Dangerous Cities and Strict Gun Control

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Gun control is still a waste of money and time. IMG NRA-ILA

U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- We’ve heard the advocates of gun control say they haven’t done enough and we need even more gun-prohibition laws than we already have. They say that disarming honest citizens stops criminals from committing violent crimes. Those are bold claims, but that doesn’t make them true. Politicians lie to us all the time. I’ve looked at the record. I am not convinced that gun prohibition works as advertised, and we have some tragic stories to consider as well. The closer I look the more I think that gun-control laws cost lives.

Violent Crime in Failed Cities

Much of our so-called “firearms policy” is driven by emotion. We all feel compassion for the people of Chicago, Saint Louis, and Baltimore who cringe at the sound of gunfire every night. The war raging between rival drug gangs fighting for turf leaves innocent civilians caught in the nightly crossfire. Over four thousand people were shot in Chicago so far this year.

Notice the long causal chain that ties this together. Bad public policy leads to business failure- to unemployment- to addiction and depression- to broken families- and finally to more gangs and violent crime. I wish you could break that vicious chain of events bypassing more gun-prohibition laws. You can’t, but politicians need to deflect blame for their mistakes. They need a scapegoat. They passed 23-thousand gun control regulations so far, and still, there is no peace.

Violence is concentrated rather than ubiquitous. Ask yourself why Chicago, Detroit, and Baltimore are dangerous, but San Jose, Henderson, Austin, and San Diego are not. More than half of the counties in the US will not have a single murder this year. A mere 2 percent of our counties produced more than half of our murders.

Maybe it isn’t the guns, but the violent people we leave on our streets. In every city, the politicians and the powerful are protected with guns. It is the poor who are disarmed in the name of “gun control”.

Lives that were Damage by Gun Control

There is a real cost when gun prohibition fails. Sure, we see the body count every weekend from our failed blue cities. Beyond that is the tragedy of the honorable men and women we’ve thrown in prison as we feed the fantasy of gun prohibition. It takes about a thousand dollars, over a year of waiting, and a week off work to get your carry permit in Chicago. If you’re a parent who was robbed and saw your children shot, then that is too long. Many people who couldn’t wait are arrested and thrown in prison for the non-violent crime of wanting to protect their families. How long should they have to wait to protect the people they love?

Support for the right to bear arms in public has come from an unexpected quarter now that public defenders in both Chicago and New York have called for expanding and simplifying the permit process. To quote them,

“Embedded in the (US Supreme Court) justices’ inquiries- full of racially coded language and myths about “high-crime areas” and “muggings”- was a false assumption that police keep communities safe, and a dangerous distinction between “these people with illegal guns” (read: Black people living in cities) and “ordinary hardworking people” who have to commute home every night (read white people in the suburbs).”

Being a felon under President Trump was one thing when the Trump economy virtually eliminated black unemployment. It is phenomenally harder to be a black man who served time for a felony conviction now that the Biden economy has seen unemployment soar. Disfavored minorities and people with a criminal record find it much harder to find work today. They work they can find is part-time and for lower wages. Some occupations with licensing requirements are barred to felons.

The Lords in power tell us it is all done for the public good.

That is what the nobles always tell the serfs.

About Rob Morse

The original article, with sources, is posted here. Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily, at Second Call Defense, and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob was an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.Rob Morse


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Arkansas Rob

It’s clear to me that Democrats cause murder far more so than guns. We need a ban on Democrats.


Nice article Rob. Spot on in that economics drive crime far more than availability of firearms.

you may want to edit paragraph three – spell checker inverted meaning of one sentence! Bypassing means to go around or avoid, I’m certain you meant “by passing”.


