Gun Voters Could Deal A Punishing Blow Driving Home the Win on Election Day 2022

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USA – -( The critical Nov. 8th 2022 midterm elections are only days away. As people continue talking about a “red wave” sweeping across the U.S. landscape to wash anti-gun Democrats from Congress and state legislatures, the “gun vote” could be the decisive factor in many of these races.

According to Fox News, “The discussion surrounding gun control in the United States is a core issue for some voters heading to the ballot box this November.”

The critical factor is whether gun owners—who often are guilty of lethargy and/or election season apathy—will turn out in adequate numbers to swing the vote. They did last year in Virginia, putting solid pro-gunners in statewide offices, but will they repeat that performance on a national scale?

Take a look at Massachusetts, where the Gun Owner’s Action League just released a report showing how homicides in the Bay State have increased 110 percent since the passage of the 198 Gun Control Act in that state. GOAL Executive Director Jim Wallace, in a telephone conversation with AmmoLand News, said the report speaks for itself:

“The Commonwealth’s decades old gun control scheme has been an unmitigated disaster.”

The law failed to reduce gun-related homicides. It failed to reduce accidental firearms fatalities, and it has done poorly in efforts to reduce gun-related suicides.

Call it the “October non-surprise” since gun control laws have also failed in other regions.

Out in Oregon, Fox News is reporting on Ballot Measure 114, an extremist initiative that would add Oregon to a list of states currently requiring a permit to purchase a firearm. [government permission silps]

According to Fox, “Oregon’s law would be the only one that mandates a live-fire safety class approved by the state police and administered by local law enforcement.”

The proverbial fly in the ointment is that nearly all police agencies do not have the facilities to provide the required training.

The story further notes, “The Oregon State Sheriff’s Association opposes Measure 114, citing the burden it would place on financially-strapped law enforcement agencies. Officials say it would delay law-abiding citizens from being able to purchase guns by months or even longer.”

Kevin Starrett, director of the Oregon Firearms Federation, told Fox News essentially the same thing he told AmmoLand News months ago: “The measure is designed to absolutely guarantee that people will not have the means to protect themselves and to dox anybody who attempts to comply with the permit process.”

In Georgia, it’s gun owners versus an avowed anti-gunner in Stacey Abrams, whom Fox News described as “one of the most significant advocates of gun control in a battleground election against Republican Incumbent Gov. Brian Kemp.”

The Fox report also pointed to Ohio, where anti-gun Democratic State Representative Tim Ryan is squaring off against Republican JD Vance.

It is against this backdrop that Friday’s attack on Paul Pelosi, husband of Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi—another perennial gun control proponent on Capitol Hill—was so shocking. Pelosi was brutally attacked in his own San Francisco home. He was seriously injured by a suspect who wielded a hammer, demonstrating that blaming guns and penalizing gun owners for violent crimes is a false flag.

Reacting to the attack, Alan Gottlieb, chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, said the nature of the attack “should preclude any effort by Speaker Pelosi’s Democrat colleagues to exploit this horrible incident for the purpose of advancing their extremist gun control agenda.

“This is the kind of violent crime against which average citizens, including Speaker Pelosi’s constituents, must be prepared to defend themselves on a daily basis in an environment where the far left has pushed ‘defund-the-police’ efforts and adopted policies which have allowed dangerous individuals to roam our streets and neighborhoods,” Gottlieb added.

In Gottlieb’s home state of Washington, there is also an energetic challenge of 30-year-incumbent Democrat Sen. Patty Murray—a dependable anti-gunner—by Republican Tiffany Smiley, a political newcomer who has been waging a remarkably effective campaign. A strong turnout of Evergreen State gun owners could provide a nasty surprise to Murray, who critics say has never represented their interests in Congress.

The only thing that will make the “gun vote” a reality to be reckoned with, not just now but in elections to come, is for gun owners actually to turn out in the millions to cast ballots.

They must understand a couple of things:

  • The political party with the majority calls the shots; that is, the majority party sets the legislative agenda, and historically, gun control measures are championed by Democrats.
  • Those who oppose Joe Biden’s gun control agenda have only one way to derail it: to take Congress and state legislatures away from his party.
  • In cities across the nation, “defund police” schemes have resulted in rising violent crime, and only one party has supported this approach.

In 1994, gun owners outraged by the Clinton semi-auto ban and passage the year before of the Brady Handgun law turned out by the millions and threw out more than 50 anti-gun Democrats, including then-House Speaker Tom Foley. Because of that, gun control was essentially a non-starter for at least a dozen years.

A strong “gun vote” could make that happen again.


