Republican ‘Commitment to America’ Must Not Take Gun Voters for Granted

Platitudes and happy talk alone won’t cut it. (Kevin McCarthy/Facebook)

U.S.A. – -( “The Commitment to America represents a new direction and better approach that will get our nation back on track,” House Republicans declare in a plan “Preamble” on Kevin McCarthy’s “Republican Leader” website. “Starting Day One, we will work to deliver an economy that’s strong, a nation that’s safe, a future that’s built on freedom, and a government that’s accountable.”

You can read it in English or watch it in Spanish. The “commitment” itself is divided into four parts:

  • An Economy That’s Strong: (Make America Energy Independent and Reduce Gas Prices; Strengthen the Supply Chain and End Dependence on China)
  • A Nation That’s Safe: (Secure the Border and Combat Illegal Immigration; Reduce Crime and Protect Public Safety; Defend America’s National Security)
  • A Future That’s Built On Freedom: (Make Sure Every Student Can Succeed and Give Parents a Voice; Achieve Longer, Healthier Lives for Americans; Confront Big Tech and Demand Fairness)
  • A Government That’s Accountable: (Preserve Our Constitutional Freedoms; Hold Washington Accountable; Restore the People’s Voice)

Do you know what you have to look hard to find any mention of? The main reason gun owners have for voting Republican is that they will defend the Second Amendment and pledge to repeal infringements. You have to go to the reverse side and the bottom half of their “Commitment to America” pocket card to find a statement that couldn’t be more tepid and equivocal:

Preserve our Constitutional Freedoms: Uphold free speech, protect the lives of unborn children and their mothers, guarantee religious freedom, and safeguard the Second Amendment.”

With even the most rabid gun-grabbers claiming “You can be in favor of the Second Amendment and also understand that there is no reason in a civil society that we have assault weapons around communities that can kill babies and police officers,” what does “safeguard the Second Amendment” —  with no specifics as to how — even mean?

With the GOP leadership unwilling to use its bully pulpit to defend and educate on the right to keep and bear arms (probably because most of them don’t know how, have a shallow surface understanding, and basically do what their staffers and focus groups tell them will play best to the masses and minimize attacks), it’s no wonder individual candidates are keeping their mouths shut and hoping nobody calls on them to take a position.

Case in point, there’s a Republican candidate in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District that gun owners could have had high hopes for, Hung Cao. He immigrated to this country as a Vietnamese refugee and proved himself a patriot of courage as “a retired Navy Captain who served in Special Operations for twenty-five years” who “deployed combat to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Somalia serving alongside Special Forces and SEAL Teams.”

The legendary Chuck Norris has endorsed Cao in an ad that includes his iconic Uzi-wielding Invasion USA image. What’s not for gun owners to be enthused about?

When it comes to taking a stand on guns in the political arena, a man who proved his bravery in real life is “missing in action.” (Hung Cao/Facebook)

Perhaps the lack of any return love from Cao. While The Washington Post credits him for being a candidate “who has made his opposition to gun control clear, offering a stark contrast to voters on an issue likely to remain a dominant national conversation,” his basic position in a debate with Democrat opponent Jennifer Wexton did not focus on the existential relationship between RKBA and freedom, but merely on the observation that “gun control has never stopped anyone.”

While Wexton, who’s not shy about exploiting her anti-gun radicalism was exploiting the Uvalde killings by playing to mob emotions for more citizen disarmament, Cao’s response was to defer and avoid:

“Many Republicans, including Cao, have said now is not the time for political discussions in the wake of the tragedies. On a conservative radio show … Cao expressed dismay that he ‘got caught in a trap’ talking about gun control … and questioned, ‘Is it really the time to talk about gun control?’”

Cao’s opponent isn’t shy about telling voters her intentions to disarm them and their countrymen. (Jennifer Wexton/Facebook)

When your enemy is talking about it is exactly the time to promote the truth. Otherwise, all a low-information voting public will hear are lies designed to manipulate and swindle them out of their rights. But apparently, with Cao, it’s never the time to talk about it, as he ignored Virginia Citizens Defense League’s Federal Candidate Survey.

