Savage Arms A22 Rifle in 22 LR – Gun Review Surprises

Mike reviews the classic semi-auto, the Savage Arms A22 Rifle in 22 LR. Target shooters rejoice.

Savage Arms A22 Rifle in 22 LR
Savage Arms A22 Rifle in 22 LR

U.S.A.-( Sometimes life throws little surprises your way. It was several with the Savage Arms A22 Rifle in 22 LR.

When they told us they were sending us a rifle to test and we saw A22 on the invoice, we were expecting a semiautomatic in 17 HMR or 22 Magnum. Little did we know it would be a Savage Arms rifle in the popular 22-long rifle caliber.

It made sense; while those two rounds are proven performers, 22 LR is still the most popular rim fire round in America, and you can find 22lr ammo once again in most places, except for maybe New York City.

We have a few Savage rifles in our safe, which rarely disappoint. We hoped this one would be a shorter barreled semi-auto with a target barrel, threaded muzzle, and something we could really get into.

None of those things happened, but it turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

Savage Arms A22 Rifle in 22 LR – The Good

At first, we were skeptical of the rifle’s looks. A 21″ barrel, iron sights, no barrel threads, and an overall look that reflected “standard” [read boring]. Yet, having never been disappointed by a Savage rifle in the past, we decided to give this semi-auto rifle a chance and were glad we did.

Savage Arms A22 Rifle, 21" barrel, iron sights, no barrel threads and an overall look that reflected "standard".
Savage Arms A22 Rifle, 21″ barrel, iron sights, no barrel threads, and an overall look that reflected “standard.”

First off, it had sling swivels installed. Somehow this seems to be a rarity these days, but we were thankful for it. No adding MLOK adapters, drilling tapping or spending an obscene amount of money on a rail adapter for what should come on every rifle from every factory.

We really liked the open sights on the A22. Not merely an afterthought, the designers at Savage give you a finely tuned adjustable rear sight that is removable should you want to add a scope. This was perhaps the one regret we had with the test rifle. After seeing how accurate it was with irons and the scope base removed, we were pretty confident that a scope would have made it even more accurate.

Savage Arms A22 Rifle's Bolt Handle
Savage Arms A22 Rifle’s Bolt Handle

Where the A22 really shines is with the trigger. We remember back in the day, about 25 years or so ago, that Savage’s factory triggers left much to be desired, and we watched as other shooters upgraded them with a Rifle Basix Trigger.

Eventually, Savage got the hint and developed the Accutrigger, which allows the shooter a wide range of adjustments. The end result is a light, clean pull with no creep. Its two-piece mechanism prevents discharge when dropped or struck. We look for this trigger on all our Savage rifles.

Savage Arms A22 Rifle's 22lr Rotary Magazine
Savage Arms A22 Rifle’s 22lr Rotary Magazine

The rotary ten-round magazines are a proprietary design for Savage. It is a really well thought out one that ensures the magazine is always properly loaded and inserted in the correct direction.

Savage Arms A22 22lr Rifle – The Bad

Because it is a relatively new design, there is no wide aftermarket for accessories or parts as there is for other manufacturers. If you are someone who has to change every last part of your rifle to customize it, we would advise you to wait and see what comes up in the future, but our practical side says, “Why bother“, Savage got this one right from the start.

We would have liked to have seen barrel threads because we like putting suppressors on almost everything. We hope in the future, that feature becomes a reality.

The rotary magazines are a great design and, in some ways, superior to what other manufacturers offer. Still, we have yet to see anyone else make these or a variety that can hold more than ten rounds.

Our only real criticism came from the trigger that we actually loved when touching off for a single shot.

Savage Arms A22 Accutrigger
Savage Arms A22 Accutrigger

At one point during our testing, the safety was bumped. Unbeknownst to us, the trigger still flows while the safety is engaged and it made us think we had a bad batch of ammunition until we physically inspected it. Knowing that ahead of time may save you some ammunition; we tend to prefer rifles that have no trigger movement with the safety engaged, though.

The other issue with the Accutrigger on a semiautomatic rifle is a longer reset. This does not really come into play on a bolt gun, but it took a while to get used to it on the A22 rifle.

Savage Arms A22 Semi Auto Rifle in 22 LR – The Reality

For around $375 MSRP (less $$ online $259.99) you really cannot go wrong with this accurate, lightweight semiautomatic plinker. Target shooters and small game hunters will love this rifle, particularly when aftermarket stocks become available. Check prices online here and online here.

Savage A22 rifle running CCI 22LR ammo
Savage A22 rifle running CCI 22LR ammo

The magazines may be a new design and for the types that bemoan “Oh, I am heavily invested in ‘Brand X’ and their magazines’”, ask yourself, how many magazines do you actually use?

I own hundreds of magazines for certain firearms, but realistically I just use the same 5 or 6 over and over again. Maybe you like to hoard magazines and load every last one up for a range outing, chances are that you probably do not, and on a rifle like this, it simply becomes a matter of “want” over “need”.