Beaver State Battle: Grassroots Gun Owners Fight Extremist OR Ballot Measure

About Dave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms, and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

Dave Workman

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I am an independent voter and I will be voting a strait republican ticket here in Montana . FJB and all Democrats !


Spot on. Both Arizona and Montana suffer from the coastal fungus. Convincing these people to take natural rights seriously is a difficult task. As a life long Libertarian I have fought both sides on the limited government, individual liberty front. It appears to me the Republican Party at the grass roots level is drifting back in the direction of our Founding Principles and documents. If that is so I commend it. The Bride and I have been doing Patriot Academy classes, specifically Biblical Citizenship here in our little mountain village. We are flooded with refugees from coastal states who are… Read more »

Henry Bowman

I also think that the GOP is getting back to 1776, albeit slowly. There are libertarians within the GOP like Ron and Rand Paul. Inroads are being made to shift the Overton Window within the GOP because of the influence of conservative libertarians like you and me. I’ve found that there are more of our mindset within the GOP than anyone realizes. Most conservatives don’t even know what a minarchist is, yet they are one in their hearts.

Henry Bowman

Indeed! I vote Anarcho-Capitalist always. F all commies.


Hmmmm… The U.S> had a hand in this, didn’t we? What was Augusto Pinochet accused of?
On 30 October, Pinochet was charged with 36 counts of kidnapping, 23 counts of torture, and one of murder for the torture and disappearance of opponents of his regime at Villa Grimaldi. On 28 November 2006, judge Víctor Montiglio, charged with overseeing the Caravan of Death case, ordered Pinochet’s house arrest.


Flying Air Pinochet was quite the gamble from everything I’ve read.

Henry Bowman

IDK, I thought it was more of a sure bet…
Physical removal works and Hoppe is right.

Chilean Air Mail - Return to Sender.png
Henry Bowman

Clearly a closet communist. And a coward; You gotta be a real bad$$ to arrest a dead man! The judge woulda been too chickens#!t to try that a year earlier, even though Pinochet was already older than dirt.
As for the USA, we sent several young men from Chicago to help Pinochet rebuild the Chilean economy after that commie POS Allende wrecked it in record time. Austrian economics is what we need too, the Commiecrat Party has wrecked our economy just as quickly!

Actively Anticommunist 1.png
Deplorable Bill

Yup, you’re right. We must vote pro life, pro second amendment, pro constitution, pro GOD back in schools, government etc., against critical race theory, against lgbtqrx…, against same sex marriage etc. Very simple for me; right and wrong, good and evil are defined by GOD through SCRIPTURE, the very same SCRIPTURE this nation is founded upon. Look at the declaration of independence for example. We can, we must and we will vote righteously, our nation, our families, our children and grand children, maybe even the rest of the world, depends on it. There are just three boxes to choose from;… Read more »


mine are full and ready to vote as needed

Rob J

Washington hasn’t had a red state legislature since 1998, it hasn’t had a red governor since 1985, it hasnt had a red federal senator/representative since 2001, it hasn’t had a red unified federal senate/house seat since 1923, and it hasn’t submitted a red electoral vote since Reagan. While I will continue to vote, and implore all my fellow firearms owners of any state to do so, I hold little faith that we will see a change in my state. Our citizens are too easily swayed by the media and political party smear campaign bordering on defamation and fearmongering, and our… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by Rob J

Thank you Rob J. I beg every Washington voter to please take Rob’s advice and please vote. Vote knowing that there are many conservatives inside the county elections offices volunteering their life’s energy to insure we don’t allow any vote thieving. Call a couple of friends, and make sure they vote and vote smart. You have your ballot, pick it up off of the desk and fill it out, if you don’t have your ballot yet call your county elections office Monday and get a provisional ballot to cast. Fill it out and take it to a drop box close… Read more »


That’s another problem here with the mail-in ballots. There are many people here that get issued multiple ballots due to glitches in the system. Dems here have no reservations about filing those multiple ballots.


