Senate Republicans Can Resist Emotion-Fueled Rush on ATF Nominee

It’s a big club and you ain’t in it. The power players are counting on getting their game-changing loyalists into position with no real opposition (Steve Dettelbach/Facebook).

U.S.A. – -( “After the deadly mass shooting left 10 dead in Buffalo this weekend, the White House is significantly stepping up its push for the Senate to confirm Joe Biden’s top gun regulator,” POLITICO reports. “Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), meanwhile, told POLITICO he expects the Senate Judiciary Committee to hold its first hearing on [Steve] Dettelbach’s nomination before the Senate leaves for recess at the end of next week.”

Since first urging Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans to “ask tough questions about ATF abuses during confirmation hearings,” this correspondent has been monitoring the committee’s schedule to see when they will be scheduled. At this writing, “Nominations” are slated for next Wednesday, with no names yet filled in.

The intent of this latest push is clear: Strike soon for maximal emotional impact. Stir up the sentiment from Democrat Party noisemakers to cow Republicans into no meaningful opposition. Merge that with the media-highlighted rage being ginned up on the abortion front in a “Hail Mary” strategy to hide Biden and the Democrat’s miserable record under a wave of hysteria and offset presumptive GOP gains in November.

If the Republicans can find a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and demoralize their base through gutlessness and baffling compromises, trust that they will. It’s kind of their trademark.

“If Dettelbach is able to secure 50 votes in the Senate, it would represent a significant victory for Biden,” POLITICO observes, and we can see why. The administration wants to impose a host of infringements and citizen disarmament edicts and widen the political power gap between rulers and the ruled. It’s what violence monopolists do.

This is what fecklessness and concessions will result in. Count on it. The Democrats do.

“While fulsome rebukes to Dettelbach may still materialize, the nomination has so far been marked by a notable, if surprising, lack of coordinated opposition,” the article continues. “The National Shooting Sports Foundation, the firearm industry trade association that played a major role in torpedoing Chipman’s nomination, has so far not engaged nearly as aggressively on Dettelbach’s.”

That’s hardly surprising. NSSF’s prime directive is to do what’s most profitable for the industry. That may or may not be the same thing as what best protects the supposedly unalienable rights of the industry’s customers. In this case, don’t expect the trade group to relentlessly hammer a nominee it expects to win and who will then dictate the way its members must conduct themselves. Count on newly confident regulators feeling the power they’re plugged into at the highest levels.

It’s not really a question of “if” Dettelbach can get 50 votes. In the absence of something startlingly disqualifying emerging, that’s a given, with the same Republican turncoats who betrayed their constituents to approve Ketanji Brown Jackson for the Supreme Court expected to once more show what utter weasels they are and make confirmation “bipartisan.”

So don’t let it get to the floor.

Per  Rachel BovardThe Federalist’s senior tech columnist and senior director of policy at the Conservative Partnership Institute:

“The Senate of 2022 is tied, with 50 Democrats and 50 Republicans, which presents Republicans with an interesting procedural option: denying a quorum in the Senate Judiciary Committee, thus preventing the nomination from being reported out of committee and placed on the calendar, and ultimately moved to the Senate floor.”

Democrats are getting ever more desperate, bold and ludicrous in their full-court press to attack gun ownership on all fronts. Anyone who thinks this isn’t so either doesn’t understand or hasn’t been paying attention. We cannot allow the citizen disarmament zealots to gain an inch of ground by just giving it to them. We know from experience they’ll then use new beachheads to launch their next incursions.

Senate Judiciary Republicans beginning with ranking member Chuck Grassley (IA), and including Lindsey Graham (SC), John Cornyn (TX), Mike Lee (UT), Ted Cruz (TX), Ben Sasse (NE), Josh Hawley (MO), Tom Cotton (AR), John Kennedy (LA), Thom Tillis (NC), and Marsha Blackburn (TN), all endorsed by NRA, know this.

Will they treat the Dettelbach nomination like the existential threat that it is, or will they play politics as usual and make just enough comments to claim plausible deniability on opposing him, without really doing anything concrete to upset a foregone conclusion? Will NRA require it of them, or will it just issue meaningless objections that have no real teeth and no chance to stop confirmation?

And how about the other “gun groups”?

