Financial Deplatforming Just Got Closer

Financial Deplatforming Just Got Closer iStock-458089183
Financial Deplatforming Just Got Closer iStock-458089183

United States – -( When Letitia James is celebrating, Second Amendment supporters need to check and see if our rights have become more threatened. Earlier this week, one of her celebratory press releases is a warning that financial deplatforming has become that much easier.

Just before the Labor Day weekend, James and California Attorney General Rob Bonta demanded that Visa, Mastercard, and Discover create a specific merchant category code for sales of guns and ammunition. A week later, she celebrated the International Standard Organization’s requirement for the new code.

This shouldn’t be a surprise. While New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v. Bruen in conjunction with the Heller and Caetano decisions should block any government bans on firearms, it is powerless against private businesses who make ostensibly “business” decisions.

Given her past track record which includes targeting firearms manufacturers, companies that produced 80% receivers, and her election-interfering effort to dissolve the National Rifle Association, this news is presumptively bad news. It has now become easier to single out firearms purchases, and while James and Bonta are only demanding this specific category… how long will they just be demanding only the category?

The probable next step will be to demand separate categories for firearms and ammunition, so as to start telling whether people are buying guns, ammo, or both. Then they will demand to segregate out the modern multi-purpose semi-automatics into yet another category.

Once that is done, it becomes easy to demand they block the purchases. That demand will be backed up with the threat of civil litigation egged on by anti-Second Amendment extremists groups, whether the Brady Campaign, Giffords, or Everytown. The purpose of the litigation will be to drum up bad publicity and force a settlement that will force the companies to cut off purchases.

Then, of course, there is the fact that generating a lit of possible gun owners just got outsourced to the financial industry – where such data can be subpoenaed by a state AG who is channeling Lavrentiy Beria. Think that won’t happen? Do we need to go over the track record of Letitia James again?

The most dangerous part about this is that this decision is going to be much harder to address via grassroots action. The credit card companies are private businesses and have pretty much the same First Amendment rights we do. They can also run their business as they see fit, and in the cases of Visa, Mastercard, and Discover, we don’t exactly have competition we can turn to.

We’re not helpless, though. Those in states that respect the Second Amendment can urge their elected officials to promulgate regulations to mitigate the potential harm that the recent actions of the International Standard Organization. The other step is to work to defeat anti-Second Amendment extremists like Letitia James via the ballot box at the federal, state, and local levels.

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post,, and other national websites.Harold Hutchison

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Oh what will we do w/o credit cards? How will we ever exsist? We won’t be able to buy anything without that little piece of plastic. Before credit cards there was C.O.D. The credit card companies tell you they are important, that’s how they stay in business.

Knute Knute

I have some ‘news’ for you Harold. Financial deplatforming hasn’t gotten a little closer, it was already done almost a decade ago under the O’bomba regime. Remember a thing called: “Operation Choke Point”? Since you appear to have convieniently forgotten it, no biggie. We all know that you ‘journalists’ have no memory of anything before today’s breakfast. It’s been your S.O.P. for decades now. It’s the reason we no longer listen to you, or care about what words you write. It’s the answer to why we are so hard on you, and why you need to stop and look around… Read more »


Knute… Just reading About hayrolled is proof enough of what you say .


He wrote that whole article and didn’t once mention or try to sell the NRA. Maybe he is working on a change. LOL

Last edited 10 days ago by musicman44mag
Knute Knute

I still have hope for him. But then I’m an incurable optimist!
I’m still hoping to shock him back into reality. Call it shock therapy. 🙂


it is powerless against private businesses who make ostensibly “business” decisions.

I call BS. If a cake shop or a printer or florist can be forced to provide cerain products to individuals planning “certain” events that these businesses find offensive, credit card issuers whould face the same demands for items that are lawful in open commerce.

This is just bullying, because the politicians know the CC issuers/banks will do their bidding. There are strong financial ties between these banks and the money politicians get when they are campaigning.
As ever, its all about the Benjamins.

Wild Bill

I had forgotten about that, which is what the marxist socialists depend upon, I suppose. Excellent reminder.


A good chunk of the credit industry is chartered in Delaware. Can you think of a prominent politician who is also headquartered in Delaware?

Let’s go Brandon!


Every thing I’ve read so far names Visa, American Express, and Mastercard. Does anyone know for sure if Discover is also in on this?


Discover usually does their own thing.. it be nice to know for sure though…


Discover was self owned until last april when they merged with AT&T’s Warner Media unit . They started out with $55,billion in debt August 5. 2022.


