Giffords Exec Says 2A Advocates ‘Deeply Irresponsible’ for Ukraine-2A Connection

The gun prohibition lobby doesn’t want Americans reminded about the importance of the Second Amendment to our national sovereignty as the Ukraine invasion unfolds on every television screen. (Dave Workman photo)

U.S.A.-( The executive director of the anti-gun Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence has accused gun rights advocates of being “deeply irresponsible” for contending the Ukraine crisis provides strong evidence of the Second Amendment’s importance to liberty.

According to Reuters, Giffords executive Peter Ambler blasted what he calls the “more guns everywhere” advocacy. It is the same sort of inflammatory remark often used by the gun prohibition lobby to essentially demonize Second Amendment organizations, and it is simply not true.

No Second Amendment rights group has ever advocated for “guns everywhere,” and the gun ban lobby knows it. It is a myth perpetuated by anti-gunners to demonize guns and people who own them.

The National Rifle Association stated in a blog post, “What is happening in Ukraine proves the wisdom of our founding fathers in drafting the Second Amendment. They wanted to make sure the American people would never be subjugated. The Second Amendment at its core is, and has always been, about preserving human dignity, self-destiny and freedom.”

The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms declared, “The…invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops underscores the importance of the Second Amendment to the defense of freedom in the United States.”

The gun prohibition lobby detests such common sense observations because they remind U.S. citizens this nation stands uniquely apart from the rest of the world in not only recognizing the right of the people resist tyranny but constitutionally protects the means with which to make that possible.

Ambler’s sentiments were on full display when Reuters quoted him observing, “The tyrannical actions of Vladimir Putin don’t erase the fact that 45,000 Americans died from gun violence in 2020, nor do they erase the urgent need for commonsense, popular gun violence prevention policies like background checks and funding for community violence intervention programs.”

Everytown for Gun Safety, the Michael Bloomberg-backed gun prohibition lobbying group, may be trying to change the subject by demanding passage of a bill in Washington State that would require public schools to advise parents about the state’s “secure storage law.”

At no time has Everytown or its allies at the Seattle-based Alliance for Gun Responsibility—another billionaire-backed gun prohibition group—supported the notion of teaching firearms safety to school students as part of the public school curriculum to prevent accidents.

Of course, the safe storage measure has nothing to do with the Ukraine invasion. In that southeast European nation, instead of requiring people to lock up guns, the government has been issuing firearms and ammunition to Ukrainian citizens to fight back against the Russian invaders, and they apparently haven’t bothered with background checks in the process. All that is required is a willingness to fight. This crisis, say Second Amendment groups, underscores the importance of an armed citizenry, a notion the gun control lobby simply cannot tolerate, and does not want the public to hear.

Ambler and other anti-gunners have more than just two leading gun rights organizations focusing on Ukraine and the right to keep and bear arms.

Congressman Greg Murphy (R-NC) said in a tweet, “Thank God the people in the Ukraine have to the right to take up and bear arms against their aggressor. Thank God in the US we have the #2A. #NRA” Murphy, an MD, represents the state’s Third Congressional District.

Reuters also reported that Zach Nunn, an Iowa Republican congressional candidate, said the crisis demonstrates the importance of private gun ownership.

“In Ukraine today I would offer that a lot of people are waking up and saying that this is not only the best way to protect their country but to preserve what they hold dear in a democracy,” Nunn reportedly said in a Tuesday interview

What seems to be pushing anti-gunners over the edge is the statement from NRA noting, “it will now be up to Ukrainians themselves to make their stand, as the invasion moves from military and infrastructure targets to city centers. And many ordinary citizens are preparing to do just that, including with privately owned and government-supplied firearms.

“This collective defense is now fully backed by the Ukrainian government,” NRA’s statement continued. “President Volodymyr Zelensky pledged last Thursday to provide armaments to anyone who wanted to resist the Russian invasion. “We will give weapons to anyone who wants to defend the country,” he said in a tweet. “Be ready to support Ukraine in the squares of our cities.”

CCRKBA’s statement on Ukraine was previously reported by AmmoLand.

