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Toby Keith

Toby Keith Was For Guns Before He Was Against Them

In 2003, the NRA was proud to announce that “country star Toby Keith” was playing at their 132nd Annual Meetings & Exhibits. But on Dec. 27, 2013 Keith’s new restaurant has the words “No Guns Permitted.”…

Arms Trade Treaty Funding Blocked for 2014

Senator James Inhofe (R-Okla.) saved the day. inserting a ban on funding into the Defense Appropriation Bill for 2014 & he was able to keep it in the final bill that was signed by the president…

Future Next Right

Caruba: Looking Into My 2014 Crystal Ball

My most positive prediction is that historians will look back at 2014 as the year in which Americans woke to the threat of socialism-communism and, like the Tea Party movement, began to fight back….

Seagull Free Zones

Kansas Mandating Effective Gun Free Zones

Lavonta Williams, a city council member, stated an ideological reason for the ban on legal concealed weapons: “My thing is the kids,” and “If you’re saying the outlaws are carrying so we should carry, then two wrongs don’t make a right.”…

DryShot Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguishers for School Defense Weapons

Delivering 2 to 10 pounds of fight stopping or slowing diversion causing, cloaking capability, & close up can create intense fight stopping breathing & visual impairment to an attacker…

Kernersville NC Gun Ban Signs

‘Gun Ban’ Signs Break North Carolina State Law

Leadership in Kernersville, NC have failed to make any effort to comply with new state laws regarding lawful concealed carry in parks. Most likely because of misinformation from the towns Attorney…

Zimmerman's Girl Friend Sells Him Out

I am Pulling for George Zimmerman

Those who thrive on stoking the fires of racial animosity have invested heavily in the demonization of George Zimmerman. He has become a marked man…