Connecticut Citizens Defense League Sues Multiple Cites Over Gun Permitting Delays

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Connecticut Citizens Defense League Sues Multiple Cites Over Permitting Delays IMG: iStock-1245041394

Southbury, Connecticut  – -(  The Connecticut Citizens Defense League (CCDL) announced recently that it filed a federal civil rights action in the United States District Court against the Police Chiefs of Hartford, New Haven, Bridgeport, and Waterbury to stop their blatant and ongoing violations of CCDL members’ right to keep and bear arms and other constitutional rights.

CCDL was forced to bring suit after learning that these cities are unjustifiably delaying law-abiding city residents’ applications for municipal firearm permits, the first step in applying for a state-issued pistol permit.

The CCDL is bringing this action on behalf of its many members in each of Connecticut’s largest cities. CCDL is joined in this action by individual plaintiffs from each of the cities:

OREL JOHNSON: Orel went to the Hartford Police Department in June to apply for a municipal firearm permit. Orel was directed to put his name on a list, and told that Hartford PD would call him when it was ready to accept his application. Orel has followed up on numerous occasions since, but Hartford PD will still not take his application.

SHAQUANNA WILLIAMS: Shaquanna went to the New Haven Police Department in August to apply for a municipal firearm permit. Her documents were already completed, and she had already paid to have her fingerprints taken. New Haven PD refused to take Shaquanna’s application, and instead gave her an appointment in March 2022 just to submit her application. By then, her fingerprints will be stale and she will have to pay again for new fingerprints.

ANNE CORDERO: Anne has been trying to submit her application for a municipal firearm permit to the Bridgeport Police Department since last year. In June, Bridgeport PD finally instructed her to sign up for an appointment to submit her application. Bridgeport’s first available appointment just to submit her application is late January 2022.

JAMIE EASON: Jamie managed to submit his application to the Waterbury Police Department in August, at which time he was informed that the Waterbury PD will not finish processing his application for about forty-eight weeks (eleven months) even though state statutes require no more than an eight week (two month) turnaround time.

“In addition to violating these citizen’s constitutional right to access the permitting process, these cities are notorious for violating their resident’s constitutional rights by excessively delaying the application process. The CCDL is standing up for the residents of these cities, many of whom are minorities fighting for their right to keep and bear arms for personal protection. It is unfathomable that those charged with enforcing our laws would so blatantly violate them by delaying the process to exercise a constitutional right,” said Holly Sullivan, CCDL President.

Attorney Doug Dubitsky and Attorney Craig Fishbein are representing CCDL and the individual plaintiffs in this federal civil rights action.

About Connecticut Citizens Defense League

Connecticut Citizens Defense League, Inc. is a non-profit, non-partisan, grassroots organization of more than 41,000 members, committed to protecting the unalienable constitutional right of all citizens to keep and bear arms through legislative and grassroots advocacy, education, research, publishing, legal action, and programs.

Connecticut Citizens Defense League

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they should be arrested and taken to jail, the bill of rights needs teeth so it can devourer these criminals in uniform and spit them to canada or anywhere else in the common wealth ,but not in the free states

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Get a rope!




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