We think 99% of shooters can get along with the two A22 rifle magazines, but you can probably find extras for sale without hassle.

Savage Arms A22 Rifle in 22 LR Accuracy
Savage Arms A22 Rifle in 22 LR Accuracy

The Savage Arms A22 may not have the “look” of a 22-target rifle with its standard barrel contour, but it definitely has the performance and potential of one.

Savage Arms A22 Rifle in 22 LR -Specs:

  • Model: Savage A22
  • Caliber: 22 Long Rifle
  • Barrel Length: 22″
  • Capacity: 10 rounds
  • Finish: Satin Black
  • Stock: Matte BlackSynthetic
  • Twist: 1:16
  • Length: 41.5″
  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • MSRP: $375.00
  • MSRP $309.00
  • Action Semi Auto
  • Barrel Color Blued
  • Barrel Finish High Luster
  • Barrel Length (in)/(cm) 22 / 55.880
  • Barrel Material Carbon Steel
  • Caliber 22 LR Magazine
  • Capacity 10
  • Hand Right
  • Length of Pull (in)/(cm) 13.5 / 34.290
  • Magazine Rotary
  • Overall Length (in)/(cm) 41 / 104.140
  • Rate of Twist (in) 1 in 16
  • Receiver Color Blued
  • Receiver Finish High Luster
  • Receiver Material Carbon Steel
  • Type Rimfire
  • Stock Color Black
  • Stock Finish Matte
  • Stock Material Synthetic
  • Stock Type Sporter
  • Weight (lb)/(kg) 5.6 / 2.54
  • SKU Number 47200
  • UPC 0 11356 47222 9
  • Brand Savage Arms

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Mike has written over 2000+ articles for several magazines, websites, and newsletters, including Blade, RECOIL, OFF-GRID, Tactical Officer, SWAT, Tactical World, Gun Digest,, and the US Concealed Carry Association as well as AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

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“You cannot go wrong with the Savage Arms A22 Rifle. It is an accurate, lightweight semiautomatic plinker.” ~ Mike Searson. How would you rate the Savage Arms A22 Rifle?

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If it’s accurate, why didn’t you list the accuracy results with different brands of 22 lr?


tom never got help from savage about bad trigger 4years and counting


Though I love Savages, and they had exclusive use at the Freeport NY Junior Club*, the A-22 is definitely NOT a target rifle, especially if utilized for youth purposes. Though it’s an excellent plinker.

The iron Sight Radius is way to short for target purposes. Yes, I see the scope mounts, but a good teaching tool starts with iron sights.

Savage does have much better target rifles at very competitive prices, that won’t break the bank.

*Retired Managing Coach

Aubrey Steele

I also have an A22. It is very accurate-less than 1/2″ @ 50yds. for eight rounds with premium ammo (all I could manage to get in the clip). I now have three clips, one that came with the rifle, one that Savage sent me free after I complained about the one supplied, and one that I bought aftermarket on the chance the first two were defective. ALL three clips suck beyond belief-very hard to load, especially for an old man like me or a youngster just starting out. Needless to say, I am very angry about this. The rifle seems… Read more »


I recently purchased a Savage A22 FV-SR 22lr at Dick’s Sporting Goods and I have attempted to find this specific rifle on the Savage Arms Website and any other sources of information including YouTube and search engines. This rifle is not to be located anywhere even images. The rifle is 35.6 inches long and has a short barrel of 16.5 inches and it has a suppressor ready barrel. I also have a B22 FV and it definitely has a heavy barrel and considerably heavier than the A22 FV-SR. The A22 also has a rail but no sights whereas the B22… Read more »


hey Aubrey, nice name but its not a clip its a magazine and i was toying on the idea of buying savages mk II with heavy barrel and lapping the shit out of the barrel to get better accuracy and putting a peep sight on. thats what i learned on. the rifle is 188.00 at s.g. ???

Phil Gallegos

This site makes me spend money. Just ordered 3 of these

Dr. Strangelove

Nice group, depending upon the range?


Not likely to displace my 70 year old Winchester Mdl. 52-C. The Savage certainly is a nice little rifle for its price, though.

Capn Dad

My 10/22 Ruger does just fine.


Another disguised 10/22 clone. Like all the others, playing “follow the leader”……

Tom Hammond

Just bought the A-22 Pro Varmint in .22 LR very sharp looking with the Boyd stock,flued barrel it will shoot CCI STD Target round well. BUT trigger is terrible does not adjust like they claim going call and see what Savage will do about it. I plan on using it at paper target ground hog shoots at 75yards at my club just need a good trigger .

Well update if Savage takes care of problem. Tom

Curtis R Crichton

This has become the go to gun in my safe when fun is the goal, can’t believe how accurate it is.


I bet it has a ginormous length of pull like all manufacturers still use with terrible ergonomics for women and youth shooters.

No wonder we have such a hard time getting them into shooting. Make them wear size 14 shoes while they’re at it.


If the stock is anything like the one on my Savage FV-SR and FSS it is comfortably short. I hate long LoP and those fit me nicely.