NBC News Rats Out More of the Gun Community

A sad fact about gun control politics is that if you are cynical enough you can darn near see the future. IMG NRA-ILA

U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- A sad fact about gun control politics is that if you are cynical enough you can darn near see the future.

Consider this NRA-ILA item from November 8, titled, “NBC News Tattletale Alerts Secret Service to “Let’s go Brandon” AR-15 Receiver.” The piece concerned an NBC News reporter who contacted the U.S. Secret Service over the sale of an AR-15 lower receiver emblazoned with the popular “Let’s go Brandon” political slogan. NRA-ILA explained in the article,

As legacy press outlets have lost much of their ability to manipulate public opinion, these institutions have resorted to increasingly desperate tactics to shape public discourse. Enter tattletale “journalism.”
This genre of article consists of identifying something that offends the delicate sensibilities of the prestige press and the elites they cater to and then reporting the offensive conduct to various authorities under the guise of asking them for comment. The transparent goal of such pieces is to pressure those in authority to stamp out the behavior. 

This sometimes takes the form of a “journalist” alerting one of the tech oligopolies to material hosted on their platform that the reporter deems politically incorrect.

Less than a month after publishing the ridiculous “Let’s go Brandon” piece, NBC engaged in exactly the conduct described above.

According to an account from Ammoland.com, in recent weeks NBC News contributor Joshua Eaton contacted several firearms-related YouTube content producers to ask them about the material on their channels. The query focused on channels containing information on how people can exercise their Second Amendment right to build their own firearms.

NBC News then contacted YouTube with a list of channels containing this information, alerting the tech giant that these channels were supposedly not in compliance with the company’s “community guidelines.” This resulted in videos being deleted and demonetization of the channels. Ammoland.com obtained a letter from YouTube that explained,

All channels on YouTube must comply with our Community Guidelines, which prohibit content instructing viewers how to make firearms,” Jack Malon, YouTube spokesperson, told AmmoLand News. “After careful review, we have removed the videos in question for violation of our firearms policy, and we have also suspended the channels sent by NBC from the YouTube Partner Program for failure to follow our Advertiser-Friendly Guidelines.

For more information on this vital story see the Ammoland.com article by clicking here.

With its recent behavior, NBC News has abandoned any pretense of objectivity and is now engaged in partisan activism.

On his personal website, Eaton notes that prior to “going freelance” he wrote for ThinkProgress. That outlet was a project of the left-wing Center for American Progress – Action Fund. The Center for American Progress is a radical anti-gun organization. The group supports a ban on commonly-owned semi-automatic firearms and their magazines and background checks for ammunition sales. At present, the outfit opposes the NRA-supported New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v. Bruen U.S. Supreme Court case that would ensure the Second Amendment right of New Yorkers to carry a firearm for self-defense outside the home.

NBCUniversal would do well to keep this sort of rank advocacy to MSNBC, lest the public get wise to their broader propaganda campaign.

About NRA-ILA:

Established in 1975, the Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) is the “lobbying” arm of the National Rifle Association of America. ILA is responsible for preserving the right of all law-abiding individuals in the legislative, political, and legal arenas, to purchase, possess, and use firearms for legitimate purposes as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Visit: www.nra.org

National Rifle Association Institute For Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)

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A right is supposed to be sacred and sacrosanct. Whereas a privilege is only a courtesy (or tool) extended by authority, and completely subject to revocation. Our Bill of Rights does not source from the government, rather, it is a description of a free being, before the fabrication of authoritarian government structure. The 2A denies the government the ability to diminish the preexisting right. All the incremental legislative movements towards citizen disarmament, each and every anti-2A bill submitted, are acts of treason, that politicians have, over time, conditioned themselves to ignore. I believe the Marxocrats only have influence due to… Read more »

Wild Bill

A Right and a Privilege and an Immunity are all the same thing. Please see Black’s Law Dictionary, 5th ed. p1077. See also Privileges and Immunities Clause, US Constitution.
Most people use privilege, wrongly, to mean a special benefit, favor, indulgence, or license.
Many people do not believe in God or religion, therefore nothing is sacred or sacrosanct.
Authority that comes from the state that is subject to revocation is a license.
But I like the organization and content of everything else that you wrote.


