Biden’s New Rule On 80% Unfinished Firearms Expected In April 2022 ~ VIDEO

Executive Orders Rule Regulation Red Tape

WASHINGTON, D.C.-( According to a New York Times report, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives’ (ATF) new rule on unfinished firearms frames &  receivers will be out in early April 2022.

The Biden administration is looking for a victory, and so-called “ghost guns” seem to be where the President thinks he can get a win.

The administration has faced all-time record-low approval ratings from the American public in the wake of several high-profile blunders. The disastrous pull out of troops in Afghanistan started Biden’s slide in popularity.

COVID-19 restrictions also saw the President taking a loss when the courts ruled his vaccine requirements for American companies unconstitutional. His policies on COVID payouts caused a labor shortage in the US, which led to empty shelves in many stores. Many small businesses shut down because they could not outbid the federal government, which paid people to sit home and do nothing.

Gas prices are over $4 a gallon and headed to an unheard of $5.00. Inflation has been out of control and rising to levels not seen since Jimmy Carter’s presidency. The President has refused to approve drilling permits to make the country energy independent, bending a knee to OPEC to help the energy crisis and now banning Russian gas imports. He is worried that he will upset the same far left-wing advocates that want to ban unfinished frames and receivers by approving new drilling permits.

Last April, President Biden announced that he was ordering the ATF to act against unfinished frames and receivers in addition to pistol stabilizing devices. The ATF wrote up new regulations and submitted them to the National Registry for a public comment period. Over 300,000 Americans submitted comments on the topic. Most of the comments opposed the rule change.

If the rule goes through as expected, all 80% firearms frames & receivers sold would require a serial number and be considered a firearm in the eyes of the ATF.

The ATF calls these firearms privately manufactured firearms (PFM). The ones currently in the hands of the public would not require a serial number unless the firearm is transferred by a federal firearms licensee (FFL) or brought into a gunsmith for work.

Homemade suppressors will take a hit under the proposed rules. The tube itself will become the suppressor. The ATF has recently cracked down on Form 1 silencers. The government, law enforcement agency paused 3000 eForm submissions. Out of those 3000 submissions, 850 were denied by the ATF. The agency said the builder used parts that are already silencers. These included parts that the Bureau has always said were not regulated by the NFA.

The law enforcement agency also requested that the makers submit pictures of all parts used in the build, list how they plan on building the suppressor, and list where they acquired the parts. This request for information is a break from previous policies, which only required caliber and length.

The ATF was expected to give dealers and manufacturers 90 days to comply with the new regulations. Inside sources report that the time frame has shrunk to 60 days. The ATF and the Whitehouse didn’t respond to AmmoLand New’s request for comment.

About John Crump

John is an NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at

John Crump

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We gotta have our comments “approved” even on a free speech free market AMMO website? WTH?


So why aren’t we, the most heavily armed citizenry in the world, doing anything about these problems? It’s way past tyranny. You waiting for the Anti-Christ or what?


Own a musket for home defense, since that’s what the founding fathers intended. Four ruffians break into my house. “What the devil?” As I grab my powdered wig and Kentucky rifle. Blow a golf ball sized hole through the first man, he’s dead on the spot. Draw my pistol on the second man, miss him entirely because it’s smoothbore and nails the neighbors dog. I have to resort to the cannon mounted at the top of the stairs loaded with grape shot, “Tally ho lads” the grape shot shreds two men in the blast, the sound and extra shrapnel set… Read more »


This made me laugh so hard I had to stop to wipe tears away to type this. Absolutely the best post I have read in a while. Great post CodeNinja,

Wild Bill

Yes, CN gets a gold star for the day.


If the law requires posting in the federal register any potential rule changes, what good is the process if an overwhelming majority of comments are in protest of the proposed rule change and they implement the changes anyway? The laws that determine how federal agencies make these rules need to be changed so that the opinions of the citizens affected by the rule changes actually mean something. If people take the time and effort to file their opinion (protest) of the rule change, then why in the h3ll are these agencies allowed to implement those changes?!? What good is this… Read more »

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Wow! Someone down voted the above. I guess there is some butthurt bureaucrat on Ammoland who doesn’t like citizens having a say in how the government is supposed to work. Amazing!

Henry Bowman

The Liberty Tree is damned THIRSTY!!!


I say it’s time to shut the ATF and this administration down.


Dear Representative or Senator, The BATFE is attempting to rewrite the law with proposed rules, creating felonies out of currently lawful behavior and violating our civil rights. The bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives (BATFE) is moving forward on two proposed rules which unlawfully usurp Congressional authority by redefining language in the statutes you wrote. The agency presumes authority to redefine words such as “firearm, rifle, pistol, complete silencer, readily, receiver” and others. These apparently simple changes would turn millions of law abiding Americans into felons overnight! BATFE will claim it is entitled to “Chevron deference”, *** and is… Read more »


Less than a year and a half ago you indicated the BATFE was “rogue” and working behind the back of the Trump administration.