That was intentional, as correspondence from a longtime War on Guns and AmmoLand News reader with Loudon County GOP and Virginia House of Delegates candidate Chairman Scott Pio, shows:

“Among other failures, ignoring VCDL’s candidate survey is the reddest of red flags to this old culture warrior,” the reader noted in response to a solicitation for a political contribution. “I regret that I will have to decline your solicitation unless Captain Cao cowboys up with more than lip service.”

“I think it’s very fair to say that we live in a +6 BLUE county,” Pio replied.  “Hung Cao needs to win such votes that help him align with central voters.  His work and his surveys completed or not based off his central voters. I will say that as the Chairman of the Republican Party of Loudoun County, I am in firm belief that Hung Cao is a 110% supporter of our 2nd amendment rights.  He will NOT waiver.  Nor will I.  I personally would like to see gun safe zones completed [sic] removed from all places within the country.”

It’s true that the District, largely through demographic changes, has become strongly Democrat. How that happened is another area where the Republican Party’s “commitment”  focus exclusively on illegal instead of all immigration ignores electoral dangers. That’s another topic no one wants to talk about that needs immediate attention.

And while GOP fundraising has picked up in the last reporting period, “Wexton had much more money remaining at the start of October, with more than $3.1 million in her campaign war chest. Cao reported $992,793 heading into the month.”

Here’s the thing: Democrats are not afraid to talk about guns.  And if Cao thinks he’s going to win “progressive” hearts and minds talking about ANY “Republican” issue, he and his handlers are kidding themselves. They have nothing to lose except the fire in the belly of their core constituents if they think ducking existential issues is going to push them over the top.

And like Cao, Pio, who claims 2A fidelity, also avoids defining his stand on the Second Amendment. Sorry, but some of us have been given “Trust me” assurances before, only to find we’ve been played for suckers. And seeing Cao endorsed by Republican “assault weapon” ban supporter (and demonstrable liar for an “AQ” NRA grade) Brian Mast doesn’t fill us with confidence, especially noting Cao “aspire[s] to serve the people of #VA10 with the same fierce passion and commitment to his constituents that [Mast] brings with him to Washington.”

If Hung Cao really “is a 110% supporter of our 2nd amendment” (which is an impossible bit of hyperbole, by the way, calling to mind nothing so much as a famous movie quote), we need to see better than this from him. We don’t need to be told that a proven warrior dares not mention the keystone to the Bill of Rights lest Democrats and the media use it against him.

Of course, they will. And they’d use it against him if he won the office, too. Does that mean he’ll be paralyzed if he wins this time for fear of losing the next election? This is why we elect these b******s and end up with no reciprocity and hearing protection laws.

That’s what listening to the counsel of cowards and being afraid to use your megaphone buys you.

These people run for office because they represent themselves as leaders for championing the beliefs of their constituents. That means they’re expected to lead, and if they don’t know how there are plenty willing to help and navigate them through all the specifics and questions and pitfalls in arenas they’ve been fighting in for years. Rather than ignore VCDL, Team Cao should have been soliciting them to learn what the issues and arguments are so that when they do come up, he knows how to counter demonstrable lies with demonstrable truths.

Instead, we have meh. And nice website and signs you spent a lot of money on that will soon be forgotten.

There’s a story I heard years ago attributed to the late Chairman of the Republican National Committee, Lee Atwater, dismissing the concerns of gun owners. I don’t know if it’s apocryphal or not, but it certainly articulates an attitude many of us have seen and fought for decades.

“Who else are they going to vote for?” he reputedly asked.

What that question fails to answer is the fact that a critical mass of gun owners would like to resolve things politically, but in the final analysis, Republicans need us more than we need them. That’s because, say the Democrats get their supermajorities and pass whatever citizen disarmament edicts they want, appoint judges to uphold them, and equip functionaries to enforce them. There’s one thing no one wants to talk about:

We will not disarm.

Surrender our guns? No. Your move. Seriously.

If Republicans want to stay relevant, they’d best realize that, and strap ‘em on so it doesn’t come to that on a large scale. With a growing resigned TINVOWOOT sentiment among gun owners jaded by past betrayals, GOP leadership had best realize they need us fired up if they don’t want that to be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

David Codrea

David Codrea
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Ansel Hazen

Spot on David and something that needs to be said. Actually more like needs to be shoved in their face.


Expect about 15% of newly elected GOP to reveal themselves to be liberals. So don’t depend on the GOP to do anything except “cross the aisle”. And when the next schoolyard avenger appears [and they WILL] expect the GOP to throw American gunners to the sharks! Even Trump surrendered the nations bump stocks. And bump stocks were innocent.