It is interesting to note statements from the gun ban lobby in the wake of Joe Biden’s State of the Union address, in which he waited until near the end to reiterate his devotion to gun control. The White House has issued a lengthy document quoting various gun prohibition groups:

John Feinblatt, President, Everytown for Gun Safety: “During his first year in office, President Biden has led the strongest gun safety administration we’ve seen, and this speech is further proof that he remains fully committed to keeping Americans safe from gun violence. Going forward, there are more critical steps the administration and Congress can take to save lives — including revitalizing ATF, using executive powers to crack down on unlicensed gun sellers, and strengthening background checks — and we look forward to working with them every step of the way.”

Shannon Watts, Founder, Moms Demand Action: “President Biden showed the leadership we need to unify our country and save lives. As a candidate, Joe Biden ran on the strongest gun safety platform in history and his Administration continues to follow through on that promise. While there’s always more to be done to end the gun violence epidemic in this country, including through congressional action, our grassroots army of volunteers continues to stand proudly in support of President Biden.”

Kris Brown, President, Brady: “We are heartened by President Biden’s words tonight, but we need continued and increased action and attention to ending America’s gun violence crisis. President Biden has already taken extensive and historic action, but he cannot let up. He also cannot solve this problem alone. His calls for legislative fixes such as universal background checks, banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, and repealing PLCAA, the liability shield for gun manufacturers, are common-sense and will save lives.”

Combined with Ambler’s remarks, the firearms community could easily conclude these organizations give their agenda of citizen disarmament a far higher priority than constitutional rights, and they will never acknowledge the importance of the Second Amendment to national defense, much less personal protection.


About Dave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms, and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

Dave Workman

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Democrats work hard to disarm victims. 
Democrats work hard to violate the law abiding. 
Democrats work hard to kill the unborn.
Democrats work hard to protect criminals. 
Democrats work hard to destroy the economy.  
Democrats work hard to destroy their own cities.
Who knew a Democrat could work so hard. 


Risible, farcical & yet more proof that the Barking Moonbat Left – Progressive Karen’s et alia are completely devoid of logic & any reason. Not sure if it was too much GMO’S – too much TV & Video Games – too much Diet Sodas or too much Soy Bean Oil. But whatever is is/was is beyond any ratiocination dogma.

Reading & hearing about this drivel makes me appreciate my dogs a lot more.


it must be nice living in a delusional bubble without common sense or logic like these anti-freedom groups like every brady’s demanding mom.

popular gun violence prevention policies like background checks and funding for community violence intervention programs have been shown not to work and are a waste of money. if they want them so badly they should pony up some of the money soros and bloomberg gave them to prove.

these groups funded by billionaires will take away their rights.

people who have lived under tyrany know the importance of firearms, just ask them.


you mean like canada and australia where the government is attacking and imprisoning anyone who wont do as told, rather die a free man than live as a slave


Their remarks pretty much show they have no credible argument. Had Ukrainians from the get go had an armed society, much like the Swiss do, it would have been able to respond earlier and more effectively than trying to form militias on the fly by handing our weapons to anyone with a pulse. Saying a heavily armed society is a benefit to Ukraine while a problem for the United States makes no sense these days.

Last edited 2 months ago by Aardvark

Yes! Glory to Ukraine! I hope and pray other European nations ratify their constitutions very soon to include something akin to our 2A.
Devil’s Advocate here: In late Feb., I read Ukrainians needed their passport, which very probably contains other personal identifying information than the photo, and foreign nationals volunteering have to have their paperwork in order.
Is it truly “only show up and get a gun” time? Whether it’s a new Russian-puppet regime or the continued Ukrainian democracy, I’m thinking de facto registration with those particular government-issued armaments is occurring.


Hmm – perhaps this is an appropriate time to remind folks of two points. 1) the caution about invading the US since there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass (regardless of who actually said it). 2) Free US Citizens willingly sent 130,000 (at least) rifles out of their own pockets to equip the British Home Guard to (hopefully) fight off the impending invasion in 1940 no less. We never got any of them back, the double dealing Brits destroyed them once the threat was gone.

Wild Bill

As kind hearted as Americans are, we won’t be doing that again. We felt for the people and got screwed by their government.


Ukraine’s people are paying the cost of elitist gun controls. From Wiki, no bastion of rights: Ukraine allows gun ‘ownership’ on may-issue basis; guns regulated by Order. Handguns illegal except for target shooting, concealed carry permits & gun awarded for ‘service’. CCWs ‘normally’ denied unless threat to life ‘proven’. License required to ‘own’, only for ‘good’ reason: target shooting, hunting, collection. Guns must be unloaded in a safe. Pres & ministers give guns to the elite while making it hard for little people to get them. Pre-invasion, ~50k guns had been issued as ‘presents’. ‘Owners’ must renew license every 3yrs, or… Read more »


Thanks for the information.



