Russian Invasion Of Ukraine Shows Why Gun Rights is Essential To A Free World

Kalashnikov USA KR-103 RIFLE
Kalashnikov USA KR-103 RIFLE

KYIV, UKRAINE -( Ukraine is the perfect example of why gun control is dangerous to the free world.

On Wednesday, Vladimir Putin ordered Russian troops to attack the neighboring country of Ukraine. In 2014, Russian troops moved into the Crimea region of Ukraine under the guise of being peacekeepers. Soon after, Russia annexed Crimea. Weak western leadership gave the Russian Federation the green light to take Crimea, and ineffective leadership also led to this invasion.

The Ukrainian people are learning the importance of the right to bear arms. Ukrainians have flocked to gun stores to buy any firearm they could get their hands on. The Ukrainian parliament passed emergency laws that allow their citizens to carry firearms. They now recognize that arming the population is the ultimate firewall to being dominated by an outside force.

Veterans are teaching Ukrainian civilians how to use guns such as AK47s.

They are also teaching the citizenry tactics and techniques to use against the advancing Russian forces. In other European countries with stricter firearms regulations, impromptu training with firearms would not be possible. Ukraine has a high number of gun stores compared to other European countries in the region.

Russia will probably win the war but will lose the peace. When matched up army to army, Russia has a massive edge over Ukraine, but we have seen in the last 100 years that insurgencies can topple the most powerful militaries. The Ukrainians have armed themselves the best that they can. They are now the militia. They soon will be the insurgency.

There is an ancient Chinese torture called “Lingchi.” It is better known in the west as “death by a thousand paper cuts.” This idea can be applied to an insurgency against a better-equipped foe. No single action will be big enough to make a difference, but a thousand tiny actions will be enough to topple a giant. Ho Chi Minh is credited with applying this technique in South Vietnam, but it is a strategy that goes back hundreds of years.

Without arms, that strategy would not be possible to implement. It is much easier to subjugate an unarmed population than to control a people with the will and the means to fight back against tyranny. Despots have always disarmed the population they planned to target before moving against that group of people. Mao disarmed the Chinese farmers before the “Great Leap Forward” starved millions of Chinese. Stalin disarmed the Russian peasants before the “Red Terror” left millions of dead. Hitler disarmed the Jews before implementing his “Final Solution” that sent six million Europeans to death camps. This reason is why the right to bear arms is a human right.

We are once again seeing why the right to bear arms is such an important right. The Second Amendment is an American right.

It limits the rights of the American federal government to impose restrictions on its citizens. It acknowledges that the right to bear arms is an inalienable right that the government cannot violate (although they do). The right to arms is not limited to just Americans. That right does not end at a border.

The situation in Ukraine should be a wake-up call to the rest of Europe as to why gun rights are so important, but I fear it will not be enough. The enemy will have to be at the gates before they embrace the right to bear arms, and by that time, it will be too late.

In the United States, we need to push back against every infringement on our sacred right. The right to bear arms is the only right that cannot be taken away. It can only be given away, and once it is gone; we are nothing but subjects.

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at

John Crump

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The days of American patriotism are all but dying.               The younger generation is not going to be able to keep our country safe from the new world that is emerging daily. The democrats have waged war on our country and the world this should be clear now that we understand the origins of the coronavirus. Their intent to remove a sitting President Mr Trump from office by any means possible for 4 years was to say the least embarrassing.            The war in the Ukraine is a direct response of the failed democratic policies that began in the Obama administration with installing a government… Read more »


If black rock is as successful and powerful as you say, why would they push for the “great reset?” Seriously – while many financial firms are well set up to weather inflation and other economic hardships, they make the most when the economy is booming.

Other than insanity and ties to China, I have yet to grasp motivation behind biden’s actions. He simply does not make sense!


Money total control Stakeholder capitalism is their game plan and the Great Resets mission statement.

Over the past four decades, we have seen an explosion in the availability of capital. Today, global financial assets total $400 trillion.2 This exponential growth brings with it risks and opportunities for investors and companies alike, and it means that banks alone are no longer the gatekeepers to funding.

uncle dudley

If Trump had been swore in for another four years as president this would not be happening, sleepy Joe doesn’t scare any foreign leader.


hope so and i hope first act would be disband atf


That is not going to happen. Republicans created the BATFE. Firearm rights are not a top 3 issue for most Americans. Trump does not have a core belief in firearm rights. It’s just political calculations for him and he is good at math: Rural white men (as a block) will vote for him without him promising to eliminate the BATFE; Suburban white women (as a block) think the government can protect their children with gun laws and they view the BATFE as part of that solution; and He will lose more votes by promising to eliminate the BATFE than he… Read more »


Whassup TEX? Funny, you trash your ATFBI partners to gain faux cred here while excusing cops who murder innocents.


