President Biden’s Budget Request Targets Firearm Industry

By Larry Keane

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President Joe Biden is shifting blame for his party’s unwillingness to tackle spiraling crime straight to the firearm industry. IMG iStock-654405344

U.S.A. -( President Joe Biden is shifting blame for his party’s unwillingness to tackle spiraling crime straight to the firearm industry. His administration released his Presidential budget request, which outlines his priorities for the coming year. At the top of the list are plans to target the firearm industry for the failures of his administration to support law enforcement.

President Biden proposes to spend $20.6 billion for the Justice Department for federal law enforcement, crime prevention, and intervention. Tucked into that spending proposal includes plans for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) to hire 140 special agents and another 160 Industry Operations Inspectors (IOIs).

Politics Over Policing

This shows the Biden administration puts the blame for rising crime at the feet of the firearm industry. This is what NSSF predicted when President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris were on the campaign trail. It was also why NSSF worked to defeat the nomination of David Chipman to become ATF director. The administration’s vision has always been to use the ATF as a tool not to regulate the firearm industry but to dismantle it.

The White House posted a Briefing Room blog to explain its gun control plans. In it, officials explain that they know criminals are responsible for surging crime, yet myopically focus only on zeroing in on firearm manufacturers, distributors, and retailers.

“Just as he did in his State of the Union Address, he will continue to call on Congress to take [sic] steps that cannot be achieved through executive action and do not violate the Second Amendment – like universal background checks, a ban on assault weapons with high-capacity magazines, and repeal of the liability shield for gun manufacturers and dealers,” The White House wrote.

The administration’s intent to hire more ATF inspectors than special agents signals that it is more interested in punishing the industry than actually going after criminals. The White House actually lays out where it believes the crimes are happening. It talks about firearms being illegally trafficked up the East Coast, destined for criminals in Baltimore and New York City. Instead of focusing on arresting, prosecuting, and imprisoning those criminals misusing firearms, Biden administration officials choose to instead wage a campaign to nullify federal firearm licensees (FFLs). They use “zero-tolerance” inspections to revoke licenses of retailers who are working diligently to adhere to laws and regulations.

Targeting Industry

The White House’s recent actions demonstrate this. At the direction of The White House, ATF inspections of FFLs have become increasingly punitive versus cooperative. That plan was announced by The White House nearly a year ago in an effort to target what it called “rogue dealers.” Minor clerical errors were once listed as “findings” that retailers could correct. That’s turning into a policy to find reasons to revoke licenses for firearm retailers for simple clerical errors in records.

Reports are now pouring in that ATF is reopening long-closed compliance inspections and threatening to revoke licenses for mistakes that did not threaten public safety.

The ATF released a letter to FFLs that “forced reset triggers” are now considered to be “machineguns,” but didn’t specify brands or models of these triggers that would run afoul of the National Firearms Act (NFA) and Gun Control Act (GCA). Little more is known about what would be considered illegal – including makes and models. NSSF is urging the ATF to provide better guidance to the industry to enable FFLs to comply and inform their customers. Rather than provide that guidance, ATF’s answer was to tell industry members – in an era of “zero tolerance” – to call ATF.

Two Proposed Rules, one to redefine frames and receivers and another to ban pistol arm braces, are in the works too. Both are problematic. The definition of a firearm frame and receiver is set by Congress, yet The White House is pushing the rule changes through the Justice Department and ATF. That sets up a legal showdown over the separation of powers and whether or not the Executive Branch can unilaterally rewrite laws without the consent of the Legislative Branch. Beyond that, there are still unanswered questions about the Proposed Rule to redefine frames and receivers. The White House contends the rule change is targeted at home-built firearms but hasn’t offered guidance as to how it would handle multiple or reprinted serial numbers on guns, manufacturing overhauls, and implementation guidance.

