Ammo Deal: 500 Rounds Federal 9mm 115gr FMJ Training Ammo $274.99

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Ammo Deal: 500 Rounds Federal 9mm 115gr FMJ Training Ammo $274.99
Ammo Deal: 500 Rounds Federal 9mm 115gr FMJ Training Ammo $274.99

U.S.A.-( Bereli has marked down 500 rounds of Federal 9mm 115gr FMJ Training ammunition for only $274.99, this is a 21% off discount. Stock up on some quality training ammo while you can!

Buy Now Gun DealsFederal Training 9mm Luger Ammo 115 Grain Full Metal Jacket ammo review offers the following information; For nearly a century Federal Ammunition has put its focus on manufacturing quality products with cutting edge technology. This dedication to excellence has given Federal a competitive edge as an ammunition technology giant. Today the company is well known for producing high grade centerfire, rimfire, and shotshell ammunition that shooters everywhere know and trust.

  • MPN – C9115A
  • UPC – 604544671773
  • Manufacturer – FEDERAL AMMO
  • Caliber – 9MM LUGER
  • Bullet Type – FMJ
  • Muzzle Velocity – 1125 fps
  • Muzzle Energy – ft. lbs
  • Primer – Boxer
  • Casing – Brass Casing
  • Ammo Rating – Target & Practice 9mm Luger Ammo 9mm Luger Ammo

Ammo Deal: 500 Rounds Federal 9mm 115gr FMJ Training Ammo $274.99

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Thanks, but I’ll wait for a decent price.

Ryben Flynn

Report spammers to press at ammoland dot com

Last edited 1 year ago by Ryben Flynn
Ryben Flynn

I used to report them to brian at ammoland but then was told to report them to press, which seems to do no good.


It’s Sunday, can a man get a Lil rest? seriously we try our best to use tools to clean out the spammers and the tools do a fair job. but when we get pages with very high volumes of visitors the spammer attack the pages and as a result, we have to do manual work to clean some of the spam junk out. manual work on a Sunday is never good. If we tighten up the automated tools we end up blocking good comments and commentators from putting up comments in real-time and we spend time approving good comments. At… Read more »


Brian, my vote is to go spend time with your family.

JLS is not making any headway with his call for a simple democracy with a militarized society and all sorts of mandates, price controls, and redistribution of wealth.

August 13 has come and gone and Trump is still not in office, so the Q people (other than Tank) are relatively quiet.

“TEX”, Will, and his other accounts are still trying to form an argument.

It’s a lull.


Enjoy your range time. None of this is a big deal. No one forces anyone to read spam or Jean-Lloyd Sartre. Those dumb enough to click spam links deserve what they get. I don’t get why Ryben, “TEX” et al keep whining about it. Probably frustrated. Maybe nagging, bullying & informing makes them feel powerful. The algorithms are frustrating sometimes, inexplicable. Half the stuff TEX & various ex-cop trolls & sock puppets post is low-IQ foul-mouth ad hominem — unblocked. Same for “Roland T. Gunner” calling to shoot cops in the head. Yet, sometimes when normal people post something with… Read more »


Should be $189, why would you think this is a good deal?


Should be $189 for 1000 rounds of 124 gr. nato.

Last edited 1 year ago by PMinFl
Ryben Flynn

SPAMMER Reported.

Ryben Flynn

C’mon man! 55¢ a round? Fuhgetaboutit!

Ryben Flynn

I loaded my own 9mm. for like 13¢ a round with once fired range brass and a few cents more with new brass. I have a few thousand rounds waiting to be used if the SHTF.

Last edited 1 year ago by Ryben Flynn

FYI: although they offer free shipping, Bereli adds $20.62 for FL sales tax. This brings the total to $295.61, or .59/round.


The question when I see this is… are they writing down their price and taking a loss? Or where they so overpriced and gouging and they can drop the price and still be in the black?

AZ Lefty

I can find Brass Case training ammo for 20 a box with free shipping on 500


The one gun control I could support:

Ban Commie-Dems from buying guns & ammo, since you work to ban them and you commit 99% of all violent crimes.

JD Keene

So many bad actors… This is an “Ammo Deal” says Ammoland… 9mm price 6/7/2020 = $.20/rnd, average between then and now = $.48/rnd, current price = $34/rnd, this “deal” $.55/rnd. NO amount of “splainin” by the manufacturers can get me past the above. There are a lot of new shooters (larger market) and a large percentage of recent gun purchasers indicate that self protection is the reason for the purchase. All need ammo, but not all can afford these prices. The ammo business is not a charity, but it should be an intensely competitive market. Looks to me like that… Read more »


Elderly ex-government employee?


‘Googley’. Whiny BS. Next time ammo’s cheap load up like the fabled ant then sell yours at cost to grasshoppers crying over “gouging” & “profiteering”.

You sound like a social-populist.

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r

Yes it does, automatically. Posts appear that are almost entirely threats, racist, foul-mouth. I never report them, but I do reply and downvote. 1st, I don’t like informing. 2nd, often better to let thugs show themselves for what they are. But I do suspect agents provocateur out to poison the well, when Roland T Gunner tells folks to shoot cops in the head. Maybe that should be blocked.