Hi Point JHP 45 ACP Handgun Review

By Mike Searson
Review and field test of the Hi Point JHP 45 ACP Handgun.

Hi Point JHP 45 ACP Handgun - Left Side Barrel View
Hi Point JHP 45 ACP Handgun – Left Side Barrel View

USA –  -(Ammoland.com)- Making the rounds on the local gun circuit, we are often asked “What gun are you working on now?

Sometimes we are under NDA’s and have to keep quiet, but when UPS or FedEx drops off a few things to test out that we can talk about, we let our fans know. So we told them “a Hi Point JHP 45 ACP Handgun”.

“Why a Hi-Point?”

“That’s what they sent me.”

Are you going to trash them?”

“Why would I do that? I’ll shoot it and write an honest review like I always do.”

“Yeah but you always find something wrong with everything.”

“Right, but that’s not trashing something. That’s just being honest. The reason I do not work full time in the industry anymore is so I can be objective in my writing.”

“Are they gonna let you keep it?”

“Probably not. In all the years I’ve been doing this I got exactly 2 guns for free. Any review guns that I keep, I have to pay for.”

To be honest this was not the author’s first brush with a Hi-Point pistol.

Stallard Arms Model JS
Stallard Arms Model JS

It was 20-some odd years ago and a new round was taking the shooting world by storm: The 40 S&W round.

We read nothing but good things, it sounded like it was going to be the future, unfortunately, we knew no one with a handgun in that caliber. A local shop had a used Stallard Arms (one of several names the company had before settling on Hi-Point) handgun in 40 S&W for $95. For less than $100, we gambled on it just to try the round.

After putting several hundred rounds through it we sold it off to upgrade to a Browning Hi-Power in 40 S&W.

A year or so went by and we mentioned it to another shooter who scoffed at the choice. We honestly had no problems with the pistol beyond its crude looks and were not all that surprised when this “competition shooter” admitted that he had never actually tried one, he had just heard about them somewhere.

So a few weeks ago, Hi-Point sent us their JHP 45 ACP pistol to test out and we approached the review with an equally open mind.

Hi Point JHP 45 ACP Handgun The good

Hi Point JHP 45 ACP Handgun - Right Side Slide Back
Hi Point JHP 45 ACP Handgun – Right Side Slide Back

Despite its weight, the pistol did fit our hand well. At 25 feet we achieved admirable groups and put 400 rounds through the pistol courtesy of our good friends at Freedom Munitions who sent us a case of their test ammunition.

Prior to shooting, we broke down the pistol, cleaned it, and lubed it. While shooting we experienced no malfunctions of any kind.

The key feature of this pistol is its low price point. We see this as the handgun for folks who need to defend their homes and families, but may not be able to run out and pick up a new SIG Legion or even a used Glock 19.

Many of us are fortunate and can buy what we want within reason of course, but think of those young families where a parent may be working multiple minimum wage jobs and $200 for a handgun and ammunition may be all they can afford for protection.

Hi Point JHP 45 ACP Handgun has is a small accessory rail and the pistol is rated to handle +P ammunition.

Hi Point JHP 45 ACP Handgun The Bad

Hi Point JHP 45 ACP Handgun - Right Side
Hi-Point JHP 45 ACP Handgun – Right Side

This is a blowback-operated pistol, which means that the slide has to have some significant mass to keep the handgun from unlocking at the wrong time.

In other words, its weight (despite the polymer frame) is significant and the slide mass makes it feel heavier than it is. She doesn’t exactly have it in the looks department, either.

Yet, when you are designing a handgun for the masses and trying to keep the cost to a low level, you aren’t going to have nice little nuances in machining or 30 dpi checkering, ivory grips or anything else for aesthetics.

Hi Point JHP 45 ACP Handgun The Reality

Hi Point JHP 45 ACP Handgun - Left Side
Hi Point JHP 45 ACP Handgun – Left Side

While it would not be the author’s first choice for a pistol, the Hi-Point is reliable, accurate, and affordable.

For someone on a budget who needs a handgun for personal defense, it is about as basic as you can get.

This is not a competition handgun. There is no threaded barrel to attach a silencer. It is very heavy to carry concealed and we do not see any police agency or military unit clamoring for one.

