Speaking With Wren Williams on His Run For The VA House of Delegates

Speaking With Wren Williams on His Run For The VA House of Delegates In The 9th
Speaking With Wren Williams on His Run For The VA House of Delegates In The 9th

PATRICK COUNTY, VA-(Ammoland.com)- Wren Williams is running for the Commonwealth of Virginia House of Delegates in the Ninth District. Williams is a native of Virginia. He was born in Stuart and grew up in Patrick County. His family owned Ten Oaks Flooring which employed many people from the community. After graduating from Patrick County High School, Wren attended Hampden-Sydney College. He then went to law school before returning to the community as a member of the Bar.

Williams became active in conservative politics rising to Republican Chair of Patrick County. He helped flip the Patrick County Board of Supervisors to red. He was tapped by the RNC and Trump to help fight for voter integrity in the Wisconsin courts.

I had a chance to speak with Wren about the election and gun rights.

John: I always start out with the same question. What made you want to run?

Wren: My community was calling out for a fighter – someone to stand up and lead from the front and fight on their behalf. I’m a doer, a fighter, someone who sees a problem and sets out to address it. I stood up in my community with a message that like-minded individuals could get behind and those same community members called on me to run for the State House seat. I was successful in my primary with a 26% victory over the 14-year incumbent, and I hope to have a very high success rate come November through my work in the community leading the charge to make our District a better place for our citizens.

John: What is your experience with guns?

Wren: I’ve been around guns my entire life. As a young boy, I remember my dad bringing his guns out of his gun safe and laying them on his bed to show me what they were, how to clear the chamber, and how to safely handle firearms. I spent many years in Boy Scouts, actually earning my rank of Eagle, during which I interacted with firearms in shooting competitions, merits badges, etc. I’m also a hunter, both deer, and turkey, and have used firearms to supplement food from the grocery store. I enjoy shooting as a hobby, such as moving pistol targets and busting clays. Finally, I’m an everyday concealed handgun carrier. I carry in my briefcase, pick-up, and on my person, and have converted my wife to an everyday carrier as well. She may be a better shot than me with her .38 special.

Speaking With Wren Williams on His Run For The VA House of Delegates In The 9th
Speaking With Wren Williams on His Run For The VA House of Delegates In The 9th

John: Everyone has a “unicorn” gun. A gun that you have always wanted for some reason, but never managed to get. Mine is a PSL. What is yours?

Wren: Mine is a Krinkov AK-74U in 5.45×39. I have an AR-15 chambered in this same round and plenty of ammo to go with it.

John: GOA has endorsed you and they scored you an A+ so that tells us where you stand on gun rights. Why is the right to bear arms so important to you?

Wren: It’s vital. Look what’s happening in Australia right now during these Covid lockdowns. The government is pushing the people as far as it possibly can, and they have not meant to stop it because they’re not armed. They’re being forced into submission by their government without any means of recourse, which is the exact reason the founders included the right to bear arms, to begin with.

John: Virginia has been a hotbed in the gun rights war. Why is it so contested in the Commonwealth?

Wren: I would argue that Virginia is a testing ground for liberal ideology that Democrats wish to take nationally. The majority of Virginia is rural and also has a lot of conservative voters. However, the liberals control the large population centers. They believe that getting rid of guns will end gun violence, which is obviously illogical and not true. However, because Virginia is a state where the liberal ideology from the Northeast clashes with the conservative principles of the Southeast, we see a lot of legislation being tested in our state to see what might play well on the National stage.

John: Do we have any chance of reversing some of the anti-gun moves that the legislature made?

Wren: Absolutely. Republicans in the House of Delegates only need six seats to take the Majority and Governor Ralph Northam is doing everything he can to drive independent voters who are fed up with his tyrannical rule to the Republican candidates across the Commonwealth. The Democrats have lost their boogeyman, Donald Trump, and Biden’s approval ratings are plummeting. All-in-all, the Republicans are looking very good going into early voting which starts September 17th. If we take the House and the Governor’s Mansion, we’ll be able to reverse course and gain ground over the next several years.

John: What legislation do you plan on introducing if you win?

Wren: I plan to introduce constitutional carry in the Commonwealth of Virginia. I also plan to increase reciprocity for concealed carry for other states. Finally, I plan to introduce legislation that repeals anti-gun laws, namely the one-gun-per-month bill and the municipalities creating their own patchwork of gun laws.

John: What are your chances of winning?

Wren: My district is a strong, conservative district, that traditionally supports the Republican candidate over 70%. I anticipate winning.

John: How can people help you in your campaign?

Wren: The biggest need that I need is donations to continue to drive out voters to help with my election but also to help get our statewide candidates’ vote totals up. The more people I drive out in my district, the more Democrat votes I offset from Northern Virginia.

Donations can be made at https://secure.anedot.com/williams4del/donate.

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at www.crumpy.com.

John Crump

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You should have asked him what gun control he supports.

GOA gave Tom Cotton an “A” rating and Cotton (101st Airborne) is for red flag laws.


(101st Airborne) Us Tankers used to call them “Puking Buzzards” HA HA HA