PA: GOA’s First Gun Owners Lobby Day, G.O.L.D., Huge Success!

Reporting by Colonel (Dr.) Val Finnell

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Pennsylvania, USA – -( I am happy to report that GOA’s first Gun Owners Lobby Day G.O.L.D. in Pennsylvania was an outstanding success.

GOA members and supporters came from across the Commonwealth to meet with their state senators and representatives to support pro-gun legislation, including Constitutional Carry (SB 565), the Right to Bear Arms Protection Act (SB 624), and Strengthen Preemption (HB 979).

These activists were undaunted in the face of the late Senate session cancellation and drove on to meet with them in Harrisburg.

At 10 AM, we heard from the bill sponsors: Senator Doug Mastriano (SB 624), Senator Cris Dush (SB 565), and Representative Matt Dowling (HB 979). We also had a special guest, Senator Amanda Chase from Virginia. You can watch the video of the speakers here.

I want to sincerely thank all of the bill sponsors for taking the time to speak with us and for being champions of our God-given rights.

The Senate Cancellation Caper

Gun owners visiting the Capitol were put at a disadvantage due to a late Senate session cancellation. Several senators canceled previously made appointments due to this maneuver, potentially shutting down our lobby day.

According to Senate President Jake Corman’s office, Senate Majority Leader Kim Ward (R-39) canceled today’s session. But in reality, both parties are responsible, since both are the top leaders in the PA Senate.

Regardless of “Whodunnit?”, the cancelation was extremely disrespectful of gun owners’ time and there was no communication whatsoever from either office to GOA staff.

Success Nonetheless

The efforts of GOA grassroots activists resulted in two new co-sponsors leading up to G.O.L.D. day. Senator Chris Gebhard (R-48) and Senator John DiSanto (R-15) are now co-sponsors of Constitutional Carry.

And the meetings today with Senate leadership reinforced the determination of gun owners.

Virginia State Senator Amanda Chase came out to support Second Amendment rights!

But we are not assured of success just yet. Look for upcoming alerts on the progress of these bills and others.

Sincere Appreciation

Finally, I want to thank all of the GOA members and supporters who came to the Capitol today. GOA is all about grassroots activists taking action to support their Second Amendment rights. I know that many of you took time off work to come and I sincerely appreciate all that you are doing. You are the best!

About Colonel (Dr.) Val Finnell

Colonel (Dr.) Val W. Finnell, USAF Ret. is the Pennsylvania Director for Gun Owners of America, spearheading GOA’s work within the Keystone State.

Val has been a stalwart defender of the right to keep and bear arms since the 1990s. In 1998, he was elected as the first president of the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL), the premier gun rights organization in the Commonwealth of Virginia. VCDL was instrumental in making Virginia a “shall issue” state and continues its mission to the present day.

Val received his Doctor of Medicine degree from the Pennsylvania State University in 1994 and a Masters in Public Health from the Uniformed Services University in 2008. He served as a Chief of the Medical Staff and a Deputy Group Commander in the United States Air Force.

In 2016, Val retired from the Air Force in the rank of colonel. He is a disabled veteran and also assists GOA in representing veterans’ interests before the Executive Office of the President and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

A native son of Pennsylvania, Val returned to his home state after his retirement from the military and has been serving as GOA’s Pennsylvania Director since April of 2019. He’s a proud member of the Sons of the American Revolution and currently resides in York, Pennsylvania near his grandchildren.

About Gun Owners of America

Gun Owners of America is a grassroots nonprofit which represents more than two million gun owners who are dedicated to protecting the right to keep and bear arms without compromise. For more information, visit GOA’s Press Center.

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Deplorable Bill

The RIGHT, the GOD given, constitutionally protected Right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. So clear that a grade school kid can understand and explain it. Presidents, vice presidents, politicians, judges, lawyers, enforcers and the billionaires who have already bought them, know this to be true.

Arm up and carry on


Defund and Carry.


I’m new to this political stuff and I took a day off work to go to this and drove all the way from Erie.
I’m SO disappointed! Are you KIDDING me that this was a huge success??? There was only about 35 people there!
The worst part is this Finnell guy as he is arrogant and ignorant when asked questions.
This article couldn’t be more wrong in its description.


As a New Jerseyan, I can only envy the successful activism of Pennsylvanians in protecting 2A rights. Pennsylvania, while not a Constitutional Carry state, still gives law-abiding citizens far ranging rights when it comes to gun purchasing and hunting. Too, the gun shows there draw huge crowds; a sign, the Keystone State is the Texas of the east.

Dr. Strangelove

Cool. Illinois has had GOLD for many years now, glad to see another state pick it up.


Don’t be SURPISED if Biden Uses THE INTERNATIONAL LAWS — To have The U.N. Intervene to CONFISCATE OUR FIREARMS !! In the Last TRUMP Rally : DJT said ” Wait until you see what THEY (biden admin) do To Your SECOND AMENDMENT” ! ! ! ! ! That’s a clue ! And I am Researching this Now – to See if THERE IS A LOOP-HOLE That this can HAPPEN if so = I SEE A REVOLUTION::: AGIAN IN OUR FUTURE!


What if the BATFE, FBI, and U.S. Marshals Service go to your county sheriff and invite the deputies to be on a lucrative “task force” to enforce new gun control laws against a list of individuals who “are white supremacists, racists, far right wing extremists, insurrectionists, trained in the military, have an ‘arsenal’ of weapons, and are a danger to public safety?”

Don’t you think that is a much more likely scenario than a bunch of guys from Luxembourg walking around in blue helmets complaining about American food?


Also, Trump’s enthusiastic support of “red flag laws” is picking up steam. Many “conservatives” support those laws and the support is growing. All they need to do is work with someone to make up a story and, because of the need for public safety, come and shoot your dog, handcuff you, scream obscenities at your wife and children while pointing guns at them, and tear your house apart looking for things you bought legally and with which you did nothing wrong. You then get to hire an attorney (no public defender will be provided free of charge) to prove you… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC

To those who say “blue helmets make great targets” (or something to that effect) – say that when facing a rattler, shooting off the rattles is extraordinarily ineffective.


and without a loaded machine gun you dont stand a chance , glad all the doors to my house are heavy gauge steel and windows hurricane proof. door latches are six point look like a safe