But it pretends to be none of those things.

It is a simple, working and affordable firearm made by an American company for people who may not have the means to buy something that costs more than $200.

There is a lot to be said for that.

Hi Point JHP 45 ACP Handgun Specs:

  • Barrel length: 4.5″
  • Overall length: 7.75″
  • Weight: 35 oz.
  • Frame: High-impact polymer
  • Finish: Black powder coat with polished sides
  • Capacity: 9-shot magazine
  • Sights: 3-dots, fully-adjustable rear sight
  • MSRP: $199

Hi Point JHP 45 ACP Handgun Resources:

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About Mike Searson

Mike Searson’s career as a shooter began as a Marine Rifleman at age 17. He has worked in the firearms industry his entire adult life as a Gunsmith, Ballistician, Consultant, Salesman, Author and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1989.

Mike has written over 2000 articles for a number of magazines, websites and newsletters including Blade, RECOIL, OFF-GRID, Tactical Officer, SWAT, Tactical World, Gun Digest, Examiner.com and the US Concealed Carry Association as well as AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

  • Home page: www.mikesearson.com
  • FB: www.facebook.com/mike.searson
  • TWITTER: www.twitter.com/mikesearson

FYI: Hi-Point offers the Hi Point JHP 45 ACP Handgun in Desert Camo:

Hi Point JHP 45 ACP Handgun in Desert Camo
Hi Point JHP 45 ACP Handgun in Desert Camo
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At gun shows, I’ve handled a number of High Points. I would surely add to its qualities, awesomeness. It’s massive, fills the hand, points beautifully and is intimidating- a factor which might eliminate the need to shoot the perp. And with that price, what isn’t there to like?

Last edited 2 years ago by Wass

A steel 1911 weighs around 40 oz. This is only 35 oz. It makes no sense to say that it is too heavy to carry! 1911’s are carried every day!


Read lots of reviews and bought a jhp for my truck console. Got
an extra magazine and holster from hi-point. Have never had a
jam or fail to fire. Empties drop right at your feet. Accuracy is
fine at 21 ft. Gun is a heavy tool that is reasonably priced and
reliable. Bought a second one since first one worked well. Fully
satisfied with the two jhp’s and could pick up one more and still
hot have spent a typical 1911 price.

John Kinnard

Thanks for you honest review,
They also have the best warranty anywhere!


When selecting her second pistol, my wife tried several poly framed pistols and found them all to feel “top heavy.” I had to agree with her. She did settle on a Beretta 92F with its steel frame and learned to shoot it quite well.

Whereas I’m kinda old fashioned and stick to my Colt Government Model 1911 Mark IV Series 70.

Although I understand the Colt Walker makes a better club after you fire all six rounds.



How do you get five year old comments on an article written yesterday?


It wasn’t written yesterday. It was just reposted.

Wild Bill

A time when presidents did not poop in their pants in public! Ahhh, those were the days.

F Riehl, Editor in Chief

@Stag, thanks for highlighting that for Norm.

Salvatore J Sampiere

I just purchased my third Hi Point pistol. I have a 380, 9mm and a 45. Just fired the 45 the first time yesterday. I think they are perfect. Dont have to spend boo koo money to enjoy target shooting

J. Allen

I love my Hi Point 45 ACP JHP! It is fun to shoot! And, it is a great camp gun! The Bad: The gun is advertised at 35 ounces. Mmmmmm, actually it is 43.4 ounces(on my Postal Scales) with out magazine or ammunition in chamber! Still, less than $200 bucks! A great buy! Made in the good old USA!

Raymond F Miller

And Guaranteed for life. I have the .45 carbine and pistol, plus the .380 and love them.


I lost a spring from one of my HPs once, completely my own fault. I called the factory and they sent me a new spring with no questions asked. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Fritz Blitzleben

Utilitarian is what comes to mind when I Play with my C9 on empty beer cans and 2liter mountain dew bottles . Are you trying to be fashionable when some tweaker kicks your door in and wants to rape you and your family ? You just want to squeeze a few out and find a reason to put a new concrete deck on your back porch right ? I never understood gun snobbery even a cheap Cheap in all ways Jimenez is better than no weapon in a nightmare scenario . Personally I like the design and I have butchers… Read more »

Mike Murray

This may be the most well-written reply I have ever read.