Thanks for posting this info. Yeah, I mean reality is dictating this radical shift towards “gotta arm our populace now!”, but I’m thinking those particular government-issued arms are still being linked to passports (and here ‘Shannon Sez!’ that you don’t need an assault rifle for self-defense!)
And if this emergency subsides with a Ukrainian democracy back in stable power, I’m guessing it will then be knocking-on-doors time.


quote: “the fact that 45,000 Americans died from gun violence in 2020,”

Lie, much, do they? The number I recall from tat year is very close to 30,000. And two thirds of those were self-inflicted. It is wel knwon that if someone wants to “exit” this mortal coil and cannot access a firearm, that person will turn to any of a numbr of other means to “do the deed”. The fact they hve to lie so much indicated they are on the ropes.


if you take the on purpose overdoses it dwarfs gun shot deaths ,even the accidental od rate is high


Peter Ambler, Kris Brown, Shannon Watts, John Feinblatt – send them all to Ukraine to talk to Putin’s thugs.


Grim – can we start a Go Fund Me campaign to buy them all one way tickets? (they likely wouldn’t need a round trip) – and can we send a ‘few’ politicians with them?


Well, it’s true ! The war in Ukraine certainly does underscore the importance of our 2nd Amendment rights !!!


If the Giffords group’s only contribution to the conflict in Ukraine is to segue it for it’s gun control rhetoric, it can go to hell. They have nothing positive to add for helping that struggling nation.


 Giffords executive Peter Ambler is an IDIOT. As are most dimwitted Liberals.


The 2nd Amendment will not stop an T-14 Armata Russian MBT only anti tank weapons will do that not your grandpa’s shotgun.


Without trained drivers and armament specialists, T-14s are useless.

This is the very nature of guerilla resistance that relies on grandpa’s shotgun.


Still the fact remains you are not going to shoot at a tank very long with small arms fire believe me when I tell you this. Many men lay dead in the desert that have tried


And Ukraine is not a guerilla group they are a country with an army


What a maroon!


What’s your plan grim…… A sticky

Wild Bill

One grenade, a long thin wire, and a place in the road that has a tree on either side. Check your work and repeat.


that leaves two (at least) options for dealing with tanks: Optioin ONe, get a tool that CAN deal with them Optioin 2 use the tools in hand to deal with those that operate and support those tanks. But sitting down, head in hands, cruing over the sitution will NOT make a lick of difference, other than one less body puwhinc and fighting with whatever is availble. Look at what VietNam did to us for decades. And now please explain how the Tal iban in Aghanistan held off the Russians for a decade or two, then held the US off for… Read more »


I believe that if this was not a television war the Russians would have already taken their objective it’s hard to kill men women and children on television

Wild Bill

The Taliban held off the Russians by using the Stinger missiles, along with other modern weaps and comms, that the U.S. snuck into Afghanistan.

Wild Bill

Downtown Bagdad, too!

Wild Bill

And those toy drone that only carry, only, one Molotov cocktail, and a ten year old to fly it.

Last edited 2 months ago by Wild Bill

Right, Granddad’s shottie IS protected under that Second Article of Ammdnement. So are those fun little shoulder fired self-guided antitank missiles that are in current use over there. Seems the Rooskies had not anticitated the deployment of those fun little gadgets. They’ve lost quite a few of their tanks AND crews, to those cute gadgets.


Those neat little gadgets that the US military keeps for themselves yeah they’re real cool at the range but unfortunately not covered under the second amendment which makes it very hard to stop an armored vehicle or tank and forget about a helicopter or jet

Wild Bill

If you read the Miller case, then you will be happy to know that the S. Ct. says that they are covered. Lots of people in Texas have military jets, howitzers, tanks and machine guns. You can rent them and a range to shoot them on. It is big business, in Texas. Yeah, all that stuff is protected by the Second amendment.

Last edited 2 months ago by Wild Bill
Wild Bill

You are quite correct about the Second Amendment.


