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Shot guns save lives, plain and simple. If you don’t have one you are missing a key tool in your home defense arsenal.

Home Defense Shotguns

Home Defense Shotguns

AmmoLand Gun News

AmmoLand Gun News

Manasquan, NJ --(  No matter where you live in the USA in 2013 you have seen home invasions on the rise. For this reason and since the President’s push for disarmament of the U. S. gun owner, I have had student after student ask me what is the best shot gun for home defense or self defense?

Shotguns make excellent guns for at home protection as they are easy to maneuver and simple to operate. Pump and auto loading shotguns with a barrel length of 18 to 22 inches is the optimum choice for home defense. They are completely reliable and stupid simple for most everyone but the most fanatical progressive to operate.

So I came up with my best four picks for the Top Four Home Defense Shotguns for reliable home protection.

My Top Five Home Defense Shotguns Short List Goes Like this:

Remington Model 870 Express Tactical Magpul Shotgun

Remington Model 870 Express Tactical Magpul Shotgun

Remington 870 Pump Shot Gun:
The 870 is a classic home defense gun from back in the day and is still an easy goto weapon for anyone. In fact any of the 870 models will work just fine. I happen to like the Remington Model 870 Express Tactical Magpul Shotgun.

Remington Model 870 Express Tactical Magpul Shotgun:

From Remington: No task is too demanding and no challenge is too intense with our rugged, ultra-dependable and ever-expanding selection of tactical shotguns. Our lineup keeps growing to serve the needs of law enforcement, the military, competitive shooters and people defending their homes and loved ones.

When you’re in the most demanding environments and every second counts, Remington’s tactical shotguns give you the confidence and firepower to get the job done.


  • Tried and true 870 receiver milled from solid steel
  • 18.5″ barrel with extended tactical choke tube
  • Receiver and barrel features tough, weather resistant Cerakote coating
  • One piece magazine tube
  • Fully adjustable XS Ghost Ring Sight rain with removable white bead front sight
  • SGA Magpul stock
  • Spacer system for length of pull adjustment
  • Cheek risers for use with optics/raised sights
  • MOE fore-end with improved grip ergonomics
  • SuperCell pad reduces felt recoil by over 50%
Mossberg 590A1 TactLight Forend Shotgun

Mossberg 590A1 TactLight Forend Shotgun

Mossberg’s 590 A1 Shotguns Series
Much like remington 870 series the 590 A1 has multiple models that we get the job of home defense done but I prefer the Mossberg 590A1 Tactical Light Forend Shotgun for the built in flashlight, an essential tool in your home defense kit.

From Mossberg: The forend houses an L3/Insight Technology light, (which you can buy separately and upgrade current shotgun) delivering 125 peak lumens, ambidextrous side touch pad operation with Temporary On, Fixed On, Strobe beam settings. Shock-resistant.


  • 3″ Chambered Models in 12 Gauge
  • Heavy-Walled Barrels, Metal Trigger Guard and Safety Buttons Built to Mil-Spec Demands
  • 18.5 or 20″ Barrels, 6 or 9-Shot Capacities
  • Tri-Rail Forend and Tactical Light Forend Models
  • Free Gun Lock/10-Year Limited Warranty Included
  • Gauge 12
  • Chamber Size 3″
  • Capacity 6
  • Barrel 18.5″
  • Sights Bead
  • Chokes Cylinder Bore
  • Overall Length 39.5″
  • Length Of Pull 13.875″
  • Barrel Finish Parkerized
  • Stock Synthetic (Black)
  • Weight 7.5 lb
Arsenal’s SGL12 Semi-Auto Saiga 12-Gauge Shotgun

Arsenal’s SGL12 Semi-Auto Saiga 12-Gauge Shotgun

Saiga 12-gauge Shotguns
Based on the ultra reliable gas operated action of the classic Ak47 rifle, the Saiga SGL Shotguns are a rock steady choice for home defense.