Agreed! Well written, honest and True!


I’ve owned several HPs over the years, both handguns and a carbine and they’ve all been great. When I was getting ready to deploy to Iraq for a private security contract, I picked up a .380 at a yard sale and put 1000 rounds through it practicing at the range over a two month period and it ran like a champ.


Great article on the JHP-45 ACP. Really liked the link to the armorers information. Thank You


They’re big, they’re ugly, and they smell funny but they go bang when you pull the trigger. At least mine does.


Have all four handguns 380, 9, 40 and 45 ( all run great )

J Allen

I like my Hi Point JHP45. Except everyone who test this gun fails to mention the correct weight of this firearm! Loaded with nine rounds of 220grain Sigs, this gun weighs in at 56 ounces! Ouch! This firearm is a monster! A loaded mag alone weighs just shy of one pound! 56 oz total! You got to be kidding me! No poly frame pistol should weigh this much ever! The factory needs to narrow this gun down, shave off some steel, get rid of the super long magazine, and re-design the frame! Pros: The weight adds to the control of… Read more »


As clearly stated in the article, slide mass is necessary for blow back operated 45acp. Re-design to reduce weight would have to be a total new design with some type of locking action. That would bump the price, which is directly contrary to target market this gun is aimed at.

Mark frontino

I have the Hi Point JHP .45 pistol. I am a Army Vet and designated sharp shooter. I have put well over 1200 rounds + of ammo thru it of all types; aluminum, steel and brass of all grains and I have NEVER had a jam or missfire. This gun will eat any amo you feed it. Not only is it reliable, but it is extremely accurate. I absolutely find my gun a pure joy to shoot. I use it for all types of shooting fun. I take it to my blind and pop deer in the head easily with… Read more »


100% right on the money, I have a couple of them and have no problems with them. I have the 45 carbine, and it is one hell of a gun dead on accurate, takes the same mags as the hand gun, which is a plus. Let the elitists have their glocks, rimes with rocks, I don’t own one and don’t intend to, because I don’t believe that they are as great as they are advertised to be.


THIS IS A GREAT HOME DEFENSE GUN . I also see a lot of comment’s about it’s looks. But I bet if someone came in your house this ” ugly gun ” would kill them just as fast as any high price gun out there , after all isn’t this what Home Defense is all about.


In the case of High Point pistols, ugly is good. Imagine, you’re a perp faced down by the business end of a HP,


I can’t find anyone really saying anything bad about these guns. (outside of the “clique-y crowd”) Ya, they’re big and heavy, so what?
If you run out of bullets, you get a bonus try, throw it at the assailant! (no great monetary loss) If you make a head shot throw, you’ll knock em out!!!

C. Thomas

Amazing firearms
45 owner
I love the weight, they are intimidating. One carrying one doesn’t even have to speak when they are carrying one. The owner should be confident when the time come concerning their HP.


Faced down by a HP, the perp would need a change of panties. Glad the message got out.

Pa John

Remove the stupid magazine safety and incidentally improve the trigger a little bit. With both the Hi Point JHP 45 and the C9, you can simply remove the right side hand grip cover and remove the magazine safety bar, reassemble everything minus that piece, and then you’ll be able to fire the thing while the magazine is removed. I simply do not like mag safeties just because, and very slightly improving the trigger is just bonus. A quick YouTube search for “jhp 45 mag safety”: https://youtu.be/t5JvMSKi1LY will net you a selection of videos showing how simple it is to remove… Read more »


Cash/Check Discount Price

Salvatore J Sampiere

why is the trigger hard to pull

Angela Yerg

I love my 45 highpoint. If anything goes wrong with it at least I have a life time warranty on it. I can’t go wrong there.

Kevin Russell

I own several hand guns, smith, sig, charter, kimber, ruger but hipoints are my favorite. I own 9c, 40 sw and 9mm carbine. I enjoy the blowback design and with the correct grip I am very good at 25 yrds with it. 45 jhp is my next hipoint then getting 10 mm carbine . Hipoint I enjoy and agree with many on really no issues. The warranty , reliability and cost. Hipoint will be in my collection forever. The new shooters, the weight of a hipoint will help big time in recoil it takes some of the math energy away… Read more »


I need to purchase


The JHP is one of my favorite blue-collar guns. It’s accurate and gobbles ammo like a teenage boy at a buffet.