Now you indicate they follow orders and their agenda is determined by the President and his administration.

You do a lot of good work, but you play to the dolts and it undermines your credibility.

Henry Bowman

It’s actually pretty straightforward. The BATF knows that Republicans are generally against gun control, Libertarians are zealously pro-gun, and D-rats are rabidly antigun.

The BATF is just following the money trail to the source: The party that wants to expand their budget and their powers, ban ALL guns, the very mission that everyone in the ATF knows and believes in.

So the BATF will disobey and lie to conservative politicians, but will obey the edicts of the Commiecrat Party. THEY KNOW WHAT SIDE THEIR BREAD IS BUTTERED!

Lesko Brandon

Presidents should not be able to make laws. We have separate roles and powers within government for a reason. Trumps executive order on Bump Stocks set a dangerous precedent. No matter how you view Bump Stocks, there is a process for making laws that should be followed. We should all support the GAO/GOF’s challenge to the Bump Stock ruling that should also apply to any decree King Joe’s puppet masters wants to write on suppressors, 80% receivers, braces, or anything else.


Next…so then 70% receivers will be OK, for now. There will ALWAYS be away around any “law” or “rule” they come up with by FREEDOM loving Americans. And sure, there may be some criminal that will use one for robbery or something else. But what we need to do is DEAL WITH THE CRIMINAL not the tool. Why would anyone want to buy an 80% receiver if they already have a serial number? Just buy one that is finished and you can’t screw it up! I guess they will eventually measure raw aluminum by dimension and say if it is… Read more »


See if you morons can make this a record day for me! 8 is just a start. My record is 8. Keep going you low life turds.


Defense Distributed or has already made 0% aluminum blocks available for sale to mill out lowers.

And forgive me for effing up your 8 count.

Last edited 2 months ago by USMC0351Grunt

LOL! Good one USMC0351 !


The only thing I like about Joe Biden is he can kiss my ass and I can’t . I have a turd he can eat when he is done kissing also !


Drum roll…you’re on a list! Oh wait, EVERYONE on here is on a list, except of course the LEO’s that are here spying and taking notes. TAKE NOTES GUYS…if things go south WE THE PEOPLE are going to give you a CONCORD GREEN MOMENT to remember!!


Let’s set up a GoFundMe account for ChapStick for Montana454Casull. He donated his butt so let’s help him cover it!


Use GiveSendGo if you actually want him to get the money. GoFundMe has a history of stealing conservative donations.


One of Biden’s campaign promises was to toughen gun laws and remove assault weapons go after firearms manufacturing. Let us remember tired old Joe is a puppet doing as his handlers ask when he can remember to read his lines correctly. Everything Joe has done so far is ended in disaster for our country.. Joe is so dangerous to are country because he in acting in the behalf of his political friends those that helped with the 2020 election and China. I must implore you to read about Zelensky and how he became President of the Ukraine then ask ourselves… Read more »


John my brother from another mother, as usual you are spot on with you analysis. You say “Our freedom is no longer guaranteed under dimocRAT rule.” I think you’re right but you do not give enough credit where credit is due…Our freedom HAS ALWAYS BEEN IN JEOPARDY under dimocRAT rule. Think about it….

Maybe, just maybe Harry Truman might be the only half sane dimocRAT president ever, and I truly believe Andy Jackson and Martin Van Buren were the prototypes of today’s leftards and their party is still tormenting Freedom and Liberty today by design.


BFB…Very true just read who was responsible for the trail of tears and why . Or just ask a Native American !


andrew jackson… wanted the Native Americans Land .
Were any slaves ever treated any worse ?

Last edited 2 months ago by Oldvet

This is ALL part of the great reset. Down to the implementation of “digital” ID’s which we must resist at ALL COSTS!! You will own nothing and be happy. We will own EVERYTHING and be happier. Fucking mental cases. I say…let the battle commence in the spirit of the French Revolution of 1789.


You’re right on All points except for the very last one. Our freedom has never been guaranteed and we’ve been warned time and again that each day we must fight to protect it.

Last edited 2 months ago by USMC0351Grunt

i wonder how long before those weapons that buyden gave to the taliban arrive here and are used by criminals? thanks joe.
there will probably soon come a time that resistance is necessary to stop this tyrannical government bureaucracy and restore our freedoms given by God and enumerated in the Consitituion and Bill of Rights.


Funny you mentioned those. I read parts of an interview with commie Ilhan Omar about the dangers of “flooding Ukraine with weapons” and how that might not be a good idea. Nothing was said about the Taliban weapons cache Obiden left them, imagine that.

Wild Bill

She is actively working for the down fall of our nation, and is hideously stupid.


They are problably being smuggled over the border right now to arm the illegals to kill us when the order is given. I find that my experience while living down on South Florida was that HAITIANS HATE white Americans with a vehement passion. And if my observation is racist it’s because the Haitians were racist.


For those of you that are down voting this comment is further proof that you’re full of shit. The Haitians do hate white Americans!