All the stars would have to alien The new president would have to control the house the senate and the white house. Leaving the democrats protesting and investigating wasting more tax payer dollars. Washington is corrupt people are corrupted by power the media is corrupted by politics the driving force is money and power.
I would like to believe that a one party government never takes hold as we are seeing today. Our elections have now become tainted and that turns the United States into third world country.

Wild Bill

I think the spell check changed your align into alien.
Yes, and the new president would have to purge the bureaucracy, too. Trump should have done that, but did not.


What makes you believe Trump will run in 2024 The question who will Trump back and will that person win in 2024

Wild Bill

I’m thinking that Trump will run because he feels cheated and he is the most popular, but that is not the funny part. The funny part is that hiLIARY wants to be the democrat candidate, but that is not the dangerous part. The danger is in the counting. Did all that cheating and fixed voting machines get fixed? If not …


next president whoever it is, needs to be pro constitution and bill of rights.these anti republic people need to GO


Political Theater Our Military passing out arms to private citizens I do not know about all that now. The Ukraine is a failed policy of the democrats elected in our country, That is a hard pill to swallow for any American. That our interference as a country has geopolitical ramifications. Biden & Obama , Hillary , John Kerry along with host of politicians and military leaders who have gained financial wealth in their dealings in the Ukraine need to be held accountable. The Biden family are up to their necks inappropriate actions with the Ukraine. I have to ask with… Read more »

Last edited 2 months ago by john

Ironic. The citizens of Ukraine flocked to police and military stations to get weapons to protect their nation… Yes, too little too late. Many will fight to their death with kitchen knives. The Democrats, socialists, liberals, ANTIFA, BLM would welcome Putin and his murderes here in the U.S.! They WANT socialism HERE and all Americans, but criminals to be completely unarmed. The HUGE difference is that the Ukrainians have LIVED under communist/socialist rule, they FINALLY tasted FREEDOM, and ALL will die fighting to protect it ! Those socialism loving FLAKES here have NO CLUE what Putin’s world is like !… Read more »

Grandpa SXS



Oh were it that our government sent arms to all who asked and allowed us to close the Southern Border!

Wild Bill

Yes, the Biden administration was pretty generous about giving arms to the Taliban.


So was the Obama administration aka Eric Holder Operation Fast And Furious.

  • Dec. 5, 2012

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration secretly gave its blessing to arms shipments to Libyan rebels from Qatar last year, but American officials later grew alarmed as evidence grew that Qatar was turning some of the weapons over to Islamic militants, according to United States officials and foreign diplomats.Remember what happened???
Nation building Ba Ha ha


The leftist governments will only allow private citizens to be armed when they hear the enemy knocking on the doors of their parliament building and they suddenly realize that armed citizens are all that is left to protect them. Unfortunately that falls under “too little, too late” since training is required to really be effective with any weapon. Plus, should these citizens actually succeed in repelling the enemy, you can be certain the legislature will waste no time banning private gun ownership again and go around confiscating the very weapons they happily distributed to save their collective butts. Wash –… Read more »

Last edited 2 months ago by Aardvark

Yep. 10,000 guns is a joke. They should’ve handed out 20 million guns & 20 billion rounds years ago, with training. Heavy weapons too.


Millions of Ukrainians would have their own firearms and would be proficient with them and many of them would have thousands of rounds of ammo they paid for themselves if government employees had not squashed the “civilian” gun culture. Expert “civilians” would have been training those “civilians” interested in the various shooting sports and self-defense. All of it would have been paid for with no government involvement. It’s funny watching the statist Jack Keane reverse himself without admitting he was absolutely wrong just a week ago. He completely discounted “civilians” fighting government employees. Must be scary for him to see… Read more »

Last edited 2 months ago by JSNMGC

“Russian Invasion Of Ukraine Shows Why Gun Rights ARE Essential To A Free World”

There. Corrected the title for you.
Subject-Verb agreement. It’s ALL the rage!


These idiot Democrats are Allowing
this to happen right here in the US by letting all the illegals into this Country!! They will take over thanks to these idiots!!

Last edited 2 months ago by barnjoer

I’ll be go to hell!


