80-Year-Old Chicago Man Shoots Violent Attackers

Armed Citizen Shoots Armed Fugitive During Home Invasion, iStock-1354938183
80-Year-Old Chicago Man Shoots Violent Attackers, iStock-1354938183

U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)- Crime happens at any hour of the day or night. Two people, a man and a woman, knocked on an apartment door at 10:30 on a Monday morning. We don’t know what the 51-year-old man or the 31-year-old woman said that convinced the homeowner to open his door. Once the 80-year-old resident unlocked the door, the couple forced their way inside his ground-floor apartment. The two younger attackers beat the older man.

We know that the defender had his Illinois Firearms Owners Identification Card and had a legally owned firearm. We do not know if the defender had his gun in his hand when he opened his door to strangers or if he had to fight his way to his firearm while he was being attacked. The defender used his firearm to shoot the male attacker one time in the chest. Both attackers then ran from the apartment.

The victim was taken to a nearby hospital in critical condition. News reports are not clear if he was transported by Emergency Medical Services or by friends. An hour later, the attackers showed up at the same hospital and were arrested. Both the 80-year-old defender and the 51-year-old attacker are listed in critical condition.

Police investigated the scene of the crime. They arrested the attackers at the hospital. The male attacker was charged with felony home invasion causing injury, aggravated battery causing great bodily harm and aggravated battery of a victim over 60 years of age. The female attacker was charged with felony home invasion causing great bodily harm. They were due for a bond hearing, as this story is written.

The 80-year-old defender was not charged with a crime. Crime has surged 61 percent in Chicago compared to a year ago. 

This story is one of many that go under-reported by the mainstream media because it shows a positive image of a law-abiding gun owner defending their life and their family. It is our responsibility at AmmoLand to report these stories to you. While we will continue to report these stories, groups like the Crime Prevention Research Center, led by Dr. John Lott, are fastidious in studying the use of firearms for self-defense. Stay up to date with all news on self-defense by following CPRC and Ammoland.

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They are some real scum attacking old people. Electric chair should be used on these low life. The hell with jail. Give them a solar charge of 50,000 volts. Lets keep the Greenies happy. lol

Last edited 1 month ago by Arny

Good luck on getting that mayor to think the defendent was in the right. She will probably charge him with shooting an invader. Eighty years old and still had the presnce of mind to unload at the attacker(s). I don’t open my door unless I know the person. God bless that 80 year oldand prayers that he will recover completely.


Dam, it almost had a happy ending. Now we are going to deal with court, appeals and more.


Waiting to see what Mayor Lori Lightweight has to say about this one.



Country Boy

She’ll give another dance………


I just hope there is a follow-up. There is a lot of missing information. I am 78 and hope the 80 year old is OK. I have a heavy duty screen door in front of my wooden door and both are locked. I would never think of answering my door without being armed. As a retired cop, I learned never to trust anyone I do not know.


They’ll probably convene a grand jury to indict the old guy for not wearing his shooting hat, or not giving the invader 3 days advance notice by registered mail that he would shoot him if he was attacked.


It’s not that I mind reading stories about how good people defended someone with a gun, but how about better writing being used? If they were living in an apartment, then they’re NOT homeowners! There are so many incongruities there, it almost makes my head hurt trying to make sense of it all. What two younger attackers? It says two attackers, one 51 and the female is 31! Maybe stories should be written AFTER all of the pertinent facts of the matter are known, instead of just rushing it to get it to press??


Logic would dictate that you click on the listed original news sources for the details, like I did.