Lansing, MI Becomes New Hotbed for Gun Control After MSU

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Michigan Democrats are proposing new gun restrictions in reaction to the MSU shooting. But they were already planning gun control efforts before the tragic incident. IMG iStock-884193816

A Wednesday noontime rally on the steps of the Michigan State capitol is the latest move in the stepped-up effort to push new gun restrictions in the wake of the Feb. 13 triple-murder by a lone killer on the campus of Michigan State University, and the ongoing campaign even attracted David Hogg, the Florida high school student-turned-celebrity gun control advocate.

But reports dating back to last year indicate Democrats were already planning to push for new gun laws after they gained control of the Legislature in Lansing in the November elections. The Detroit News back on Dec. 9, 2022 reported, “Following a historic showing in the November election, Michigan Democrats will control both chambers in the state Legislature come January for the first time since the 1980s. One of the priorities, Democrats including Gov. Gretchen Whitmer say, is stricter laws about gun access.”

According to WWMT News, students and at least one politician—Democrat State Rep. Penelope Tsernoglou—were scheduled to attend the Wednesday event.

They appeared 48 hours after Hogg, who was a student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland when a deranged teen opened fire on Valentine’s Day 2018, killing 14 students and three adult staff members, appeared in Lansing, calling for gun control. His visit came the day after he tweeted, “After reading about the history of the second amend and talking with a lot of hist & law professors- I believe the second amendment has been intentionally misinterpreted. It was never meant as an individual right it was created to protect state militias like the national guard.”

Later in the same Twitter stream, Hogg wrote, “It says well regulated militia for a reason. The ‘shall not be infringed’ part means the federal government is not allowed to forcibly disarm state militias. I’m not alone in this interpretation. Over 100 years of jurisprudence back me up on this.”

Critics replying to Hogg’s tweet suggested he needs a refresher course on Second Amendment history. While it is his opinion, the Supreme Court’s opinion from Heller, McDonald and Bruen seem to have him flanked.

Local media, including the Lansing State Journal, continue to refer to gun control as “gun safety” and “gun law reforms.” The newspaper did note in its coverage of Hogg’s appearance, “The MSU gunman, 43-year-old Anthony McRae, had two 9 mm handguns, nine magazines and extra rounds on him when he was found, police said.” Both of those firearms were reportedly purchased legally. However, they apparently had not been registered.

The push for new gun restrictions in Michigan started well before the murders at the university. Indeed, weeks ago, the local media was talking about the potential for new gun laws because Democrats have assumed full control of the Legislature for the first time in decades.

As reported by Chalkbeat back on Jan. 6, “After sweeping Michigan’s statewide races again and capturing a majority in the state House and Senate, Democrats have control over the legislative agenda that they haven’t had since the 1980s. One of their top priorities is gun control, and they’re looking to move quickly while they’re still in power and while memories of the Oxford shooting are still fresh.”

And CNN reported how Michigan Democrats “filed a host of bills” only three days after the university shooting.

“Democrats see a prime opportunity to enact changes,” CNN reported. “In January, for the first time in 40 years, Democrats took control of the state’s legislature and the governor’s office, fueling optimism that a path forward for critical gun safety measures is within reach.”

This amounts to media acknowledgement Democrats were all set to use the Oxford High School shooting to press their anti-gun agenda, and then MSU happened.

During his Monday appearance, Hogg proposed a package of gun control measures including a “red flag law,” so-called “universal background checks” and a “safe storage” mandate, according to the Detroit News. The newspaper noted that the Michigan State Senate recently saw introduction of legislation for safe storage and “red flag” requirements.

But do those laws really work? Advocates for and against will offer their own claims of research. For example, CNN reported, “Three specific policies included in Thursday’s (Feb. 16) package have been proven to be effective in lowering gun violence rates, according to a study by Everytown for Gun Safety, a non-profit focused on gun violence prevention.”

According to WKRC-TV news and other news agencies, Michigan gun rights advocates are already lining up to fight new restrictions.

The Great Lakes Gun Rights group, based in Grand Rapids, announced it would work to recall “anyone supporting the gun reform bills,” WKRC reported.

The Wednesday event was the second gathering of students at the state capitol. Monday’s event featuring Hogg brought hundreds of people demanding an end to “gun violence.” However, proponents of more gun laws anywhere have learned to temper their promises that more laws will bring the desired results, only that they may help reduce violent crime.

About Dave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms, and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

Dave Workman


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“Both of those firearms were reportedly purchased legally. However, they apparently had not been registered.” Soooo registering the firearms would’ve prevented the murders by this evil person?


I would like to know registered to whom, how long ago and how did they know if they don’t keep records?

