Significant Changes in Arkansas Gun Laws Take Effect on 28 July, 2021

Significant Changes in Arkansas Gun Laws Take Effect on 28 July, 2021, iStock-884221102
Significant Changes in Arkansas Gun Laws Take Effect on 28 July, 2021

U.S.A.-( reports that hundreds of Arkansas laws have become effective on 28 July 2021. Among those laws are several incremental reforms of firearms and self-defense law, removing restrictions that were previously in place. The links below go directly to the Arkansas state legislative site, which has the exact wording of the new law. Here is a summation of the changes, with links.

Act 1024 removes the prohibition on carrying in places owned, controlled, or operated by a local unit of government, if they have  a carry permit, except for the following:

  • (i) A courtroom or the location of an administrative hearing conducted by a state agency, except as permitted by § 5-73-306(5) or § 5-73-306(6);
  • (ii) A public school kindergarten through grade twelve (K-12), a public prekindergarten, or a public daycare facility, except as permitted under subdivision (a)(3)(C) of this section;
  • (iii) A facility operated by the Division of Correction or the Division of Community Correction; or
  • (iv) A posted firearm-sensitive area, as approved by the Division of Arkansas State Police under § 5-73-325, located at:
    • (a) The Arkansas State Hospital;
    • (b) The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences; or
    • (c) A collegiate athletic event; or

People with carry permits are still banned from local government places in buildings containing a place licensed to dispense alcohol for consumption on the premises.

Guns are still banned at football, baseball, soccer or other fields when an athletic event or practice is occurring.  (Act 638 and Act 693)

Act 809 removes the requirement for an employee, who stores their gun in their locked car in a parking lot, from being in a separate locked container.

 Act 433 removes the prohibition on the possession of loaded centerfire weapons in parts of Baxter and Benton counties.

Act 250 removes the requirement to retreat before a person may legitimately defend themselves. This sort of law has been called a “stand your ground” law.

These are the sort of reforms and improvements we see in more and more states around the country. Second Amendment supporters keep working on ways to restore rights and remove unnecessary restrictions.  Many of the most effective organizations are state-based. That is where most effective change is being made.

Most state legislators, with obvious exceptions such as California, New York, and Illinois; are not composed of professional politicians. They are subject, mostly, to the desires of their constituents, and even to reason and logic. While some key state legislators have been and are subject to foreign influence, special interests, and corruption, there are so many state legislators, effective, widespread corruption, by foreign actors and national special interest groups is more difficult.

State organizations of Second Amendment supporters have the advantage of being able to mobilize hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of local supporters on short notice. A state legislator may receive 10 emails on an ordinary bill. When he receives a thousand, he pays attention. Because of state groups’ proximity, they can watch the legislative process intently.

Small, incremental changes often do not gather national attention.

For these reasons,  state organizations roll up success after success. Success becomes habitual and contagious. When a state organization finds a particular legislator who either blocks their desires or cooperates with them well, they are able to provide punishment and rewards.

At the state level, a dozen volunteers during a primary may make all the difference between success and failure.

The rise of the Internet has allowed state groups to organize and operate with much greater ease and impact than ever before in history.

About Dean Weingarten:

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of Constitutional Carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

Dean Weingarten

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Ryben Flynn

Why do Governments think we law abiding citizens are going to cause a problem if we were to carry in those areas? LE can carry there, why shouldn’t we? It’s CRIMINALS that are the problem.


Obviously they think we’re too ignorant to recognize an infringement on our 2nd amendment rights, so they try to pacify us by allowing the least they can get away with. That, in itself, is an admission of guilt of Constitutional infringement.


The only acceptable legal act involving guns would be to abolish any and all restrictions on owning and carrying firearms, ie., following the 2nd Amendment verbatim.


Like I said in another post: the incremental approach is working! The evidence is staring you in the face if you’ll just open your eyes and take a look at it! Sure, I’d love to have everything at once, but that is not reality so why can you not take the incremental win and run with it? Theories are great when you’ve got a glass of booze in your hand, or quality cup of coffee or tea, or a glass of decent red wine, in Bible about various viewpoints around the table while drinking, but theories do not necessarily work… Read more »


This is not a success. This is an admission of failure to abide by the 2nd Amendment. Rights they can issue today are “rights” they can remove tomorrow.


Frog, water, take the incremental winds and run with it!

You are yet another one of those folks who cannot take yes for an answer! You would rather lose all at once rather than win incrementally!

This is not capitulation this is called winning! We know this is winning because the anti-gunners are screaming like a bunch of raped apes!! They recognize that they are losing and that we are winning!

If you cannot see that this is a good thing, I suggest you get help from professional sources!

Cheers from the oil patch in Central Wyoming


Tell it to the El Cielo Walmart vics. No armed civilian resistance in a legal “carry” zone. Appeasing the “right” of “private” firms open to the public to create a patchwork quilt of “gun free” zones deters carry in legal carry zones. On 2 sides, El Cielo Walmart is adjacent to “gun free” El Cielo Mall.