SGL12-07, Russian 12-gauge shotgun that incorporates a mil-spec original Russian buttstock, the new generation SAW type Russian pistol grip, and all the reliability that you expect from this Saiga shotgun with detachable magazine. Unlike aftermarket conversion shotguns, this factory manufactured unit does not have any unnecessary riveted holes on the sides of the receiver and does not compromise the integrity and value of your shotgun. Like our other SGL12 Shotguns, it has the same fit and finish as our SGL21 and 31 series rifles. Components include 922r compliant parts, mil-spec Buttstock, and trigger group. This variant features the new generation SAW type Russian pistol grip for a real comfortable grip with all the reliability that you expect from this Saiga shotgun with a detachable magazine. Unlike aftermarket conversion shotguns, this factory manufactured unit does not have any unnecessary riveted holes on the sides of the receiver and does not compromise the integrity and value of your shotgun.

K-Var is proud to sell FIME’s own 12 gauge Saiga shotgun. This Saiga 12 was manufactured at the Izhmash Factory in Russia and Imported through FIME Group, LLC in Las Vegas. This Saiga 12 is the perfect balance between price and added features for an extremely reliable semi-automatic shotgun.

Designed as an all purpose shotgun, this Saiga will deliver the unprecedented performance needed. Chambered in the versatile and functional 12-gauge round, this semi-auto shotgun has all the standard features seen on the original Saiga that allows it to operate in the harshest environments with virtually any type of ammunition. This rifle comes with a chrome lined barrel which allows the use of many different types of ammunition to include steel. FIME’s Saiga 12 Is capable of cycling both 2 ¾“ and 3” magnum shells.

As with all Saiga 12’s, this shotgun is not designed to use low pressure shells.

Saiga 12 gauges come standard with the bolt hold open feature. This allows for a quicker change time between magazines (ideal for hunters and home defense alike). With all of the available accessories on the market for these Saiga 12’s the possibilities are endless.

This shotgun was manufactured utilizing the Kalashnikov gas system. This gas system reduces the felt recoil dramatically and will be a guaranteed hit with every squeeze of the trigger. It will be capable of shooting in either a single shot operation, allowing use of all the gases in order to increase the velocity of the round or in the standard semi-auto mode.

As with all rifles and shotguns that K-Var offers these will be backed by FIME Group’s standard warranty, hunters, sportsmen, and persons interested in self defense can’t go wrong with this Saiga.

Summary: Saiga 12 Gauge shotgun, LE Variation, chrome lined smoothbore 19” barrel – This Saiga 12 was manufactured at the World Famous Izhmash Factory in Russia and Imported through FIME Group LLC in Las Vegas, Nevada. This semi auto shotgun is featured original and added features configuration from Saiga. Will shoot both 2 3/4 “and 3” magnum. Bolt-Lock option and One-Shot or Semi-Auto Adjustable Gas tube, Black Stock Set, Warsaw Pact length Buttstock, New generation SAW type Russian pistol grip.

Made using only new mil spec. parts.

SGL12 is shipped with one 5-round Russian magazine, cleaning kit, cleaning brush, oil bottle & a Saiga adjustment tool.


  • Caliber: 12-gauge
  • Total Length: 978 mm (38 1/2 in.)
  • Barrel Length: 483 mm (19 in.)
  • Weight without Magazine: 3.11 kg (6.85 lbs.)
Hawk 12 GA. Pump Defense Shotgun

Hawk 12 GA. Pump Defense Shotgun

Hawk 12 GA. Pump Defense Shotgun
The Hawk Model 982 is patterned after America’s favorite 12 GA pump, (see if you can guess which one from the choices above) and features a machined solid steel receiver, an 18 1/2″ barrel with 3 inch chamber and an adjustable ghost ring sight. This traditional pump action model is fitted with polymer stocks with recoil pad and has a black matte finish.


  • MODEL: HAWK 982
  • BARREL: 18 1/2″
  • MSRP: $284.99

The truth is almost all shotguns will work well for home defense but if you have a choice any one of the four above will do the job with room to spare and more than that they are all fun to shoot and will work well for Three Gun Competition as well as the occasional clay shoot.

Don’t like our picks? Then check out Moss Pawn and Guns take on this topic:

Do you have another gun that is your favorite or you think is a better choice. Drop me a note in the comments below.