I am very concerned about voter integrity. 1st I think I need to say, every voting system has some fraud built-in by default. Not by choice but humans are broken and a broken human believes misery loves company so they immediately look for an exploitable fault. The mail-in-ballot system in Washington is better than most. It’s far better than the paper ballots we used up to 2004, when the dims stole the gubernatorial election. With just 2 tweaks I believe Washington’s mail in ballot system would be the best system in the nation. We’ll never see the most important tweak,… Read more »


I think that until we get rid of mail-in only voting, we’ll never see where Wa St residents really stand. The dems in this state are not shy about finding the number of votes they need to manufacture, to get the win, and they do that by starting to count the votes long before election day. Conservatives here that I know, are holding off dropping their ballots in the mailbox or ballot drop boxes until the last minute as a means of thwarting this early counting. We need in-person paper ballot voting here in the worst way.


im betting they print what they need and burn the real ballots


We use paper ballots in Washington’s Mail-in-Ballot system. The kind that requires the dot to be colored in rather than the punch card system we used to have when we had polling locations. The punch out paper ballots were bad from their inception. It gave the unscrupulous options to cheat. Look at YouTube videos from the 2000 Florida recount. Hanging chads, carbon indentation from a pencil being touched onto the “chad” but not completely knocked out. Partisan election officials divining voter intent like the Amazing Kreskin. (FYI-The Amazing Kreskin is still alive, 87 yo) I personally experienced the same type… Read more »


RJ, IMO the majority of voters who vote here in WA are from three counties on the west side. If those on the whole east side of Wa. would vote, we pro everything constitutional voters would have a spittin’ chance to cool down hell and reverse the trend of wokester laws. There has been talk thorugh the years that the east side should split off and form a new state, but since I have been to Eastern WA. four times this year, I have noticed a definite trend towards wokeism. Crime is on the rise there, since folks have been… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by Oldman

Dave, another informative and well written article.


Thanks for the well conceived article Mr. Workman.


they dont teach anything in school anymore the progressives turned it into indoctrination , kids learn more on the street than in school


“The law failed to reduce gun-related homicides. It failed to reduce accidental firearms fatalities, and it has done poorly in efforts to reduce gun-related suicides.”

Laws NEVER stop or prevent anything, they are only reactionary to provide punishment after the crime has been committed, and they don’t even do that well. Notice how there are laws against murder, but that has not slowed down murder one tiny bit.


want to reduce violence teach tolerance in school and arm everyone


The long game task is to convince the millions of new gun owners to understand the long game of the Progressive New Left against their right not only to keep and bear arms but to exercise any natural, God Given right. Folks with progressive educations and mindsets are more than willing to jump through hoops to exercise their rights and are not willing to stand up for those who are denied equal access and fair treatment. There is a very special ‘kewl kids’ mentality among progressives. They think they are an entitled class, university educated and immune from the restrictions… Read more »


Also realize that many progressives for some odd reason just don’t believe in, God, the founder of our God Given Rights!


I have found in life, that if you are too far left, you are totally unable to believe in God and His rules set out in Holy Scripture. And furthermore, being too far left is not very far left. I do not believe in gray areas. To me, it is either white or black, right or wrong.


they dont believe in our rights ,they think they should be in control…..I give them each one vote from a 1911


Bill, you speak a lot of truth. But I fear that we, as a nation, have lost sight of “truth.” If we could return to the Biblical heritage that gave us our written Constitution, there would be little trouble answering the “what is a woman” question. There would be no same sex marriage. The right to life would still be a “right.” LGBTQRWXYZ would just be letters in our alphabet. But the equivalent of Pandora’s Box has been opened and we can not put all that evil back in its box until the trumpet shall sound. And once again, I’m… Read more »


Cappy don’t be crappy, hahaha. It’s not nearly over my friend, just the opposite. If you turn off the MSLSDCNNABCCBSNBC filters and look around we are winning. Hell Cappy, many of us have just now decided to fight back. You know that when American Patriots fight back there’s nothing bigger, meaner and efficient than US.

With your help at the ballot box and the fact that you are speaking up, there’s nothing we cannot fix. Regardless of where we are culturally today, we can fix it. God gave us America and we will keep it safe.


Amen to that!

Henry Bowman

…Assuming the Commiecrat Party doesn’t rig another election!!


I do not know if the Democrats worked enough bogus votes into the last election to throw the results. But I do know it wasn’t due to lack of effort.


I think an obvious rig would lead to dead demoncrats


they stopped the checks something that will not happen again , the vote will have to be or appear to be very clean court wont stop a voter check ever again after being threatened by leftards


Commiefornia is already ruined beyond repair via Ziowood – MIBC & Medical Complex by the too big to fail doctrine & cultural idiom. Way too many people competing for crumbs to survive there. Migrating or Importing ignorant Commiefornia political ideology that is a metastasized mental fungus into more Oregon & Washington populace continually reveals failed policy after policy. Rigged voting system fraud was already proven but hey might as well continue the entropy rather than fix it eh.

Matt in Oklahoma

But will they?


Yes, it’s up to you and me to insure “they” DO.


“The discussion surrounding gun control in the United States is a core issue for some voters heading to the ballot box this November.”

No s**t?

Who knew? 😉

Welcome to the party, Pals!