The right to keep and bear arms is a HUMAN RIGHT. The Second Amendment is merely the Founders of our republic telling those who came after them not to f*ck around with it. The Russian invasions of several of their fellow former Soviet Republics are just examples of why those concepts are important. Or as my “pro choice” wife reminds her friends, if our government fails, Roe v Wade won’t mean sh*t. In Federalist #51, the author (unknown but probably Hamilton or Madison) said: “The provision for defense must in this, as in all other cases, be made commensurate to… Read more »


the right to self defense, but most countries are run by megalomaniacs, so they own everything do what they want ,people like nancy pelosi that you are supposed to obey and worship , after fuc king up comifornia she buys a house in florida


What you don’t understand is the US can’t stand army to army man to man up against Russia or China!! Our military population is dwindling thanks to the Democrats, They are cutting military funds right and left while Russia China and North Korea are building their military of 10 fold compared to the US. Again you can think the Democrats for this!!


I am not so sure that it will be man to man anymore with the event of robot warriors and dogs and drones and missiles and rockets. Look at what Israel is going through for an example. If we cannot stop the new inventions with some kind of electronic impulse or beam that disables electronics, I don’t think we will see man to man combat like wars used to be or Russia is doing now unless they want to keep the land. If they don’t want the land, it may become ground zero like Japan had but the current liar… Read more »

Wild Bill

Russia, yes. China, no. In Kuwait and Iraq, our Bradleys made burning hulks out of top of the line Russian made tanks. Our Abrams had so much range advantage that it was not even a contest. War with China will be in cyber space, then Naval, then land forces. If things go badly for the Chinese, they will go to space and nuclear. The democrat party would not think twice about reinstitution the draft. The draft statute is still on the books. All yawl who are under sixty-one, and have not met your military service obligation better begin a running… Read more »


Military service OBLIGATION? Someone needs to read the US Constitution which for all intents MAKES A STANDING ARMY non existent. After a CONGRESSIONAL declaration of war, they use the state MILITIAS to put together a fighting force for TWO YEARS. If the fighting lasts more then two years then they extend it by two more years. But hey, who on here reads the Constitution and has the slightest idea what any of it says except the second amendment which the first 13 words of are being IGNORED….Let’s see how many down votes from CONSTITUTIONAL ILLITERATES THIS WILL GARNER.

Last edited 2 months ago by CourageousLion
Wild Bill

The NFA, GCA, and countless other statutes and regulations are unconstitutional, yet people go to prison from violating them, everyday.
In a war with China, out country, nation, and the Constitution, itself, will be at risk of loss. Both parties, every politician, and judge will support the draft. In my humble opinion.


that is the sad truth, the change that brought army under federal control is also illegal fix it LOL


those of us that went to military school are on the hook till 72, read the contract would be in training capacity but still big life disruption


A damned war would be a fuxxing disruption.


I’m ready!


Yes, but you forget about all the well-armed vets who know how to do things.


The answer to the question “Why do you need an AR-15 and 30 round magazines?” is being shown on every news channel.


Biden was playing with sparkelers out by the barn (Ukraine) and caught it on fire.
Now he wants congress (the American people) to come put it out. How fast can Joe blow billions of tax dollars?


A better move would be against Venezuela now.


I like that one then the land I have there would have value again.

Ansel Hazen

How fast will some of that hardware that got left in Iraq show up in this conflict.


Don’t you mean Afghanistan? How many BILLIONS was it? And they armed our ENEMIES but here we sit having to play games and spend big bucks to even possess a full auto rifle while they now have attack helicopters thanks to the MORONS running the country.

Ansel Hazen

UGH, yes my mistake. In my defense it’s all one big shithole anyway.


not as fast as he raised trillions on us in costs


I wonder how many divisions AMMOLAND subscribers alone could supply in an emergency, lol!


LOL! maybe a platoon.


Thank God their leaders are smart enough to figure out that the population needs to be armed to stop being overran. To bad they were to stupid or possibly power hungry to see that in the first place. I wonder if they win, which I doubt, if the government will run around collecting the firearms from the citizens like Brittian did after the war. I would go on to say that this is the perfect example that shows how important it is for a nation to be armed but do we really need that because the current Liar and Thief… Read more »


Unfortunately their leaders were only smart enough to realize it when the enemy was at the gates. Had they realized it long ago the citizens would have been able to get some practice.

Wild Bill

Had the Ukrainians realized it long ago, they would not have given up their nukes. They had the third largest nuke arsenal in the world, at that time.