If they can Force the Jab on You, Whats to Stop Them Taking Your Firearms?

A new TV message from the Second Amendment Foundation warns America: “If Joe Biden can force a needle in your arm, he can take your guns.” (Screen snip, YouTube, SAF)

U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)- The Second Amendment Foundation is launching the latest, and perhaps the bluntest, in a series of messages about the threat Joe Biden’s presidency poses to the Second Amendment by telling viewers up front, “If Joe Biden can force a needle in your arm, he can take your gun.”

The 60-second TV message will air on nearly two dozen national networks including AMC, FX, the Comedy Network, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, Fox Business, One America News Network, Destination America, Bloomberg, BBC America, the Investigation Discovery Channel, American Heroes Channel, SYFY (Science Fiction), TLC (The Learning Channel), TruTV, DirecTV, The Weather Channel, HLN, Dish TV, CNBC, the Outdoor Channel and Sportsman Channel, the organization said.

“Over the past eight months since taking office, Joe Biden has evolved from being an annoying gun control advocate to a dangerously ambitious gun prohibitionist,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan Gottlieb. “He hasn’t simply climbed on the gun ban train, he’s now the engineer, portraying so-called ‘gun violence’ as a public health epidemic. He’s perpetuating a myth invented by the gun ban lobby to demonize guns, their owners and the Second Amendment that protects their right to keep and bear arms.”

It is the fourth in a series of television ads SAF started running several months ago. The advertisement warns, “If Joe Biden can impose a vaccine mandate through executive power without Congress, there is no limit on what he could do to restrict your Second Amendment rights.”

Viewers are asked to text “PROTECT 2A” to 474747, which takes the user to a link for SAF’s 2A First Responder project, the remarkably successful grassroots effort initiated earlier this year.

Earlier, SAF was running an advertising message that included a clip of Biden’s now-infamous admission that he wants to ban the sale of 9mm pistols.

Timing of this new advertising effort might be critical, as new polls show Biden increasingly in trouble with voters. The Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll on Thursday showed the embattled president with a -21 Approval Index rating. Biden’s numbers showed 54 percent of likely voters disapprove of the job he is doing while 45 percent approve. However, a deeper dig in the data reveals 46 percent strongly disapprove, while only 25 percent strongly approve.

His mishandling of the Afghanistan withdrawal, the border crisis, and the cancellation of the pipeline project that has helped derail the nation’s energy independence are weighing heavily on the minds of average Americans.

Biden came into office promising to push stricter gun control laws, but that agenda may have hinged on the confirmation of gun control advocate David Chipman as head of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Chipman’s nomination was withdrawn after languishing in the Senate Judiciary Committee all summer, thanks to three Democrats and one Independent refusing to commit to a “yes” vote on the nomination. All 50 Republicans lined up solidly against Chipman, who acknowledged during a confirmation hearing four months ago that he supports a ban on so-called “assault weapons.”

With Biden’s recent mandate on COVID-19 vaccinations, Gottlieb is alarmed that the career anti-gunner now occupying the Oval Office has been emboldened to go after the Second Amendment, bypassing Congress in the process.

“Joe Biden and his handlers obviously have one goal in mind,” Gottlieb asserted, “and that is to create an imperial presidency where he answers to nobody. But he can’t dictate public health policy, and he sure can’t arbitrarily erase Second Amendment rights. Our effort will remind him of that, whether he likes it or not.”


About Dave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at TheGunMag.com and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms, and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

Dave Workman

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“If they can Force the Jab on You, Whats to Stop Them Taking Your Firearms?”

My firearms.

Dr. Strangelove

Firearms work for the jab, too.


“If they can Force the Jab on You, What’s to Stop Them Taking Your Firearms?”

Ummm….my firearms.


Amazing how 45 didn’t have the authority to do much of anything without a judge stepping in. But yet this dimwitted clown filling the office faces no head wind to his looney actions. The Theatrics is just amazing. lol


100% true. Nice to see other’s awake.

WI Patriot

“If they can Force the Jab on You, Whats to Stop Them Taking Your Firearms?”