The administration continues to press for the repeal of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA), which prevents frivolous lawsuits against members of the firearm industry for the criminal misuse of a lawfully sold firearm by a remote third party. President Biden, time and again, has been debunked in his claims that the firearm industry is the only industry that receives this protection. The law, however, is nothing more than a codification of basic tort law, that the industry cannot be held responsible for the criminal actions committed by others.

Industry Prevention Efforts

The Biden administration is squandering decades of trust built between the firearm industry and the ATF. NSSF and the ATF have cooperative crime-prevention efforts including the Don’t Lie for the Other Guy campaign to educate the public that “straw purchasing” a firearm for someone else is a crime. Another is Operation Secure Store, to help firearm retailers deter and prevent firearm burglaries and robberies. The firearm industry – especially retailers – want to ensure that criminals don’t ever possess firearms illegally. They regularly work with ATF special agents to help solve crimes. These actions, though, threaten to chill that cooperative relationship.

Sadly, this was predicted. The Biden administration is scapegoating the firearm industry for its own lack of answers to address rising crime. These actions aren’t serious about anything short of the administration’s intent to dismantle the firearm industry. By doing that, they would deny the ability of law-abiding citizens to exercise their own Second Amendment rights.

That doesn’t stop crime. It only makes more potential targets for criminals.

About The National Shooting Sports Foundation

NSSF is the trade association for the firearm industry. Its mission is to promote, protect and preserve hunting and shooting sports. Formed in 1961, NSSF has a membership of thousands of manufacturers, distributors, firearm retailers, shooting ranges, sportsmen’s organizations, and publishers nationwide. For more information, visit

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Ah does it feel as if your PARTNER the ATF is stepping out on you ? lol

Dogma Factor

Elections have consequences, alzheimer Joe may create and propose a budget but congress has to approve it. So in 2022 if you wish to turn the tide conservatives need to get out the vote and turn out as many liberal dirt bags as possible! In the senate we need primary the RINO’s and dump Mitch McConnell who is no friend to firearm owners. Right now the senate is 50 Republicans, 48 Democrats, and two Independents including Bernie Sanders who’s actually a communist. So basically all the conservatives need one more seat in the senate, but more is always better. In… Read more »

Wild Bill

All true, and I agree, but I worry that our part in the political process will come too late because Katanga will be confirmed to the S.C and millions of diseased and criminal illegal aliens are flooding into our country. Each will need housing, clothing and food, which we will pay for.
Both of those situations will take decades of dedicated work to undo. We are very concerned.


Let’s also not forget Dominion.


Dominion is nothing but a pawn. Any idea who controls their security or lack there of when it’s needed ?


According to Peters, forensic Report One shows that “29k access logs and adjudication logs were erased, a violation of state and federal law.” Forensic Report Two shows that “36 wireless devices were in the equipment and, by law,” she continued, “These machines not only cannot be connected to the internet, they cannot have the capability of being connected to the internet.” And Report Three “actually shows manipulation of the votes.”

Last edited 2 months ago by Arny

McConnell has blocked more anti-gun legislation from your socialist friends than you know.
or…. maybe you DO know that and just wanna see our 2A liberties squeezed back even more.


Bernie Sanders isn’t the only communist. Most every one of them is. ALL of them foist the 10 planks on the American public…Read what Gary Barnett has to say about it.


Geritol Joe better be worrying about Putin and China they both know that he is as weak as pond water and our country has no leadership right now


Biden is aiding and abetting criminals by letting illegals come into our country and then flying them all over the United States in the middle of the night. This alone should be enough to impeach Biden adding a lawsuit against the Federal government for violation of those States sovereignty. Our Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good or bad intentions of corrupt politicians today they are using the lower courts and government run agencies to fundamentally altar are rights. Biden lost the support of most people paying attention to current events when he claimed that the Afghan… Read more »


THE NIGHT WATCHMAN… Sent to me by a friend  Once upon a time the government had a vast scrap yard in the middle of a desert.Congress said, “Someone may steal from it at night.” So they created a night watchman position and hired a person for the job.Then Congress said, “How does the watchman do his job without instruction?” So they created a planning department and hired two people, one person to write the instructions, and one person to do time studies.Then Congress said, “How will we know the night watchman is doing the tasks correctly?” So they created a Quality Control department… Read more »

Capn Dad

Absolutely brilliant.