Thinking you want a Semi-Auto for your concealed carry weapon? Read our article of the Top 5 Concealed Carry Handguns .

  • 40 User comments to “Top Four Home Defense Shotguns”

    1. Thomas V Griffin on February 20, 2013 at 12:21 PM said:

      where’s the 5th one?
      My Top Five Home Defense Shotguns Short List Goes Like this:


    2. I dont use my shotgun for home defense but my Winchester 1300 Defender is a great shotgun too.

      Winchester 1300 Defender Shotgun

    3. My first choice is an Ithaca Model 37. Available used about 225 dollars- bottom eject, smooth action and accessories still available.

      The Hawk is an unmitigated piece of garbage. Chinese-made knockoff of an 870.

      I am an instructor at a large firing range and we have several as range guns – they are cheap, that is the only positive thing I know about them. Heat treat seems to be iffy, small parts break, spend another 80 bucks and get a cheap new 870 Remington or a used Ithaca.

      Ithaca Model 37 Shot Gun

    4. James Smith on February 21, 2013 at 2:00 PM said:

      I would think that just about any shotgun is better than no shotgun at all. My concern is the posture taken by many states, including my own (Connecticut) that is trying to “backdoor” confiscation of firearms by putting draconian conditions on ownership. When not in use firearms are to be kept under lock and key. Anybody out there want to be concerned about unlocking a gun safe to retrieve and load a weapon while under a home invasion alert? Do you want to be forced into buying “insurance” to cover personal injuries committed in a crime with a weapon stolen from your home? THis is the kind of stuff we are dealing with here.

    5. Jerry 944 on February 21, 2013 at 6:00 PM said:

      Hi ALL
      I favor whatever feels and fits the person holding and shooting the SHOTGUN . It might be a 410. for some A 20 Ga /( 16 Ga. Rare ) or a 12 Ga.
      Any of these can be loaded with anything from 0 Buck 00 Buck 000 Buck and 1-2-3-4 Buck I would not go above # 4 Shot for defense .
      Then there are the SLUGS .
      What you load with DEPENDS ON WHERE YOU LIVE WHAT TYPE DWELLING YOU ARE IN and HOW CLOSE IS YOUR NEIGHBORS HOME ( in case you through the wall )
      I load mine with 3 first shots with 1 & 2 1 Buck # 3 is 4 Buck and 5 and 6 are slugs .

      I prefer a Pump or with a 18 1/2 – 20 in barrel . If I didn’t have a pump I’d want a side by side double coach gun .
      All of these shot guns have 5 shell holder on stock . ( besides what is in the tube !! )
      Stay safe KNOW YOUR GUN AND AREA



    6. Why do I seldom see Mossberg’s 500 “Persuader” mentioned in these discussions? 7 rounds, 12 0r 20 guage. Seems to me to be a great choice for an affordable home defense tool.

      Mossberg 500 Persuader Shotgun

    7. Caution on the Mossberg – – When I patterned mine, it was hitting 2FT left and 2FT high from point of aim. After 2 passes through customer service, it works fine now.

      My favorite is a Winchester 1300 Stainless Marine Defender. They are out of production now, but you might find a used one. Winchester took the stainless parts, copper plated them, then hard chromed them. It should last FOREVER.

      Consider Federal ‘Flight Control’ ammo. Special wad design adds about 15 yards to the effective range, if you need it. Good stuff.

      Winchester 1300 Stainless Marine Defender Shotgun

    8. WhoWuddaThunkIt on February 21, 2013 at 9:15 PM said:

      This is about HOME Defense, and not long range shooting, so why would you want a long shotgun with a shoulder butt stock? You need a shorty Mossberg 500 with a Pistol grip, a foregrip light and laser light. A 50 round mixed 12g bandolier with 00 Buck, 000Buck, and deer slugs. Moving around corners or hallways with a long gun will not get the job done. You need fast turning and hip aiming.. LOL You don’t have time to shoulder the long gun and check to see if your rear sites and front sights lined up in a 15 ft hallway.. Nice try…

    9. John Hume on February 22, 2013 at 11:56 AM said:

      Glad to see Mossberg listed. The Model 500 is my choice, love the position of the safety on Mossbergs. Also own a model 9200 for hunting everything from rabbits to deer.