AK Don

In Michigan, all handgun sales are to be recorded with the local police agency. The seller/dealers completes part of the form and the buyer is to the complete his half and drop it at the proper agency within 10 days. Registration wouldn’t have helped unless the local agency recognized him as a problem.


Right here. When I appealed the findings of the ex-post-facto actions of the failed FBI NICS background check system, I was ordered during the process to get a “clearance letter” from the Michigan State Police even though I hadn’t been a Michigan resident since 1974… THIS spun the heads of the Michigan State Police Post that I contacted, and they concurred just how broken the NICS system really is, yet they aren’t doing anything to absolve the matter.

Do You Have to Register a Handgun in Michigan | KeepGunsSafe


Everyone knows a registered firearm can’t fire when pointed at a human. Also, shotguns can’t harm people unless they look like military rifles. Revolvers are also relatively benign. At least for now…


You got these facts from David Hoggs fact-finding book, “HOGWASH”, didn’t you?


Wednesday in the Orlando FL. area, a 19 year old N*groe named Kieth David Moses shot and killed a news reporter and a 9 year old girl. The girls mother and news crew members as well as another woman were wounded. According to the Orange County Sheriff, his criminal history includes gun charges, as well as aggravated battery, assault with a deadly weapon, burglary and grand theft offenses. Naturally, my question would be…What the F*ck was this mope doing walking around free? He should have been in prison, where he belongs! All the hand wringers scream ‘Gun Violence!’ Even the… Read more »

Last edited 27 days ago by hippybiker

I wonder if we can convince the EPA to get some Dems to draft legislation to eradicate stupidity. Or would that need to come from the CDC? Which one has the most queers working in it?


My guess is that all the history and law professors hoglet talked to were leftists.


My guess is hoglet started out with his own conclusion, then worked his way backward with his own supporting evidence to arrive at his hypothesis. The same way all dems arrive at their conclusions.


However, a conclusion is generally reaching the end of something whereas Hogg, the Dems and other poorly educated persons of assumption have never reached the end of anything… except whatever assumptions that best suits their vibes or feelings.




Nothing more than David Hog promoting HOGWASH !


how did piglet get to lansing to peacefully protest our civil rights? can someone dig into that and see who paid for his ticket and was it first class? it seems like he didn’t talk very long or to any good law professors because wouldn’t they have told him that the recent scotus ruling says that the 2A is an individual right not a collective right? this guy was evil. how can you stop evil people from doing evil things piglet? you cannot, and until you understand that evil people will continue to perpetuate evil acts and let people defend… Read more »


People can have their own opinions about the 2nd Amendment. When they stand in front of me and demand my compliance with their opinion is when I will start to take note.



…and strongly object to their opinion in the proper fashion I would hope?

Last edited 26 days ago by USMC0351Grunt


David Hogg Lawnmower.png

Is there a Bootcamp or learning page explaining how to post photos here? Every time I try posting a photo it says it exceeds the limits. Even the most simple photo? Yet you seem to have the secret sauce, good pics BTW-I’ve saved many to share elsewhere.

Get Out

Typical, the POS shooter was known to police and had a felony charge dropped to a misdemeanor. That felony case never went to trial. Instead, a 2019 deal allowed McRae to plead guilty to a misdemeanor — possession of a loaded firearm in or upon a vehicle, the Ingham County prosecutor’s office said Tuesday. McRae spent a year and a half on probation. Now, questions abound over whether the slaughter at Michigan State on Monday evening could have been prevented. Michigan State shooting suspect Anthony Dwayne McRae previously charged with felony, but still able to buy guns; here’s why –… Read more »


This is what happens when Communist are elected to gov. offices.


Just grab your gear and stand by. That’s all anyone can do until the citizens decide to pull their heads out of their butts and start to get actively engaged in BEING the government they are endowed to be.

Dan Griffin

To the author of this article: there is no gun registration in Michigan. How can 2A advocates back others who are ignorant of the law?


Hey Dan, handguns do have to be registered in Michigan. Within 10 days paperwork turned in to local law enforcement to be fowarded to the state police.


Try removing your head from your rectal port before posting Dan . A friend of mine moved from Montana to Michigan recently and he had to register his handguns . Now don’t post your BS again after you been called out on the lie .

AK Don

Handguns are registered by law.


Not in all states.


A monkey smoking crack researched this for me as I was too busy laughing at you, uh, “factual statement”.

Do You Have to Register a Handgun in Michigan | KeepGunsSafe


I noticed your picture Dan, all the pretty colorful thumbs down replies then I read your comment. The VERY first thought that came to mind was-“It’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid, (your picture illustrates that), than open it and remove all doubt!” Mark Twain.