Believing in God/Faith is not required to believe in, and insist others respect the Bill of Rights. It’s citizenship these people have forgotten. Do 2A supporters believe in a higher power? Probably most do.

Wild Bill

Ok, Merry Christmas.


Wild Bill,

As I discuss more fully in response to another of your comments below your argument: “A Right and a Privilege … are all the same thing.” is wrongminded, defeatist, and now I add “self serving” of your ego, and without congruence of “an immunity”.

Please stop and think; lest the readers think you a “gun control ‘troll'”.

Wild Bill

I, merely, drew everyones’ attention to the definition of a word and footnoted it. The remainder of your writing is mere insult.

Last edited 1 month ago by Wild Bill
Doug G.

More proof that Trump was correct in calling the legacy press, the Enemy of the People. A free society needs a free press but not a propagandist, biased unethical press with no journalistic standards and certainly not one that works in collusion with one party as well as the global information source provider to sway public opinions and elections. It is not an attack on the 1st Amendment to shut down liars pretending to be reporters. Their activism has and will lead to their demise, once enough people recognize it.

Wild Bill

Libel, slander, and lies are not protected by the First Amendment.

Wild Bill

I sure hope so. NYTimes v Sullivan has to go.


Unless said allegations of “Libel, slander, and lies …” are made against “public figure”.


Yep. “Libel, slander, and lies …” Too bad redundancy isn’t actionable either.


It’s basic law. You are uninformed and flatulent.


I was was agreeing with you, dopey.

Last edited 1 month ago by Russn8r
Wild Bill

No, public figures can sue for the intentional torts of libel and slander, too, but because they have sought the lime lite they do have to put up with more than ordinary people.


You should be a (likely vote) demonrat; you clearly have all the answers … And, most are simply wrong.


When a network new agency becomes an activist, do they loose the constitutional privileges granted to the press? Do they then only have the individual rights guaranteed by the 1st Amendment and not the rights reserved for the press?

Would be an interesting lawsuit to evaluate…


What constitutional privileges granted to the press? The need for a free press is used to explain reasoning behind requiring an individual right be respected. Similar to how 2A uses need for milita in explicitly denying governmental control over another fundamental individual right.

Wild Bill

What Constitutional privileges (privilege is another word for Right) do you think news media has that is different from ordinary citizens?


Wild Bill, I suggest you re-think “privilege” and “right” as synonyms; they are not synonyms. “Rights” flow from G-d, or for the atheists and agnostics – “nature”; and are protected by the US Constitution by clearly setting forth “delegated powers” to the Federal government and “absolute restrictions” on it. “Privileges” are granted by other human beings, be they “governments”, employers, teachers, parents, etc. Further, I suggest this distinction is very important, and it is essential to keep such difference in the words’ meanings clear. Paul Clement who is lead attorney for the plaintiffs in NYSRPA v Bruen just made this… Read more »

Wild Bill

I do not write the write the definitions of words. That is why I footnote my references. Paul Clement is trying to win a case before the Supreme Court, traditionally he gets wide latitude to make his point, including colloquialisms . Merry Christmas.

Last edited 1 month ago by Wild Bill
Wild Bill

Four of the nine S. Ct. justices purport to be “Originalist” interpreters of the Constitution, meaning they seek to interpret the Constitution using the meanings of words and phrases that the founders would have used with the meanings that the founders would have understood. For Mr. Clement to say what he said can not be good because that is not what the founders would have understood or meant.


To write one need first “think”. It is no surprise you are unable to write “definitions” in general you have no depth. In fact you present as one who is “really quite emotional”.