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r

News flash O emotionally based one: Not a single one of those deaths was due to the incremental wins that we have seen over the last 15 to 20 years! You can try to blame the incremental paradigm all you want, but the fact is you admit it was a legal carry Zone and yet no one was carrying, or no one was willing to put their lives, and the lives of their families on the line with politically motivated politicians at every turn willing to try and put law-abiding people into prison and destroy them financially! It is the… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Neanderthal75

Did not know about the “gun free” mall next to this Walmart. Thanks for that info. I can certainly see your point about deterring carry. Lack of resistance had many facet including a culturally “gun free” population. That particular Walmart is largely patronized by Hispanics including many Mexican nationals on cross-border shopping trip. No matter where in the US you are, the day tripping Mexicans are not legal to carry. Very few would argue they should be. Up to that point Hispanics were under represented by Hispanics, in fact few were gun owners. That attack inspired many Hispanics to become… Read more »


As one who has carried in many of these types of restricted places, but in other states, I find it both encouraging and discouraging. It is like cleaning up a messy room by removing a few particles of dust.



What seems to be vacant from all these legislative sessions is the small FACT that the people that obey the laws are not the ones you have to worry about. Why does there need to be ANY special zones when those legal to carry are not the problem. But the logic seldom creeps into a leftist mind.


So basically crazed gunmen can shoot up schools, bars, government buildings, foot ball, base ball, soccer fields while people are practicing…I’m really impressed. Why don’t these stupid psychopathic control freaks learn what the words SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED means and if someone commits an actual, CRIME, you know, like MURDER, RAPE, ARMED ROBBERY, deal with it. Making people go unarmed ANY WHERE is a violation of SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. I know it is sooooo difficult.


Better nothing done then small steps forward right.


Here’s the problem with timid incrementalism. NRA & allied groups for decades have insisted on baby steps in states where it had the power to abolish many more “gun free” zones, sabotaging efforts by legislators & groups like VCDL to abolish “gun free” zones that NRA had inserted into Virginia’s original shall-issue “carry” law, making it worse than the previous may-issue law in many ways. The result: 1) Massacres like El Paso Mall, Virginia Tech, and Parkland Elementary. 2) Deters good civilians from carrying even in places where they are statutorily allowed to carry. e.g., the Cielo Vista Walmart adjacent… Read more »


In the two states where I spend most of jy time, the both allow private businesses to prohibit guns inside their facilities. BUT both states have VERY clear and precise requriements for universal signage intended to inform we who are armed that doing that inside is “not allowed”. The details as to size, content, colours, placement relative to pubic entrances are clear and universal throughout boht states. If the prescribed signage is not present, in its required relatioinship to the entrances, the restrictioins are not lawfully enforceable. In my observation, almost NO such publically accessible premises bear complaint signage. Thus,… Read more »


I saw the report where the Seattle City council announced that is going to strip 14 million more out of the SPD budget and put it in other more deserving social programs. This decision at the same time the Mayor it’s finally got at least two of her three remaining brain cells functioning and said publicly that they need to hire at least 300 new cops! People within Seattle City Limits had better hang on, because it’s about to get down right nasty with the exponential increase in the murder rate, the rape rate, mugging rate, burglary rate, gta, and… Read more »


What’s the point of hiring 300 new union cops when the ones they already have dishonored their badge & oath, Just OBEYED Orders to sit on their asses and watch lives & dreams beaten, looted, burned & destroyed?


It’s a terrible situation that yielded El Paso & other massacres and will yield many more. Zero armed resistance though Walmart was allegedly a carry zone. You may ignore “gun free” zones in “private” places open to the public, but clearly too many will OBEY for good reason. That it “worked” out so far for those who disobey does not end the disincentive. In places like El Cielo Walmart, it “works” until it doesn’t, for those who disobey & victims who die due to “gun free” zones creating fear of being caught & having your life destroyed by “LEOs”.

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r

I don’t think insurance has much to do with the non compliant signage. It is more to appeas customers suffering from hoplophobia. Most customer service are pretty clueless as to signage. In Texas this was part of the point under old LTC rules, as those signs did carry weight of law for illegal carriers – who could be charge do with trespassing on top of unlicensed carry. Similarly 30.07 signage enabled businesses to politely request concealed carry, so they could benefit from free security while allowing gun-shy customers to remain happily oblivious. Under new Texas constitutional carry law, pretty much… Read more »


All these “reforms” do is justify and validate in the minds of the people that government has a power that in fact it was denied from the beginning of this republic. Celebrating this as a win is the stuff of serfs and slaves.


And yet in state, after state, after state, the incremental approach continues to win! Allow me to remind you of the old Axiom: frog cold water slowly bringing up temperature! Frog does not jump out because frog does not notice he is being cooked! It is with stand your ground laws, removing more and more no gun zones, creating easier access to concealed Carry permits, all of this has increased in real world terms the number of people carrying on a daily basis, the state by state numbers of people with carry permits, and best of all more minorities and… Read more »


Uh huh. Worked out great at the El Paso Mall & Pulse Nightclub.


While Pulse is not my cup of tea – I am a bad enough shot sober. Regardless of the law, I have no business combining alcohol and guns.

Maybe that’s a benefit of aging as I keep reducing my alcohol consumption.


Yet in TX’s new “Constitutional Carry” law, Abbott & Phelan insisted on keeping the patchwork quilt of “gun free” zones in “private” firms open to the public – zones which yielded 23 dead & no civilian resistance in El Paso. Those who think Abbott-Phelan are loyal Republican conservatives, see:

Abbott & Phelan responsible for paralyzed special session

Abbott’s border “wall” really a chain link joke

Abbott & Phelan do nothing to stop child mutilation

Just the tip of the iceberg of the Abbott-Phelan sabotage.

Go Dan Huffines, true Republican for Governor of Texas!

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r