I guess I’m alone on wanting guns everywhere. I’m surrounded by them & not nearly enough for my safety. lol


well, ten, get off your whinge and go out and buy some more!!! Simle solution.
But that would NOT be an option of Dopey Joe and his minions including the likes of Gfford, Watts, Sugarman, and their ilk, manage to get their way.

uncle dudley

Feinblatt ,Watts,and Brown need to watch the movie Red Dawn, then ask themselves if guns are really bad.
What a bunch of dildos these people are.


uncle – you should have specified the original version, NOT the horrible remake 😉
BTW – that item you mentioned does have somewhat of purpose (so I hear 😉 – those ‘people’ not so much.


Italicized is from the CDC per PEW research and is copy and pasted. Funny that the data produced on the Pew web site is from the CDC was published on Feb. 3, 2022 but its from 2020. I guess they don’t want to share data from 2021. Why? Is it the normal cherry picking going on. A little over half (53%) of all suicides in 2020 – 24,292 out of 45,979 were from a gun. Notice that people were able to commit suicide without a gun. Answer to this problem is called the Kavorkian method: If they lived in OrGONE where… Read more »


m44 – wanna place a small wager that the antis ‘accidentally’ used the 45K total suicides to inflate their statistics – in the hope that most sheeple would simply accept them as reality. Wouldn’t be the first time they have done so after all.


The way the anti-gun people operate Is using the total number of people who die by firearms, the reality we as gun owners go by are the numbers who are murdered, we don’t count suicide, ( a personal choice) accidents, law enforcement and self defense.
Intentional homicide accounts to less then ten thousand a year.
That would deflate there narrative.

That and pointing out firearms are not in the top 10 causes of death in the United States.


OK, here is an important learning point for you all. As a Marine and leader in our corps I got a first hand look at American Manhood. As a recruiter, two tours and working at the Depots I got a first hand look at the raw material. There are warriors, and then there is everybody else. Those of us who stood up at 17 or 18 and wrote that check are of a different class. We are the sheep dogs of our culture and we are becoming fewer and fewer as generations go through the Progressive New Left meat grinder… Read more »


Why don’t the Giffords move to Ukraine and live/see (and probably die) what being unarmed is all about FIRST HAND. Clueless, socialist Democrat SCUM.
Giffords executive Peter, that makes him the head Peter doesn’t it ?


how can a dickless wounder be a peter?

Autsin Miller III

And bottom line, when the Moms demand action, Giffords and the Brady bunch are offended……its a good day.

Green Mtn. Boy

When truth and facts work against the Marxist ideology,just Lie.


like a rug, door mat whatever they are


“In that southeast European nation, instead of requiring people to lock up guns, the government has been issuing firearms and ammunition to Ukrainian citizens to fight back against the Russian invaders, and they apparently haven’t bothered with background checks in the process.”

The country has also announced recently that they will will release prisoners… with military experience… who are willing to be sent to fight where the government wants them. Reminds me of the basic start to a few military movies.


Peter Ambler sounds like a dick that wants total control over all of mankind and that makes him a tyrant. Sorry Peter I mean dickhead not going to ever happen in America . We value our freedom and right to defend ourselves here in America .

Henry Bowman

Not surprised. When advocates for the denial of basic liberties attack the one freedom that literally guarantees all others, they will remain consistent in their messaging (no matter how wrongheaded). They say, ‘no, you do not have a right to save your live from criminals, and especially no right to save your life from a tyrannical murderous government that rules over you.’ So when they say this, they’ll naturally say, ‘you have no right to defend yourself, your family, your community from a hostile foreign government invading your country, if you want to fight, you can’t fight on your own,… Read more »


Not a guarantee. Maybe an insurance policy with a BIG deductible.

Henry Bowman

I guess we will find out soon enough. The idiots in DC are trying to run America off a cliff and they are pedal-to-the-metal!


Wow, Ambler couldn’t be more wrong or deranged on this. Not only are gun advocates claiming that it’s a good thing that Ukrainians are obtaining arms but so are nearly all of the typically anti-gun people and groups.


Look, Mr. Workman, they are also trying to set you in that same chair.


Reposted to my firearms community on mewe.
Keep up the good work

Henry Bowman

It’s OK to be an ‘extremist’, as long as you’re the right kind of extremist.


and the Ukrainian president is asking the world for more and better arms to fight the Russians as well as help from other countries.