Gun Deals: Anderson AM-15 No Logo Lower Receiver Multi-Cal 5-Pack $38.99 Each

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USA – -( Kentucky Gun Co with a smoking deal. Anderson AM-15 No Logo Lower Receiver Multi-Cal 5-Pack, $38.99 each with Flat Rate Shipping, buy more than one pack. Save America.

Anderson AM-15 No Logo Lower Receiver Multi-Cal 5-Pack


Mil Spec
Multi-Cal Engraved
No Logo


Material: 7075 T6 Aluminum Forging
Finish: Type 3 Hard Anodized, Black
Compatibility: All AR15 Calibers
Treatment: Non RF85
Additional Specs: Accepts 3/4″ and 1″ Grip Screws

Gun Deals: Anderson AM-15 No Logo Lower Receiver Multi-Cal 5-Pack $38.99 Each

Anderson AM-15 No Logo Lower Receiver 5 Pack Sale may2023

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According to ATF, the lower IS the gun. You do a 4473 for each lower. Does that mean if I find a gun buyback somewhere that pays $250 for “an assault rifle”, that I could walk out of there with a wallet full of cash for turning in these dangerous items?



the atf deciding this is the gun under law is another example of them making laws, no part of an ar meets the definition under the law and the law has not been changed to give them the power to choose what part is the gun or re define gun


no SINGLE one part meets the definition.


Just FYI, the 4473 has space for three firearms, and you can attach a form 5300.9A for additional items so all can be processed with one form and background check.


Good to know! I wonder if partaking of an offer like this would trigger the “multiple gun purchase” alert or whatever, earning me a visit from ATF to see what I am doing with so many “guns”. I am serious


I’ve made numerous purchases of these “5 packs” of Anderson AR receivers and have never been contacted by anyone from Big Gub’ment. And I live in TX, which being a border state, has multiple firearm purchase reporting requirements. Don’t overthink it, just buy & build them!!!


I have built on several of these Anderson receivers with zero issues . I liked the 6 for $180 freeship better than this deal . FJB


$37.99 a piece is no bargain for a mediocre receiver.

Now if they came engraved with your own saying or caliber. That would make them worth it.


I have used Anderson lowers in many builds, NOT ONE PROBLEM… EVER. Still working flawlessly after 1000’s of rounds. The only things missing are a high price, fancy name, $$$ in advertising.
Might not be as fancy or pretty as the high $ units but do work great.
Just sayin…….


while the current productions have been fine, many andersons had problems a few years back; buffer retainer holes, pivot pin area and magwell dimensions. serial numbers under 15 million rate close inspection.


I’ve only had one issue with an Anderson lower, and it was as simple as putting a punch through the takedown detent. Easy fix, solved in 15 seconds. Not saying others haven’t been worse, but I’ve had more issues with Wilson Combat lowers than Anderson.