This is a great metaphor for James Buchanan’s Public Choice Theory at work as it applies to government bureaucracy and government monopolies. Bureaucracies lose their mission focus over time and soon simply seek self-preservation and then self-perpetuation. That is how states end up with things like “Civil War Widows Boards” in existence long after the last Civil War Widow has died. Anyone on the public dole will find a reason and a means to stay on the teat. Buchanan was awarded the Nobel Prize in economics for his work in 1986. His work is the serious foundation of modern libertarian/classical… Read more »

Wild Bill

What is the name of Buchanan’s book?

Wild Bill

The best thing that you have ever posted, here!


Our freedom is at stake each day the Agenda moves forward while most Americans are reading about Chris Rock getting slapped on their smartphones. They fail to pay attention to insurmountable lies our government tells daily while the media can no longer be trusted with the truth our way of life as a free people lessen with each passing day. The enemy is now within our borders invited by those in riching themselves while doing business with a communist government. The midterms in 2022 are paramount , are ability to trust our election process are questionable at best. Our country… Read more »


US reportedly allowed dozens of Russians across border in secret deal with mexico. Just saw it on the news. Russians don’t like us and they don’t assimilate just like other non born Americans did and continue to do. That’s how we get people like Omar in office. They have their own communities and bring their ways with them.


If you are thinking rationally and honestly, you cannot blame firearms manufacturers for gun crimes. There are countless federal and state laws that address violent criminals and the use of a firearm or other weapon when committing a crime. But these laws are only as good as the prosecutors, judges and even the general public want them to be. It is not the fault of a gun maker that someone uses one of their gun products inappropriately, unsafely or in the commission of a crime. I guess Joe Biden and his Leftist handlers forgot that law-abiding American citizens have an… Read more »

Wild Bill

Yes, those that push the false argument that manufacturers are to blame, are not interested in the truth or solving problems. They are interested in disarming us. Welcome to the site.


Exactly. Thank you I’m glad to be here.


I gave a yes vote to even up the score. A forewarning. There are people on here that once they disagree with you, they down vote you on whatever you say even when you are right. If one of them see their opponents favor someone like Bill did in welcoming you, they will down vote you like they did. Don’t take it to heart, it is just ignorance at it’s best and they are part of the smallest crowd on this board. A very small crowd.

Please feel free to jump in whenever you choose and welcome.


Could you be any more hypocritical?


Gee, I never said anything about you. You must be feeling guilty and you are telling on yourself.

The fact that someone welcomes new people on the board should not bother you and if it does, to bad. With my comment and yours after they already know who is the bad guy and trouble maker around here.

Gotcha, mind control, so easy to use on the simple minded.

Dry gulched

As soon as I read your post I thought of our good friend russn8r. He knows nobodies buying his schtick because of the way he comes to his own defense. He knows that on this site he’s a weak sister.


Simple minded. Yup…… as always He be.


you kind of answered your own question. government agents do not think honestly or rationally, just the opposite in fact. blaming an inanimate object resolves them of being called discriminatory, as most of the gun deaths from non-suicide are caused by gangs and drug dealers. i think john lott said 95% of murders are caused by the same 5% of people. and they are not like us, law abiding citizens. lefties care not for the rule of law, look at anything in the last 10 years, they are the most egregious violators out there. will he propose that auto companies… Read more »


UH, “….if you are thinking rationally and honestly,”

What does thinking…..rationally and honestly, or any other way….have to do with government and politicians’ agendas??? Just pondering as a rational and honest thinker.

I guess Joe Biden and his Leftist handlers forgot that law-abiding American citizens have an actual Constitutional right to keep and bear arms”
UH, that is exactly what worries the shit out of them, and consumes much of their resources to extinguish. Yeah, they fear understand all too well.