      Mossberg Model 500 Shotgun

    10. I use a kids Remington 20ga 3″ express magnum. Nice short barrel and with 3″ magnums packs quite the punch.

      Nothing says reliable like Remington.

    11. Gary Moeller on March 2, 2013 at 12:47 AM said:

      I like my Mossberg 500, configured for home defense with the 18″ barrel and pistol grip. I have added a combo laser and light on the feed tube. Love it! Keep it loaded with Fiocchi Low Velocity Defense Ammo (combo 00 and no.7 shot). Back it up a couple of 9mm handguns and a .223 rifle.

    12. What would you suggest for an in town old home with 2 aged 50 first time buyers/newbie shooters? We have a Glock 9mm we bought a year ago and have yet to shoot it as it’s too intimidating for us?

      Ira & Tess

    13. Justin on April 7, 2013 at 7:30 PM said:

      As an owner of a Mossberg 590, I was greatly appreciative of this article of the top picks of home defense shotguns. I do have a question though. In the picture at the top of the article, the shotgun is equipped with a flashlight mount with a 360° sling swivel. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for, but unfortunately have not been able to find one anywhere. Can anyone please tell me either the name of the bracket/holder or where I may obtain one? Thank you.

    14. While home invasion is something to worry about, the author is incorrect to state that invasion rates are on the rise. Most stats on home invasion indicate that their rates have been falling over the past decade:

      Also, there are legitimate reasons to criticize Obama (excessive use of drones in warfare, his push to slash Social Security, his close ties to the parasitic capitalists of Wall Street, etc.), but saying that the President is trying to disarm the American citizenry is false In my own opinion. I beleive Obamas gun confiscating background checks will identify and stop clinically insane like the Virginia Tech and Aurora Colorado shooters. Also we have mandatory training and tracking requirements for automobile ownership, and the government has never used these systems to deprive us of our right to drive as far as I can tell.

      I like shotguns, and I will be using this information to make my purchase, but please don’t get swept up in a strange political fantasy with these articles.

    15. frank blizardd on April 14, 2013 at 1:45 PM said:

      What thoughts on the new wetherby tatical home defence shot gunPA-459™ TR

    16. SG’s are good for 50′ or so indoors…use #4 buck to prevent overpenetration…

    17. What about a Benelli Nova tactical? This 12 guage will accept up to 3 and a half inch shells without having to buy a special receiver like the 870 Express, and can be found for about the same cost. Easy breakdown and cleaning too.

      Benelli Nova tactical Shotgun

    18. I am not so sure about the pistol grips. Think about how you are going to shoot and where your absolute advantage is in an emergency. Yes, pistol grips look cool in Resident Evil but for home defense, stick with the stock.

    19. The Winchester turkey special black. My dad bought me this gun as a gift in 1998 I’m 30 now I have both slug and regular barrels for it 19″ with extra full chock. It shoots 3″ and I use 000 buck no stock with pistol grip & flash light on the pump. Has a 5 shell holder on side with Tac red dot sight. Very nice and dependable bet its had over 10,000 rounds put trough it with just minor break down and clean each time it’s shot. Can’t go wrong with Winchester. I’ve had a lot of 1300/1400 models and never no problems.

    20. Hey jake, if I were you, I’d go back and check the president’s voting record on gun rights all the way back to when he was a state legislator in Illinois. Never mind that he won THAT public seat by threatening his opponent who was a female African American and longtime civil rights advocate with a voter fraud suit that caused her to drop out of the election….I digress.He has always been and always will be, at least as long as taxpayers pay for his personal security, anti firearms rights. That rifle (or shotgun in this case) on the wall of the average working man deserves its place there…”liberty’s teeth” as Washington put it. Give an inch they’ll take a mile. By the way the author needs to add Benelli tactical shotguns M1 through M4 to the list although they fall under American pumps!