I just purchased the jhp 45. I have only fired 9 rounds through it up to this point. All i can say about it is wow. The gun opperated flawlessly and was extremely accurate. The gun is a bit heavy but really helps on recoil. The gun fits my hand very good.


Now if you want to really set your self up , get a carbine in 45acp and you will be set for any thing inside your house and on your property. The best part is, the magazines are interchangeable. You can get a package that includes a flash suppressor, two mags and brackets that fit the carbine to hold them. My carbine and handgun are so accurate I can make head shots at 20-30 yards with a red dot sight on the carbine and the handgun with iron sights. I have a flash light, laser and the red dot on… Read more »


I have the .45 pistol and carbine and I LOVE both of them. Got a package deal from my local shop for the carbine, scope, and 250 rds of ammo for 299. Throw that on top of the 130 I paid for the pistol and I got a good little defense combo for under 500$. I’ve fed about 500rds through both so far and not a complaint from either one. My wife is dead ass accurate from 50yards with the carbine. She refuses to fire the pistol though, she thinks it is too heavy. I can’t complain a bit though.… Read more »

Raymond Miller

Agree with you 100%, but I keep my carbine along side of the bed in a case. about the same accessibility as yours in the closet.

Jim Kennedy

I loved this gun and have had tons of fun shooting it. However, I just discovered the most disturbing and dangerous thing about the Hi-point 45: once a round is racked into the chamber, it seems impossible to remove except to fire the gun. I think it is related to the “blow back” design but it is still disturbing. Bottom line: don’t load it unless you have a place to fire the chambered round.

Raymond Miller

Have you tried to remove the loaded mag and replace it with an empty one ? I do believe that if you remove the mag. while you have a load in the chamber you cannot rack the slide OR fire the gun. This requires you to have a mag in it to make it work. I look at this as a safety feature, in other words you have a chambered round and the mag is not in the gun. You can only fire it if and when you install a mag. You would slap the mag in and be ready… Read more »

estel r rose

i bought one these a few years back still have it works all the time cant complain,,not nice looking pistol ..as long as it works thats the most important..have ran many rounds through it.easy too clean up.a friend of mine laughed about it when looked at .but when he shot it he was sold on it..i am sure if you stress test it flaws can be found any pistol has a limit..cant complain at ..my wife has one,, my daughter carries one ,,so both my sons so there it goes..they may not be the best handguns,,but they are not the… Read more »


Ray, i agree. I have 2 friends 1 being a conservation officer the other a deputy marshall & both carry a Hp 380 back-up weapon. They both say the Hp is like the AK47, never clean it, throw it in mud, sand, etc..& it has never failed. I open carry my Hp.45 with Winchester Black Talon ammo & my Hp 380 back-up weapon i shoot a special load hollow point that my friend developed. I’m not a fan of 9mm of any make or model. As a former Texas Ranger put it: “The 9mm was introduced to law enforcement because… Read more »


I had a Beretta Cougar 8045(.45) & a Glock 27(.40) both bought new. The Beretta was a total jamming POS ! Only could shoot specific brand ammo & no +P. Absolutely worthless ! The Glock was far better, but did have a handful of jamming episodes & again no +P ammo allowed. Took both the Beretta & the Glock to my local private gun dealer looking to sell or trade. He showed me several trade options while completely passing over these rather ugly bulky guns. I said “what’s the scoop on these?” he replied “well these are actually my best… Read more »

Raymond Miller

I am not a Glock fan to say the least. I am sick of everything being Glock, Glock, Glock, I refuse to own one. Tired of seeing all of the after market items for them, can’t find hardly anything for my XDS, or Ruger, or Smith, but damned Glock parts every where. Of coarse the afore mentioned don’t really need anything to make it work better, oh well. You will never regret buying the HP.