This has to be a rhetorical question, because the answer lies withing the question itself…


They can try to take my gun


Joe Biden needs his mandatory booster , please vaccinate him with 250 grains of medicine at 3000 fps . 338 Lapua expedited vaccine booster for ilegitimate clownshow Joe Biden .


Everybody is always trying to force you to do something. Witness Ammoland.com and the cookies notification at the bottom of my screen.



Thank You! Ammoland can stick the cookies request up their butt as far as I am concerned.


Every politician that supports this has a home and a family.

when do the Americans arrive and stop acting like pu$$ies?

The cheat is done, we can’t vote our way out.


Any Government by threat of force anywhere (planet/realm/dimension etc.) that would try to force or compel an individual by force/fine/tax/infraction/job security/LEO/imprisonment or by using a corrupt rigged legal system to give up your inalienable immutable right of self defense or access to your freedoms / rights / health (Soul & Spirit) or ability to determine your own destiny/fate isn’t good. The signs of desperation are always the tell. This is a matter of significance that ALL Americans should be united on regardless of 2nd A stance or political polemic’s. Military is being gutted & stripped of it’s original purpose &… Read more »

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Captn John

I agree on the Jab. I have no problem with what decision anyone makes, key is their decision. Free states have no registration. How many want to die forcibly taking them?

Dr. Strangelove

Wrong order. They’ll have to take the guns before they force us to take the jab.


100% correct. The Alchemist’s are simply distilling it down to see what they have left in numbers. Divide & conquer – Ordo ab Chao


The question I always ask to anyone who fell for the jab: will you also fall for disarmament? Don’t think for a second it is not coming. It is time for everyone to choose sides.


You ask women over the age of 75 who are obese, have COPD, and diabetes and who decided to get the vaccine, whether they will fall for disarmament?

Many of those people listened to Trump talk about how effective the vaccine was and they made the decision to get the vaccine.

Why would you ask them if they will fall for disarmament?


Who do you think will disarm civilians?


6-8 Federal men did me. They tend to flock.



Read the links but didn’t really show the actual document when I perused the link. While I support the purpose, cause & concept it would be nice to see the bona fides document.

Crunch time is approaching again. Supplies are short, shipping containers being held back from being delivered in Ports of call. Any Government that wound use propaganda/lies/deceptions/gas lighting et Kai etc. under threat of force/sanctions/fines/fees/taxes/imprisonment or coercion using experimental science as their bedrock/cornerstone can’t be a good thing to any Free Country/Nation/People/Citizens.

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Mark From Michigan

aim low, go slow. hits count, misses don’t. liberty1775 http://www.libertytreeradio.4mg.com


To paraphrase a line from a few years back – “Don’t Jab Me joe” – of course we all know he won’t be doing it, his ‘faithful’ minions will – at least they will try.
Regarding guns, it isn’t that they ‘can’ take them (maybe – if they don’t learn their lesson with forced vaxx and resistance to it) they WILL take guns



“they WILL take guns?”

State, county, and city/town enforcers will enforce new federal gun control laws unless they are specifically prohibited from doing so and they risk losing everything they have if they violate the law.

Watch the Laredo Police Department enforce federal laws that are not even enforceable due to the location. In fact, they enforce laws that Abbott prohibitted.

Put this in your search engine:



This is a good video to watch. The Chief of Police kept pushing and threating arrest (over the phone). The two police officers on site refused to obey the directive of the Chief of Police and the two “civilians” went about their business and retained their freedom, video recording and not wearing a mask in the airport.


“Them?” “What’s to stop them from taking your firearms?” No need to tiptoe – “them” = state, county, and city/town “non-civilian” enforcers. People who claim that won’t happen in their state have not bothered to look at readily available video evidence. Bubba will tell you how enforcers in CA view “civilians” – your enforcers aren’t much different. If you aren’t convinced, ask them if “they” are in favor of SAPA laws that make it illegal for them to cooperate with federal enforcers on new gun control laws (like registration of semiautomatic firearms). Ask them if they will support those SAPA… Read more »

Gern Rockler

The cowards push forth the judiciary to hide behind. This immunity from prosecution has obviously changed our whole system of government. Consciously allowing evil to prevail.


