Montana Sheriff Believes in Armed Citizenry, Says 2A ‘Not About Hunting’

Second Amendment Supporters Can Make A Major Montana Gain
Executive action is expected in Montana today concerning permitless carry. iStock-884194872

U.S.A.-( Cascade County, Mont. Sheriff Jesse Slaughter calls himself a “constitutional conservative,” and he left no mystery about his position on the subject of Second Amendment rights when he appeared as one of two keynoters at the Montana Shooting Sports Association’s banquet in Missoula over the weekend.

The event was held at the Hilton Garden Inn hotel, where there was an abundance of blue jeans, western boots, cowboy hats and Big Sky patriotism. There were drawings for ammunition and a couple of firearms. The event was co-sponsored by the Western Montana Fish and Game Association, Second Amendment Foundation, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and Gun Owners of America.

In a follow-up interview with AMMOLAND, Sheriff Slaughter reiterated what he told the audience of about 300 people at the banquet: “The Second Amendment is not about sport and hunting, it’s about protecting our rights.”

Slaughter, up for re-election this year, told MSSA members, “I’ve been pro-Second Amendment my entire life.”

A Montana native and the son of former Gallatin County Sheriff Bill Slaughter, Jesse Slaughter has been endorsed by MSSA, whose president, Gary Marbut, told the lawman in a letter, “you are clearly the best candidate in your contest to represent gun owners and hunters in Cascade County in the critical position of Sheriff.”

The banquet actually honored Marbut, who has spent the past four decades fighting for Montana gun rights. According to Randy Pinocci, a member of the Montana Public Service Commission, under Marbut’s leadership, MSSA has championed and passed more pro-gun legislation over the past 40 years than any other organization in the country.

Slaughter made news last year when he switched political affiliations from Democrat to Republican. He observed, “In almost 90 years, they haven’t a Republican in Cascade County.” At the time he switched parties, he told the Great Falls Tribune that the party leadership had lost touch with its constituency.

“The party leadership is failing the party,” Slaughter said in remarks quoted by the newspaper. “The Democrats in Cascade County; the people that work every day … they don’t think this radically. They don’t think that we need to confiscate guns from people. They believe in the Constitution and they know it’s there to protect them and help them. They don’t believe it should be in any way taken away from anybody.”

Slaughter told AMMOLAND it was only after the party switch that he was criticized for his opinions about constitutional rights and responsibilities.

“Democrats didn’t say a word about it until I switched parties,” he recalled.

He’s been targeted by a group called the Montana Human Rights Action Network for being part of a “constitutional sheriff’s” movement, calling them “militia mouthpieces.” Slaughter laughed it off, noting via telephone that militias are specifically mentioned in the Constitution.

The group issued a report recently titled “Slaughtering the Constitution: Cascade County Sheriff Embraces Sheriff Supremacy.” The announcement of this report on the group’s Facebook page brought a bristling reaction from one person, who wrote, “You guys are modern-day communists. How dare you boot Montana Representatives from your zoom meeting. Shameful extremists that you are.”

Sheriff Slaughter confirmed he supports legislation that would protect the authority of sheriffs as the chief law enforcement officer in the county.

As explained by Marbut, legislation will be pursued “to secure the office of sheriff in the constitution and prohibit the erosion of any authority of that office by any means including cooperative agreements with federal authorities and any transfer of powers to a ‘state police.’”

That effort is on MSSA’s “wish list” for the next session of the Legislature.

In his banquet remarks, which brought repeated appreciation from the audience, Slaughter told them, “We work for you.”

He said the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic actually had a positive effect because it forced the Left to “show their hand.”

“We have to fight for our Second Amendment rights,” Slaughter stressed.

Slaughter is being challenged by one of his own troops, Cpl. Jay Croskreutz. Both are running as Republicans, and Slaughter chuckled that Democrats could not find anyone in their own party to run.

Groskreutz has some 20 years of experience in law enforcement, and according to the Great Falls Tribune, he has worked “in differing roles within the Cascade County Sheriff’s Office.”

The primary election is June 7.

About Dave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms, and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

Dave Workman

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Nice Dave good read positive information Thanks


Shertiff Slaughter speaks the truth and upholds his oath to the constitution and gun grabbing Marxists can’t stand the truth . Thank you Jesse for speaking the truth and supporting freedom for Montanans . Let’s go Brandon #FJB


When the Founding Fathers wrote the 2nd Amendment, they had not just returned from a hunting trip, they had liberated a nation.


The people have been fooled before by a politician switching sides. He talks a good talk like so many do but will he walk the walk? We’ll see how “constitutional” he really is when it comes to enforcing local, state, and federal arms laws.


Jesse was asked very few questions (at least very few were included in the article). Maybe Jesse will join the discussion and answer some questions. Here are a few: According to the article, you stressed: “We have to fight for our Second Amendment rights.” We were born with our firearm rights. These rights were not given to us by government employees. All the 2nd Amendment did was indicate these rights are protected. Do you believe that even if the 2nd Amendment were to be repealed, Americans still have firearm rights? Are you in favor of amending the Montana SAPA legislation to prohibit Montana sheriffs (and other… Read more »


It appears Jesse does not want to explain what he means by “constitutional conservative.”

I can’t imagine that Dave would write an article about him and not let him know.


Why the Hell has he been a Democrat at all??? Major “red flag”….pun intended!!! Be sure and explore his history of actions before supporting him. Although, already being Sheriff, he already has broad support.


Of course it was. Never any real doubt about it. Inalienable, immutable right to self protection against tyranny of the oppressors of Liberty from enslavementPeasant/Serf/Scribe/Wizards/Warlocks/Kings/Queens/Emperors/Dictators/Kaste system/Fabian Socialism/Marxism//Corporate Fascism/Human Collectivism/Fiefdom/Overlords/Neo-Feudalism/Neo-Machevellianism etc.

Last edited 1 year ago by Tank

Saying he doesn’t want firearms to be taken away does not mean he is a conservative.

As a lifelong Democrat, what socialist policies does he support?

Do a search on him – he became upset with the Democrats when they started the defund the police rhetoric. That is when he switched parties.


Sho nuff……..


There’s no such thing as a pro-gun Democrat. They all confirm gun grabbers to the court, endorse gun grabbers for governor, senate, president, party leadership etc.

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r

Look how quick people start waving the flag for him because he’s a sheriff who says he’s pro 2nd Amendment.

He’s a lifelong Democrat who got upset that Democrats want to defund the police, so he says he’s pro 2nd Amendment and switches parties. Immediately, he is hailed as a “constitutional conservative.”

The published portion of the interview contains almost no information about Jesse’s views (even on gun control).

People complain about “RINOs” – this is how we get them.


Yes, it’s how we get them. And scumbags like Kemp who helped Biden with The Big Steal used Con Carry for the Georgia primary. He hasn’t changed stripes.


Maybe Jesse had an epiphany and now he will: Pledge to never work with the BATFE as part of Project Safe Neighborhoods to enforce federal laws (even if the federal government pays him a fee for joining a “task force” or gives the sheriff department a “tactical vehicle”); Indicate his support of meaningful revisions to Montana’s SAPA law (see above for details); Answer detailed questions about specific gun control laws (see above for examples); Issue a statement opposing Montana’s stop and ID laws (a true conservative would be appalled at this 4th Amendment infringement); Publicly state he supports Montana’s excellent… Read more »