Raymond Miller

In all of the remarks I’ve made on H-P pistols I have never said what made me buy one. I was told by my local police chief that he and some other officers were at Fort Dix Range one day and down from them was a guy just banging away & away & away with something. Well the range officer called a cease fire, because he wanted to see what this guy was banging away with. Turns out that the guy was a Navy Seal and he was doing his rapid fire drill (or what ever) with an HP .45,… Read more »


Thinking about buying an HP.been reading reviews,being x military I was sceptical,use to hi tec equipment.

Kenneth wood

I have been in love with my JHP.45 ACP it has been stolen recently and I’ve been in shambles . its been reported to local law enforcement and ATF is my pistol covered by anything in warranty ?

Raymond Miller

Can’t say, call the company. I wouldn’t warranty a gun against theft but I don’t speak for HP.

Raymond Miller

Most if not all autos require a breaking period, not to say that most won’t work perfectly right out of the box, I am told and I think the HP’s is around 500 rnds. Don’t clean it just shoot the hell out of it and loosen it up and she will preform perfectly. Like my old 1911, it eats anything I feed it and never screws up. I have no idea how many rnds. it has been fed but it’s been a lot for sure.


My son owns a HP .40 and a 9mm. I have never shot a HP until last weekend. The 9mm worked as advertised. At 150 to 175 feet i was able to hit the targets most of the time that were already in place where we were shooting. The .40 was ok. It did not fully eject one round and the slide stuck back and had to be pushed forward a number of times. It was accurate. I shot about 150 rounds through each weapon during this time. I own a XD45, a XD9mm and a S&W .357 magnum. Very… Read more »


I own a HiPoint .45 ACP pistol. It gobbles any kind of ammo (hollowpoints and reloads included) and is accurate. Add in the lifetime warranty for a blue-collar price, and it’s agreat deal.

Marc S. Dunbar

Where can I find one in the Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR area?

Raymond Miller

Try GunBroker.com There is also another one that sponsors one of the shooting programs, and interviews gun and gun product manufacturers. But I can’t remember what the name is. Try Albertsonsworld of guns.com , not sure that’s right but the computer might help you out.

Jeff D. Shirley,Mass.

I have the 45,40, and 2-9mm carbines! There handguns are not allowed in “The Peoples Republic Of Communist Taxachussetts!” There all dead nuts @ 50yds. and they really don’t look that bad since they went to a skeletonized stock. There dependable and shoot whatever you feed them. They are 100% made in America and absolutely affordable. They just came out with a 380.acp carbine! Also they make a pissa club if you run out of ammo, or if you just need to TCB. The warranty is fabulous from what I hear. I’ve never had an issue!

Raymond Miller

Did you see the article about the woman whos car caught fire and she got out, forgetting about her HP .380 until it was to late. It showed a picture of the gun, it weren’t much more than a blob. Anyway she called HP and they told her to send it in and a short while later she received a brand new gun from them, now that my friend is a warranty.

Jim Allred

I have the JHP .45 acp and love it. The weight reduces recoil and it’s a real pleasure to shoot. Also have the C9 and love to shoot it as well. Neither is ugly to me. Guess that’s in the eye of the beholder. The bullets go where I want them to go, and to me that’s beautiful. I’ve got nothing against the more expensive handguns out there. I just don’t see any advantage in spending more money to put bullets in the same places I can with my HiPoints. Maybe expert marksmen can do better with the more expensive… Read more »


Have owned and fired many Hipoint arms both pistols and carbine. They are as ugly as an old boot and just as dependable and comfortable. My 40 and 45 pistol shoot as good and mostly better then my high cost sidearms of same caliber. Round on target matters price and looks dont.
As someone once said chrome don’t make it go, Hipoints GO.

Raymond Miller

If it don’t go chrome it, that’s what we used to say about cars. Hi Point goes on & on & on, it sure don’t need chroming.


I have the 45 and it does what you ask it to. Love the life time warranty and made it USA. Would like to see you test the 45 carbine. That will be my next gun.

F Riehl, Editor in Chief

Stay Tunned, 45 carbine review coming up next week.

Raymond Miller

I have one so I will be interested in your take on it. It like the handgun is heavy, but I added a light and a laser to mine and I got the extra package with the two mags. Love it and I know that I can depend on it.