The down vote me just because “they” don’t like me though I beginning to think there is one person doing it with multiple accounts. Reason I believe that is because me and another guy consistently get the exact amount of downvotes until guys like you bring it back.


You & several others. Obvious who’s doing it. Virtually lives here, coyly pretends cordiality (at least to you), activates a sock puppet posse to dv anyone who raises the issue of state & local cops abusing authority and enforcing unconstitutional laws-decrees-orders.

Last edited 2 months ago by Russn8r

And I hate the pushy thieves right back. We Americans are not here to take care of Haitian’s wants, dammit! When we were giving food to the “poor” those Haitians who showed up, in their Mercedes no less were never satisfied with what they were given and continuously tried to steal what they desired. The loudmouth greedy bastards were NEVER satisfied and constantly pushed, pushed, pushed. And we were the nasty bad guys. Now, I’m not saying all Haitians are that way, just the ones I’ve met.


Call congress. Write them. Snail mail. Drive them crazy. Visit their offices, in state and in DC. This rule has to be stopped. They have no authority to rewrite law by making up new definitions. Congress did that when they wrote the law. Chevron deference cannot be applied, when Congress has already spoken directly to the issue, by defining the words in statute, leaving nothing arbitrary for the batfe to “clarify”.


stop at their local office every time you drive near it, I have my own coffee cup there now, and they know how I like it


There is SOMEONE coming on here with 8 accounts because strangely enough all of us have got 8 downvotes EXACTLY today so far at 8:02 AM.


Funny this one just dropped from 8 to 1. Hmmmmm….

Deplorable Bill

“A well regulated militia, being necessary to a free state the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” The second amendment, THE law of the land. Any law that is contrary to the constitution is null and void per SCOTUS, see Mayberry vs Madison. “If a man has no sword, let him sell his cloak and buy one.” Part of Luke 22:36. The LORD HIMSELF said this. The LORD HIMSELF tells us to be armed. There is no higher authority on earth. This order, this right, is further written into law as part of… Read more »

Wild Bill



not mayberry rfd?


george soros thinks he is a higher authority, but I think all these progressives are smoking pot ,and popping pills


And need to have a 1789 French Revolution style moment.


“I once talked with a 2A lawyer and he told me it’s 100% OK to build your own gun as long as you don’t sell it.” So the folks building guns back 100 years ago couldn’t sell it? How about all the guns out there that were built before serial numbers were put on them. Can we no longer sell those? I think the 2A lawyer was not a 2A lawyer. The fact he was a lawyer at all makes him beholden to your adversary. It is called the B.A.R. Association which gives him/her a title of nobility. “The privilege… Read more »


I wish I could drive 140 MPS. But I can only do 140 MPH!


the regs are…. you can build/manufacture all you want, legally. however, without an FFL… you cant build them if your INTENTION is to sell them. Culling your collection down the road is fine though, just add a serial number of your chosing.
know the difference.


If the rule goes through as expected, all 80% firearms frames & receivers sold would require a serial number and be considered a firearm in the eyes of the ATF. Once again I am cornfuzed. So now an 80% is considered to be a full fledged firearm even though it cant shoot? Don’t know what a frame is unless that is on a pistol but an AR pistol doesn’t have a frame, or does it now. . Oh well it doesn’t matter because only new lowers after that date will require a serial number and then a background check and… Read more »


That “80% completed” rule is going to be a moving target. The market place is already adjusting to the rule before it is even finalized. Expect to see “AFT” adjusting the number to 70% and then lower as conditions in the marketplace change. Meanwhile, over at Defense Distributed, they’re laying down a “0%” marker with their “Ghost Gunner 3” that can make an AR15 lower out of solid aluminum bar stock. My original post with a link had been blocked by AmmoLand for 24 hours and their readers need to see the info. It will be interesting to see what… Read more »


WHAT? AMMO LAND BLOCKED THAT LINK? Oh geezzzz…REALLY? Come on AMMO LAND…give us a break! It wasn’t a link to how to make poison to kill your spouse and make it look like a natural death link.


buy a cnc have the software , have build parties people bring 0% go home with whatever they want ,yes I know it costs but a 50 bmg does too! The finishing detail becomes the art work of the gun, some people leave the angularity, some, like a factory forging polished to a T, my favorite looks like something from TRON , 454 may see this one dpms pattern ar10 lives in Bozeman very distinct


The problem with challenging it now is that first you have to suffer a damage. You will have to be ARRESTED at the very least for violating the edict to have a path to the supreme Court (of idiots). RIGHTS are GUARANTEED to those who are willing to FIGHT AND DIE FOR THEM. Once ATF agents start having really bad headaches on a daily basis all over the country, they will start changing jobs or back off on their horseshit. Seems some pretty smart (shhhhhh…white) guy said something like this way back when…WHEN THE GOVERNMENT FEARS THE PEOPLE THERE IS… Read more »


Not a jackass or rino …..there fixed it .