Let’s go Easton!


I never watch or listen to the alphabet channels, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNBC, MSNBC, If everyone stopped these channels would dry up and blow away


This is one such example of what folks like me have been talking about for 30 years. We have not only a military/industrial complex as described by Ike in 1960 but we have a media/intelligence/law enforcement complex that works in unison to destroy opposition and destroy those who dare stand up to the ubiquitous progressive ideology resident in government agencies. Think Russian Collusion. Think Gen Michael Flynn. Think anyone who becomes a thorn in the side of the alphabet agencies of our federal government. Bureaucrats will lie, cheat and steal and collude with the press to do the same in… Read more »

Wild Bill

Well said.


NBC has been banned and canceled at my house for years . I took a page out of the cancel culture book and canceled all Marxist , socialist , communist media sites . I don’t watch national news anymore, just local news and when they start the false narratives I change the channel. Silencing them all at my house has worked well for me !

Wild Bill

Yeah, what ever they say, the opposite is probably true. Saves a lot of time, too! MC, brother.


If you are paying for television – cable, satellite, etc – you are still helping these monsters. So-called “cutting the cable” is what gets their attention when enough people do it. YMMV.


Perhaps it is time we have common sense 1st amendment controls on the “main stream media “.

Wild Bill

An excellent idea and that is very doable. The First Amendment does not include a Right “to gather information (news)”. States could demand ethics classes and testing prior to obtaining a “Journalist License”. MC, brother!

Last edited 1 month ago by Wild Bill

So people stop using youtube use Rumble


I have tried Rumble. The problem is they would not let me use a password of my choice, instead I was informed they would give me a password of their choice. I’ve had enough of agencies telling me what I can’t do!

Green Mtn. Boy

This surprises me of National Broadcast Communist’s how.


on the contrary, NBC should let their partisan mask slip further so even more Americans can be educated on their dishonesty.


If only that were true. The more people I talk to the less informed they are. More and more of them actually believe the nonsense they see on the news and Facebook. People in general are stupid. They see a one time opportunity to achieve some form of their ideological BS that is in direct opposition to our Constitution and Bill of Rights. The only thing that will force the ideological ass clowns to be actual journalists (not propagandists) is when the heads (literally) of Government, Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, and the wannabe press like, All the members of the… Read more »

Wild Bill

I agree with most of that, but not the people are stupid. I think that they are uneducated. It is up to us to educate them. MC, brother!


The most ignorant and gullible people I know are “educated”. Most colleges and universities have turned to indoctrination vs teaching people how to be discerning.

Wild Bill

Some people are naturally stupid, gullible, and ignorant. Others have to be taught.
Some are naturally smart and cunning. Others are smart and cunning and get that way by education.
Some smart and cunning colleges and universities know that they are indoctrinating gullible, ignorant students because that is easier than earning an honest living.
Which brings us to morality and ethics.
And Merry Christmas (hereinafter MC).

Last edited 1 month ago by Wild Bill
Wild Bill

You are early! Well, the remedy for that is lack of common sense is living in the real world, testing foolish theories, getting knocked around, until they get some sense that is common to us all.
Did I wish you a Merry Christmas!


@WB and Tex.
I’m a Jew (Just for the record)
I want to wish you both a Very Merry Christmas!


They don’t need to be educated. They need to be de-programmed. (Stockholm Syndrome) They have closed off their minds to compromise and listening to other options and opinions. I am visiting my folks this week. (Southern Commiefornia). They watch ABC for news and retarded morning shows. They watch CBS at night for prime time. They watch ABC for late night news and Late Shows. My folks spew words like misinformation (not even a real word) with only the bobble head talking points of the propagandist news they listen to. All their friends are about the same, save one who happens… Read more »

Wild Bill

Yes, maybe deprogramed is a better word. HH ( I can not spell it), brother.

Last edited 1 month ago by Wild Bill