Alcohol prohibition was a dismal failure. Drug prohibition is a dismal failure. Even prohibiting driving over the Federally mandated 55 mph speed limit was a dismal failure. In all of these cases, and likely many others, the prohibitions failed because they had the support of the politicians, but not of the people. The Left could support their case for gun prohibition by simply explaining how it will be different in some easily explained and verifiable way from the failed prohibitions of the past. Don’t wait for them to do so. They can’t. Because there simply is no difference. There’s an… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by DDS

the double nickel shuffle.. I remember it well, and still laugh about it. I never did observe that except when in high risk areas, which included the proximity of da fuzz. Mostu I kept driving at 75 to 85 mph. on freeways, depending on areaa and conditioins. In all the years of that prohibitioin I managed to collect only one speeeding ticket. when I explained to the judge that my car got 29 mpg at 55 and 42 at 70, the former limit on that stratch he agreed.. said “mucar betgs better mileage at the old speeds too, but we… Read more »


The Left seeks to disarm Americans, making them universally defenseless victims, while simultaneously releasing massive numbers of violent felons and refusing to even prosecute criminals. The 1-2 combo ensures more victims and more crime. They believe the public will then cry out for politicians to save them. We won’t. We will be our own first responders, and we will hold politicians accountable for creating the opportunity for criminals to harm us. The 2nd specifically prohibits the government from having power or authority over citizens’ arms. That will no longer be ignored.

uncle dudley

Call me a racist if you want but I believe most of the murders and shootings are done by black on black or brown on brown people. My reasoning is the drug cartels have so much drugs coming into the U.S., and these two groups are trying to control turf to move the product. The failure to shut off the flow of drugs by our government is the force behind the crime, these crimes are not being committed by people who go the sporting goods store to get their guns. All the gun laws in the world will not stop… Read more »


ending the “war on some drugs” wil go a long ways toward slowing this violence down. If anyone can possess whatever wiht no legal consequences, those taking the high risk to deal in the stuff are done. Check out how prohibitioni changed alcohol industrypermanently. I know Seattle’s story pretty well, s I live in that area. the booze kingppics kept themselves alof and “clean” for “the law”, but their underlings did the work and brought in the money. And money there was, by the boatload. Cartels were built, territory protected by main force (and plenty of guns). Once prohibitoin was… Read more »


leftists, politicians, and especially leftists politicians do not care about what happens to people when they create law. they only care about the power they wield over their subjects. if they cared they would pass legislation that would allow citizens to exercise their Second Amendment right to defend themselves from predators, both two and four legged ones. you would think that with over twenty thousand gun laws leftists would find a way to take those predators off the street to ensure the safety of the vast majority of the population. there should be no plea bargaining when firearms are involved.… Read more »


A little off topic but it relates to cities having rule over it’s people on a larger scale. Australia is putting people with covid and anybody who had close contact in quarantine camps because they don’t trust their own people to quarantine themselves. I wonder if they are the American equivalent of a republican! I am sure it is easy to force the sheeple to do anything the government wants since they decided to unarm themselves. Right now they beat the hell out of anyone not wearing a mask and jail them. I am sure they thought about how their new free… Read more »


“Australia is putting people with covid and anybody who had close contact in quarantine camps because they don’t trust their own people to quarantine themselves.”

It’s not Australia – it is armed government employees who are arresting people, beating people, and putting people in camps.


Lol, it’s the government that is the Country because they run the people, not the people run the government like it is supposed to be here. The people of Australia are nice and a good people. You are correct in the fact that the government is corrupt and they are the ones telling the sheeple what they will be doing that day because the queen controls the country. Here we select our controllers so We The People are supposed to be the controllers so it is OUR COUNTRY. They have them issued to them. Just a different way of looking… Read more »


Nope. It’s COPS arresting & oppressing on behalf of the gvt. Just Following Orders & getting off on it. RIH

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r

cops are PRT of government. DOnt be fooled by the librul nonsense.

Three branches of government here.. legislative makes laws (annd no one else can, not even Sleepy Joe), executive akes sure the lws enacted are followed), judicial (interprets and enforces the law duly enacted).

