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Your First Gun

Ban Guns Or Buy Guns? ‘Your First Gun’ Answers the Question

Guns have great social utility, are virtually never used to hurt anyone, and this has been totally overlooked in the current frenzy. Is it time at last for you to get a gun? Americans are flocking to gun stores in record numbers — this book tells why…

New Video Destroys Myth About Large Capacity Magazines

New Video Destroys Myth About Large Capacity Magazines

A new video destroys the myth surrounding so-called “high capacity magazines” by proving that determined shooters using smaller capacity magazines can fire just as fast, and in some cases even faster despite having to reload…


Concealed Carry Legislation on the Move in Nevada

New CCW applicants would only have to qualify with one handgun. Current law requires that CCW applicants qualify with both a semi-automatic handgun and a revolver, should they wish to carry both kinds of firearms…

Open Letter to the Sheriffs of New Jersey

Again and again, law abiding citizens are faced with unlawful actions by the federal government in response to tragic events. The central government continues to destroy the unalienable rights codified in the US Constitution…

Iowa: Expansive Gun Control Bill Introduced

SF 233 would make it a crime for a private individual to transfer his or her legally-owned firearm without going through a federal firearm licensed dealer (FFL) to conduct a background check on the transferee…

$200 For A Box of 22LR Ammo

$200 For A Box of 22LR Ammo

If I have a pick up truck full of canned food and you offer me a gold coin for it, do you really think I am going to be so greedy as to take your overly inflated gold???

Homer Brain

The Memory Span of a Fungus

My theory is that the cabal in the White House, led by the President, knows well that all they have to do is stall long enough and the initial outrage will go away, if it hasn’t already…