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About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

David Codrea

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Need everyone with a senator on the Judiciary to email them constantly not to give them a quorum to vote on Dettelbach. Delay for 4 more months and midterms will be upon us when we can halt all their nominees.


Obama’s picture makes me nauseous




The other gun groups? Um, they’re sick. My best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who’s going with the girl who saw the other gun groups pass out at 31 Flavors last night. I guess it’s pretty serious. What about the sheriffs? “They’re elected, they’re on our side” – should we not expect that just one sheriffs’ organization make a statement indicating their opposition to Dettelbach? Why are all the “good apples” so quiet and we keep hearing from the “just a few” bad apples? “The president of the Major County Sheriffs of… Read more »


“A U.S. Marine Corps veteran and graduate of the FBI Academy, Sheriff Lemma holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and master’s degree in administrative leadership.”

If anyone would like to thank Dennis for negating the work of thousands of people who are working against Steve Dettelbach’s confirmation:

Sheriff Dennis M. Lemma
(407) 665-6635


Almost donated to Jim Lamon for US Senate until I saw this:
Now I’m not so sure.


I wonder if Jim would still have those endorsements if Jim indicated his support for:

  • Improving Arizona’s civil asset forfeiture laws (so they look more like those in Montana);
  • Meaningful SAPA legislation; and
  • Repealing Arizona’s stop and ID laws.

Dogma Factor

David I hate to nit pick but there is only 48 Democrats setting in the current Senate. There are two independents that caucus with the Democrats one of which is Burnie Sanders who’s registered as a Democrat Socialist (Communist) and Angus Stanley King Jr from Maine who’s registered as an Independent, but very liberal. Sorry but I couldn’t resist bashing Burnie the commy because he’s truly not a Democrat despite his presidential runs.


ANY nominee for any appointed position that absolutely positively cannot or will not operate based on facts rather than emotions or how the political winds are blowing should never be confirmed. Look at several members of scotus – they allow themselves to be swayed by their emotions and blown around by those political winds. Want even more ‘proof’ – look at the latest from the treasury secretary regarding the abortion ‘debate’. IOW – if they are going to do whatever they can to further a political agenda, they should be disqualified as a nominee. Yes, I know that nominees can… Read more »


I see Lindsay Graham as the weak link in the Republican party. We already know how Collins, Murkowski and Romney will vote. Can’t let this get out of committee.


Lindsay Grahamnesty.


get those fingers limbered up people and get this incompetent/tyrannical bureaucrat rejected. sent them an email several weeks ago when he was put out there for the position and will probably send another round of emails again now that the hearing is coming up.,,,,,,,,,,


I certainly appreciate Mr. Codrea’s articles, his writing style is most clever and he gins up support along the way. I do wish he and other Ammoland content producers would offer up solutions to issues they report on. If solutions are fleeting, then at least do what you just did gregs, list contact information for people who can affect change. Time is money, not everyone has the time or perhaps knowledge of how to get this information. Samples of the proper verbiage of the emails and letters can help would-be activists too. Communicate concisely, succinctly and politely. Emotional and excessively… Read more »


If Dettelbach is confirmed before the anticipated ruling by SCOTUS in the NYS concealed carry case, this can be a tailwind for federal gun control if the court rules against the plaintiffs. Actually, the best outcome would be for Republicans to hold firm against confirmation of any nominee until after November.

Last edited 1 month ago by Wass

Dear republicans grow a pair now’s the time to earn the respect from those of us who have witnessed your lack of enthusiasm to win a election and fight as hard and dirty as the democrats.


“Our federal partners.” -NSSF


Might be a distinction without a difference, and have no bearing on the quorum question, but the actual Senate count is 50 Republicans, 48 Democrats, and 2 Independents that caucus with, and usually vote with, the Democrats.


Those numbers are exactly why I would like to see Brandon impeached, convicted in the Senate and frog marched out of the White House or have him removed with the 25th Amendment protocols. I do not fear Kamaltoes being prez, I would welcome it. She, being the prez of the Senate, gets to cast tie-breaking votes, and we know what that means since you pointed out Bernie Sanders and Angus King caucus with the dimocRAT party. She’s no where near the accomplished political criminal as Brandon, hated by everyone, especially her staff, and with changes coming in November, I have… Read more »