So cops ARE part of government.. executive branch.


I know.


People are reluctant to indicate who is actually doing the dirty work because “conservatives” are supposed to fawn all over law enforcement.

To avoid just saying who is doing the dirty work they use euphemisms like “the government” or the ever-popular “they.”

I suspect everyone here knows members of law enforcement are government employees.


People might want to put this in their search engine:

Part 1. Freedom Rally – Melbourne. 20.11.21.

Those aren’t armed government employees at that rally. The people at the rally are patriots. They know who is in parliament and they know it is the redcoats who are doing the bidding of the totalitarians in parliament.

The redcoats are the ones enforcing gun control laws and the redcoats are the ones who are enforcing vaccine laws.

Who are the redcoats?


More here – if you want to see a bunch of angry “civilians” put this in your search engine:

Part 2. Freedom Rally – Melbourne. 20.11.21.

Enforcers: what law won’t you enforce?


Tools of tyrants.

2A Gun Guy

Here they are the Democrats


LOL right back at you.

Armed government employees are doing the deed, just like they do, and will do, here.

Armed government employees are the biggest killers of their own people of the 20th century.


I don’t argue that but do you get the message of what I am saying? If you look at the board you will see a new article that supports what I am saying about WE the PEOPLE being and maintaining a free America.
We own this country though right now it kinda sucks. Australia owns it’s people because they are under the crown and bow to their dictatorship.
Do you get what I am saying?

The Rittenhouse Case & the Greatness of an Armed America ~ AmmoLand.com

Last edited 1 year ago by musicman44mag

Tyranny is impossible without “Law Enforcement” &/or military dishonor.


The majority of Americans want other people’s stuff (in many different ways). They vote for politicians who promise to take the wealth from others and give it to them (in many different ways). The Constitution has been so bastardized, not only is forced redistribution of wealth out of control, but the size of the government is out of control. The net effect is a vast number of laws that result in wealth redistribution and a large number of government employees who will do almost anything to keep their jobs (most are terrified of working in the private sector). Try not… Read more »


First off, I wouldn’t walk up to a law enforcement officer and start insulting him. I would however insult him if he was an ass hole and I have done so, even in the court room to the pro-tem while explaining about him yelling at me so loud and hard that he actually accidently spit on my shirt. Kommiefornia law allows for the driver to determine when it is safe to pull over for law enforcement, not the officer. I can’t remember the vehicle code. Since I pointed that out and didn’t get a ticket for evasion, they probably changed… Read more »


“I know our government knows better than to try to do what Australia is doing to it’s pleebs” They are already well down that road – in many ways. “As far as not paying taxes, my name is not Charlie Rangle” The largest tax evader in U.S. history was Mark Rich – pardoned by Bill Clinton. You and I have had tax discussions before. Our tax system is socialism. People who advocate for a progressive tax structure, significantly higher taxes on more expensive homes, different college tuition amounts based on ability to pay, tax deductions that phase-out as income increases,… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC
2A Gun Guy

It’s not Our Country anymore as long as the Democrats are in Control!


“I wonder if they are the American equivalent of a republican!”
Granted all politicians are not trust worthy, but I believe you meant Democrat.
None of them are worth the powder it would take to blow them to hell. It does seem the Dems are the party that has embraced communism.


I was saying that I wonder if the people refusing to wear masks there are like republicans here since supposedly only republicans refuse to wear masks and good little demonkkkrat sheeple comply.

I can see how it was stated is confusing. Thanks for the catch and pointing that out.

Last edited 1 year ago by musicman44mag

It’s not economics – it’s dysfunctional micro cultures.

Each violent criminal is responsible for their decisions to commit violent crimes.

The dysfunctional micro cultures, which cannot be fixed by a politician (irrespective of party), produces a higher percent of people who make decisions to commit violent crimes.

The people living in very specfic neighborhoods can fix their dysfunctional micro cultures.