Dangerous Subways and Dangerous Judges

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Dangerous Subways and Dangerous Judges

U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- Don’t expect people with narrow experience to have deep insights into the human condition. Recent news described how violent the New York City subways really are. There were four stabbings on the subway in one 18-hour period last week. A few days later, a 57-year-old woman was brutally attacked as well. In her case, she was repeatedly kicked from behind as she walked down the subway stairs. When she refused to fall on her face, her attacker repeatedly hit her in the head with a hammer until she lost consciousness and could not defend herself. Then she was robbed. This brought to mind the recent discussions in front of the US Supreme court. We can’t ask experts to solve our daily problems when the reality is just a theory to them.

The case before the Supreme Court hinged on New York state law. New York requires a criminal background check before you can buy a handgun. All handgun owners in New York are now law-abiding citizens, at least in theory. New York also demands an additional permit to carry a concealed handgun in public. The problem before the court was that the state wouldn’t issue those permits to ordinary citizens who go to ordinary places. In fact, those carry permits were political plumbs handed out to well-connected elites.

During the court discussion, US Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan acted shocked that people might want to legally carry concealed firearms on the New York City subway or in Times Square. The reason we need to carry is such places is because criminals go where we are in order to hunt us. There are no safe places or safe times. The obvious evidence is in the newspaper every day.

The judge is an intelligent person who grew up in New York City. I assume that she is deliberately distorting the facts about crime in New York to suit her political leanings. In fact, the police almost never catch criminals in the act of committing a crime. Each criminal will commit dozens of crimes and injure dozens of victims before the criminal is finally arrested. These days, the criminal may be back on the street in hours after their arrest.

The police do not keep us safe. We do that. I report on armed defense so I know we defend ourselves thousands of times a day.

Our personal defense is up to us. The female victim who was attacked on the subway tried to curl up and protect her head. New York state denied this victim a more effective means of defense. To put a point on my argument, it is hard to be a good witness, Judge Kagan, when we have a shattered skull, a bleeding brain, and while we are hospitalized in a vegetative state. We first need to defend ourselves and survive our attack.

Don’t leave our physical defense up to judicial “experts.” Please learn how to defend yourself. Apply for your carry permit and go armed where you can. Vote the people who deny your right of defense out of political office. Your safety, and the safety of your neighbors, requires it.

About Rob Morse

The original article, with sources, is posted here. Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily, at Second Call Defense, and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob was an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.Rob Morse

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Lets not forget that the practice of only letting those politically connected also made it where a ordinary citizen that witnessed the attack could not defend her either. I would have put the bastard out of business.


and the saddest most infuriating part of this NY subway incident is this: WHERE were the “first responders” to take action and stop this insanity? By “first responders” I mean the hundreds of everyday folk who were ON that subway and close enough to DO something about it. Even if someone behind this cree had stuck out his foot and given a gentle nudge in that back of the knee of the leg he was standing on as he used the other to kick her, he’d have folded into a heap on those same stairs/ NO ONE LIFTED A FINGER,… Read more »


No one wants to get involved anymore because they are afraid of retaliation by the perp or their family or better yet a lawsuit. That alone tells you how messed up our laws are and how messed up America has become. We should have laws that if someone puts an animal down like this one it is considered a legal kill because if law enforcement was there, they would have done the same thing and the families can’t sue and then our streets would be safer. OreGONE, not quite the shit hole New Dork is but portland is working on… Read more »


Bernie Goetz was the real Paul Kersey.

uncle dudley

Paul Kersey is needed to ride the subway system since the city isn’t going to do anything about the crime they allow.


Thanks for the insightful article Rob.



I would be criminal in NY, Charles Bronson comes to mind. Hell look how long it takes them to catch a criminal. lol


“Don’t leave our physical defense up to judicial “experts.” Please learn how to defend yourself. Apply for your carry permit and go armed where you can. Vote the people who deny your right of defense out of political office. Your safety, and the safety of your neighbors, requires it.” Those words have never been more important than today. We are in a period of mass insanity. Almost half of our neighbors and family have been run through the wringer the past 3 years to get them more malleable for the tyranny the left so desires. Let’s be frank shall we,… Read more »


It appears that the criminals have more rights than the victims in New York . Never been there and have no desire to ever visit New York either as it’s just another criminal rich environment run by liberal idiots ! New York = BLUE SHITHOLE !


Actually not a bad place if you stay far from the cities. I had hunted on the Pa/NY state line. Friend has large farm. Great hunting. Bear, deer, turkey, etc.


I think you could possibly apply that to any state. When you get away from the cities you usually find normal people, even in commiefornia. I know of a man that owns a ranch near the Russian River and he is a 2nd amendment supporter based on what he said when I made a statement that all kommiefornians are commies. So since I no longer live there, I know that kommiefornia has one gun supporter that is actually a republican.


The police prevent good people from being armed on the subway.

More than a dozen people here thank them for that service.


At what point will you not thank police for enforcing the law?

Some have indicated they will thank police for enforcing gun laws right up until the point of confiscation. May your chains rest lightly.




the anti second amendment people here would be surprised when they were jailed in new york because they decided not to recognize your credentials , or your pistol had a capacity of more than 7 rounds,or the ever present clip on knife is a crime and weather or not you have a nightmare is luck of the draw encounter, is the cop loking to make a name or does he/she have a ax to grind , you want a real shit ass attitude let them see federal id


If you want to see a worse attitude, tell the NYPD you are a “civillian,” you pay their salary, and your carry permit is the 2nd Amendment.

There are over a dozen posters here who would cheer what would happen next.