      Benelli Tactical Shotguns

    21. Mart, that’s not a Benelli Nova, its a Benelli M4 Entry shotgun, a short barreled version of the M4/ M1014 shotgun that is an NFA registered weapon.

    22. Oh, one last item for jake above… hey jake ever notice that despite our laws regulating vehicular licensing and insurance, there are STILL large, and I do mean LARGE numbers of unlicensed and uninsured drivers on the road? A) the government can’t afford a background scheme such ss the one they propose B) they don’t have the resources to enforce such a scheme. C) Most criminals don’t function economically in the legitimate marketplace when aquiring weapons, only to collect welfare and foodstamps while profiting from black marketeering. D) it would violate both the 2nd and 4th ammendment rights of honest citizens an offer the government the opportunity to exploit their information for purposes of political and cultural discrimination.

    23. Dick Hughes on April 20, 2014 at 8:59 AM said:

      I had the Mossberg 500 or 590 in mind until I saw the Saiga. I like the idea of the semi-auto clip to avoid the need to pump.
      I’m strictly home defense as I’m getting a bit elderly, but don’t want a hand grenade just yet.

      Question… will the damn thing ever jam? Of Course, I have nightmares about jamming… what’d u do if that happens…. toss the whole gun at the intruder and wait to see if he can unjam the thing and drill me? Tain’t funny.

      If you can have only one, which one would it be.

      Mossberg 590 Tactical Shotgun

    24. Deryck on June 9, 2014 at 6:16 PM said:

      Hey Dick, I have a Moss 500 and a 590, the 590 is a little more tactical, with double the shell capacity. A pump is least likely to jam. To insure that, buy new, and don’t be afraid, go out and break it in, with at least a couple hundred rounds. Ira and Tess, A 9mm Glock is no cannon, with very little kick. If you can’t take the gun out to a range, for the fear of it, you certainly won’t be able to shoot someone in your house. That ends up with the bad guy shooting you with your own gun! Taking a life in your own house is very personal, usually it’s the untrained, or un-prepared that can’t take that shot. Practice with the weapon, and be mentally prepared to protect yourself and your family! Good luck!

    25. mike hally on July 15, 2014 at 12:29 PM said:

      KSG 14 +1

      Kel-Tec KSG Shotgun 14+1

    26. Mossberg 500 Persuader (pistol grip only) and Cruiser (pistol grip and stock) are identical, 8-shot, pump action shotguns that are reliable as hell and easy enough for a kid to rack. The only thing to remember is to pump it all the way back and forward – which is not hard to do, but will cause a problem if not done.

      Laserlite sells a small quad tac-rail for shotguns on which you can mount a light and laser. Once you get the laser sighted in, you’ll want to aim the light above it.

      Keep in mind that there are low recoil shells in addition to a wide range of pellets, from #00 to #28 (although you won’t find more than 1/4 that many). Going full double-ott is stupid and dangerous because each of those 9 steel balls is .32 caliber and will penetrate apartment walls like a hot knife through butter.

      Plus, you don’t need to punish yourself to punish the bad guy. My favorite Zombie Apocalype shotgun is the SRM Arms 1216 – 16-shot, four-tube KSG killer that you can load one tube with rock salt, one tube with rubber pellets, one with #00, and another with 1 1/2″ rifled slugs, and be ready for anything coming your way.

      But, I’d have to sell my car to buy it.

    27. Ira & Tess! go to a range and just shoot it! find a firearm instructor to help. That model is a whole lot easier to handle than you may think, especially for a man (due to larger hands). Your wife however, may find it difficult to hold easily, but the instructor may help find a method to help her. the Mossberg 500 is one I own and my wife is comfortable with it. We have the pistol grip handle, and it is a breeze to fire. Only required thing your to do from now on, is to get comfortable with what you have, and what ever you buy. never just buy a firearem and toss it in a closet, drawer, or safe. Bring it out and go to the range with it. Otherwise,, your likely to not hit your target should an intruder hit you one night! I AM NOT KIDDING. Even trained police are well known for fireing many shots at close range and missing the target due to the stress involved when bullets may be coming your way. Find a local gun club, and just simply ask for help on your situation. Folks will be more than happy to help out, very rarely charging you a dime. just don’t take advise from the folks shopping at the local gun shop at the Gospel Truth… Get to the range and learn it for yourself. It may save you life one day. Owning a firearm and not using it is similar to buying a plane and hoping you can fly it without advise or good instruction…. And have fun at the range! Gun range visits can be intimidating at first, but after meeting with a qualified instructor, you’ll be fine. and you’ll likely be back again a few times just for the fun of it as well as to brush up on what you’ve learned.