I believe that you’re right unfortunately. The GOP has sold us out far too often. No contributions to their national organizations. I will only donate to properly vetted and liberty loving candidates.


Ron DeSantis is a prime example of a Republican who can’t be trusted with our second amendment rights. He almost had my vote in 2024 if he was to run ,until he told CCW people to leave thier guns at home to attend his fund raiser. F☆ck Ron DeSantis, he needs to take his communist ass back to Cuba . Republicans that flip flop on our second amendment rights are nothing more than scumbag RINOs .


Did he?

Why vote for DeSantis when we will be so much better off with Gavin Newsom.


The problem is you think it’s either/or instead of voting for people who actually are pro-2A.

Courageous Lion - Hear Me Roar - Jus Meum Tuebor

Commonly called “the lessor of two evils”. Problem is, IT’S STILL EVIL.

Courageous Lion - Hear Me Roar - Jus Meum Tuebor

I just bought four nice heavy T’s from the Firearms Policy Coalition to help in their support. One says AGAINST ALL ENEMIES DEMOCRAT AND REPUBLICAN. Let’s be honest with ourselves…when has it really gotten better, when have lost freedoms been restored in YOUR lifetime. When has the price of anything gone down? When has your rent on your “owned” home been decreased? When was the last time you saw a gallon of ice cream? But there’s a reason. There’s a reason. There’s a reason for this, there’s a reason education SUCKS, and it’s the same reason it will never, ever, EVER… Read more »

Xaun Loc

It’s Gun Owners like you who elected Joe Biden.

November is not the time to be whining about RINOs — if you think someone is a RINO, get off your butt and work to replace them in the primary elections. In November it is time to just suck it up, put on your big boy pants, and remember that the worst RINO is still better than the best Democrat.


And this is why you will continue to get infringement.


Do you have a link to this? I wouldn’t be surprised at all that this is true.


I’d rather have a politician that spoke little about guns but actively worked to improve our liberties instead of the current raft of milquetoasts who murmur a few platitudes and at best do nothing. Hope springs eternal. Not high hopes but some hope. I’ll be holding Missouri’s senators’ feet to the fire next year. Do the same with yours.

Courageous Lion - Hear Me Roar - Jus Meum Tuebor

Holding them to the fire with letters that they ignore? They don’t GIVE A FLYING RATS ASS ABOUT YOU. None of them do.


“The main reason gun owners have for voting Republican is that they will defend the Second Amendment and pledge to repeal infringements.”

Except they have a record of not defending the 2A and never repealing infringement. In fact, Republicans have a record of enacting arms laws even when they have control of Washington.

Courageous Lion - Hear Me Roar - Jus Meum Tuebor

Gee, wasn’t Ronald Reagan a Republican? What did we get from that actor? The Hughes amendment and more inflation. Why, it actually looks like Ronald Reagan may have been a WONDERFUL President for “our” country if you check this out…

Matt in Oklahoma

All these fake 2A politicians like Tulsi Gabbard and President “take the gun first” need to be set straight and sent packing. They had their shot and blew it.


They are all crooks some are just worse than others and they will not take my right to defend myself when they have armed security guards with them everywhere they go paid for with my tax dollars

Courageous Lion - Hear Me Roar - Jus Meum Tuebor

Your tax dollars are just there to make you think your money has real value. They don’t NEED any of your tax dollars to fund paying for those armed security people.

You don’t know shit about the economy either do you. EVERY PRODUCT EVER SOLD requires that you pay a tax on it. Every piece of candy, every steak, every canned good every product ever sold requires you to pay a tax on it. Even your portfolio and any stock in the stock market, your house your car everything is taxed and you don’t think it matters. They get billions and billions of dollars from the people in every state in these united states and you don’t think our tax dollars count.Well think AGAIN. Except this time USE YOUR BRAIN AND… Read more »

Courageous Lion - Hear Me Roar - Jus Meum Tuebor

“Mom’s Demand Action” are playing the game children play of “Let’s Pretend”. Read all about it here: And then there is the fact that keeps getting ignored. Those first 13 words of the 2nd amendment. I mean who REALLY wants the WHOLE 2nd amendment in force and effect? It’s more fun to blame “the guns for violence”. FJB.

