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Capitol Police Lost Gun

DC Capitol Police Keep Losing Handguns

It has recently come to light that, on at least three separate instances this year alone, members of various political security details are accidentally Losing Handguns in public bathrooms…

Pat Buchanan

Hillary Blames Whitey

The conscience- and character-forming institutions that inculcated the beliefs and values that sustained black families through the Depression, the war and the 1950s have collapsed…

Malik Shabazz New Black Panthers

The Baltimore / Ferguson Bully Model

We have a permanent cadre of perpetual race-bating blow-hards, with the all-too-willing assistance of the liberal media, to whom facts never matter, openly encouraging criminal violence…

Baltimore Race Riots 2015

Just Another Race Riot

If you put enough people together in close proximity, where there is both wealth & poverty, where there are economic disparities between whites & blacks, you need only wait a while for the next riot..