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County Sheriffs of Colorado

Colorado Sheriffs Say No to Proposed Gun Control

County Sheriffs of Colorado drew a line in the sand in defense of the Second Amendment, telling elected officials in the Centennial State that they will not support any of the proposed gun restrictions…

Professional Gun Training

The First Gun Phenomenon – Training and Practice

With the tens of thousands of first time gun owners having purchased a firearm in the last thirty to forty-five days, we have a situation where there are a plethora of gun owners but not trained shooters…

Press Ignores Lives Saved Because Of Firearms

In The month following the tragic Newtown school shooting, more than 65,000 people used firearms in self-defense, yet the national news media has virtually ignored this important aspect of gun ownership…


Restrictive Gun Laws = A Safer America? Stop the Lying!!

A sweeping federal review of the nation’s gun control laws, including mandatory waiting periods and bans on certain weapons, found no proof such measures reduce firearm violence. Yet politicians and the media keep lying..