Harry Rivers

I have the Carbine and it is a fun fun to shoot. Very little to no recoil. I stripped it down and painted mine flat beige and at the range everyone asks “What is it?” I added a scope and short stand and plink away. Lots of fun.

johnnie davis

I have the 45,40,and 380 h.p. pistols and the 9mm carbine. My wife has the 9mm pistol. These guns aren’t perfect, but they’re reliable and the price is tough to beat.

Hank Barrett

My son and I ordered a Hi-Point .45 for him and a .380 for my wife. He loves his .45 and when people put it down all he can say is “how much did you pay for yours” I got mine for $139.00 and it shoots rounds just like yours does and your author forgot to mention the Hi-Point warranty Life time send it in and we’ll fix it at no charge. Oh, by the way my wife loves her .380. I know that the magazines for the .380 and the 9mm are the same and 9mm rounds from my… Read more »

Fritz Blitzleben

Hank buddy I hear you on that I’m a maniac too and love experimenting . I’m sure you know safety first but just a word of caution please don’t use your hindsight away . Tie a string to the trigger and stand back with protection Please bro just to be safe and once your confident you won’t lose any fingers go nuts and post it on YouTube . Honest to God I tried with a Makarov round almost identical to 380 and succeeded in blowing a c9 up on the first try No LIe ! I of course tortured the… Read more »

Hank Barrett

Okay I’ll tell you what I finally did. I went on ebay and got me a $30.00 9mm barrel for the High Point. The .380 and the 9mm are chambered different .380=17mm, 9mm=19mm so the .380 will fire in the 9mm but the 9mm will not fit in the .380. Anyway everything looked the same so I figured what the hell I’ll get the 9mm barrel and see if it fits in the .380 frame and it does. So I put the 9mm in the .380 frame put the slide back on, ran snap caps through it a couple of… Read more »


those guys in TN finally drove a bolt down the barrel and fired the gun to blow it up!!!
Even then it just made a lump on the barrel, it didn’t blow up!!!


Yes and you could fill the cylinders of your pickup truck with black powder and blow it up. Question is WHY ?

Mark J

I have the .45 .40 and 9mm, they are just sit around pieces. I never carry them only to the range, and I will say the .45 and .40 work better than the 9mm, but they all work! The Brick that goes BANG, does go BANG!


I have heard complaints about disassembly of this weapon for cleaning, any comments?

adam stillwell

I have the 45 JHP and it’s pretty easy to tear apart. Yes you have to do it with tools. So it does lack newer methods for taking it apart like a glock. It does have one pin that you have to knock out of it. After that a screwdriver. I don’t have any complaints though.


It is not the easiest hand gun to take down and clean, but it isn’t terrible either. Follow directions of a guy on you tube and you won’t have any problems. I personally love my 45 handgun and 45 carbine. They share the same mags and are fun to shoot. I can draw a face on a target with my carbine with a red dot scope I mounted on it. I had a problem with the hand gun that was TOTALLY MY FAULT, and Hi Point FIXED IT FOR FREE!!!!!! Except for the price of 45acp ammo, not their fault,… Read more »


I have the c9 and the 45 no issues at all I don’t know why people are so into looks on a gun its a tool if it works who cares what it looks like yah its a big heavy gun but its a blast to shoot

Raymond Miller

I own the .45 hand gun and the .45 carbine, and the .380 hand gun. They are great house guns for sure. The carbine is dead on at 50yrds with a red dot sight and the hand gun in .45 is a down the hallway across the room gun. The .45 is heavy but that, to me means the little woman can handle it with less felt recoil. The .380 the same, I believe them to be some of the safest guns on the market and they have a place in my collection. OBTW, the carbine and the handgun use… Read more »


Hi-Points are not pretty–that is good for a real user gun. No sweat for me to toss mine in a tackle box or under the truck seat–it is a tool to me and it works and works well. Besides the 9mm bullets from my $200 gun come out of the barrel at the same speed (and accuracy) as the 9mms from a $1,000 Kimber, only more reliably. I can buy five Hi-points for the price of one Kimber and the Hi-Point does not use investment cast internal parts either. Ugly but very efficient gun.


I have the .40 in a high-point. It don’t like the steel case ammo. It loves the aluminum ammo. It shoots pretty well most of the time. Its a fun gun. My wheel gun is a lot more reliable. But for the price its not a bad toy.