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Idaho – -( Ok, let’s get this out first. I’m a little nervous writing about underwear. And you can see in the feature picture, I Am Not Modeling The Underwear! Somewhere in the back of my mind pops up the song about the man on p. 602. Decades ago, in a Sears catalog, some dork was modeling the men’s underwear and it turned out a little weird {video below}.

Suddenly the Sears catalog became the most read print material in America. Songs were written about it etc. etc. So with all of the above said, the pic for this Product Review on XGO Men’s Briefs is gonna be pretty generic. That is about as racy as my articles are going to get.

XGO Men’s Boxer Briefs

XGO Men's Boxer Brief
XGO Men’s Boxer Brief

The rational mind might ask would an outdoor writer even be writing about men’s underwear in the first place? Here’s why. It is general knowledge that when venturing into the outdoors in cool to frigid weather that you must wear a moisture-wicking base layer for numerous reasons but two of the main reasons are:

  1. If you fall in a river or the lake you need something that dries out fast.
  2. If you’re hiking hard, you’re going to sweat. When you stop, you’re going to get chilled. So you need a base layer that will wick away your sweat.

Not as many people know that it is also important to wear some good moisture-wicking socks like Browning socks. Wicking away the moisture will aid in preventing blisters. I remember one deer/elk hunt in the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness Area that I walked about 48 miles in five days. All of it in super steep country. The day before I got to the trailhead my buddy had two horses and a mule roll-off in the river and we had to put them down right there. So I had to carry a pack 7-miles to camp and was on foot most of the time all but two times. By the time I got out to the trailhead, I could not have walked another mile. I had 1-2 inch long blisters. I even had blisters on top of my feet. So good socks are a big deal.

So everyone knows about base layers, some people know about good socks but very few people think about moisture-wicking undies. Same as the other two, if you’re hiking hard and sweating when you stop to catch your breath, you’ll get chilled. Especially if you’ve been wading rivers waist-deep.

A big-time that I’m going to wear these is when backpacking. Decades ago I’d pack in my waders & heavy wading boots to fish in the rivers. Finally, to reduce weight & bulk I quit carrying them and just wear some nylon zip-off leg pants, hiking sandals, and wade. When I hop out of the river and hike down to the next hole I’m already dried out. Unless I’m waist-deep then you have wet, clammy undies for the day. Not comfortable. But, with my new XGO Men’s Briefs problem solved.

So to test them out I took a couple of pairs off to some early duck hunting this week. Wearing waders, wading in water, etc. is a good test for them. I was duck hunting with Knives of Alaska and The High Road With Keith Warren crew. It sprinkled a little and provided for a small test.

Although I didn’t get to test the XGO Men’s Briefs in a river dunking, freezing, driving rain situation I feel comfortable recommending them. They’re comfortable and should serve you fine. And with that, I will hang up my underwear writing career!

The MSRP on the XGO Men’s Briefs is $36.00 and as is usual, we will close with the specs.

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XGO Men’s Boxer Briefs Specs:

  • Compression First Layer – 6.0 oz
  • Compression Fit (sizing up is recommended)
  • 77% Acclimate® Dry Polyester / 23% Spandex
  • 4-Way Stretch Fabric
  • Superior Acclimate Dry Moisture Management
  • Ag47® Anti-Microbial Protection
  • Clean Seam® Next-To-Skin Comfort, Durable, Breathable & Won’t Shrink
  • 100% USA Made & Berry Compliant!!!

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