    28. Jake, please don’t buy a shotgun. Your comments and analogy are so spectacularly stupid you would be doing the rest of the human race a favor by allowing yourself to become a victim of a violent crime and subsequently removing yourself from the gene pool.

    29. Barry The Law Scholar on September 3, 2014 at 8:38 AM said:

      Jake said: “…our right to drive…”

      At that point you can ignore Jake because he does not understand the difference between rights and privileges.

    30. @mike hally – or anyone.

      What would be the best home defence shell/round in the Kel-Tec.

      I am new to shotguns, live in a rural location with wife and family, nearest neighbors home 200’+

      other than range time this is the sole purpose of owning one (for the number of rounds)

      Further if the worst were to happen (home invasion) get woken up from sleep – what is the best way to learn. In other words you won’t likely be thinking of sighting and taking aim at a target, in this situation, what is the likely “natural” way of holding and deploying?


    31. Ted Hernandez on September 9, 2014 at 2:24 PM said:

      Graham…my advice would be to locate a local rifle/gun club or range…maybe even a reputable firearms store…I’m sure someone would be able to direct you. As far as training with the type of shotgun you’d need…the same places could probably direct you. Stick with reputable entities….this way you’ll feel comfortable keeping a firearm in the home for self defence.
      Just a note…I live on Staten Island in a real suburban nabe…two weeks ago there was a home invasion where the husband was murdered and the wife severely injured…Had a rifle/shotgun permit and I let it expire…guess what I’m doing now?…can never be too safe my man.

    32. Thanks @Ted – yup – I’d hate to have to use it but I sure like knowing I can. I don’t think home invasions happen much arround these parts – everyone has a “home defender” :) – but just in case…


    33. legendinmyownmind on September 18, 2014 at 6:36 PM said:

      At home, I’ve got my old 870 close at hand in the bedroom and a Mossberg 590 stashed at the opposite end of the house. Also keep a Khukri (sp.?) under the couch and a few long handled ballpeen hammers is different spots around the house. Snubnose .357 for carry only. Houses in my neighborhood close proximity to each other and overpenetration potential concerns me. Besides, that distictive sound of an 870 being shucked will most likely make it unnecessary to actually fire it! But I don’t count on it.

    34. Crotalus Maxximus on September 20, 2014 at 7:12 AM said:

      How about Threading the barrel for some choke tubes? It would add some versatility to these guns and more people could justify getting one.
      Yes? No? May be?

    35. Ok Jake,
      First off, driving a car is not a right. It is considered a state privaledge. Owning and bearing arms is a right. Try taking a look at the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

      As for which shotgun is the most appropriate, it obviously depends on the intended use. For the money and performance I like the Mossberg 500 with a 20″ barrel, 8+1 capacity and a collapsible stock. Inexpensive enough to have several for familiarity and very reliable. There are more after market ad ons than you will ever use.

      Mossberg 500 Persuader with 20

    36. Mine is a 870 Super Mag cut to 18.5 with a 2 round extension and flashlight. 1st shell is a 3″, Winchester Super X 00 buck,the rest are 2 1/2 for max capacity..Don’t use cheap ammo,it HAS to work. People need to remember shotguns in real life don’t work like the movies. The pattern on a no choke 18 1/2″ barreled shotgun is still pretty small in a home defense situation. You can’t just point in a general direction and hit what you are aiming at. Pistol grips are absolute crap. Get a good,well fitted stock(I love the Magpul 870 stock) and don’t use slugs. buckshot will do what it needs to do and give you a slight margin of error. Practice,practice,and then go practice some more!
      Any gun is no good if you are not proficient with it.
      Personally, I’m a 870 guy,but any of the reputable brands are good choices. I would stay away from any thing not major brand. Why trust your like to a shotgun made in Pakistan or India just to save a few bucks. Stay safe and be prepared everyone.

