Some States Making JPMorgan Chase Pay for Anti-Gun Discrimination

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Despite the Biden administration’s statements to the contrary, Americans are still buying more guns than ever. IMG iStock-1189937492

U.S.A. – -( “JPMorgan Chase & Co. was removed on Thursday from a $700 million Louisiana municipal-bond deal after the bank’s stance on guns drew criticism from state Republican officials,” Bloomberg News reports. “The decision came after state Treasurer John Schroder, a Republican, said his team was scrutinizing JPMorgan’s gun policies following Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimon’s comments to a Congressional committee earlier this year that his firm won’t finance companies that make military-style weapons for consumers.”

“Louisiana isn’t alone in standing up to discriminatory policies,” the National Shooting Sports Foundation reported in October. “Texas’s legislature passed and Republican Gov. Gregg Abbott signed into law the Firearm Industry Nondiscrimination Act (FIND Act). The law prohibits ‘woke’ corporations from profiting from Texas tax dollars and using those profits to fund efforts to deny those same taxpayers their Second Amendment rights. The law already cost JPMorgan Chase the $3.3 billion it underwrote in bonds in 2020 now that it is denied from doing so this year.”

Similar measures are being pursued in other states, including Ohio, where Rep. Scott Wiggam has introduced legislation that “would deny corporations the ability to benefit from taxpayer-funded state or municipal contracts while at the same time holding policies that discriminate against firearm-related businesses.”

From my 2018 GUNS MagazineBanking on Disarmament” column:

Unsurprisingly, banks are also beneficiaries of collectivism. Citigroup and B of A both got “government bailouts” courtesy of the taxpayers. Gun owners had no say in prohibiting money taken from them being used to guarantee assets of corporate ingrates. And JPMorgan Chase, ATF’s credit card provider, offered a position to get a double-dipping Fast and Furious manager out of the country, was a top Obama and Hillary campaign contributor, and the bank that terminated the account of “3D printed gun” pioneer Defense Distributed.

With an estimated net worth of around $2B, Chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon is above it all. Naturally, an “Executive Protection Specialist” bodyguard is one of the perks he enjoys, so what the little people who have credit cards, checking, and savings accounts are to do is of no concern to him. There are so many customers, a handful lost here or there will not even register on the bottom line.

As for the argument that the super-rich like Dimon and celebrities need such services more than the average person because they’re such potentially lucrative targets, tell that to the most at-risk low-wage workers among us, like convenience store clerks, or taxi drivers, or the pizza delivery guy.

It’s past time for the government to investigate past “sweetheart deals” such as JPMorgan enjoyed with ATF. If the Republicans can succeed in not blowing a return to majority power, gun owners should demand they hold banks to the same non-discrimination policies as the above-cited states are enacting.

Starting with no more bailing the ungrateful loan sharks out when they run things into the gutter…

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

David Codrea

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Mr. Codrea, I read your posted here. very well written, informative and factual. It’s sad to see companies being ‘woke” because of some reason. For banks lending institutions, tec for them to discriminate against those who are supporters of the second Amendment and what they are doing is discriminatory. They need to be taken to civil court and pay damages for this. Who are they do decide who they will do business with who support the 2A? At present does JP Morgan Chase deal with any firearms related businesses? Best thing to do is hit where it hurts if someone… Read more »

Ansel Hazen

Stop using plastic for purchases. These institutions make their money off of facilitating these transactions. Using cash denies them this avenue for profit.


When looking for mutual funds one will come across various “social choice” type funds. Generally these funds do not deal with specific industries (nuclear power, firearms, and porn +) or countries (Korea, Iran, and likely others).
To me social choice investing would include clean power (nukes) and public service industry (firearms) – but would exclude China or companies overly involved with China. They do not offer anything I would classify as moral investment funds. I am too lazy to investigate and invest well – particularly as ties to China are often buried. What’s a man to do?

American Cynic

If I’m not mistaken, Jamie’s surname is Dimon, not Dimond. Chances are good it is a shortening of the name Diamond. You’re article doesn’t cover the many hypocrisies going on at JPMorgan Chase. I have first hand experience while in their IT department. Every year we were forced to take a class entitled “Diversity in the Workplace”. All the while, a diverse group including hundreds of mainframe programmers were laid off, and later replaced by wall-to-wall Indian programmers. What kind of diversity is that? An Indian in every cubicle as far as the eye can see. All the while the… Read more »

Last edited 10 months ago by American Cynic

I had Bank of America for years starting before my bank became BoA. I sold my property in Ft. Lauderdale and moved up to St. Augustine. When I went to BoA to deposit the funds I asked customer service about any hold on the check, no problem the check was written on an Atlantic Bank in Lauderdale. I knew exactly which one, and they even had a branch in the Wal Mart in St. Augustine. The BoA teller tells me there’d be a hold on the funds for like almost two weeks, eleven days or some other bravo sierra. So… Read more »

Wild Bill

Good intel.


For those of you who are still operating under the illusion that those occupying corporate governance seats are somehow ‘conservatives’ let this be a lesson to you. Marx tells us that capital is a coward. Capital and those who manage it are first concerned with the preservation of capital and privilege. Theirs. Not yours. Corporate America is populated by eunuchs who serve the mighty lord of the dollar and will bend their knees to any power that promises to preserve their position. Chase is a prime example of this, as is B of A, Citi, Goldman et al. So what… Read more »


Life gets tough when you are boycotting everybody and everybody is boycotting you and you are small and they are big. If you believe that society owes you an equal share in that society (14th Amendment) that your taxes support, then you will eventually have to use force (2nd Amendment) to get your due share. The data (history) is plentiful on this matter. We read it here every day.



Less than 1/2 hour ago I watched the current episode of “China in Focus”, by NTD News. Toward the end it has a section on JPMC and it’s involvement with China, and the CCP. They have been in China for 100 years. I would never be involved with JPMC. I do all my banking with local credit unions.


I’ve had dealing with Chase and the one word for them is they SUCK!


Amen! We can demand that from the regulators with a sweep of Congress in Nov 2022!


Good one keep it up

Wild Bill

Good article, but it fails to inform us why American bankers would lend to the National Socialist party, as it was pretty little, at that time. After FDR was elected he went after the bankers, who in turn took their money and business to Europe. FDR did not foresee that move or the consequences that followed.


The head of the Deutsche Bank is the pastry chef in my saloon.

AZ Lefty

Guess that “Right” to do business with who you chose is not a Right when it offends the snowflakes of the right


you can’t have it both ways lefty. You got what you wanted. And now it came full circle to bite you in the ass. Bakers have rights.


Nobody said they don’t have the right to do business with who they choose. Try re-reading the article and you might understand that. The article is just pointing out what choices Dimond/Chase are making, who they choose not to do business with and the choices that some states have chosen to do in response to those choices. It allows the readers to be a bit more knowledgeable when making THEIR choices on who to do business with.


The American Progressive movement has gone full on fascist in the truest sense of the word. Government now picks the winners and losers in the economy. Fascism is the bonding of corporate with government power. At least according to Benito Mussolini, and I would think he knows a thing or two about it. After the bail outs and tarps and other frauds committed on the American taxpayer by progressives of both parties we are now fully there.


Yes, if it were not for government floating company bottom lines and forcing us to comply with certain requirements then the people could easily take care of this situation.



Precisely what is happening here. JPMC has chosen to exclude specific potential customers based on what business they are in. We (Texas) have in turn decided to not do business with them. We have a right to spend our public funds in a way we believe will do most good for our public.