably apologize for inconveniencing you.


a sure and certain sign that the value of life itself has been so cheapened life has become almost worthless to so many. Do not think that, in the time since 1973, when “the law” was invented that has brought the cruel deaths of some eighty millions of people.. not by gun, but by the knife, or chemicals, whilst yet within their mothers’ wombs, AND that those who have survived that holocaust are unaware of the trashing of so many of their peers. By the time a child reaches their teen years they are ware of the practice of killing… Read more »


Too late!

American Cynic

Gun control is exactly what you think it is. It isn’t about mass shootings, or gun violence, it is about gun control. The Leftist/Progressives/Globalists all know that by having more guns than there are citizens, American citizens are a standing army. As such, they cannot go forward with any plans to enhance their wet dream for a one-party tyrannical Marxist government. They want to be rid of Republicans and Conservatives, and unless they disarm American citizens first; that will not happen. They are trying to use legal means to ban our weapons and are disguising those efforts as gun control… Read more »


Be very careful, don’t put your faith in any government. If you want to put your faith in something, put it in God. God will never fail you, but the government will!


Dead on, exactly how I see it! The Democrats think they are smart and we are stupid. It is very obvious, they are what I call “Fire Starters”, people who secretly create a problem, then run to the rescue with a solution. Democrats are creating this crime wave, there solution is more gun control targeting law abiding gun owners. Anyone that falls for Democrat lies, must of had a lobotomy.


I give no shits about the results of polls. My rights never depended on the opinions of others. Even if everyone else agreed with me, I give no shits.

The 81% who believe government has the power to legislate rights are my mortal enemies, and a large proportion of them who also think the right to own firearms is important don’t know what rights are, nor what government is.


Yup. They could “repeal” the Second Article of Ammendment in its entirety but our RIGHT to arms will not change one whit. That right is given by the God who made us and put us here, predates government, nor is dependent upon government for its existence. Go read about General THomas W Gage very late of Boston, who was foolish enough to think he could bring “those fractious rebels” to heel by decreeing they were to be disarmed. His fourth attempt to effect this condition rather backfired in his face, “General” BIden will fare no better. He is well deluded… Read more »


Call it what it IS!!
Bidet’s LIE is just a plain ole LIE on ILLEGAL STEROIDS!


When you Lie for 50 years about Firearms, people stop listening. Rogue FFL Dealers? WTH did that come from? I seriously doubt there’s a significant percentage of rogue FFL holders that shutting them down will reduce crime in a measurable way. When there’s no data showing that it’s a problem or growing concern, there’s nothing to measure success or failure by. The Clinton era Gun Ban did not influence crime one way or the other. To those who claim it did, I respond with one name, “Columbine,” to show that the ban did absolutely nothing. The 2nd Amendment did not… Read more »


Biden is a dumbass, guns do not do violence.
Once again the CRBs are trying to indoctrinate the public. The sad thing is there are way too many sheeple in this country. They just don’t think for themselves.
1984 is alive, and well in the millennium.