    37. Although a few of these shotguns are good, You
      did leave out some of the best. The model 37 Ithaca, the Model 12, and the model 1897 Winchester ( Mine came out of the Baltimore, P.D. years back & with it’s 18″ cyl. bore shoots #1 buckshot well out to 80 to 100 yards as well)( I know I killed deer that far with it.) Yet it still is one of the best defense shotguns still today. Now all these shotguns are what some call slam fire shotguns. This means once you pull the trigger just hold it and keep pumping the gun hard and fast. you should be empty in less than 10 seconds 20 at the most. Also the Savage 67, 18″ cylinder bore that was sent to Vietnam for the south Vietnamese. works well. All these old shotguns in the closet will work as a self defense weapon. Now the Mossberg 500,( also sold under many different names years back by Sears, Western Auto, Montgomery Wards, Pic n Save, K-Mart, And their store names) The most sold type shotgun of them all, Even the barrels will still change out.
      The 500 with a long or even a short barrel, Bottom line the 500 will do the job.
      Now most all the old timers will tell you to get a good old Double Barrel shotgun. One thing you will get 2 for sure shots. And it is easy to change out ammo.
      Same is said for the single barrel shotgun. ( If a person sticks around after you fire a single shot out of a 12,16,20, or even a 28 gauge & include a 410 then your in the fire fight for the long haul. And make your shots count.
      Now we get into the semi-auto’s, The AK-47 type shotguns as far as I have tested will rock and roll out the rounds. And by using a clip type feed it is easy to reload. The AK shotgun works just as well as the AK-47 rifles.
      And if you have been in combat the AK is a serious weapon to go up against. And is the worlds most produced assault weapon made world wide. And now by the AK being re-chambered in different calibers it is as just as dependable.
      Not to forget the Sniper calibers in a larger caliber AK style produced by Russia & China in both 7.62 x 54R and 308 nato & the 338 Lapua.
      The Ak style weapons are not to be taken lightly.
      And if you get a federal permit you can get a silencer for the Ak as well. Also Silencer Co sells a really quite silencer for any other type single barreled shotgun. It maybe even quitter than the ak-47 silencer. But again a federal permit for $200 will be required.
      But in the end any shotgun Single barrel, Double barrel, Pump, or Semi-auto, or even Full auto, Or if you have one with the $5.00 federal stamp a Street Sweeper or Striker(drum type) will do the job.
      Bottom line just grab a shotgun and a box of 2 3/4 inch 00 buck shot( it’s 9 pellets but they will do the job) ( If you want a few more pellets the # 1 buckshot will due the job.)
      You could even mix them up, If you shooting for distance or if the target behind a concrete block wall or a car door? A few Slugs will do the job. Shoot 2 to 4 slugs at a block wall at say 40 to 50 yards and watch the hole it will punch out.
      A shotgun and if your target is close or fairly far their going to be wishing they were somewhere else…

    38. I use a 870 for home , camping , or in the motor home. It has all the bells & whistles magazine extension tube, pistol grip, stream light flashlight, side saddle shot holder. The one thing it’s to heavy for my wife to handle. So I took a regular 870 express I use to hunt with bought a 18 1/2 barrel with rifle sights with night sights already on it. Put a five shell holder on the side of the stock made from elastic weave. Then removed the plug. I can return it to a hunting gun in five minutes I installed a small rail on the barrel for a light. Now the shotgun is lighter than regular model hunting shotgun. And she loves it. The extra barrel , stream light tr-1, shell holder, ran about $250.00 extra . I think it’s a great setup.

    39. Armed Veteran Voter on October 21, 2014 at 12:00 PM said:

      Stevens Model 320, at Walmart for $187.99. 12 or 20Ga.
      Tube mag. holds 4 of the 3 Inch, or 2-3/4 inch shells.
      With hunting plug, that I remove…
      Has pistol grip, 18.5″ barrel…

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