Are you trying to say that the militia should have stood up long ago to oppose tyranny of the federal government? If so, I’d like to disagree – in that we all need to be able to live together as one people. We are winning our rights back through fighting peaceful through legal and political means and I believe that is vastly preferable over violent civil war with deaths likely numbering in excess of ten of million, utter destruction of civility in our society, and likely worldwide Chinese hegemony gained through aggression while we are wrapped up in internal strife.

Courageous Lion - Hear Me Roar - Jus Meum Tuebor

Your response shows you didn’t read the article.


Sadly, we are no longer one people: politically speaking, culturally speaking, and economically speaking, this is March 1861 all over again! There is no longer any room for compromise on the culture, the politics, or the economics! Just look at the cultural aspect: you actually have Pro queer, pro trans, and pro pedophile teachers in public schools teaching the children can be any sex they want, that they know who and what they are while at the same time that the parents of those children do not know who or what their own children are! These same teachers, and the… Read more »


Thank you Mr. Codrea. We need to lay down a line in the sand for candidates and incumbents too. Cross it at your peril. Until recently the 2A community reminds me of the story about a community spending forty years walking around in the desert lost. It feels the same since the charlatans destroyed the NRA and some industry leaders sold their souls. I think we are seeing resurgence of honor and there are natural leaders trying to pull the 2A groups together. It’s getting better but we have to continue weeding out the pretenders and stand shoulder to shoulder… Read more »

Courageous Lion - Hear Me Roar - Jus Meum Tuebor

People need to start forming local neighborhood defense leagues.


Here in Arizona, we have one of the most anti-gun worthless POS, Mark Kelly, founder of the Gifford Law Center, named after his brain damaged wife who he manipulates worse than Sarah Brady used her husband for personal aggrandizement, running for reelection for senator. Neither the Republican candidate, Blake Masters, nor the state or national GOP has said one word about Kelly’s B.S. anti-gun stance. Are they afraid to put off the anti-gun crowd? Like the anti-gun idiots would vote for any Republican in the first place. After choosing losers like McCain and Romney as presidential candidates, and their recent… Read more »


As written in the Declaration of Independence, we form government to perform several functions, “among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” This is clearly taken from John Locke’s phrase that replaced property with happiness.

If a politician won’t promise these three items then they are unworthy of my vote. Firearm ownership and use promotes the protection of life, liberty and the therefore the opportunity for me to pursue my happiness.

If a politician won’t trust the citizenry with a firearm then that politician cannot be trusted with the public treasury.


If you live in Michiganlike iI do we have Republican supporting a Demorat governor. Where does that leave us?

Pa John

Here is a DuckDuckGo search for “founders warned against two party system”: A brief excerpt from one of the many results: “In George Washington’s Farewell Address of 1796 , he actually warned against the party system we now have. He feared that it would be used to divide and manipulate us.” Much more historical information is available by simply clicking the link above, or by doing your own similar DuckDuckGo searches (avoid using Google unless you LIKE politically censored & manipulated search results). In short, some very smart and well informed “founding father” Americans clearly warned against the two… Read more »


The sad fact is that for our country these days, this is currently March 1861 all over again concerning domestic politics of all stripes. Regardless of which political, cultural, or economic issue you touch upon, the dichotomy between where people stand is as wide as the Grand Canyon! Fully 40%+ of people 40 and under want to see socialism replace capitalism as the economic platform for America. The younger the age of those polled you look at for that study, and the subsequent multiple polls which came after the study, the higher the percentile of the individuals that demand an… Read more »

Xaun Loc

As we enter the week of the mid-term election, we all need to remember that it was the Gun Owner Vote that elected Joe Biden. Once we face up to that FACT, then we can look at the “How’s that working out for you?” question a bit more honestly. Yes, I said it. Gun Owners elected Joe Biden! Gun Owners who didn’t vote in 2020 elected Biden! Gun Owners who protested by voting for Jo Jorgensen elected Biden! November is not the time to be whining about RINOs — if you think someone is a RINO, get off your butt… Read more »

Ansel Hazen

Explain how RINO’s Collins, Murkowski, Romney, Kelley, McConnell, Ryan, Rubio, etc are better than any Democrat.

Ansel Hazen

Yes and so many one has trouble remembering all that have betrayed us.