Discover’s website does not have a contact form or an e-mail address for general inquires so I mailed them a letter via USPS a few days ago. If they respond I’ll send copies to someone at Ammoland so they may put up an article.


Whatta team player…


The Communist Biden Regime is using every tool they can find to disarm the American people. They are using government pressure on private corporations, ordering industry under threat of arrest and shutdown to stop selling, making and shipping arms protected under the Second Amendment, arrest of citizens who own arms legally purchased, and the imprisonment of citizens who bought arms and gun parts legally under the law. It seems the Communist Biden Regime is in great fear of the American people who cherish their liberties and oppose the Communist Tyranny that Biden is using against Americans. Communist Regimes always disarm… Read more »

Wild Bill

Yes, If you are going to buy something, go to the gun show with cash.


Yeah but that hurts overall traffic and volume… You might as well just buy what you going to buy, it’s not like they don’t know anyway… It’s not like you dont already have a file…

That is part of their intent, it’s not to end it, or track it, it’s meant to slow it down or to discourage it.

I feel that, by not purchasing with convenience, you’re not purchasing as much, and you’re letting them win.

Last edited 11 days ago by Boom
Wild Bill

I can only purchase so much anyway. I’d rather have a hand to hand transaction for several reasons: I can inspect the firearm, no 4473, negotiations are possible. Convenience is dangerous for several reasons that hand to hand buying precludes.


Point made, point taken….there is much merit to this.


Bill, I sure agree with your comment too. A couple of my best firearms were purchased through private sales.


We’ll see either a new and improved form of Cash on Delivery that companies used to use until we became a nation of lying thieves. Or we’ll see an alternative payment processors show up. Probably both.

More reason for Ammoland content producers to start shifting towards the alternative media platforms and give up Fakebook, Twitter and YouTube. As valuable as YouTube can be they are controlled by people who HATE YOU AND ME, stop using them!!!


Sellers need to put out their catalogues with order forms in them so we can use a cashiers check and send it in with your order . Yes it will slow things down . Have put my utilities on auto pay it goes direct to the checking account . I get notice from both bank and utility .

Wild Bill

I concur!


Ope…Just write a check to the bank for cash advances , no interest no snoopy noses . But you are talking local purchases , right ?

Last edited 11 days ago by Oldvet

Ope…Yes I understand what you mean , but you are still using their card . When you can get around giving them the satisfaction of using their card . I will not cancel their card because of the damage it does to your credit rating . I will use their card as little as possible . That is one thing they will see is the lack of transactions . They will not get their fee.

Last edited 11 days ago by Oldvet
Wild Bill

Oh, I see. I take cash out of my account regularly, but not too regularly, to establish a base line to avoid Suspicious Transaction Reports.


WB…Yes say $1,000 at a time after all if you are going to be spending cash you will need it in your pocket … or a sock somewhere .


WB…We need to set up a rotating bank of phony license tags for our trucks , to put on when we go to gun shows , HA HA Just kidding monitor

Wild Bill

Yes! We could call it a hobby!


or have a house in a foreign country and have legal tags for it there too. put foreign tag on when you go tho the shows


swmft… You mean like from komifornia ?

Wild Bill

Yes, all those cars in the grocery store parking lots that have Mexican license plate … steal the plates!!
Kind of a reverse Karma thing.

Wild Bill

I donno, maybe. I’ve never done that.


Best to set up home manufacturing, really, for everything. Grow your own food, make your own solar panels and batteries, build your own guns and make your own smokeless powder. Yes, it is difficult and I can not do it all now, but with some technical help, we could build that industry.



HLB… I like your idea but I have a terminal brown thumb .

The Crimson Pirate

Pay cash


Corporate Fascism on display for all to see – Deprivation of commerce rights under a corrupt color & authority of Law. This is the tyranny & reason our founding fathers sacrificed for the War of Independence. Nothing natural at all about this Beast system.


The credit card companies ARE NOT private businesses, each and every one is a PUBLIC business that has stockholders involved. They are ALL listed on the New York Stock Exchange!! Shareholders need to fight back against these draconian rules!


Election do have consequences. Cash is king and when I make purchases over the internet I either send them a check/money order or more often than not do a bank transfer. With the vendors I use on the internet it is rare for me to have to use a credit card which usually cost an additional 3%. If they don’t have the bank transfer option available on their site I just call them and they are more than happy to receive a money order or do a bank transfer, just gotta ask.

Wild Bill

What do you do if the vendor does not send the goods after cashing your check?


Kill em.