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Solid Concepts 3D Printed Gun The Reason

The Evolution of the 3-D Printed Gun

Technology for the 3-D printed gun continues to advance. Soon personal gun-making will be able to be done entirely at home with interference from government…

Solid Concepts 3D Printed Gun Barrel

Mercury One Acquires 3D Printed Pistol

Mercury One adds a 3D printed 1911 pistol to its collection of historical artifacts, which includes a musket from the Civil War and World War II firearms…

Solid Concepts 3D Printed 1911 DMLS Pistol Review

Solid Concepts 3D Printed 1911 DMLS Pistol Review

Austin’s Solid Concepts fashioned the firearm using a three-dimensional additive printing process. Instead of removing bits of metal SC’s printer adds material in layers to build up the parts…

3D Printed Guns

ATF Sends Mixed Message On 3D Guns

Because liberal writers are familiar with computers & printers, but unfamiliar with files & drills, they see 3D printed guns as much more of a danger than ordinary homemade guns…

Defense Distributed Liberator Pistol

3D Printer Guns – The Mouse That Roared

The successful firing of the world’s first plastic gun made with 3D printing technology, has brought immediate calls for a ban on so-called “undetectable weapons.”..