I agree. Not-so-qualified immunity from civil action needs to be changed. Changing the law is the right way to fix the problem.

Also, there needs to be more criminal prosecution of enforcers who violate the rights of “civilians.”


Wasn’t “qualified” immunity invented whole by SCOTUS? Thereafter interpreted by lower courts in an ever more expansive manner? Legislature can rein it in through changes in the law, though politicians are weary of crossing police unions for fear of not being re-elected. They must be shown that us voters support reining in the police – that not doing so will cost them elections. Fortunately SCOTUS has shown signs of revising (clarifying???) their rules regarding immunity. Won’t hold my breath, but hopeful for some movement. Of course courts have also ruled that civil asset forfeiture is not punishment so does not… Read more »


I don’t know the history of how not-so-qualified immunity came to be. The way it is actually working in practice is out of control.

Enforcers conspire to violate people’s rights while they record themselves and nothing happens. They openly say, on camera, they don’t care about the law. The Fraternal Order of Police defends enforcers who blatantly violated people’s rights while recording themselves. Enforcers have no fear of losing their homes.


Comment awaiting approval. Maybe they think I’ve become a spammer?


Try rewording or shortening your comment.


Short version – I agree that “qualified” immunity has to go. Legislative action is probably best solution, but courts (SCOTUS) have finally demonstrated a scintilla of sense on the topic.

F Riehl, Editor in Chief

Approved, stupid spam filter…


Sir, would you please do something about the annoying “cookie” setting notice? This is an unnecessary annoyance. I do not wish to “A cept All” cookies. Why is this being forced on us, all of a sudden? How about at least give us the traditional “X” in the corner to make this go away?


Bubba will also tell you you’re talking out your ass. You really don’t have a clue do you? You are like one of those tweeter moron kids that talks shit from behind your computer. I on the other hand protect and serve my community “those civilians” even if I don’t agree with their BLM/ANTIFA bullshit. Until they do something that is not Peacable. Then they should be put down. I just got back from New Orleans a couple weeks ago doing air rescue. All you did was watch us on TV. I was in New Orleans for Katrina and did… Read more »


Were you the guy on the video who beat the elderly lady during Katrina after she went and got the gun the police asked her to go get? Or, were you the guy that watched her get beat?

Bubba, which department did you work for in California?


LAPD and Retired in 2006 because the Upper level brass was not doing their job protecting the good officers. All they wanted was to promote themselves. That’s mostly due to the captains, chiefs and especially the worthless Mayors Not us grunts. You lump us all in with the few bad. Get out of your bubble and embrace and educate the idiots in your community you complain about. I have seem more Democrats and Independents moving to Conservative values then ever before. Get out and talk to them. Don’t flame them all the time. You just make the line in the… Read more »


Since you answered my question, I’ll respond to your comments/questions in your two posts: “You are like one of those tweeter moron kids that talks shit from behind your computer.” No – I’m observant. All the stuff you wrote about your heroics – I don’t care. You shouldn’t have taken the job. Your response was the “superman” response – one of the posters here even chose that as his user name. Get over yourself. My “lazy ass” is a top bracket tax payer. I only brought that up in response to your accusation. I’ve described what I have done before… Read more »

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tHaNk Me FoR mY cErViX!


Talk about tone deaf.


Now that right there is some interesting voting dynamics.



When my group starts thinking along the lines of FxxK the Po-Leece, you got a PR problem.

Politics is not like a piece of paper with two sides, it’s a Dodecahedron.

Dee, you out there? Our sides are getting closer together. We’re not on the same side, but damn – there are 12 sides.


Would this be the first time a “jab” has been required? I’m thinking of polio, smallpox and others I got growing up.


The difference is that those diseases were actually deadly. Kung Flu is nothing like those.


SAF is full of it on this one. Not ONCE have I seen any proposal by the administration to force anyone outside the military to take a shot. If anyone know of such a proposal, I’d appreciate you posting the source info.


He released a EO wanting the DOL to include the vaccination status for terms of employment.


Executive Orders have exactly ZERO force of law. Coincidentally, that’s the chances of me obeying any of them.


Me, too.